“We’re in the building here, what do we have here?

Medical supplies…Jesus Christ.” Ken O’Keefe


February 9, 2011 (VT) Gaza:  Last night, Israeli planes bombed a medical supply center in Gaza. The bombing attack lasted only 20 minutes or so, short when compared to the “London blitz” during World War II but similar in other way.

The systematic destruction of necessary support services, health care, water, sewage, electric, schools continue.  Were our film team not to have been on the scene, media would likely have reported this as a poison gas plant or a rocket factory.


To help with the needed clarification about the secret Israeli terror campaign, we will enter the burning building and examine exactly what is there.

The American made munitions destroyed a medical supply warehouses in a residential neighborhood.  There are no police or government facilities nearby.

At the scene, fires raged into the night.  As video will show, an examination of the debris, while the building was still aflame, shows clearly that the facility was targeted because of its vital role in providing needed health care materials to a population that has been systematically denied even antibiotics.

Gaza, 800,000 people surrounded by 20 foot walls, barbed wire and machine guns towers, half Auschwitz and half “Warsaw ghetto,”is the largest prison camp in world history.


Source: Veterans Today


  1. Mohamad on the 10. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    Big Brother will say ” Good job” !

  2. Ross on the 10. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    Please note Debby; underneath the heading they have the date wrong.It reads Feb 9 2001 instead of 2011.

  3. Debbie on the 10. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    Thanks Ross.


  4. Earlaiman on the 11. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    They are no longer attacking the infrastructure of a destroyed nation, they are attacking the will and the resolve off a people to be free.

    That is a hard target to attack… sometimes it merely hardens the will and the resolve.

    Sometimes the only way it can succeed is to kill them all, which they might just try to do.

    Do they have that many bullets and bombs?

    How much longer will the rest of the world sit by and watch?


  5. Mahatma Mahdi on the 11. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    My heart hurt once again. Nefarious plans set in motion…
    Demonic forces run wild…
    Every day I pray for the subjects of Jesus Christ… for are not these people his? More so than most of those who live in Israel. If you think my heart hurts, His Sacred Heart is aflame… I was told to pray… He told me Vengeance will be His. Wake up America!

  6. K Smith on the 11. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    Drive the Nazi Zionist filth into the sea.
    Free Palestine
    Free Egypt.
    May every Arab and Persian neighbor do the right thing and become anti-American and anti-Israhell.
    Hopefully Egypt will leave the gas off and close the Suez Canal to all war ships and war materials.
    My country has no right to dictate to any sovereign state. Obama does not want the Egyptian people to have a real democracy.
    The US should be anti-Israhell because of 911, the USS Liberty and all of their other terrorist attacks. I hope they all die a slow painful death of a thousand cuts.

  7. rexw on the 11. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    America is so corrupted it is past the stage of waking up, I’m afraid.

    Us dollars to kill Palestinians. They know it is happening. They are just as culpable as the Zionists in every way.

  8. Frank Zappa on the 13. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    A planet suffering under religious psychotics within our midst (Christians, Muslim and Jew) that would each willingly die to have the other bow down to their own peculiar omnipotent sky creature will lead us to the end of mankind.

    So be it.

    Only until man can shed the brutal bondage of bronze age god myths and clan hatreds will we advance as a species.

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