“recent admissions that the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, routinely receives masses of classified information makes them suspect #1 for being the source of Wikileaks”

Wikileaks is like a TV show that never gets off the ground.  We started with a “shoot ‘em up” in Iraq, the helicopter slaughter soon forgotten and move on to, well, what?  We got a deluge of material from Afghanistan, carefully gleaned to point fingers at Pakistan.  When it came down to backing any of it up, it went nowhere.

Considering the massive corruption and drug scandals, even the revelations that President Karzai has been in negotiations with pranksters pretending to be the Talbian, all the really juicy stuff from Afghanistan must have been in another drawer. Then we got Iraq.  Ah, Iraq.  There, we could check.  We know the people who wrote the leaked material.  They told us Wikileaks edited it, altered it, redacted it more than the Pentagon.

The “Iraq War Log” was, well…phony. There is one thing that has been consistent about Wikileaks and our prediction is that this next batch, reputed to be millions of highly sensitive documents, will prove our point. Wikileaks is Israel.

Wikileaks is an intelligence operation to weaken and undermine the American government, orchestrated from Tel Aviv, using dozens of operatives, dual citizens, some at the highest authority levels, spies for Israel.   Through leaking carefully selected intelligence along with proven falsified documents, all fed to a controlled press, fully complicit, Wikileaks is, in fact, an act of war against the United States.


This last week, in a lawsuit over an AIPAC, (Israel’s lobby) employee reputedly fired for being caught spying against the US, news stories across the United States reported that, as part of that $20 million civil case, evidence will be presented that masses of classified material come to AIPAC and Israel continually.  Is AIPAC Wikileaks? The only evidence of any massive leak discovered in the Pentagon is AIPAC.  Last week’s Washington Post story was buried quicker than a carp in a playground: Jeff Stein, at the Washinton Post, reports the following:

Rosen says his actions were common practice at the organization. He said his next move is to show that AIPAC, Washington’s major pro-Israeli lobbying group by far, regularly traffics in sensitive U.S. government information, especially material related to the Middle East. “I will introduce documentary evidence that AIPAC approved of the receipt of classified information,” he said by e-mail. “Most instances of actual receipt are hard to document, because orally received information rarely comes with classified stamps on it nor record’s alerts that the information is classified.”

But Rosen said he would produce “statements of AIPAC employees to the FBI, internal documents, deposition statements, public statements and other evidence showing that [the] receipt of classified information by employees other than [himself] … was condoned … for months prior to being condemned in March 2005 after threats from the prosecutors.”

How does this apply to Wikileaks?  The answer, if we bother to put the pieces together, is staring us in the face.  The proof, the ultimate proof, however, will be in the current batch of documents that have already been prepared, weeks of work by dozens with access to classified documents, and only one group has that access and can operate with impunity, as was shown in a recent story in Veterans Today:

AIPAC is a sham.  The group has, over the years, destroyed anyone who has tried to have it named what it really is, a dangerous foreign lobby and nest of spies.  AIPAC is the most feared organization in Washington and most powerful, above any law.  A former employee of AIPAC, Steve Rosen, who AIPAC claims was a spy, more appropriately a “caught” spy, now claims his former employer does nothing but spy. Rosen stands to get $20 million in his defamation lawsuit against AIPAC.

He isn’t without motive but we have also learned that Rosen has considerable documentation of AIPAC receiving and disseminating classified information, received from, well, we have to call them traitors, inside the US government. We know that a vast spy ring operates in Washington and that Israel is the center of it.

We also know that Israel, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China and Russia trade American secrets back and forth like baseball cards.  We know that AIPAC is deeply involved in this spying. We know that AIPAC claims to hold signed letters of unconditional support from 80% of the members of congress, all of whom received campaign contributions arranged by AIPAC, with many elections financed almost entirely by AIPAC, a group involved, according to the Washington Post and Steve Rosen, in spying on the United States with seeming complicity by the FBI itself.


Were we to ask author Jeff Gates, he would point to the “storytelling” aspect of Wikileaks, Assange and his “on again-off again” rape charges or that someone that manages to make it to continual television interviews can’t be found by police or security services. We call this “storytelling” and Jeff Gates tells us that Israel, the power behind Hollywood and the American press, is the “storyteller” of all time.

