110 countries in the United Nations have extended diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine.

All recognize Palestine as including the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, essentially the borders as they existed prior to the June 1967 Six Day War.

By Philip Giraldi / Antiwar.com

Palestine : Before SIX DAY WAR

As of last week, 110 countries in the United Nations have extended diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine. All recognize Palestine as including the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, essentially the borders as they existed prior to the June 1967 Six Day War. Nearly every country in Latin America, Asia, and Africa has recognized Palestinian statehood and there are indications that many European nations will soon follow suit. Which leaves the United States, yet again, on the wrong side of history. In fact, Washington has gone in completely the opposite direction, insisting that there cannot be any Palestinian state until negotiations are completed between the two parties involved, meaning that Israel shall have a veto on any such development and will postpone it until some time in the next century.

In fact, the United States is completely in lock step with Israel on the prospects for a Palestinian state.  The White House and State Department have condemned every move to obtain independent recognition of statehood.  The US position is summed up by House Resolution 1765, drafted by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, “Supporting a negotiated solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict and condemning unilateral measures to declare or recognize a Palestinian state, and for other purposes,” which had 54 co-sponsors.  It declares that “any attempt to establish Palestinian statehood outside the negotiating process will invoke the strongest congressional opposition” and condemns any attempt to “establish or seek recognition of a Palestinian state outside of an agreement negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians.”  It urges the Palestinians to “cease all efforts at circumventing the negotiation process” to “resume direct negotiations with Israel immediately,” and to “support the Obama Administration’s opposition to a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.”

And to make sure that the 110 countries who have signed on to the statehood agenda get the message, HR 1765 calls on the White House to “lead a diplomatic effort to persuade other nations to oppose a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state” and “affirm that the United States would deny recognition to any unilaterally declared Palestinian state and veto any resolution by the United Nations Security Council to establish or recognize a Palestinian state…”  If it sounds a bit like George Bush’s famous dictum, “you are either with us or against us,” it should.

Make no mistake, Israel does not want a Palestinian state because it would require the resolution of certain “core issues.” These would include the actual sovereignty of a Palestinian nation, access to Jerusalem, fixing the borders, and the sharing of limited water resources, most which now go to feed the illegal Israeli settlements which Washington has officially condemned but done nothing about for forty years.  Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is content to let the entire negotiation process drag on until there is nothing to negotiate.  Israel has already sliced up the West Bank with its Jewish only roads and settlements and will soon encircle East Jerusalem with housing developments being built on land illegally annexed.  The only thing the Palestinians have going for them is their birth rate:  they will soon constitute a majority in the pre-1947 mandate Palestine west of the Jordan River.

A settlement in the Middle East is strongly in the US national interest as the Israeli repression of the Palestinians has been a recruiting tool for militants worldwide, most of whom wind up blaming Washington.  It is reasonable to assume that the Obama Administration would like to have the whole festering Israel-Palestine mess go away, but, like the review of options on Afghanistan, our man in the White House is only listening to one side of the argument, and that side as always only offers the Israeli perspective.  According to Laura Rozen over at Politico, there are currently two task forces working with the White House and National Security Council on “options.”  But before anyone gets too excited by the unusual display of activity, it should be noted that the two groups are headed by Steven Hadley working with Sandy Berger and by Martin Indyk. Both groups are reporting to Dennis Ross, who recently went to Israel to “seek more clarity from Israeli leaders on their security requirements.”  Indyk and Ross are well known as Israel-firsters and Berger is best remembered for having stuffed classified documents from the National Archive into his trousers.  Hadley, who worked for W, is best recalled for nothing in particular but he is along for the ride to show that the effort is bipartisan.  Obama would love to have some kind of two state solution and the Ross-Indyk-Hadley-Bergers would sorely love to deliver one, but on Israel’s terms.  Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren is reportedly part of the negotiating process, possibly the first time that an Ambassador of a foreign country has been allowed to sit in and influence the policy of the US relating to his own country, but why should anyone be surprised by that?

It is interesting to note that George Mitchell, the Administration’s designated rainmaker for Israel-Palestinian rapprochement, is nowhere in sight, leaving the task to those best equipped to appease Israel and its lobby.  And what they are trying to do is calculate what the absolute minimum might be that the Palestinians can accept to label a state while leaving the largest part of the pie to the Israelis, together with absolute control over a client nation of helots that they can then abuse at will.  That way it will look like there has been a two state solution, Obama will bask in glory long enough to get reelected and everyone that matters in Washington will be happy.

