A Visual Homily

By William A Cook / My Catbird Seat


Two months from now Americans will be subjected to the humiliating spectacle of their Representatives and Senators crawling down AIPAC’s plush red carpet to the podium at its annual conference where they will obsequiously laud this bloody organization with words of praise, outdoing each other in pitiful patronizing phrases, in unquestioning obedience to their masters.

The question is not does AIPAC control our Congress, one need only check their record of support:

  • 410-8 supported Israel’s illegal invasion of Lebanon in 2006;
  • 390-5 supported Israel’s devastation of Gaza in 2008/09;
  • 344-36 supported silencing the Goldstone Report that condemned Israel’s crimes against humanity for that monstrous massacre;
  • and following Israel’s violent attack against the unarmed humanitarian aid ship the Mavi Marmara on May 31, 329 Representatives signed and sent a letter to the President asking him to support a resolution exonerating Israel of any wrongdoing while their colleagues in the Senate voted 100 to none finding Israel innocent in that attack despite world-wide condemnation of its actions.

The question is not does Israel own our Congress, the question is WHY? The answer is simple: they are cowards protecting themselves against intimidation, coercion and fear.

One would think, as the majority is vocally solid Christians and devote Jews, that some attention would be paid to the Biblical admonishment alluded to in the title of this piece: “For what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but suffer the loss of his soul?” Consideration might be given, one would think, to AIPAC’s purpose and to Israel’s actions. Are these in alignment with Christ’s teachings and do they represent the compassion that rested at the heart of Judaism prior to Zionism? I think not.

I also think, should they care to spend an hour and a half in rapt meditation witnessing the reality of the slaughter they supported in Israel’s invasion of Gaza, even their gold plated hearts would melt at the brutality, the ruthlessness, the absolute mercilessness of the state they support with such sanctimonious sentiments when they slither up the carpet to seek their favor and forget the consequences to their immortal souls. May they and all Americans who view this memorial to the dead of Gaza, prepared by one born in Palestine many years ago, now a resident of these United States, give serious thought to what we have wrought in our undeviating support for the Zionist mind, because that mind suffers from no remorse, bears no responsibility for its acts, and willfully uses even our representatives as fools to gain their ends.

This memorial is a monument to the people of Gaza, a testament to them from one who cares. Perhaps in this new world of cyberspace, stone monuments may give way to visuals that are available to all anywhere in this world. There is no monument like it anywhere; it is the victims’ tale of fear and suffering caught in the act of betrayal by those who have renounced their humanness. It is, therefore, a cry to all peoples everywhere that our civilized world of the 21st century has accomplished what no other barbaric horde of times past could achieve…a requiem for those who died conveyed through the weeping eyes and torn faces of those who witnessed this testament to inhumanity delivered by a nation that reverted back to tribal indifference of others and hate for others  and vengeance to others.

How blessed to remember the lost lives whose voices now sing in silence through their pictures, through the arms wrapped about their bodies carried by a mother, a father, a friend , a stranger, where fright and pain ring together through the suffering eyes and cries caught in the absolute quiet of the frame, a silent testament snapped in time, a moment never to be lost where reflection rises instantaneously in the heart allowing these poor victims a moment of victory in their death to convey to each viewer the oneness we must all feel when we see horror inflicted on our brothers and sisters.

May this requiem force the Israelis and all who view this testament to share the suffering and the pain of the Palestinian people with all the compassion the souls of humans everywhere should feel for one another.

“The Israeli Operation Cast Lead Massacre And Utter Devastation of the Gaza Strip, A War Crime and Crime against Humanity” Power Point Presentation

This visual has been created by Dr. Arthur Billy with help from Gilad Atzmon and myself.


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William A. Cook is a Professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California. His most recent book, The Plight of the Palestinians, was published this past summer by Macmillan. He can be reached at www.drwilliamacook.com or wcook@laverne.edu.

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  1. Get Real on the 15. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    These Silurian creatures don’t have souls, dude. that’s why they pull this disgusting crap, it’s all about shekel grubbing at the feet of the Rothschilds money changers.

    There is not one member of all 535 of these traitors and add to that the head puppet of Israel himself, Mr. CIA boy, also known as Barry Soetoro, who has any integrity, class, or for that matter, humanity left in them.

    These things you speak of called politicians, allegedly our ‘representatives’ there in the beltway, are bereft of souls, incapable of being human beings, and totally sociopathic and kleptocratic beyond your wildest nightmares.

    They’re all scum to the last son of a beyotch. all of them. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

  2. Earlaiman on the 15. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    What Does It Profit a Congressman to Retain His Office but Suffer the Loss of His Soul?

    Bad metaphor for an English Professor,Bill.

    You might as well have asked, “What benefit a snake to burn his feet running through hot coals to kiss the asses at the Grand AIPAC Convention?”

    There is another injunction, having to do with reaping that which one sows.

    What rolls around comes around.

    History, as well as The Book, tells us so.


  3. rexw on the 15. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    The grovelling is about to commence with the chief groveller Obama and with his deputies in train to hold the fort when he goes off to talk to his boss, Netanyahu, also a speaker at the circus.

    One would have thought that such a performance would have been the most embarrassing act that elected men could ever do. Bowing to a foreign state who uses them every day and then they slink back to their wives and families. How do they look into the eyes of their children knowing that they are nothing more than the paid lackeys of the most hated state on the planet.

    What a country America has now become. Weak and insipid, a shadow of its former self.

  4. Robert Emmet on the 17. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    I believe that there were 87, not 100, signatories to the June 2010 U.S. Senate letter to Obama with respect to the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara. As one who monitors Congress fairly closely relative to the Israeli-Palestinian issue I’ve found that through the years Bingaman of New Mexico and Leahy of Vermount usually do the right thing when it comes to the Israel-Palestine issue. Unfortunately Bingaman is retiring next year. Of course a good friend of justice for Palestine was lost with the death of Robert Byrd.

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