The facts suggest that WikiLeaks is less about the right to know than the right to deceive.

Jeff Gates

The scope and scale of WikiLeaks is a marvel to behold. Some praise it as the ultimate form of democracy. Others as the epitome of the most sacred of liberty’s principles: the right to know.

Yet the real story here is not what’s revealed but what’s withheld. The marvel is not what we now know but what is already known that is left unsaid. And what is given an interpretive spin by those newspapers granted priority access.

The facts suggest that WikiLeaks is less about the right to know than the right to deceive.

Take for example the release of diplomatic cables on the August 2008 war between Georgia and Russia and the interpretative gloss given by The New York Times.

Ashkenazi General David Kezerashvili returned to Georgia from Tel Aviv to lead an assault on separatists in South Ossetia with the support of Israeli arms and Israeli training. That crisis reignited Cold War tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

Then as now, it appeared there was a possibility of resolving Israel’s six-decade occupation of Palestine. At that time, The Quartet was coordinating the peace-making efforts of Russia and the U.S. along with the European Union and the United Nations.

Tel Aviv was not pleased.

Then as now, efforts to broker a peace were thwarted by creating a crisis within a coalition of those willing to invest their geopolitical capital to end a conflict that has long served its Zionist purpose as a source of other conflicts.

The resulting rift between the U.S. and Russia ensured some well-timed entropy and reduced the possibility of ending a decades-long occupation. Then as now, that occupation must end to bring peace to the region.

The Sound of Silence

Without that broader context, it’s not possible to isolate the motivation for that well-timed war. Yet the cables released by WikiLeaks say nothing about that. Nor does The New York Times.

Nor do the cables mention Tel Aviv’s interest in a pipeline across Georgia meant to move Caspian oil through Turkey and on to Eurasia, using Israel as a fee-collecting intermediary.

As with so much that is left “un-leaked,” the silence is telling.

What is leaked is accurately reported: “Official Georgian versions of events were passed to Washington largely unchallenged.” Yet The Times says nothing about the undisclosed bias motivating that behavior. That silence is deceptive.

Instead Times reporter C.J. Chivers notes only that the bombardments by Georgia of South Ossetia “plunged Georgia into war, pitting the West against Russia in a standoff over both Russian military actions and the behavior of a small nation that the United States had helped arm and train.”

Now as then, there’s no mention in the paper of record of the role played by an Ashkenazi general, the Israeli training of Georgian troops or the arms and equipment that Israel provided.

Tel Aviv must be pleased.

The Greatest Threat to Peace

The Times notes “the reliance on one-sided information” as Georgian President Saakashvili told the U.S. Ambassador “the Russians are out to take over Georgia and install a new regime.”

After the Russian Army dealt the Israeli-trained Georgians a quick defeat, President George W. Bush, as the U.S. economy was sliding into a recession, announced a $1 billion aid package to help Georgia rebuild. Rest assured those funds were borrowed.

In the netherworld where Colonial Zionists excel in catalyzing well-timed crises and generating interest-bearing debt, WikiLeaks has already achieved iconic status. Much as The Quartet faded into memory, the peace talks that showed promise just last week have been displaced by talk of yet another crisis—with Iran.

For those skilled at gaining traction for a storyline and then advancing a narrative, WikiLeaks is akin to a script doctor. With The Clash of Civilizationslosing traction, this latest crisis helped put it back on track.

Only time will tell if this traction suffices to take the “coalition of the willing” from Iraq and Afghanistan into Iran. Occasionally those played for the fool turn their attention to the deceiver. An October 2003 poll of 7,500 respondents in the European Union found that Israel was considered the greatest threat to world peace.

The U.S. military is not without considerable knowledge confirming the common source of the fixed intelligence that induced America to invade Iraq.

With the Israel lobby seeking to induce the U.S. into Iran, events may take an unprecedented turn. A coalition of the willing might well be persuaded to secure Palestine along its 1967 borders with troops deployed to protect Jerusalem as a site of significance to three major faith traditions.

