Fascism is a difficult word, because it comes with an iconography that touches the Nazi nerve and is abused as propaganda against America’s official enemies and to promote the West’s foreign adventures with a moral vocabulary written in the struggle against Hitler. And yet fascism and imperialism are twins.

John Pilger

Shortly after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I interviewed Ray McGovern, one of an elite group of CIA officers who prepared the President’s daily intelligence brief.

McGovern was at the apex of the “national security” monolith that is American power and had retired with presidential plaudits. On the eve of the invasion, he and 45 other senior officers of the CIA and other intelligence agencies wrote to President George W. Bush that the “drumbeat for war” was based not on intelligence, but lies.

“It was 95 per cent charade,” McGovern told me.

“How did they get away with it?”

“The press allowed the crazies to get away with it.”

“Who are the crazies?”

“The people running the [Bush] administration have a set of beliefs a lot like those expressed in Mein Kampf … these are the same people who were referred to in the circles in which I moved, at the top, as ‘the crazies.’”

I said, “Norman Mailer has written that that he believes America has entered a pre-fascist state. What’s your view of that?”

“Well … I hope he’s right, because there are others saying we are already in a fascist mode.”

On 22 January, Ray McGovern emailed me to express his disgust at the Obama administration’s barbaric treatment of the alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning and its pursuit of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. “Way back when George and Tony decided it might be fun to attack Iraq,” he wrote, “I said something to the effect that fascism had already begun here. I have to admit I did not think it would get this bad this quickly.”

On 16 February, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech at George Washington University in which she condemned governments that arrested protestors and crushed free expression. She lauded the liberating power of the internet while failing to mention that her government was planning to close down those parts of the internet that encouraged dissent and truth-telling. It was a speech of spectacular hypocrisy, and Ray McGovern was in the audience. Outraged, he rose from his chair and silently turned his back on Clinton. He was immediately seized by police and a security goon and beaten to the floor, dragged out and thrown into jail, bleeding. He has sent me photographs of his injuries. He is 71. During the assault, which was clearly visible to Clinton, she did not pause in her remarks.

Fascism is a difficult word, because it comes with an iconography that touches the Nazi nerve and is abused as propaganda against America’s official enemies and to promote the West’s foreign adventures with a moral vocabulary written in the struggle against Hitler. And yet fascism and imperialism are twins. In the aftermath of World War Two, those in the imperial states who had made respectable the racial and cultural superiority of “Western civilisation,” found that Hitler and fascism had claimed the same, employing strikingly similar methods. Thereafter, the very notion of American imperialism was swept from the textbooks and popular culture of an imperial nation forged on the genocidal conquest of its native people. And a war on social justice and democracy became “US foreign policy.”

As the Washington historian William Blum has documented, since 1945, the US has destroyed or subverted more than 50 governments, many of them democracies, and used mass murderers like Suharto, Mobutu, and Pinochet to dominate by proxy. In the Middle East, every dictatorship and pseudo-monarchy has been sustained by America. In “Operation Cyclone,” the CIA and MI6 secretly fostered and bank-rolled Islamic extremism. The object was to smash or deter nationalism and democracy. The victims of this Western state terrorism have been mostly Muslims. The courageous people gunned down last week in Bahrain and Libya, the latter a “priority UK market,” according to Britain’s official arms “procurers,” join those children blown to bits in Gaza by the latest American F-16 aircraft.

The revolt in the Arab world is not merely against a resident dictator but a worldwide economic tyranny designed by the US Treasury and imposed by the US Agency for International Development, the IMF and World Bank, which have ensured that rich countries like Egypt are reduced to vast sweatshops, with half the population earning less than $2 a day. The people’s triumph in Cairo was the first blow against what Benito Mussolini called corporatism, a word that appears in his definition of fascism.

How did such extremism take hold in the liberal West? “It is necessary to destroy hope, idealism, solidarity, and concern for the poor and oppressed,” observed Noam Chomsky a generation ago, “[and] to replace these dangerous feelings with self-centred egoism, a pervasive cynicism that holds that [an order of] inequities and oppression is the best that can be achieved. In fact, a great international propaganda campaign is under way to convince people – particularly young people – that this not only is what they should feel but that it’s what they do feel.”