There are better ways to “prove,” a word as subjective as any of the storytelling around the Wikileaks myth itself.  The proof, always depending on who accepts the proof, and as is almost always the case, dependent on whether the press itself chooses to report it, which if Israel is involved, is more than a bit predictable itself. Lack of reporting potential Israeli complicity in Wikileaks, knowing AIPAC and Israel have the longest history of accessing classified information and, by far, the strongest agenda for leaking information, could be seen as conclusive proof itself.


If dual citizens who make up much of the Pentagon’s leadership are working with Israel or AIPAC to formulate Wikileaks, as seems to be the case, then the upcoming leak will serve a pro-Israeli agenda, even if it damages the United States, as other Wikileaks have.  These are Israeli agenda items:

  • Discrediting Obama foreign policy in order to weaken the president’s influence with congress to push for a halt on new settlements in Palestine and the forced removal of Islamic property owners.
  • Accusations involving Turkey, now feuding with Israel over the killing of Turkish citizens on the Mavi Marmara, now recognized as a purely humanitarian mission.  These accusations against Turkey may include weapons being supplied to terrorists in Iraq, a fanciful abuse of reality.  What will not be reported, if this story is “leaked” either through Wikileaks or the other Israeli sources, “Debka”..”Stratfor”..”FamilySecurityMatters.org”..or the infamous “IsraelNationalNews.com” is Israel’s 40 years of complicity in the very acts they now accuse Turkey of.
  • More importantly, is the issue of blaming Turkey for the actions of the terrorist group, PKK, long funded by Israel and now claimed to be allied to Al Qaeda, is vital to Israel’s strategy against Turkey.
  • Expect Pakistan to be hit, as usual.  An Islamic nuclear power with a top rate million man army that outclasses Israel hands down, Pakistan, primary competitor for US aid dollars, a country that actually has agreements with the United States and real troops fighting alongside Americans, will get their usual Wikileaks bashing.


Is it a coincidence that documents regarding Israel, their spying, influence peddling, suspicions of complicity  in terrorism, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, across Europe and even the Detroit bombing, those reports are there, they are classified but you will never see one on Wikileaks.  In fact, they are the only classified information that never gets out to the news.  Is that because, as we have learned, the borders of Israel extend well into Washington DC, well into the Pentagon?  What won’t we see in Wikileaks:

  • Nothing in Wikileaks will accuse anyone, even Pakistan or Afghanistan, or complicity in narcotics trafficking nor mention the huge new narcotics industry operating in Iraq.  Ask yourself why.
  • One of the biggest areas of complaint in the Pentagon, more classified White Papers have been written on this than anything else:  “How Israel is Endangering the United States
  • In fact, the biggest “classified” debate in America is what supporting Israel, a nation with incredible wealth and utterly obnoxious leaders costs the United States.  Rumors of such issues aren’t rumors at all.  When General Petraeus presented his now famous power-point presentation to Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, outlining how Israel is undermining American foreign policy, he wasn’t operating without tens of thousands of pages of intelligence behind him.  Not one page, not one word of these studies will be in Wikileaks.
  • When Vice President Joe Biden said the following to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu:    

“This is starting to get dangerous for us, what you’re doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace.”

Are we to believe these statements were taken out of thin air?  In fact, Petraeus, Mullen and Biden are only the tip of the iceberg.  Admiral Mullen, America’s top military leader under the Commander in Chief, has repeatedly cited Israel and America’s relationship, as, not only a liability but something far worse, so much worse that:

As public statements by Admiral Mullen, Vice President Biden, General Petraeus and others, citing America’s relationship with Israel as a military disaster, are obviously “watered down” for public consumption, can you imagine what classified reports are saying?


The greatest fear any president has, even more than impeachment, is the fate of Jimmie Carter.  Carter, now pegged as an “Antisemite” and “enemy of the state” in Israel, is still being sold to Americans as something quite the opposite of reality.  Friends in Israel, if they want to start a row, something not too difficult in Israel as you might guess, will walk around carrying one of Jimmie Carter’s books under their arm.  A Yasser Arafat t-shirt and suicide vest are considered only marginally worse. Carter left office under mysterious circumstances.  Several disasters, high interest rates, the hostage crisis and the failed rescue attempt showed signs of conspiratorial meddling.  His real crimes were:

  • Pushing Israel for a durable and lasting Middle East peace
  • Monetary policies that kept America out of debt…
  • Support of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid
  • Unwillingness to engage in military adventure

