Is this odd move of Emanuel a sign of the end of any hope to stop the Israeli whirlwind, or can a brave, principled Dart prick the Zionist balloon and bring the circus to a stop?

By Eric Walberg –

Obama has just lost his closest adviser and chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who is making the unusual transition from national to municipal politics. His replacement, the quiet Washington insider Peter Rouse, head of the Obama-Biden 2008 transition team, is the antithesis of his sharp-tongued predecessor. “Pete was affectionately known as the 101st  senator,” effused Obama. He is also losing his closest adviser David Axelrod (pragmatist Emanuel described their difference as prose versus poetry) and director of the National Economic Council Larry Summers.

Why are Obama’s three closest advisers — all Jewish — leaving? There is no pat answer. Axelrod is no friend of Summers, and suggested in an email the latter would be more comfortable in the “cafeteria at Goldman Sachs”. He claims he is homesick. Obama’s Keynesianism probably finally got to Summers. Emanuel, a former congressman, a talented ballet dancer, son of an Irgun terrorist, and an Israeli soldier during the first Gulf war against Iraq, leads us to the real answer.

As a very, very strong Zionist (dual citizen? sayan?), he is Israel’s canary in the White House. Israel boycotted Obama’s UN speech at the Millennium Goals Summit in September, and has subjected Obama to dose after dose of humiliating treatment, the latest when Netanyahu asked for the pardon of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard (serving a life sentence) in exchange for a temporary halt in settlement expansion. Netanyahu defiantly visited Pollard in jail in 2002 and he is celebrated as a hero in yearly commemorations in Israel. There seems to be an eerie replay of 1991, the last time the White House seriously tried to stop the settlements. The Israel lobby abandoned Bush then and destroyed him in the 1992 elections.

The writing is on the wall: Obama is a one-term president. That is if he is even allowed to finish his first term. Obama was never popular in Israel. Now there are even threats against his life as a result of his stance on settlements and his reluctance to attack Iran. Loud protests in front of Netanyahu’s residence witness crowds burning effigies of Obama “the new Pharaoh”, “the descendant of slaves” who must be put in his place.

Obama, son of a Kenyan Muslim and American expat radical, is facing equally vicious bigotry by non-Jews. He is attacked at home by Americans of more traditional backgrounds who call him a communist and are incensed by his unusual origins and his unrepresentative entourage. Apocalyptic movements and rightwing “patriotic” militias, which grew under Clinton but abated under Bush junior, are increasingly rapidly under Obama, and more staid but equally frustrated Americans conduct political “tea parties”, confused and desperate for both stability and real change.

For despite the radically different appearance of Obama’s “change” administration (including the colourful Emanuel), his policies have provided neither stability nor any real change. They are remarkably like those of his predecessor. The unwieldy and disappointing healthcare reform aside, the bankers and generals have been given just about whatever they ask for, Guantanamo stays open and torture continues. US troops stay in Iraq and Afghanistan. The economic morass Obama inherited from Bush merely deepens.

And what is Emanuel’s legacy? According to critics, he was responsible for scuttling the real public healthcare option, leaving it in the hands of private insurers. He was courted by a litany of Wall Street officials and business leaders from day one. Emanuel’s White House calendar was filled with the likes of Comcast VP David Cohen (who just happened to have mergers pending), Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, and New York Daily News owner Mortimer Zuckerman, who showed up three times in two months.

Is it any wonder that Rahmbo, as he is affectionately known for his ruthless strong-arm tactics in the political ring, is now jumping ship just before it sinks in the November elections? He is clearly betting that his friendship with Chicago’s darling, America’s first black president, will see him to victory.

But, why the municipal ring? Yes, his “friend” Obama is toast. But is it possible his sudden interest in local politics is because he realises presidents, senators and the like have very little real power to make decisions anyway? That a mayor can at least leave a visible legacy — bike paths, community centres, parks? Or is he just bored, looking for a challenge where he can flex his muscles anew, flit gracefully across the political stage yet again as prince charming seducing the sleeping Miss America?

Whatever his motives, Rahmbo epitomises the shallowness, the effeteness of American politics today. The president of the most powerful nation on earth is powerless. A stuffed shirt. A photo op. A cultured Afro-American presiding over the most brutal empire the world has every known. Emanuel “made him” and has decided to leave him to his fate, to yet again play games with the US media and political circles, like a virtual performer orchestrating a grand reality game.

