Donilon, who has no actual experience in national security or foreign policy formulation apart from working on several staffs, is a lawyer by training and a Washington lobbyist.

Tom Donilon

Normally the White House’s replacement of the National Security Advisor relates more to tone than substance, but the leadership shift from Marine General James Jones to Tom Donilon could have serious consequences.  The National Security Advisor’s first task is to moderate conflicting interests within the intelligence and security community to establish consensus responses to external threats. When genuine policy options emerge from that process he essentially becomes a gatekeeper who limits the choices for the president by weeding out approaches that will not work and prioritizing possible policies that should be considered.  That means that he or she pretty much sets the national security agenda since the president will normally choose from the selections made by the National Security Council, which the National Security Advisor heads.

General Jones was initially taken on by the Obama Administration because of his reputation as an independent thinker who would provide the best advice based on actual national security priorities.  He has done that and, together with Admiral Mike Mullen on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has advised caution regarding possible conflict with Iran, placing him at odds with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Jones’ chemistry with Obama was also reported to be less than good.  Jones has been on everyone’s “next-to-go” list but he finally walked the plank when President Obama decided he needed someone who would be more sensitive to the political dimension of the job, meaning more willing to bend judgments on security to conform to political considerations.  This is characteristic of Democratic administrations, which frequently enter office labeled as “soft” on defense issues and then try to make up for it by appointing a leading general or someone from the national security apparatus to a key position.  They then become uncomfortable with that person and replace him with someone else who has no relevant experience but who understands the politics better.  Sandy Berger under Bill Clinton comes immediately to mind together with memories of bombs away over Serbia and barrages of cruise missiles blowing up Sudanese pharmaceutical factories and Afghan huts.

Donilon, who has no actual experience in national security or foreign policy formulation apart from working on several staffs, is a lawyer by training and a Washington lobbyist.  His previous stint in government, before joining the Obama transition team, was at Fannie Mae. His brother and wife work respectively for Vice President Joe Biden and Biden’s wife.   When the change at NSC was announced, ABC News reported that during his stint as executive vice president at Fannie Mae “Donilon’s tactics reportedly included attacks on the agency responsible for policing Fannie Mae’s operations, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, and an attempt to launch a separate investigation into OFHEO itself, according to a 2006 government report about Fannie Mae. Those efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, and regulators eventually discovered top Fannie Mae executives had been manipulating the company’s financial reporting to maximize their bonuses.”

Be that as it may, one might well question how a lawyer and lobbyist who worked at a government mortgage agency suddenly became qualified to be the United States government’s point man on national security.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the rapid ascent “by a set of curious chances” of the Lord High Executioner in “The Mikado.”  Donilon’s defenders note that he was one of the members of the National Security Council who resisted the increase in troops for Afghanistan, which is true.  But that is only half the story.  His resistance was due to concerns that there might be a political price to pay if the “surge” were to be unsuccessful.  Such parsing of security strategy based on political consequences could mean that starting wars will henceforth be part of the management of the US election cycle rather than as responses to genuine security threats.  Donilon will likely be willing to ratchet up the “Iranian threat” whenever it appears that the Obama administration needs to shore up its “strong on defense” credentials. It will be especially important to find a new enemy to blame for the upcoming decline and fall in Afghanistan, with Tehran filling the bill perfectly.


Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer, is the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. His “Deep Background” column appears every month exclusively in The American Conservative.

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  1. Rehmat on the 13. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    “Tom Donilon would be a “complete disaster” if promoted to the White House’s top foreign policy job,” Bob Woodward in “Obama’s Wars”.

    On Friday, Ben Obama announced that Gen. James Jones 66 will be retiring as his Chief National Security adviser and the promotion of his deputy, Thomas E. Donilon 55, as his successor. The recent promotion comes at the heels of two of Israel Lobby’s heavyweights, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s departure last week and Obama’s chief economic adviser Lawrence Summers leaving by year’s end.

    Tom Donilon is a member of the powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and has long been close to the Zionist Vice President Joe Biden; Donilon’s wife, Cathy, is chief of staff to the vice president’s wife, Jill and his brother Michael, is a senior adviser to Biden. Donilon disclosed last year that he had made at least $3.9 million from his partnership in the O’Melveny & Myers law firm. Donilon’s clients at the firm included Citigroup, Goldman Sachs & Co., Verizon Communications, Obama fundraiser and hotel heiress Penny Pritzker and former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman.

    The ‘Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA)’, has quoted Josh Block, the spokesman for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, (AIPAC) saying: “In every position Tim has held throughout his career in government, he has been a strong friend of the U.S.-Israel relationship”.

    William Daroff, the Jewish Federations of North America’s vice president for public policy and director of its Washington Office, said: “The buck stops at the desk of the president of the United States, so any staff change shouldn’t impact the relationship Obama has with the state of Israel or the Jewish community.”

    According to The New York Times, the decision to push out Jones was accelerated by White House anger at his apparent leaks to journalist Bob Woodward describing his disagreements with Obama’s political advisers. Jones also was believed to be of the camp that set out Arab-Israeli peace as a necessary component to securing broader U.S. interests in the region.

    Bob Woodwards paints a defeative picture of Obama administration due to its lack in grasping the realities behind US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and its miserable relations with the Islamic Republic, Turkey and other emerging regional Middle East powers – by being dictated by the advisers whose loyaties rest with the Zionist entity.

    “President Obama has redefined and expanded a war that neither he nor his leading advisers believe will end successfully for the United States,” he wrote.

