Bay Area billboards ‘thank’ the US for Israel’s blank check

President Obama Would Rather Kill Palestinians than Feed American Children

By Mohamed Khodr —My Catbird Seat

President Obama, your outrageous acceptance of Israel’s extortion of $3 Billion worth of F-35 fighter planes along with other security and political guarantees for the mere acceptance of a 90 day “freeze” of settlements in the West Bank, which excludes East Jerusalem, is a slap to the honor and dignity of this nation, the sole superpower.   That a rogue illegitimate small war crime of a nation can bring this superpower to its knees is proof that our leaders, government, institutions, media, and academia can be bought, sold, and intimidated by a few hundred thousand rich and powerful  American Jews.

Pity the American people who ignorantly pay and die for Israel’s wars while believing the lies and fear mongering chants of the Pro Israel criminal cabal that the Muslims and Iran seek to destroy this nation.

“No matter what happens “the Arabs will be blamed….American cowardice – in the face of the immensely powerful Jewish lobby in the US – has produced a situation in which Washington remains supinely silent while Mr. Netanyahu, according to the Israeli paper Yediot Ahronot, threatens to “burn Washington”, should President Bill Clinton attempt to force Israel to accept a 13 per cent withdrawal from occupied Arab land.”

–Robert Fisk, The Independent, June 1, 1998

Shockingly, Mr. President, you have no political choice but to accept what Netanyahu dishes out against your person or against this nation having proclaimed that he has the ability to “move” this nation in the direction he sees fit.

Netanyahu during Bill Clinton’s time threatened to “burn Washington” if Clinton continued to press him for small land concessions Israel already agreed to.   In total exasperation Clinton said of Netanyahu: “he thinks he is the superpower and we are here to do whatever he requires.”

Clinton is right.   No U.S. President (brief exception President Eisenhower) has had the audacity of courage to stand up to Israel.   The “special relationship” between Israel and the U.S. is summarized as followes:  “Israel Demands, America Caves”

Several American, European, and world leaders have publicly stated that ending Israel’s bloody and inhumane occupation and treatment of millions of Palestinians will go a long way to ending terrorism.   But not even the loss of American lives, both civilian and military, due to terrorism is enough to stiffen the cowardly spine of our political leaders.

Since 1948 U.S. Jews and Israel have “threatened”, yes, threatened our national leaders electorally, via withholding campaign donations, or using the media to smear and harass them to ensure Israel’s continuous extortions are met.  Mr. Obama,despite  your hollow and hypocritical rhetoric that resolving the Israeli Palestinian conflict is in our national interest, Israel has continued to insult and thumb its nose at you which inexplicably you submit to in silence.

No, Mr. President, on Israel your policy thus far has been of “can’t” and no “change”.   As long as our government keeps Americans uninformed about Israel’s detriment and high cost to our national interest and deficits, we will continue paying for Israel’s wars and withdrawals.

Everyone now realizes that freeing the Palestinians from Israel’s brutal occupation will undermine the main cause of terrorism and animosity against this nation.

Israel as its custom will never live up to any agreement or withdrawal commitment.  It will continue to drag any so called peace process until it completes annexation and ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians.  It will continue to demand more tax dollars, more weapons for more wars, and expect our nation to continuously block any criticism of its inhuman policies.  How much will it cost the American people for the next 90 days and the succeeding 90 days?   If there is ever a peace agreement how much will that cost our nation in debt?

In Israel’s hands F-35 fighter jets, the most modern fighter planes, can only serve one purpose— Kill more Palestinian and Lebanese children.   These are killing machines given as a bribe for Israel to meet its International obligations of halting construction of illegal settlements and cooperate in serving its sole benefactor’s national interest in the Middle East and the Muslim world as it continues to fight two wars.

Israel has never given a damn about a single American life, should anyone be so foolish and stupid to believe it cares about an Arab child?

Listen to its racist leaders across the political and religious spectrums who believe that the sole purpose of Gentiles is to serve the interest of Jews or die.

Does our constant caving in to Israel honor our nation, our national interest, our killed soldiers in the region, our Constitution, or we the people of this nation?  Let us feed America’s hungry and not feed Israel’s appetite for genocides.

President Obama, your submissiveness to the stronger Netanyahu is of your own making.   You are owned by America’s powerful Jewish cabal.   You surrounded yourself by appointing U.S. Jews with dual loyalties, primarily to Israel, to every important governmental post.   Jews in Congress control the most powerful Committees that deal with foreign affairs, homeland security, and intelligence.    Eric Cantor (R-VA), like his congressional tribesman and akin to former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, met with Netanyahu to assure him that he can count on Congressional allegiance to Israel to thwart any potential presidential policy that Israel rejects.