Pundits are mixed in assessing his chances. His strongest supporters are Chicago’s white moneyed class and the business community, who favour Emanuel’s run because of his history as a Washington power broker, says political analyst Charles Dunn. “His pockets are overflowing with IOUs”  and he will be able to call in past favours, giving him a huge advantage over his many competitors.

But he has little appeal to the 35 per cent of Chicagoans who are black and the 28 per cent who are Hispanic. His challengers are predominantly minority candidates, including James Meeks, a state senator and Baptist minister, and Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle. Many minority leaders, including several aldermen, have already made statements saying they will not support Emanuel’s candidacy. The field is very much open. In fact the call among those unhappy with machine politics in the Chicago is “Abre” — “Anyone but Rahm Emanuel”, which translates into Spanish as “Open”.

As a Jew, Emanuel is very much a supporter of minority rights, but these real minorities understand that Jewish support for them from the likes of Rahmbo is only skin deep, so to speak. CNN’s Hispanic host Rick Sanchez shocked Americans last week for saying as much on air. Sanchez is constantly ridiculed by Jewish TV satirist Jon Stewart, and finally fought back, calling Stewart a “bigot” with “a white liberal establishment point-of-view”, saying CNN and the media are largely run by Jews and elitists. Of course, he was immediately fired, but no one can dispute the truth behind his outburst. Says analyst Peter Myers, “Other minorities are accorded status only on condition that the Jewish minority remains number one.”

Compounding Emanuel’s difficulties is the expected candidacy of Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who is white (but not Jewish), and well-liked among black and Latino voters because of his highly publicised refusal to evict renters of foreclosed buildings and his prosecution of the owners of a historic black cemetery who illegally exhumed 300 bodies for profit.

Is any of this of any conceivable importance? Do the departures of Emanuel, Axelrod and Summers portend a more even-handed policy on the Middle East — a defiance of Israel in the remaining two years of his one-term presidency? Will he suddenly cut Israel’s massive aid budget and insist it withdraw from occupied lands? Will (largely Jewish) bankers and other elite miscreants be subpoenaed and jailed for their many crimes, as happened to an earlier Chicagoan, Moses Annenberg, who was jailed for tax evasion in the 1930s under president Roosevelt?

I mention Annenberg, because he was a Jewish Chicago media magnate and underworld figure brought down by a president who still wielded some power. His son Walter Annenberg continued in his father’s less-than-pristine footsteps, but covered them with the Annenberg Foundation, lavishing money on “good causes”. He rightly realised he could use a liberal facade and his newspapers to make or break politicians, rather than be broken by them.

Like Obama and Emanuel, Annenberg’s story is the stuff of legend. His publishing empire grew and grew, he was Nixon’s ambassador to the UK and so charmed the Queen that she made him an honourary knight (Americans disdain such unseemly titles). All the time he was “conservative” Ronald Reagan’s “best friend” according to Nancy Reagan.

The “liberal” Barack Obama first gained political prominence as an activist with the Annenberg Foundation’s Education Challenge. Annenberg, who died in 2002, would be delighted to know his charitable works in Chicago helped elect the first black president, whose “Israel first!” chief of staff would go on to become the city’s first Jewish mayor, putting the real minorities in their place.

Is this odd move of Emanuel a sign of the end of any hope to stop the Israeli whirlwind, or can a brave, principled Dart prick the Zionist balloon and bring the circus to a stop?

Eric Walberg is a journalist and writes for Al-Ahram Weekly. For more visit his website: http://ericwalberg.com/

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  1. Ld Elon on the 07. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Sounds like the direction of divide, one must position onesselve in order to succeed when the divide of states is near.

    Becoming king.

  2. RichardG on the 07. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Want to avoid World War III with Iran, Pakistan, China, and whoever? Many Americans WANT that war; they are called mainstream Republicans and Democrats. Ron Paul wants to avoid it; on a good day, President Obama SAYS he wants to avoid it. Ron Paul and President Obama should talk. Most blacks and whites will not benefit from a new world war. Christians will not go to heaven for killing Muslims any more than Muslims will get 70 virgins and a tube of K-Y Jelly for killing us.

  3. Rehmat on the 07. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Despite daily Zionist propaganda lies about the Islamic regime in Tehran in order to prepare common American to support a US-Israel attack on Iran for the sole benefit of Israel – a great majority of Americans are not willing to let their soldiers die for the Jewish domination in the Middle East.