I know there are readers out there who must believe that there is actually a secret, underground State Department, possibly concealed somewhere in the Department of Agriculture, that is actually going around the world and doing what is best for America and its people.  Alas, it is not true and what we are seeing is what we are getting.  Consider how Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Pakistan last week to threaten its already shaky government into invading Waziristan to kill the militants who have been hiding there.  Joe suggested that American soldiers might do the job if the Paks are not up to it.  It is difficult to imagine what Biden thought to accomplish by his performance, but a good outcome from all the saber rattling is hard to imagine.  Much like Hillary Clinton going around last week and calling on Arab countries to liberalize their political systems.  Sure Hillary, just like the Palestinians did when they elected Hamas in a free and fair election and Washington and Tel Aviv decided that the result was not quite acceptable.  What happens when the Muslim Brotherhood wins an election in Egypt?  What will happen if parties unacceptable to Washington rise to the top in the current unrest in Lebanon and Tunisia?  It would all amount to much ado about nothing except that the consequences are deadly serious with American soldiers and local folks dying in their thousands because the Clintons, Obamas, and Bushes find it hard to admit that they have made a mistake.  Whether Obama or Palin is elected in 2012 almost seems irrelevant.  Six more years of this and we will be finished as a nation, bankrupt and despised everywhere, our only legacy a network of seven hundred-plus military bases falling into ruin worldwide, meant to give us peace and prosperity but delivering on neither.

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer, is the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. His “Deep Background” column appears every month exclusively in The American Conservative.

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  1. Project Humanbeingsfirst.org on the 21. Jan, 2011 remarked #

    The one thing sensible in this article is this empirical statement:

    “I know there are readers out there who must believe that there is actually a secret, underground State Department, possibly concealed somewhere in the Department of Agriculture, that is actually going around the world and doing what is best for America and its people. Alas, it is not true and what we are seeing is what we are getting.”

    Otherwise, as a former CIA Officer, one would think he’d betray a bit more analytical acumen for why these puppetshows are “what we are seeing is what we are getting.” That WHY is it that way?

    The “WHY”!

    Not the “WHAT”, which Giraldi – like almost 99.99% of Palestine commentators, including the Palestinians themselves – describes accurately, as in the following passage, which is everything the world already sees, everything the world already knows, not the least of whom are the Palestinians themselves:

    “Make no mistake, Israel does not want a Palestinian state because it would require the resolution of certain “core issues.” These would include the actual sovereignty of a Palestinian nation, access to Jerusalem, fixing the borders, and the sharing of limited water resources, most which now go to feed the illegal Israeli settlements which Washington has officially condemned but done nothing about for forty years.”,

    But where is the “WHY”?

    Why isn’t the State Department able to do what Giraldi laments: “that is actually going around the world and doing what is best for America and its people.”?

    Is this rocket science to understand the “WHY”?

    Oh, it is the Jewish Lobby, that’s WHY!

    It is very characteristic of Palestinian supporters, and of Palestinians themselves, to clutch at any strawman – including this one, especially as it depicts the sorry state of the Palestinians – even when it makes it out like the White House, and the State Department, and the Congress, and the Lobby groups, are powers unto themselves, and running the United States of America and thus entirely responsible for its policies, its mishappenings, and its crises.

    A good fiction which is worthy of repeating every so often so that the people of the world can never bring any spotlight to bear that Palestine is fundamentally a Rothschild project, the bankster oligarchy which controls all incantations of power in the West, principally driving nation-states asunder to create their world government to be headquartered in Jerusalem. Just stare at the Rothschild donated Supreme court building in Jerusalem and reflect on the symbolism of it – not to mention the Knesset, etc.

    Which is why, Palestinians have the continuous privilege of hearing ad nauseum how they are losing it all piece-meal, how their population explosion will eventually bring them the only viable solution, etc. etc.