When the defense and oil lobby joined with Israel and Wall Street to crush the Carter presidency, the writing was on the wall.  Interest rates, the “October surprise” and the military sabotaging the hostage rescue attempt, these things destroyed President Carter who might, otherwise, have suffered an “accident” like the Kennedy brothers.  Today, millions of Americans who should be praying to return to Carters foreign policy and fiscal conservatism, are taught to look on him as a failure.  However, more and more, historians are seeing Carter as the last American president.  Every leader since has been dictated to by Israel.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today

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  1. Rehmat on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    It’s not only AIPAC – Israeli intelligence also get information through US embassays in foreign countries – especially in the Middle East countries and the so-called UN peace-keeping forces. For example – Maj. Gen. Alain Pellegrini, French Commander of UNIFIL in a 2006 interview revealed that American secret service agents have infiltrated in UNIFIL, who pass on information to Israel. “Every time I send my semi-annual report to the UNIFIL, attached by details for the leadership of United Nations forces alone, and despite the fact that the report is encrypted, I immediately receive after each report to New York, a letter from the Israeli Army, containing suggestions for writing the report, hoping to amend it,” said the General.


  2. Rodney Bleckstyne on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    “As public statements by Admiral Mullen, Vice President Biden, General Petraeus and others, citing America’s relationship with Israel as a military disaster, are obviously “watered down” for public consumption, can you imagine what classified reports are saying?”

    *Dear Zionist Minion:TO EVEN SUGGEST THAT Obama Biden Petraeus and the Rest of the US Govt Leadership “Aren’t” Owned..Body & Soul by Israel is a Pathetic Joke and for You to Suggest Otherwise is Totally Ingenuous & Deceitful!

  3. Sophie on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    This is an important piece written at an important time. The insight is spot-on and it will be interesting to see if Wikileaks as Israel leaks accordingly.

    Thankyou for your concise and paramount research/input on this topic. It was very helpful to have one solid source that covered all of this.

    Its interesting to see the fallout with Turkey particularly. Theyve always been a central ally and key element in middle eastern affairs concerning Israel…

  4. mystic on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Wikileaks blew its cover –and credibility–when Assange summarily dismissed 9/11 as a conspiracy without acknowledging the Copenhagen University proof that the explosive nanothermite was present in the WTC dust.
    Wikileaks ultimate aim is to distract people –and the courts–from that proof and the demonstration that Israel murdered 3000 Americans by laying down explosives in the WTC; The five dancing Mossad agents with explosives in their truck –and by extrapolation, the state of Israel–were celebrating what they had just accomplished: the recruitment of America to get rid of its enemy Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq forever to prevent the rise of another enemy in that land, just as it attempted to do when it murdered 34 US crewmen aboard the USS Liberty in cold blood in 1967.

  5. plumbob on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    A really good article Gordon. Thanks for posting it. Wikileaks had me fooled for a while, but not any longer.

  6. hyvy on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    I believe the common bond between Israeli power players iss kaballah and kabbalistic freemasons, ran by false jew queen e 2 (or whomever sits on the throne of England and its MANY colonies – scroogle British Commonwealth)

    If masons are involved, which I do not doubt AT ALL, their loyalty is to the organization and these millions of terrorists hiding in every town of the country wait and cause damaagae daily, especially to freedom-loving peoples.

    IN rality, the Top Secret America article detailing 850,000 individuals with top secret clearance in the name of war on fake terror. If EVEN ONE of these companies with access to ALL the personal data of every American and beyond has an israeli dual-national or a freemason, ALL that information is compromised and the British or the Z-jews or the communists (all together, one team) are a cancer on the backbone of the USA and will spread nutil theres nothign left to sustain them , then they will go and devastate and cause ruin to another nation until their false messiah sits on the throne of england and then the world.

  7. James Stuart Sinclair on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Very likely true. We are in a hall of mirrors, it seems. May I have permission to reprint this on http://www.gaienecommunion.org please?

  8. Mallee on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    I agree that Assange does not pass the ’9/11 credibility test’.
    Anyone of high profile and average intellect, who should by now have researched the 9/11 mass murders and realised that the official conspircay theory is BS, but does not, cannot be regarded as genuine.
    One must presume that they have someone else’s agenda in hand and that it is dangerous to rely on them.
    There are many examples of alleged gate keepers that one can identify, by simply asking whether they have looked at 9/11 and do they believe the official nonsense. If they have not looked or if so, have no questions, then one is looking at a person who is protecting and giving aid and comfort to mass murderers and who, is a traitor to the boys fighting the wars, based on the 9/11 lies.