Like the European revolutions of 1848 and the uprising against Stalinism in 1989, the Arab revolt has rejected fear. An insurrection of suppressed ideas, hope and solidarity has begun. In the United States, where 45 per cent of young African-Americans have no jobs and the top hedge fund managers are paid, on average, a billion dollars a year, mass protests against cuts in services and jobs have spread to heartland states like Wisconsin. In Britain, the fastest-growing modern protest movement, UK Uncut, is about to take direct action against tax avoiders and rapacious banks. Something has changed that cannot be unchanged. The enemy has a name now.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Pilger is a world-renowned journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, who began his career in 1958 in his homeland, Australia, before moving to London in the 1960s. He regards eye-witness as the essence of good journalism. He has been a foreign correspondent and a front-line war reporter, beginning with the Vietnam war in 1967. He is an impassioned critic of foreign military and economic adventures by Western governments.In 2009, John Pilger was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize, Australia’s international human rights award.

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  1. Tatiana A. Kostanian on the 02. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    On FB this morning, March 1, 2011, Facebook members, placed their thoughts, ideas about going to join the fight for Libya. My thought I shared and placed with theirs. Please let me know what you think? America has already had two wars, we have sent our Sons and Daughters to. Do we need Enter another Third War ?

    It is really something to read everyone’s comments about what ‘we’ should and should not do.

    Out of ALL of ‘we’ who of YOU posting WILL go to another war?
    Who of you will leave behind, mothers, fathers, children struggling each day here at home to gain very basic needs for today and tomorrow.

    OUR Government has stated, ‘WE” are Broke. How many civilians here on HOME SOIL are jobless? How many have no medical needs covered? How many peoples here at home are fully being covered for any of their issues?

    Do any of YOU, recall over 13 Trillion Dollars were ‘Lost’
    but to date no one in OUR Government can find that $13 TRILLION Dollars and they have not “Tried to find the Monies ever”…

    OUR Government has sent OUR Sons and Daughters to TWO WARS.
    Many have gone on already 5 Tours of Duty at The Front,
    already splitting Families, Children, Couples, apart.
    Many have terrible Wounds, Disabilities, which will need long time, care, Many will not be able to be afforded that Long Term Care.

    Many mean THOUSANDS, not a handful…

    Just HOW MANY Peoples

    ARE YOU PREPARED to Pay For Another War?

    Statements have a way of catching up with us
    as well of rushing into actions
    we may not need to become a part of.

    How many other Countries do you see,
    pushing to rush their children,
    their men and women into foreign wars and
    for what? For Whom and The Truth, Why?

    Very easy for Politicians, President, Generals to push their demands for their peoples to go into a war, but the cost in human life for Our Families, Our Children, Our Lives, and YOURS ?
    Yes, comes at a very high cost, not only in human value but
    in every other way as well.

    We ALL have ideas, thoughts, wants, issues, but before WE do anything, it is ‘WE the Peoples who have to really think of what we want OUR lives enmeshed in or not.

    Please DO NOT Leave this to The Politicians, The Generals, for they are not the ones going to the front to die…

    Personally, I do not think OUR Sons and Daughters need to be pushed into any further wars, for they are war torn and weary and DESERVE
    to have THEIR Lives live a long and good one

    Say, NO to going into any Nation’s War’s.

    Far TOO Much at HOme for ‘We The Peoples To Clean UP”.
    In fact, we are a broken nation and need very much too fully attend to our peoples, families, children elderly FIRST.

    We, YOU, i NEED to become real and look at our issues here at home, not be diverted to another war.

    How much do you have in your wallets right now?
    I mean if the Government has stated:

    we are BROKE,

    do you spend the little you have left and give towards a war that will last how long?
    leaving your families, your children, your communities to dust and really not accomplish anything at home for your peoples and lives?

    STOP Listening to the Government who has provided you the least in terms of to date, the Bill of Rights, Constitution, etc.

    The Generals who have not sent sons and daughters to war, but sit behind a desk barking orders,
    to those members of those at home who really want a war to
    ”INVEST IN Those OIL Wells” but would never come to Defend anyone

    THINK, Do Not Rush into something Millions of Lives will die for and
    “We The Peoples” really end up with only broken bodies, wasted energies,
    nothing left for or provided for our communities, schools, friends, children at home.

    Aren’t two WARS ENOUGH at The Same Time?

    In the End,

    Who Profited From Them, Really?

    HOW MANY Civilians just as we were left murdered broken, destroyed

    What did YOU, WE, i get from both of those, TWO WARS?

    What Is and Does WAR Accomplish?


