Anti-Wall Street protests in Boston have turned violent with police accused of beating war veterans during a peaceful demonstration.


The Boston Globe reports that arrested protesters were “put on [their] stomach, cable-tied, and dragged away …”

The AP reports the police were sent in to protect $150,000 worth of newly-planted shrubs at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, site of a large Occupy Boston contingent. As news of the arrests spread across Twitter early Tuesday, several videos emerged that support the claim that members of  Veterans for Peace were attacked by the police.

Reuters At least 100 arrested at Occupy Boston protest


But it was not until after 1 a.m. ET Tuesday when hundreds of Boston and Transit police officers, some in riot gear, moved in on the group, handcuffing protesters and tearing down tents.

“At 1:30 this morning hundreds of police in full riot gear brutally attacked Occupy Boston,” the group said in a news release, adding that authorities “made no distinction between protesters, medics, or legal observers.”

“Civil disobedience will not be tolerated,” Boston Mayor Thomas Menino told the local Fox News affiliate in an interview early Tuesday.


Video of cop crackdown on Veterans for Peace



More Boston Police Attack Veterans for Peace by @haveyoumetter for @DigBoston



Occupy Los Angeles


Footage from October 6th, 2011 in Downtown Los Angeles at the Occupy LA protest at City Hall.

NO news media was present at the event but across the street there were numerous news vans covering the Michael Jackson murder trial.

Glass Steagall speech towards the end.

“Now the Youth are doing the job that the baby Boomers did not do”



A Warning To #Occupy America

A Warning To #Occupy America

Beware Of Token Olive Branches And Empty Words

By Scott Cruickshank

 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has blasted the Occupy Wall Street protesters as anti-American and anti-capitalist. Picture: AFP Source: AFP

There are those like Herman Cain who today called the #Occupy America kids Un-American for daring to make their voices heard. #Occupy America is not the first protest America has ever seen and it won’t be the last. Protest has been an American tradition right back to the days of Washington and Jefferson.

There is nothing Un-American about it. Another tradition equally as old, is for those in power to turn deaf ears and blind eyes toward protesters with legitimate complaints. King George III paid no heed to the Boston Tea party and wound up with a revolution. American history is full of examples of protests in one form or another that were ignored and turned ugly. It seems nobody in power would learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of their predecessors. Ignore protests and they tend to get out of hand.

That was until the summer of 1968. The Democratic National Convention was held that year in Richard Daley’s Chicago. There was one issue on the minds of the kids that year, ending the Vietnam War. The “dove” George McGovern was their champion and he was locked in a tight 3 way race with “hawks” Eugene McCarthy and Hubert Humphrey for the Democratic nod.

The delegates to the convention weren’t the only ones to show up in Chicago that week. The kids came in force too. All they wanted was to be heard. They got the billyclub treatment instead at the hands of Daley’s police goons who were little more than just enforcers for Daley‘s political mafia. The night of the big vote the kids had enough of catching oak on their skulls and began to fight back.

The scene on the streets outside the convention hall turned into a full fledged riot. While Humphrey gave his victory speech the TV screens of all three networks were split to show the riot outside right next to him. In the minds of the “Silent Majority”

The two would forever be linked, Democrats and unwashed violent hippie kids. Humphrey was crushed by Nixon a few months later.

The Democrats vowed that they would never let that happen again. That protest gone bad had cost them dearly. They learned their lesson and needed to insure no protest ever went bad again. Their solution was to send delegations of messengers, Democratic politicians and high profile liberals, to address the malcontents whenever they gathered in numbers sufficient to cause trouble. The message was a simple one, stay calm, were listening, we feel your pain, we’re doing everything we can to make things right. Naturally they were doing nothing, but talking a big game, as we all now know phony establishment liberals with their corporate jets do. But most of the time it worked.

And so we come to today. Many high profile liberals have forgotten the lesson of 1968, a few of the older ones still remember. Though #Occupy America is being largely ignored by the liberal politicians and liberal media there is the odd phony establishment liberal showing up here and there to deliver the soothing but empty message.

Some advice to the kids on the street:

Ignore the messengers. They are only there to give you more Obama style false hope. Talk is cheap. Don’t pack up and go home on a promise from anybody. Wait until you see some action. More important than that, in order to successfully bring about change your protest must cost somebody dearly just like it did in 1968. But remember, that doesn’t have to mean you must get violent, though that is an option that should not be dismissed out of hand.

The 19th century Prussian general Von Clauswitz said that the aim of conflict is to make the conflict so painful and hopeless for your adversary, that it is easier for him to give you what you want than to continue opposing you. What you have to figure out is who exactly you are fighting and how you go about hurting them. I’m not necessarily talking about violent conflict. There are many ways to make an opponent feel pain. Causing your opponent to lose baskets full of money may indeed be more effective than an AK47 in this case.

If you can stay long enough to make the powers understand that there is no hope of ending the conflict on their terms. If you can further sap their morale by making the conflict build over time with more people, more signs, more inconvenience as every day goes by.

If you can resist the urge to take the token olive branch of nothing but empty words. If you can make your opponent hurt, and I mean really hurt to the point they can’t sleep at night knowing tomorrow the pain may be worse. You will win this conflict and get what you want.

Source: Information Clearing House and The Daily Bail

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