    The response to Bob Woodwards’ statement from the Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) agents were no surprise. The armchair Jew warrior, Professor Eliot Cohen (Johns Hopkins University, who supported US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and writes for the Jewish-owned Washington Post – has accused Woodward of treason for providing information that will help such enemies as Taliban leader Mohammad Omar and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    The Pritzker family is a major backer of Obama, and that connection alone qualifies Donilon for any position. . The two Chicago families, Pritzker and Crown, own Obama, and that fact goes a long way to explaining the startling failure of his Presidency.


  2. Mihail on the 13. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    So sad to see this once great country going to hell, USA it is a done deal,until you throw the jew out of your country, you will never have peace, send them back to Khazaria.

  3. Rexw on the 13. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    One should always remember that it was Obama who made this appointment as he did with the Israeli stooges, Clinton, the useless Biden and Emanuel. Not a committee, not the Congress, but Obama.
    The new NSA connections with the Chicago Zionist mafia are particularly galling and it is no coincidence that the erstwhile chief spy for Netanyahu, Emanuel, is heading back to Chicago for a well-sponsored tilt at the number one spot in that city.
    Surprised? Just part of the plan.
    Regardless of all the staff changes that appear to be in train, represented as ‘rats leaving a sinking ship’, I think it is part of a well-structured plan, all with the direct connivance of Obama, Chicago and Israel.
    It is likely that Obama will lose many seats in the coming elections if AIPAC choose to throw their support behind the rightwing militarists and as a result, lose control of the government. For AIPAC, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. They hold all the tickets. A strong possibility but I doubt if Obama will shed a tear. His job has been done and he will be rewarded in two years time. This is why he is there.
    He has killed off any peace plan in the middle east giving the Zionists an open door to continue building. Israel will forever owe him. Now they will be moving on to the next step in ‘Ersetz Israel’, unhindered. He has surrounded himself with like-minded sycophants or Zionists and is well on the way to achieving the objectives he set out to achieve on behalf of his masters. Then it will be over to the Republicans with his blessing.
    Everyone will come to realize that Obama is nothing less than a tool for Israel with a four year contract, then to be set up for life, a one-term President who succeeded in changing nothing, as planned, just doing nothing to stop the passing of control of his country to a foreign state.
    For those that remember the Nixon transgressions and impeachment, on analysis, what Obama has done is far worse and with frightening longterm consequences.
    He has sold out the USA to the Zionists bidders knowing that the continuation of military activity under a Republican government, as in the case of the feckless Bush, will be of the highest priority. That is what Republicans do best and as a result, the ability of the tainted Democrats, once interested in peace, to ever govern within 12 years, is highly unlikely. They can blame Obama and their elected, compromised representatives, weak and disgraced.
    The crumbling of the Empire has begun.
    No President has done more in one planned term to bring the US to its knees than this polished quisling. A country in moral bankruptcy, financial bankruptcy and which will continue to be robbed blind every day of every week from this point on. The robbers are past masters at their trade . They have had an easy ride in America.
    There will be no greater Machiavellian victory than will be seen in the US after the next Presidential election, if the above scenarios become reality.

  4. Debbie on the 14. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Obama is just another sheep with a kosher ring in his nose. He got what he bargained for, a page in history – the first black American in the oval office.

    He does not want to be the first black American President to be assassinated.

  5. D Costa on the 14. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    “ABC News reported that during his stint as executive vice president at Fannie Mae “Donilon’s tactics reportedly included attacks on the agency responsible for policing Fannie Mae’s operations, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, and an attempt to launch a separate investigation into OFHEO itself, according to a 2006 government report about Fannie Mae”–writes Philip Giraldi about Tom Donilon in the above article “The Return of Sandy Berger”.

    Yes as long as the criminals continue to put in other criminals in key positions–it is impossible to save this nation. Sandy Berger got away hiding classified documents in his pants because he is a Zionist Jew. Who is Tom Donilon? Is he a Zionist Jew or married to a Zionist Jew?

    We need to ask these questions without any hesitation because these questions are relevant to our very survival.

    Yes Debbie we dont want Obama’s children to grow up without a father–like John and Caroline Kennedy. Keep your hands and bullets off of Obama. Instead attack his handlers for they are the real criminals.

  6. D Costa on the 14. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Mossad uses hookers for various purpose and must be using them to locate the so called “anti-Semites” as well as to destroy their careers and families and fortunes like they did to Mel Gibson.

    Rehmat posted an article on his website about female Jewish spies who acted as hookers/prostitutes to spy on people whom Jews consider as enemy.

    Mossad is also using oriental women for thieir business of spying on the enemy. I saw them using a Chinese/Vietnamese woman where I live [East Side of Providence] controlled by a Jewish mayor and a Jewish police chief. She was driving a red car with a Maine License plate–this car disappeared as soon as her License plate was reported and she disappeared as soon as her name was reported [in fact she used two names]. Mossad activities are being helped by Brown University–where Mossad agents and their helpers are enrolled as students [under graduate and graduate levels] –and in face this Chinese/Vietnamese hooker who left all of a sudden was enrolled as a graduate student.

    Black president of Brown is a friend of the Goldman Sach’s bankers–a friend of Israel–a friend of Jewish rabbis and other Jews such as Providence mayor and police chief–and all these people work together to destroy America, white people, Muslims and other groups who are their critics. White males [the group they most hate and envious of] are being targeted. These Mossad hookers are being planted in college and university campuses, Starbucks and other coffee/tea houses, various eating places and bars/pubs etc.

    Will Philip Giraldi, Israel Shamir or Maidhc O’Cathail enlighten us with more information on this topic?

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