    Was it Colby who said the CIA owned every journo of significance? One would have to be a fool to think things have not become worse.

    The anti-democratic forces are seeking fascism and their abetttors and traitors can easily be pegged, if they do not pass the ’9/11 credibility test’.

    Gordon: you pass with colours, thank you.

  9. Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Totally plausible theory. What possible benefit to anyone comes from releasing 400,000 emails? And you’re right. The video of US forces shooting unarmed civilians was very valuable – but release #2 and #3 didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know. However I’m not sure if it’s possible to render Obama even less politically effective than he is now – I think we made a big mistake electing someone with so little political experience.

  10. whacks on the 28. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    News which appears through the propoganda machine and onto mainstream sources , as wikileaks releases have , instead of being suppressed , has to be questionable as to its intent ! And when a ‘wanted man’ like Assange manages to travel from country to country and make public appearances without arrest the question has to be asked “who is he REALLY fronting for ?”.
    Good article .

  11. george in Toronto on the 29. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Assange–why does he keep leading us on–it’s coming, it’s about to come,very soon–milions upon millions–but never any info on the lies of 9/II Kosher attacks or Bush/Chenny/Condo/Rummesgeld communications leading to wars or Boy George’s Elections 2000/4
    Watch this Utube video posted today from WRH site
    Shows how stupid Americans are {:^/

  12. Jim on the 29. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Given the absurd level of hate crime focus here in Canada,(soon to be a crime to even critisize Israel) it would be exceedingly stupid for any country to share intelligence with us and not expect it to go directly to mossad.

  13. sammy on the 29. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Don’t you find the US response to Wikileaks extremely strange? If it was anyone else, US would have used its clout or black ops (as in the Iranian nuclear plants) to shut it down, and perhaps even bombed the server on the grounds of “national security”.

  14. Anthony Lawson on the 29. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    I’ve just watched the BBC’s and CNN’s coverage of the new “leaks”, and I was just going through the mainstream press; The Observer, Telegraph, New York Times.

    So far, they have all mentioned that Saudi Arabia asked the United States to bomb Iran, and a few things about Turkey. The Independent has this paragraph, which contains the only mention, so far, of Israel:

    The leaked emails also showed that a number of Arab countries were not only acquiescing to strikes on Iran but actively encouraging it with the undoubted knowledge that Israel, the supposed common enemy in the Middle East, may play a part.

    Note that it is not a critical mention of Israel, but backs up Israel’s call for a strike against Iran, which Israel would be dancing for joy about, if they didn’t already know about it.

    Other questions are: How do these documents get out? Why can’t they be blocked or the guy put in jail? This has all of the hallmarks of a false flag operation, and only Israel springs to mind, with the stranglehold it has on US telecommunications; back-door entry computer codes included in PROMIS software, from way back (which were reported by Mike Ruppert, ages ago), and other spying methods.

    Gordon is a very passionate man and does make an error or two, from time to time, as we all do, but I agree with the basic thrust of this article that Julian Assange is not in this for the good of mankind, and that the only entity that could pull this off and get away with it, with the help of AIPAC, is Israel.

  15. Alan Sabrosky on the 30. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    I am quite certain that either some of the released cables regarding Iran are forgeries, or they were deliberately cast in terms to create an impression that Arab leaders really want the US and/or Israel to attack Iran.

    I know that the Sunni leadership in many of those countries have their own concerns about Iran, just as Iran’s current leadership have with some of them. But no one except Israel and its proponents refer to any other country as an “existential threat,” which is what the author(s) of some of the cables (hm, the two I saw that used that phrase, I don’t want to give the impression that the press released dozens of that sort, at least so far) have Arab monarchs using to describe Iran.

    So these at least are likely written by Israeli-Americans or just Israelis putting their own spin on things, included in a mass of otherwise legitimate cables as camouflage. I suppose the fact that almost every US diplomat & political appointee dealing directly or indirectly with Israeli interests fits this characterization, would make it child’s play to do.

  16. Cooking The Books on the 30. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    “Israel would maintain its low-profile diplomatic activities,
    such as supplying IAEA members with intelligence material
    related to the Iranian [nuclear] program.”


    (Just to make it clear who is supplying the U.S and its allies with cooked “intelligence” reports on Iran. Anyone else remember Iraq’s (nonexistent) WMDs?

  17. Rehmat on the 30. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    The Israeli propaganda front Wikipedia (founders Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger and senior editor David Miller, etc.) – had a preview of the new Wikileaks files on the US-Turkish relations before they were made public on Sunday.

