Battle of Britain 2 is about to begin

by Stuart Littlewood / My Catbird Seat

Churchill, in his Battle of Britain speech 71 years ago, said: “If we can stand up to him [Hitler], all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science…”

Today those “broad, sunlit uplands” of Churchill’s are again shrouded in storm-clouds. Zionist infiltrators have succeeded where Hitler failed. The difference now is that the enemy’s invasion forces are not massing across the Channel. They are already here in our midst and we are indeed on the brink of a new Dark Age, as the ruthless conspiracy masterminded by foreign interests expands its influence by stealth and by subversion and by intimidation.

America is sliding into the abyss fast as US Congressmen repeatedly parade their abject subservience to the powerful pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC. Who will forget the pathetic spectacle of 29 standing ovations they accorded the swaggering, lying, crazed Israeli prime minister Netanyahu while he delivered his poison?

The question now is whether we in the UK can stand up to the encroaching menace and save “all that we have known and cared for”, when we have so completely lost our moral bearings.

We duck our solemn responsibilities under the Geneva Conventions and give Zionist war criminals a safe haven immune from arrest.

We allow fanatics, such as Conservative Friends of Israel, to organize and promote the interests of the criminal Israeli regime at the very heart of Westminster government.

We allow MPs to place themselves under the influence of foreign interest groups and to abuse the principles that are supposed to underpin standards in public life.

We allow Jews to be hugely over-represented in our Parliament and to dominate key areas of our administration, including those related to security. If Muslims were over-represented to the same extent they’d have 200 seats and action would be taken.

We spend large amounts of treasure and send our troops to murder foreign civilians and die in foreign lands simply to support US-Israeli greed, destroying our own good name in the process.

We allow civil society’s hard-earned savings to bail out Zionist bankers in distress and fund endless wars and the corporate and personal profits of those who promote wars.

Civil society’s fury

Last week we watched with satisfaction as media mogul and Zionist flag-waver Rupert Murdoch’s stranglehold on the political scene in Britain came unglued after revelations of hacking into a murdered schoolgirl’s voicemail and other dirty tricks. But it wasn’t the Establishment or the police that taught Murdoch a much-needed lesson: it was a disgusted civil society whose anger eventually brought down the weight of the law and Parliament on the offenders’ heads.

Politicians, from prime ministers down, wet their pants at the thought of how much damage Murdoch’s gutter-sniping newspapers could do to them if they didn’t bow and scrape to the over-mighty NewsCorp. The News of the World, we were told so many times, had the power to make of break political careers.

That was only true, of course, if the politicians in question were weak and susceptible to pressure – and those are not the sort of politicians we want anyway. Blair and Cameron were at Murdoch’s beck and call and socialised with his odious executives, including the scary Rebekah Brooks. Neither had the balls to curb the illegal practices

It finally came down to this. Who were our spineless politicians more scared of – the furious public or ‘Dirty Digger’ Murdoch? Clearly the British people need to show their outrage more often.

When we reach the age of 60 we cringe at how arrogant and ignorant we were at 40. So why saddle ourselves with a gullible 44 year-old prime minister, which is how old Blair was when he entered 10 Downing Street? Cameron was only 43.

Blair at first impressed by being a Flash Harry but in reality was so young, stupid and unprincipled that he became an acute embarrassment, bringing shame on Britain. Cameron is similarly ‘flash’ and continually has to make desperate U-turns to reverse half-baked policies.

Like Blair he’s a warmonger eager to make an impression on the back of someone else’s blood and shredded body parts. Prime minister Cameron recently launched an extraordinary attack on “moaning” military chiefs who had dared to openly question the length of the war in Libya. In a public slap-down he told top brass: “You do the fighting and I’ll do the talking.” He added: ‘I’m absolutely confident that we can keep this pressure up. We can maintain this mission for as long as necessary. Time is on our side.” Arrogant pup, they probably thought.

Indeed. Those were the ill-considered words of a leader whose country is financially broke… and went broke while Cameron and his Conservative buddies were the official opposition charged with the duty of holding the governments of Blair and Brown to account.

So how bad is it, really?

It’s this bad. Britain’s foreign policy remains perfectly aligned with the demands of Israel and its protector, the United States. Long-time friends and admirers of the Israeli regime, such as William Hague and Alistair Burt, are hand-picked to make sure we do not stray from the pro-Israel path no matter how diabolically criminal that regime’s conduct or how offensive the agenda of these Israeli-firsters to ordinary decent British citizens.

Even prime minister Cameron has pledged: “In me, you have a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is indestructible… I want to be clear, we will always support Israel…” One’s blood runs cold. Is Cameron paid and sworn to represent a foreign military power? It’s not such a silly question as it sounds.

The Foreign Office still refuses to say whether it will protect British subjects and other peaceful nationals from the threat of lethal force by Israel in its attempt to maintain an illegal blockade on Gaza. Instead our ministers effectively endorse the blockade by advising against all travel to the Gaza Strip.