  2. kapoore on the 02. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    Are Americans docile out of ignorance or fear? At this point I would say fear. Everyone wants his/her child to get one of the scarce jobs and to have a life. I’m not so sure those young men running down the streets of North Africa have a life, or the prospect for a job; they don’t. Americans are holding on to the hope that they might. We here in America are willing to go along to get along. However, my guess is that it won’t be economics that turns us into rebells but the vaccines that are making our children so sick. When your child goes to the doctor and comes out with autism and you realize that your insurance doesn’t cover it and your government won’t let you sue the manufacturer or the doctor; then, eventually there will be rebells in the street.

  3. hgarner on the 02. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    No man has the cojones or the honesty to come out straight and say it.
    Who was caught with his hand in the cookie-jar on 911? Who makes the policy? Who
    controls the money in the West? Who maintains the status quo in the middle east, the corrupt dictators, who are paid for by Israel through congress and senate. The jews have come to control every aspect of our lives in the west. Hollywood, the mass media the reserve banks etc. We abdicated long ago, because if you even think like I do, you are anti-semitic. Since when was it a jailable sin to question and oppose any group? What is the difference between Hitler’s Herrenvolk and the Ashkenazi agenda of God’s chosen few. These people must wind their necks in or face a backlash, which has happened thru the ages…Mr Wisner thinks that he has it in the bag, by working thru the CIA. What My father flew in Libya for a jewish war, while he could never recall the name of one jew volunteer. The YOKS
    spilled their blood, while the jews stayed at home to service the women and establish themselves even more in commerce etc.

  4. A. Irene Eastman on the 02. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    It seems to me, the power to decide who lives and who dies, can be addictive. Those who have this power behave as if it is their divine right. War is one way to use this power. Another is to create a war on the people like the war on drugs.

  5. mikael on the 02. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    Wipt in to submision and frightened to obay.

    conspiracys,hehe, I will say that one has to completly blinded by everday life, not to se all the missery sorrounding us, instead we loock us inside bobles an refuses to se outside.
    Frear,covardness, I dont now, but somhowe the notion Democracy has been alterd to somthing suspishious and posibly dangerous,
    And all we du is, nodding.
    We have been lied to all ouer life, 50% propaganda and the rest bullshitt.

    remember this: a ex KGB officer about Subversion.


    And dont think for a splitt second that this is not done by all the coverments around the world, both corporates and goverments does this, regarding markething and propaganda.

  6. Ross on the 02. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    John Pilger is 100% correct.The fascists now rule the West,stealing oil,resources and our freedoms.

    It didn’t take long for the
    ruling elites to want absolute power and totally subjugate us all.Hitler rose to power only 60-70 yrs ago.Oh how the memories are short!

    They have been seriously caught out with their hands in the 911 cooky jar and now seek a Global conflagration as their escape from their own people.

    When people from all levels of our society realise how pathologically insane these power lusters are,they will pull the pin and say,”Enough is enough!”

    I only hope we have enough time to stop them.

  7. HERVE on the 03. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    You may be interested by a recent book :

    “America’s Nazi Secret” by John Loftus.

    It gives lot of information about the OPC and Frank Wisner Sr.

  8. K Smith on the 06. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    It takes real courage to do the kind of reporting and commentaries as John Pilger.

    Keep up the good work John. You are very inspirational in reporting on the heinous crimes by that fascist theocracy. I am proud to spread your work to others who had no idea of just how immoral and sadistic the “jewish state” really is.


    I believe this is a “must read” for those who want to get the pulse of the “jewish” state.

    The article was reprinted “due to popular request” because ALL Zionists are nothing but rabid mass murdering sociopaths that deserve a noose and a 6 foot deep hole.

    It is a sad statement about just how deeply a Rabid ethnocracy is embedded in the mind and soul (if they have one)of the fascist theocracy.





  9. Naeny Khan on the 09. Mar, 2011 remarked #

    @Tatiana A. Kostanian
    your concerns are very much right and thought provoking for all those defenders of war on terror who think this war is important for the survival of US…..


  10. bilal on the 22. Sep, 2011 remarked #

    few questions i wanna ask
    1. twin towers attks planned by jews and blamed afghanis
    2.iraq was attk for WMD which were never found
    3.israel crushes the innosents, flotillas , world peace efforts and is backed by USA
    4.indian attempts to genpcide the kasmiris are known to every world man but nuclear deals and full support
    5.preparing conspiracies to change the anti us regimes through agitating voilence in arab world
    6. posing as a liberator and behaving like an occupant

    i hv 100 ov us duel standards to mention but american innocent nations hardly know the reality of their blood thirsty generals/ politicians why the duel standards around world?

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