    As expected – the new secret revelations have no new information than what we have already been told by the Zionist mainstream media. Benji Netanyahu admitted that his government was already aware of the contents of the leaks. On November 29, 2010 – Fox News boasted: “All in all, WikiLeaks did not succeed in penetrating the most sensitive channels of U.S.-Israel relations”.

    This proves once again that the new Wikileaks information, most probably stolen by the agents of the powerful Israel Lobby (AIPAC) – and like the previous one, is meant to isolate United States from the rest of the world and create further division among Israel’s neighboring countries – which will make it more easy for the Zionist regime to control every US move.

    The confidential memo leaked by Wikipedia – articulates that Turkey foreign policy (tilted towards its Islamic roots) has “Rolls Royce ambitions but Rover resources.” The authors like the Israeli leaders – are particularly paranoid of Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, for his personal religious leanings and for guiding Turkish foreign policy towards the Middle Eastern countries and Palestinian resistance – which the Zionist regime considers pro-Iranian and anti-Israel.

    “Major challenges with us in the coming months include the direction of Turkish-Israeli relations, the fate of the Protocols with Armenia, and the Turkish posture vis–vis Iran,” says the memo.

    The Wikileaks has claimed that Saudi Arabian King Abdullah had “repeatedly urged United States to attack Iran’s nuclear program” and China directed cyberattacks on the United States. It has also claimed that the Rahbar (Spiritual Leader) Ayatullah Ali Khamenei is suffering from cancer. The Zionazi dogs had similar prediction about Imam Khomeini in the 1980s, claiming that due to his advanced age he would not be able to stabilize the Islamic Revolution.

    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, dismissed the documents as “worthless mischief” which would not affect Tehran’s relations with its Arab neighbours, exposed as having pressed for a US military strike against its nuclear sites.

    According to Wikileaks, though Turkey is armed by the US – the great majority of Turks have negative views of NATO. However, the authors suggest that Turkey needs to accept the US and NATO’s leadership (aka submission to Israel) to extinguish fires in its backyard (Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan).

    “Even AKP leaders know that much of their allure or “wasta” in the Middle East and elsewhere stems from their privileged position in key Western clubs,” says the document.

    The authors acknowledge the AKP’s impressive efforts to resolve Turkey’s old festering conflicts with Cyprus, Baghdad, Erbil and Syria. As result, Turkey has gained leverage to tackle regional problems from Lebanon to Iran. However, Turkey’s “rapprochement with Syria has not really produced any Syrian “flip” away from Iran“.

    Nathan Guttman wrote about the “Jewish Vengeance” in the oldest Jewish daily FORWARD (June 23, 2010):

    “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee distributed an e-mail promoting a video depicting Erdogan alongside Ahmadinejad and Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad as “The Three Terrors,” a takeoff on the famous Three Tenors — Domingo, Pavarotti and Carreras.

    But speaking stronger than parodies and damning reports was the cold shoulder that Jewish groups turned to Turkish officials who were trying to reach out. Representatives of most major Jewish organizations were invited to a June 16 meeting with members of a senior Turkish delegation visiting Washington. Only one group, the American Jewish Committee, showed up. AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs — all groups that in the past went to great lengths to push a pro-Turkish agenda on Capitol Hill — chose not to attend.”


  18. Rexw on the 30. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    Access to US embassies, worldwide by Israeli Intelligence would be a simple task, so devious are their activities all over the world. We certainly don’t need to think too hard on that point.
    Here in Australia, you know us, (Wikileaks) “rock solid partners like Australia, don’t pack enough punch to step out in front. It falls to the US once again”. We have a new Prime Minister, having disposed of her predecessor and now strutting the halls of power, locally and internationally but without a popular mandate. But she now runs this country. This means access to all the intelligence reports she needs, from any source she chooses, every day. Where do her loyalties lie? She is a politician! She is from Melbourne where the Zionists are thick on the ground and she has had already had the mandatory ‘Israel brainwashing visit. As well, with her connivance, Australia is about to send another mixed bag of 17 politicians and public servants to Israel for the final stage of the 2010 Israeli brainwash exercise (they call it a ‘Conference’…really a charade) all being done quite openly and all with the feckless new Prime Minister’s approval. After all, she is a big, big supporter and as a ‘leader’ of a country like Australia, one could be excused for questioning her priorities and what decisions are being made that may include other interests up front before Australia’s. After all, she is a politician, has shown that she bends with the wind, any wind at all from any direction and knows clearly how to use her friends and Melbourne contacts.
    Such is the parasitic nature of foreign influences.