Should the U.S. Commander-in-Chief decide to earn his Nobel peace prize, he may order U.S. troops to secure the only known nuclear arsenal in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv will not be pleased.

Jeff Gates is author of Guilt By Association – How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. He served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. He is widely published in the trade, popular and academic press.  His Website: http://www.criminalstate.com His latest book is Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. His previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall StreetThe Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century.

This is the fourth in a series chronicling the disinformation/espionage component of WikiLeaks. The first three are posted online. See the links below:





  1. Ross on the 04. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,when first we practise to deceive.”

    Israel and the neo-cons have tied themselves into knots of lies and deception.The non-Western World is alert to their treachery.This is why they are finding it difficult to execute the next false flag event.The next one has to be really big to suspend the constitution and bring in martial law in the USA.

    If it fails to be convincing like 911,then they are totally stuffed.

    The other big issue is that many within the US Military now are aware of the true perpe-traitors of 911.They don’t know how the military will react.Is the awareness extensive enough to oust the traitors and re-establish the US Constitution?

  2. Nathan Hale on the 04. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    one observation I have made, is that once anyone, including myself, links PissyLeaks to Israel, the conversation immediately ‘dies’ in the blogs. Not that this in and of itself is a ‘proof positive’ or a ‘fait accompli’ in every single case, but it happens more than it doesn’t happen. usually there’s quite lively discussion about it. but mention Israel in a negative way, and that’s the ‘third rail’ of political discourse in Amerika today. don’t you dare say negative stuff about the motherland like that!

    but clearly most now have at least figured out that Joe Liebermauschwantz of Corn-Etiquette ‘doth protest too much’ about PissyLeaks, and now DHS has finally, after web blogs have mentioned this ‘nonsensical’ nature of the leak site itself, in light of the more than 70 websites SHUT DOWN by Dept. of HomoLand SuckCurity in the past few days…now has garnered a ‘kibosh’ of PissyLeaks on the web…and get this, an INTERPOL (another ZIOTURD hovel of zio-jackasses wearing gestapo badges for Israel) now has issued a faux arrest warrant for AssHanger.

    between these facts, and PissyLeaks now talking that they have U.F.O. stuff to leak (not that U.F.O.’s are nonsensical or not valid, but they are far from POLITICAL issues, no matter whether those illegal aliens from another solar system have green cards in their spaceships, or not!!)

    it’s pretty clear that JulieAnnie AssHanger’s credibility is pretty aired out to dry, and only the most dense of the DENSE in the world still try to portend that he is a true source of real non-biased intelligence data.

    the only thing we don’t have are photos of NuttinYaJew handing JulieAnnie his marching orders and leaks for the next episode of; “How My STOMACH TURNS”

    this three ring CIA/MOSSAD/INTERPOL zioturd circus has gone way beyond the pale in utter absurdity and blatant pro-Israeli propaganda pumping, and it’s sad the discourse has died when it gets aired out in blogs like this one.

  3. spktruth on the 06. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    Only a handful of the millions of pages of docs have been released. Why are you trying to deflect what Wiki is telling and turning the argument to “what its not doing”. Why don’t you give it a rest until we see EVERYTHING.

    Some people want to claim Wiki is a mossad operation without ANY facts to substaniate. Wiki has done more cleansing of american and other dictator governments in just a few days, than the whole of american media ever did. I stand with Assange and Bradley Manning, two heros for democracy in my book. You cant deliver democracy at the point of a gun. But the US was never intending to deliver democracy but Corporate america using our troops/blood and our treasury to STEAL the resources of other poor undeveloped nations. Even if the crazies calling for Assagne assassination had a clue, they would realize they are violating all fundmental principles of our Consitution and international law. That fool Palin and the phoney preacher should go back to preaching jewish fairy tale and leave politics alone.

  4. Nathan Hale on the 13. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    it is a mossad operation, that’s why, it’s painfully clear

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