    There is absolutely nothing here the world does not already know. Is that the best an intelligence officer can do? Can the Palestinian supporters do a tad better, go where truth shines, rather than where lofty titles falsely shine:

    In the mean time, take 10 and give back 1 if the Palestinians behave, continues. “WHY” does that continue is the question no one will address. What is the sublime nature of the omnipotent power which makes it continue, the nature of its “Iron Wall” which protects Zionistan from any practical interference from both outside and from within which enables it to continue, is a question no one will address.

    No Mr. Phillip Giraldi, and the Palestinains, and their supporters looking up to others to come to their rescue – clasping at any narrative which captures even part of the Palestinain misery, no matter who utters it – these answers will not emerge from former intelligence officers. Because, I suspect, there is no such thing as “former”. There is surely ‘no exit’ alive from that business. I know of no instance of it.

    Even the courageous Col. Fletcher Prouty ensured that he will not be revealing any real information in his book the “Secret Team” by stating so in the very beginning of the book, before he went on to merely describe only one of the henchman of the oligarchs, as the “Secret Team”.

    The only person in the West today, it seems to me, who dares to go to the “WHY” of Palestine’s plight accurately, is this fellow David Icke. And this gentleman too makes sure, in the same breadth, that he is not taken too seriously, by also uttering some outlandish and entertaining sci-fi on the Annunaki, global consciousness, vibrating frequencies, the moon matrix, etc., as the higher level “political truths” really running the world, of which the earthly bankster oligarchy, variously labelled as the lizard-shape-shifting bloodlines and such, themselves are just the errand boys and thus no need to focus on them! Instead, let’s focus on the aliens…. Even Wikileaks has begun to lend credibility to the concept of extra-terrestrials by making references to the UFO. google the string to learn more: “Wikileaks and the UFO: Response to Gordon Duff”.

    But if one can shrewdly separate the chaff from the wheat, especially in David Icke’s pitch by understanding that political science rather than sci-fi is running the world, by not throwing the baby out with the bath water, then David Icke, like Eustace Mullins before him, has the singular Western guts to call a spade a spade, as in this incredible interview-conversation with Red Ice Creations. Here, David Icke has uttered more useful content in one conversation than anything ever written about on contemporary matters by any insiders, former and current, in the United States of America. Judge for yourself:


    The transcript of the segment on Palestine and Rothschilds can be found by googling the string:

    “My experiments in confusion – Part-2: The invisible House of Rothschild”.

    There, one finds the answer to “WHY”.

    And when one understands the “WHY”, deeply, intuitively, then one begins to know who the real enemy is, and who the real behind the scene puppetmasters are, and why the errand boys and girls mentioned by Philip Giraldi are merely that. puppets, because of which, in Giraldi’s own descriptive words: “what we are seeing is what we are getting.” Only by understanding the WHY, does it help comprehend the bizarre WHAT!

    And, fantastically, immediately points to the direction of redressal: UNMASK the “Iron Wall” which only thrives on annonimity and obfuscation, in order to save Palestine from all the red herrings – before it is too late. The native American today can do no more than just remember…. and write and read narratives…

    Thank you.

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
    Comment for: mycatbirdseat.com/2011/01/philip-giraldi-serving-up-palestine-one-slice-at-a-time/
    January 20, 2011

  2. Earlaiman on the 21. Jan, 2011 remarked #

    “…one slice at a time….”

    Neat! That’s the way the old Chinese used to do it.

    One slice at a time… and the victim slowly,steadily, and surely, bled to death, one drop at a time!


  3. Hugo on the 22. Jan, 2011 remarked #

    Israel should not exist anymore. The Israelis are for the most part descendants of converted eastern European Jews the Ashkenazim which gives them NO RIGHT to the land of Palestine. They have no physical connection to Ancient Palestine, they are not semitic and if they really want a Jewish homeland Stalin gave it to them, Birobidzhan in Russia. The real semitic Jews from Ancient Palestine are Sephardic and most of them live in Rome where they were taken as slaves 2000 years ago.
    So who has the right to that land, I would say the Palestinians that were always there and the Sephardic Jews that the Bible refers to.

  4. Rehmat on the 23. Jan, 2011 remarked #

    The Palestinians did not get any of those western “slices”. They were all eaten-up by the pro-USrael leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

    “There is no rivalry between us (Israel and Fatah). But we have a common enemy. We are in a very difficult battle. We’ve decided to battle to the end. Everything is open, everything is on the table. Hamas is the enemy, and we’ve decided to go to battle against it. It is a matter of self defense,” Abu el-Fatah, the commander of the Palestinian General Security Organization told Brigadier General Noam Tibon, Judea and Samaria Division commander, Yideot Ahronot, October 9, 2009.