    It is almost a farce.

    The question is clear. Forget information from US embassies around the world, when you can get compromised politicians in small countries who have access to intelligence reports in their own countries and which, because of the control exerted on such people by the insidious Zionists over the years, could willingly be a source of the kind of detail we are now able to see on Wikileaks, as Gordon has said, as another organized false flag exercise. The same applies to the compromised UK government and it follows that the same procedures would apply to any country able to provide any detail required by Israel to manage their long term militaristic “Eretz Israel” activities but with other soldiers, such as Australians and Americans doing the fighting and dying, of course. Israelis prefer to fight unarmed women and children while they hide behind the skirts of big brother, the timid US, Israel’s ‘puppet on a string’.

    Who is it that allows such dual citizens to be so thick on the ground? Politicians, the ones who are able to enjoy the largesse distributed by the likes of AIPAC in the US and other similar organizations in other countries, working without restriction, using bribery, corruption and influence to gain their ends. Reflect on the Israeli stooge Obama, cheerleader for AIPAC, Biden and the compromised and disgraced fellow-traveller Clinton, Secretary of State for Israel, Senator for New York. What more needs to be said?

    So the collection and processing of information of interest to Israel from anywhere in the world is really a simple task providing you follow the simple steps of bribery, corruption, compromise and blackmail for as in the US, the UK and probably in Australia, you can have anyone dancing to the Zionist tune for Israel’s benefit, adding to the Wikileaks ‘news’ items, probably better described as the Netanyahu News whose motto is, “Tell us what you want to read and we’ll tailor it to suit”.

    Bespoke news at your service.

  19. paul maleski on the 06. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    Julian Assange is a Zionist shill, this is why he is still breathing! I am sorry to type this, and I am well aware of the fact, that historically, of a strong MI 5/6 presence in BBC independent broadcasting sic. I have no time whatsoever, for the BBC and its gutless journalism. These are sad, bad, mad times. The license financed BBC job is to tell our people the truth, and not propagandize the interests of the failed parasitic state of Israel;(and not compromise our national security) quintessentially, to enlighten and defend the interests of the United Kingdom. Shame on you BBC!

  20. Kat Hak Sung on the 06. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    Wiki-Leaks is another false flag

    1. It doesn’t leak any important secret of dirty insiders of US government.

    2. It provokes Iran and other Arab countries. (News that Saudi king asking US to attack Iran)

    3. Feds let Assange go and release un-important documents like what Feds do to Bin Laden. Assange and Bin Laden won’t be arrested until their mission being done.

    4. This time the likely purpose is to justify war on Iran.

    Quote, “WikiLeaks: Iran ‘obtains North Korea missiles which can strike Europe’

    Iran has obtained ballistic missiles from North Korea that could be used to strike Western Europe, the leaked files suggest.

    By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent 29 Nov 2010 “

  21. Mr. E on the 06. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    Theoretically, Assange could be working for Israel and not even know it, blindly publishing what they hand feed him. Israel could be giving these leaks to a number of people to send to him as well, making him think they are not from a single entity.

    Some of the cables that talk about foreign middle-eastern govt’s calling for immediate action against Iran are just too suspicious. Furthermore, the majority of Americans would be more prone to believe that the leaks are real if Assange and Wikileaks are posting them, then if one of the govt’s came out and said that the documents were fake. That is what is scary.

    Maybe this is the whole point. To give Assange some type of perceived credibility to whatever he “leaks” is now truth. This could make him an extremely dangerous person and what sounds like the making of an anti-Christ type figure.

    When you have these big-wig politicians and media hacks using potentially falsified or fake documents from these middle-Easter countries to promote war against Iran, it will be a huge problem. Whether they use them in the open or behind closed doors, either way it could be very dangerous.

    If anything, this alone is almost assured to happen now. I guess the only way we can tell the truth is if he starts putting out stuff that is harmful against Israel as well and not just a slap on the wrist…

  22. paul maleski on the 09. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    Assange and Tatchell are just too media friendly.
    I am more sure than not that Assange with his Economist (Rothschild controlled) journalistic connections, is a Mossad marionette. Just like ‘look at trendy wonderful me’ Australian fig digger spokesman, Peter Tatchell; they are both as bent as Anne Frank’s biro.

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