The following is the recording of a panel event that I took part in with Gilad Atzmon, Karl Sabbagh and Sameh A.Habeeb, discussing Zionism, Jewishness and Israel.

Panel event- ‘Zionizm, Jewishness and Israel’ from Tali Atzmon on Vimeo.


Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews is a journey through the propaganda lies and truth of history. (3 Volumes)

By Alan Hart



  1. Rehmat on the 12. May, 2011 remarked #

    Alan Hart along with Gilad Atzmon, Karl Sabbagh and Sameh Habib spoke their minds on “Jewishness and Israeli Criminality’ at London Panel last moth.


  2. 9/11 researcher on the 12. May, 2011 remarked #

    following a cult and then claiming per that cult’s directives and teachings that you have a legitimate claim to land you never occupied as you came from Khazaria and not Jerusalem, is the quintessence of fraud and b.s.

    ‘jewishness’ is more a delusional belief than a religion, but as most of the religions in the world are based on ‘hockey schtick’ as I call it, or bullshit, and allegorical references to astrology, I have to deduce that being a ‘jew’ is less legitimate than being a hari krishna or for that matter, one of Mr. Kruses scientologists. true jews don’t preach hate and condone mass murder, not those who truly did come from the holy lands. there is a difference.

    if it has white skin, looks european and says it is a ‘jew’ it’s a Khazar, not a jew. and there is a difference. following a cult of murder and usury is not a religion. it’s called ‘fraud’ and ‘identity theft’ at the least.

  3. Solon on the 13. May, 2011 remarked #

    9/11 researcher, appreciate your rage but find your thesis shakey. Moreover, it is my observation that attempts to blast away at ALL religion as voodoo, etc., “hockey schtick,” really does not offer an effective means of reaching out to so many people who do find meaning in religious beliefs.

    It seems to me a more useful approach to find that which is good and ennobling, and raise that up as a unifying bond. Our common humanity, for example, and the right of each person to work out his own ‘salvation’ — or path to a good life — seems to me the common denominator.

    The ‘Jewishness’ practiced by many more Jews and not just zionists or Khazars, holds that Jews have a special lock on the moral life — see Rabbi Ken Spiro of the broadly supported aish.com organization. I find that view loathesome. Atzmon is able to see that pattern in Jewishness; Phil Weiss, who tries to avoid Atzmon, revels in the “exceptionalism” of Jewry.

    Many non-Jewish Americans, and not only “Christian zionists,” also perceive themselves as exceptional moral human beings with the right and even obligation to save those backward Mooslims from their “degraded” cultures. (I get my information and impressions from callers to C Span; quite distressing how Americans have, as Chas Freeman observed, taken on — or descended to — Israel’s amoral ways of thinking and of behaving in the world.

    Judeo and Christian should never have been hyphenated; the message of Jesus is radically different from the message of Jewishness. But Judeo and Christian HAVE been hyphenated — conjoined, even yoked — for at least 50 years in the US. That hyphen has become a slope; the hyphenated god has become the antithesis of morality and ethics.

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