As for Iran the UK has banned more than 80 Iranians from visiting, including scientists and engineers connected with the Iranian nuclear programme, government ministers, members of the judiciary, prison officials and others “who have committed serious human rights abuses”.  Says foreign secretary Hague: “The message to the Iranian government from the UK and its partners is clear: it needs to change its behaviour before it will be treated as a normal member of the international community.”

Has Hague banned any Israelis linked to war crimes, human rights abuses and nuclear arms proliferation? Perish the thought. They are not required to “change their behaviour” in the least. They are welcomed with open arms.

Our politicians, in the main, are already Zionist stooges like their American counterparts. Our enforcement agencies are so weakened or dysfunctional and some leading figures are so out of control and doing so much damage that there may soon be no way of reining them in. We are losing control fast and we’ll find it difficult to take back our country without organizing serious insurrection.

Churchill, a Zionist sympathizer of the old-fashioned kind, confronted many dire threats but could not have foreseen, in his day, how the tentacles of Zionism would envelop the civilized world. But there’s no excuse for today’s leaders when the truth is so brazenly ugly. That they embrace it and even change our laws to accommodate it, underlines their utter unsuitability for high office.

We stood up to Hitler. Is no-one incorruptible enough to stand against the Zionist menace?

Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit : www.radiofreepalestine.co.uk. He is a frequent contributor to My Catbird Seat

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  1. Paul on the 13. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    I am reminded of the thought that while Bibi claims Israel is the best friend the United States has in the Middle East, 20 years ago the United States had no enemies in the Middle East. I dare say it was almost the same for everyone else.

  2. Earlaiman on the 13. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    While the names and the noses might have changed, has anything significant really changed since the “Good Old Days, of Victoria?

    Kipling could have said it, probably did at one time or another… “We spend large amounts of treasure and send our troops to murder foreign civilians and die in foreign lands simply to support US-Israeli greed, destroying our own good name in the process….”

    Yes, the dark clouds gather… slowly turning in the ever-widening gyre. All we can hear are the wave-pebbles on the darkling beach.

    New names. New faces. New noses. New Masters. Same history.


  3. Genie on the 13. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    The Zionists are owned by somebody, they are puppets. Who is the puppet master? Rothschild, no? The root of all evil.

  4. Anthony Lawson on the 13. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    Thank you for your excellent article: Battle of Britain II is about to begin

    As a young radio producer in Australia, I was chosen to put together a valedictory programme to be broadcast, by the Australian Federation of Commercial Broadcasting Stations, in the event of Churchill’s death, and the speech you quote was, of course, included, and I used a copy which had been recorded from a short-wave radio broadcast, which added even more emotive overtones to it, and when just the right passage of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March Number 1 was subtly faded in at the point where you left off…

    ‘Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties…’

    … it brought a stiffening of backs and a tear to the eye of everyone who heard it, with ex military men hard pressed to keep their right arms at their sides. In the event, he survived the health scare that pushed us to complete the programme in record time, and lived long enough for my version to be superseded. (I believe the beginning of it was broadcast in Brisbane, by mistake, when someone played the wrong side of a transcription disc, following the death of some other notable person.)

    These days I cringe at my naivety; at being a part of such an on-going deception about “Great” Britain’s finest hour, brought about, as it was, by the same dark forces that you have written about in your article. But how was I to know the truth, then?

    Churchill, as it turns out, was not only a Zionist sympathiser, but relied on tainted Zionist funds to keep a roof over his head. It is interesting to look at the final sentence of your article and consider that: had Britain stood up to Zionism, as Hitler attempted to do, perhaps those ‘broad, sunlit uplands’ would, indeed, have been our inheritance, for we are once again, ‘roaming and peering around the rim of Hell’ as he suggested in another of his speeches. But he is still revered as Britain’s saviour.

  5. Jake on the 14. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    The real irony with Churchill is that he is now a great neocon Zionist icon: The ultimate symbol of high spirit resistance – never a step back. That’s how to defeat Nazis, commies and now the anti-Semite neo-fascist Muslim terrorists.
    As “today’s victors” are largely rewriting history one never know true from false. Recently we saw Albert Finney as Winston and Vanessa Redgrave (celebrated Trotskyite) as his tender wife in a no doubt Hollywood-sponsored TV production about his powerless pre-war years. Here his only near political chum during this dark time was a prominent Jew, and Winston’s main concerns with the Germans their bad stance against the Jews. More or less giving the impression that the great British war hero was nothing but a bit of Jew himself.
    This in stark contrast to Churchill’s real world views on Jews – now scattered all over the internet – from instigators of revolutions from the early 1920:ies to Zionist murders of Brits, including the bombing massacre of Hotel King David, in Palestine later on. As far as I know, Churchill never mentioned any brave attempt rescuing any Jew during the war, or even a wish to do so. Instead the Red Army, who actually did liberate Jews en masse, are now lined up with the Nazis as the great Jew-killers, in fact: pointing out the holocaust as a joint venture carried out by both Hitler and Stalin! Fantasies that will bring even greater support from the far Christian Right and Pentagon fans. And of course, a bonus with Churchill – wasn’t he a great imperial colonialist if there ever was one!