The funny thing about such an allegiance is that it’s unwarranted given, Mr. Obama,   your own deep personal allegiance to Israel and kosher Wall Street.

You would rather send billions of dollars of killing weapons that offensively violate America’s laws than send such money to feed hungry American children blocks from your resident.

Israel has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Mohamed Khodr is a political activist who frequently writes on the plight of Palestinians living under the brutal occupation of Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Islam, and Arab politics.

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  1. Dawoodi Morkas on the 21. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Human life and the rule of law are no more the guiding principles of the USA Administration. Every thing now boils down to favoritism and colonolisation of the American and Israeli fangs.

    The days of American independence has gone by. The Slavery of the American at the hands of Israelis and the Zionist has commenced in its full force.

    Good bye America, we will always remember the grand old days of the American people who would do any thing for a right cause and who would fight with every thing for the right to prevail.

  2. Patricia Blair on the 21. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    I think that we Americans have lived an illusion. Valuing human life and the rule of law have been selective as guding principles in American Government at all levels. Just ask the poor, the elderly, the indigenous, the non-white, women, and now the gay. Every right guranteed by the Constitution and denied by the controlling powers and media, has been fought for and will continue to be. To see change in policy, there has to be mass education to change attitudes.The internet is playing a huge role. Capitolism is about exploiting “the least of them” for profit. Having a “mythical enemy” assists in the exploiting.

  3. LoPhatt on the 21. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    This is continuing revolting display of acquiescence. I think the only way to understand it is to face the ugly reality that the Zionists are in charge and the “government” is merely an extravagant stage play prolonged to make it easier to loot what’s left of an independent nation.
    Look around, not only in the US, but everywhere. Every passing day it resembles more and more Israel. Sexual abuse at the airports, police state tactics, torture, corruption. Comrade Soetoro is merely another shill, nothing more. He’s just a “shameless” shill. You can’t embarrass him. Look at the parasites in Congress (ha!), they openly pledge allegiance to a foreign power. Why doesn’t anyone find that “strange”?
    I often tell people who are still asleep, “do you think they’re going to announce the takeover on TV?”. History shows that under no despotic regime have they ever characterized it as “despotic”. It’s always “The People’s Republic” or “The Democratic Republic”.
    These jack-booted thugs are no different than those they follow in the footsteps of. Same thing, it’s just a rerun.

  4. mikael on the 21. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Educate people, its the key, to unlock the hegmony of the hasbara and Israel proppaganda system. The internet is playing a big role, butt its still dependent on people to contribute. Without people educate them self, and fight back all the lies and propagand, its of no yuse.
    Ther is a paradigme shift going on to day, butt it needs a kick in the a…

    Hamas is the forbidden word.
    Why is it so.
    A legitim political prosess, resulted in a victory to Hamas. Unless we all face the hypocrasy of whitholding Gazans legtimim coverment from the legitim part of the peace proses, how the he.. can the proses haw eny legitimty. To day its non. On the course over some years the hasbara has been so efectiv that everybody, dont ewen sear to wisper the word Hamas, how patetic. Ther will be no legtim prosses whit out Hamas, the Palestinians in Gaza legitie goverment.
    Wake up.
    And start to behave as adult.

    And remember, in all main streem media, we gett only servd halfe of the story, we must fill in the rest.

    “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital, quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

    free Palestina

  5. kapoore on the 21. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Certainly, American support of Israel is a mystery to me. For decades the Israelis have been cutting down olive groves, stealing water and land, shooting children. Hasn’t anyone noticed? All I can see is Hillery Clinton going nuts over Israel. Joe Biden pledging that the U.S. will support Israel for eternity. I can barely contain my nausea and everyone else is singing the Israeli anthem with gusto. I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel fell apart tomorrow with no water, no credibility, no capacity to grow its own food; but, Israel never seems to fall apart it just grows stronger. It’s creepy, or maybe spooky is a better word. Israel is the spookiest place on the planet.

  6. Jay C. on the 21. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    This tribe http://www.theJEWISHTRIBE.blogspot.com BOAST that they are the “master race”!!! http://100777.com/node/603 and that THEY CONTROL America!!! http://100777.com/node/500 Note who CONTROLs the media: http://www.REALNEWS247.com so they act with impunity. Their holiest book, the talmud says ONLY jews are human… the NON-jew is cattle at best and EXCREMENT!!! http://www.ABBC.net/talmud/index.htm

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