    A new poll jointly conducted by The 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair show that 25% of the particpants believe that the US should attack Iran only if the later attacks American soil. On the other hand, only 10% said that the US should attack Iran if the later attack Israel first or test a nuclear device – which is not going to happen in either cases.


  4. Mihail on the 07. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    TURNING THEIR INVESTMENTS to consumer production and commercial markets abroad, Wall Street Jews began concentrating their finances on military production at home. Skilled technique and able management now belonged to Japan, not America.

    Jewish bankers were no longer interested in domestic civilian production. Their market was the US government and payments were fed by the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve. So why bother investing in American-made cameras or washing machines when you could invest in bombers and drones? The profits were much larger and the risks were zero.

    Reaching a position of permanence after 9/11, “Military Keynesianism” had produced a “National Security State” — controlled by Zionists and financed by Wall Street Jews. By signing NSC-68 in 1950, Harry Truman had given birth to a Military/Zionist global beast.

  5. Cold Wind on the 07. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    It is clear, Rahm Emanuel has very little respect for the US Constitution and/or the ‘inalienable’ rights of its people. I can’t imagine why the people of Chicago would consider this Israel Firster for Mayor.

  6. Earlaiman on the 07. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Cold Wind:

    It really doesn’t matter a hellova lot what Chicagoans think of Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago, or how they vote.

    A noted Soviet political practitioner once observed, “It matters very little how the people vote. what matters is how the votes are counted.”

    He never lost an election.

    I expect Mr. Emanuel will be equally successful in politics wherever he ventures… as long as he knows the people who count the votes.

    You will remember all of the hullabaloo raised by Democrat protesters in 2000 and 2004 about fraudulent vote count, machine tampering, hung chad and flexible software… but the Democrats have been in office for two years now and I do not see a hellova lot being done to reform a corrupt system.

    However foul the stream,if it floats their boat and the tide moves the effluent in the right direction, they seem to have no problems or complaints about it.


  7. Earlaiman on the 07. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Ld Elon

    Long ago, Rudyard Kipling,a keen student of Occidental affairs and ventures in Afghanistan and the Far Middle East, wrote a tale about a The Man Who Would Be king, a sad tale of failed ambition and tragic misadventure in those high and cold mountain passes.

    Little has changed in the interim. It is still the same Afghanistan… and it still attracts ambitious adventurers.

    The Afghanis know the script well, and have been successfully starring in this winning drama for centuries.

    If one reads the book, studies the history, and heeds the message and the lessons therein, it is unnecessary go to go there and bleed all over the place to find out what it all comes down to in the Third Act.


  8. D Costa on the 10. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    No more wars for Israel period.

  9. Ninja Jedhi Cat on the 30. Jun, 2011 remarked #

    Hawaii Shaloha! Nation Building for whom? The Project For A New AIPAC Century [PNAC] for “INSIDE JOB”…

    “Who Killed The Constitution? The Federal Government vs American Liberty from World War 1 to Barack [Ohana, Malama, Drama] Obama” [Woods Jr & Gutzman]:

    REVEAL the federal government’s ‘great gold robbery’…the flagrant assault on the constitution you never heard about in history class: i.e. “NAZI GOLD: The Golden Lilly” for “Dancing With A Dictator: The Marcoses And The Making of American Policy” [Bonner] under the “1976 Foreign Sovereign Immunites Act”

    DESTROY the phony case for presidential war powers [i.e. Presidenital Document: Federal Registry Executive Order: 13372, dated Feb. 16, 2005, from previous vague special entitlement executive orders for a justified case for War in Iraq under diversified public proclamations: "Clarification For Certain Executive Orders Blocking Property and Prohiting Certain Transactions"? [George W. Bush];

    EXPOSE how the federal government has actively discriminated to end DISCRIMINATION [i.e. State and Nation of plausible denials for Hawaii Aloha Public Forged DNLR [Diverted National Leveraged Revenues] for MIA FEMA [Foreign Economic Monetary Assets] under vague, Hawaii Aloha Shaloha incompetent, diversified “socio-economic” vague public proclamations: “Setting Aside Lands For [who's] Public Purposes”? Hawaii Asian Pacific Governor: [George Ariyoshi] “In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money from one class of citizens to give to another…”? “YES WE KHAN”!

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