  6. Dave on the 15. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    Thanks to the net, millions are slowly waking up to the reality of Zionist ownership or coercion of their nation.

    Could this be why our own FCC (US) headed by Julius Genachowski is attempting to create an “internet kill switch”?

    Sadly, the SPLC(run by Michael Cohen and the creepy Mark Potok) are labelling anyone who resists the global initiatives as “homegrown terrorists”.
    Moreover, the SPLC is now teaming up with the DHS in order to erode more liberties by making lists of people who don’t like what’s taking place.

    Finally, the ADL run by Abe Foxman is trying to make it a “hate crime” for commenting on the distinctly Jewish nature of those pulling our national strings in a tyrannical direction.

  7. Juno on the 15. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    The Red Army liberated any Jews from Labour camps because, of course, Lenin and many of the later Communist oppressors of the Russian people were Jews themselves.
    Communist Russia was one huge murderous jewist experiment.
    Why do you think it is that some of the greatest Russians and victims of the russian concentration camps are so anti Jewish. I will not say anti semite because the Jews involved in Russia, like most of those who occupy Palestine, are not semites.
    They are Caucasian Khazars roughly from the area of Georgia. They have absolutely no claim whatsoever to lands in the middle east.
    Netanyahu is Polish.
    Churchill’s mother was jewish which actually makes him jewish as well and it makes the question of why he insisted on the British people fighting what many considered a totally unnecessary war, rather interesting.
    The reason that the holocaust was not mentioned until well after the war ended and not even in Churchill’s memoirs begs the question – how true is the six million dead.
    I think many of us would answer the obvious.

  8. Howard T. Lewis III on the 15. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    Americans are being suckered into preserving the status quo in Europe. Sitcom stupidity and the decadent ambiance is already here.
    Gerald Celente spoke of a return to personal pride in the quality of one’s contribution to one’s own community. Now that money is on the wane to make the public desperate for sustinance for their families, this will be neccessary to maintain hope for better days. Someone needs to end the reign of the bankers, now that the net has described their activities to a T and provided ample reason for their demise. The Dark Ages will be a state of mind, and not like the last Dark Ages.

  9. Debbie on the 15. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    Stu – “Blair at first impressed by being a Flash Harry but in reality was so young, stupid and unprincipled that he became an acute embarrassment, bringing shame on Britain. Cameron is similarly ‘flash’ and continually has to make desperate U-turns to reverse half-baked policies.
    Like Blair he’s a warmonger eager to make an impression on the back of someone else’s blood and shredded body parts.”

    Charlatans…lacking any scintilla of humanity.

    I recall Tony Blair a la Barack Obama possessed great oratorial skills! We know now ofcourse, it seems ridiculous that it wasn’t obvious at the start. But, such was his effortless skill as a dissembler, it was impossible to tell. When he first came to power, young, vigorous, intelligent, compassionate, it was actually possible to feel optimistic.

    What a clever politician he is. When he drove Britain into war in Iraq against the will of the people he faced a tricky Party Conference. He responded with a superb brainstorming speech, appealing to the hearts of the delegates with his “Africa is a scar on the conscience of the world” and the need to end the misery in “slums of Gaza “. It was a helluva performance, the delegates rose to applaud with a tear in the eye, he had fooled them all, and the killing in Iraq could go on.

    There was, I believe, a seminal moment in his premiership, which came a few months earlier than that speech. He was in Japan , and on camera an aide came over and whispered in his ear that Dr David Kelly was dead. Blair physically blanched, he almost staggered, his face for a moment took on a haunted look. Dr Kelly, was the world’s leading expert on the status of Saddam Hussein’s WMD programme. He knew there were none, and had started to talk to journalists about it. He had to be silenced, so he was murdered, then his body dumped in the woods where he was later found.

    If you find that hard to believe, look at the evidence given at the Hutton cover-up; I mean enquiry. Not the Hutton Report, which was half a gallon of finest British establishment whitewash, but the actual evidence given at the enquiry. At that moment in Japan , the last bit of his soul died. One doesn’t have to be a ‘wild conspiracy theorist’ to recognize that. He was a hollow man. Driven by greed pure and simple.

    Blair has step by pre-determined step dissolved the division between the political state and the corporate state entirely. The British two party system is now the American one party system and his task is done.

    There isn’t a corporate boardroom in the world that wouldn’t be honored to have his snout in their trough, following in the footsteps of Kissinger as the next generation of amoral robber barons.

  10. Mike on the 21. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    Very well said Debbie.

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