    On January 18, 2011 – Abbas government’s negotiator Saeb Erekat submitted a resolution to UN Security Council against new illegal Jewish settlements . The resolution has the support of more than 100 United Nations’ member countries. As expected, Hillary Clinton, as usual slammed its puppet Mahmoud Abbas for trying to condemn the Jewish settlements. In October 2009 – Hillary Clinton’s blackmail resulted in Mahmud Abbas’ withdrawing the Goldstone Report from being debated at the UNSC…..


  5. Debbie on the 25. Jan, 2011 remarked #

    The Rothschild’s may be behind any or all of this, as Zahir Ebrahim of
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org and so many others assert but, I saw an explanation by Prof. Chomsky or one of these influential commentators from academia, who, when challenged for not sketching the Rothschilds into the scene responded that he “had no doubts” about their culpability, or at least their participation, if not their leadership, and he would be happy to come out against them, and name them if someone would show him some concrete evidence.

    It is an American democratic knee-jerk response to look for and demand evidence to back up any charges. The reputation, professional career and livelihood of any professional journalist depends on it.

    These guys, literate Lancelots charging, jousting all over the Internet with pens in hand, are all amateurs, and do not understand the significance of “evidence,” and/or three-point corroboration to back up their conclusions and charges…

    The idea that the accused is innocent until proven guilty based on hard and incontrovertible evidence, is buried deeply in the “American” psyche, it is a founding part of firecrackers, 4th O’ July, apple Pie and “American Superiority,” and the Rothschilds have played the game pretty tight and close to the vest and have left no fingerprints at any of the scenes of the crimes and have never tracked any blood away from the scene of the crime. They are as clean as Christmas Virgins ready for the sacrifice!

    They probably work at such high levels that the blood simply does not splatter up that high, and they actually never do have first hand awareness or knowledge of the actual crime. Perhaps they are literally as clean as Christmas Angels! They don’t even have to pull the strings, as long as they write the checks at the end of a good show.

    Other people will make the “right” decisions when tough decisions are called for and, whether a check arrives in the mail or does not arrive in the mail, is incentive enough to get the job done correctly, on time, and without having to be told what to do… without the Rothschild’s even getting involved.

    Pavlov taught us to train a dog to do good or do bad, simply by giving him a bone.Once well trained we no longer have to give them cues and commands and they will do all sort of tricks, cued by their own welfare, hunger, desires and, in humans, greed. All we, or the Rothschilds, have to do is pass out the “Good Doggie Awards” for good behavior, and do nothing to reinforce bad behavior. You give out bonuses to your houshold staff to reward good service… and they provide good service. But, just short one’s bonus on only one payday, and you will see how his service the following pay period improves! Properly trained and indoctrinated in your ways, you will eventually not even have to stoop to the task of telling him what you want done.

    I attended training school with my doggy Becky, I know all of that.

    America is just not ready to hear it. Maybe, someday. Not yet!

    We do know what is going on, but we refuse to act.

    I find a lot of that in the lot at Veterans Today… They may “know” something, but it may still be only presumption to many readers, or it may be an assumption which has gained the status of fact by repetition within the clubhouse and around the bar over at VT, but it flies right on past a lot of the people who were not there in the bar, not group believers and followers, who want to see “evidence” before they pick up a stone.

    It is counterproductive, to say the least, destructive if pushed too hard. So, I think Zahir would do well to leave them (Rothschilds) in the shadows of the closet, and refer to them only vaguely as “The ones behind it all,” or “the ones who have managed affairs like this for 250 years,” etc. “They” and “Them” are not so accusative or condemnatory or challenging of belief as is direct accusation and naming, and most readers will nod wisely, lay a finger up alongside their noses, wink and nod. Eventually they will be ready to hear the name. Not yet!

    It was only a couple of years ago we could not whisper “Jew,” “Zionist,” ” Israel” “AIPAC” “American-Israelis” “Dual citizens” in the same context with some of these questions. We are here, and today we do… we have arrived at a station, and we will go farther on, it is simply a matter of timing… when they are ready to accept, we will be here to deliver.

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