“The Supreme Court created a new “corporate”  nobility where, in place of “divine right” , a sub-human species,  a parasitic class, congress, lobbyists, the Pentagon, the organs of state security, all bowing and scraping to their masters in China, Israel, Saudi Arabia and London.  They have attached themselves like leeches, sucking the life out of America.

…the Bush presidency was illegal and all acts under his authority are, according to the constitution as written, “null and void.” If only we could bring the thousands, the millions who died because of this genuinely criminal act back to life.

America’s “mid-term” elections are coming up, one-third of the senate, all members of the house and a number of state government offices are up for grabs.  These elections used to be the subject of little interest and even less money.  Now, $1.2 billion is going to be spent, and with “relaxed” campaign laws, read “gutted-eliminated,” the election is going to be a big win for one group only, the international crime syndicates.  On the front, there are issues, well, not to a serious person, but there are a lot of accusations being made with this kind of money flowing into the media.  “America is filling with Muslims,” in reality 1% of the population, half professionals, half small business owners, almost none either criminals or unemployed.  This is the theatre, the circuses that are supposed to keep the “public” amused while the knife goes in from behind.

This year, it is working like a charm.

The latest charge is that President Obama’s policies are making jobs move to China.  What jobs?  Are there still people employed in America?  Are there any jobs left that China would want?

Oddly, China is the one country that isn’t spending money on the American elections.  Previously, they poured money into the American political process to, well, how do we say it?  Relax efforts to stem illegal technology transfers and spying?  Of course, when we track how the most vital missile technologies made it to China, we can follow a trail, Japanese organized crime, Taiwan front companies and Bush family members brokering the deal, the same Bush family members that made sure Saddam had anthrax and bubonic plague.  Didn’t know that? Thought “they” were “keeping you safe?”

Where is the money coming from that is funding both the “anti-immigration” ads and those attacking jobs going overseas?  We aren’t sure about the source of the money, the real source.  It is being “channeled” or “laundered” through groups like the US Chamber of Commerce and a dozen others, all “conservative” and “free enterprise.”  Whenever you hear “conservative” or “free enterprise,” hide your wallet and stand with your back to the wall.  For certain, don’t bend over.  They have a plan, it involves you living under a bridge and your children dying in a country somewhere conveniently abundant in gas, oil or opium.

Election money sources seem to be areas of the world known for human trafficking, narcotics production and lax financial crimes enforcement.  The US Chamber of Commerce, of course, is the lobby group that has pushed for open borders, worked to fill America with illegal aliens, as part of its program of eliminating the minimum wage and destroying trade unions.  Funny how those who squeal the loudest about the evils of illegal immigration are the same ones whose sweat shops, canneries and slaughter houses are raided over and over by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents.

This is the single group most responsible for jobs going overseas, the huge NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) “toilet flush” of jobs, first to Mexico then to China.


What if the “president” that said “Don’t throw the constitution in my face.  It’s just a g-d damned piece of paper” was, by constitutional standards, was never legally the president at all?  Get a copy of the constitution and look for language that states:

“In cases where one political party is afraid of losing an election, the Supreme Court will scrap the constitutional process and seize control of a state government, end ballot counting and will appoint a president.” (Article I of the Neo-Constitution)

Let’s look at, perhaps the funniest issue of all, “adherence to the constitution.”  The term “adherence” would mean, to a rational person, “strict construction-ism,” the school of thought that says, “If it isn’t in writing, you can’t do it.”  OK, I can live with that.  Millions of Americans are “up in arms”in an effort to return America to legal “constitutional” government.

However, the groups that are saying they want strict “adherence” to the constitution are funded by those heading the other way at a thousand miles per hour.  When Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, brags about how easy it is to dupe Americans, these are the folks he is talking about.  Let’s look at a few recent issues:

  • In 2000, the Supreme Court stopped the Florida ballot count and selected a president, by a 5/4 vote on “strict party lines.”  Americans later learned that the voting machines in Florida had been “hacked” and the actual vote had gone to Gore by as much as 200,000 majority.  Later, we found Ohio had been rigged also and that, in all states that used electronic voting, elections had been tampered with.  Even without that revelation, the actual end count showed Gore a victor, something censored from the press.  More importantly, there is no provision in the constitution that allows, under any imaginable circumstances, the application of “equal protection” to be applied under these circumstances, the legal theory that several “justices” misapplied as an excuse for doing their part to rig the election.  In fact, no legal precedent was created.  This was a one time thing, a coup de etat, as the election ruling was openly illegal, unsupportable and totally unconstitutional.  States choose their own electors, hold their own elections and the federal government has no right to interfere.  “States rights” is the lynch-pin of “strict construction.”   Thus, the Bush presidency was illegal and all acts under his authority are, according to the constitution, “null and void.” If only we could bring the thousands, the millions who died because of this genuinely criminal act back to life.
  • In America’s history, no single act did more to codify feudalism than the recent Supreme Court decision, another 5/4 “party line” decision, to give corporations all rights of citizens but none of the responsibilities.  The “game” of course, was to allow corporations to buy elections and control the government, giving them the right to regulate themselves through a government they employ.  They decide if they pay taxes, poison air, build defective products, injure their workers or, in fact, obey any laws.  Corporations also gain, with control of government, the power to send American troops overseas on commercial adventures, such as the ones America is now “enjoying” at their behest.  What the Supreme Court and the media avoided discussing openly is the simple fact that corporations are answerable to their stockholders only and that most large corporations that operate in the United States are foreign owned and foreign controlled.  The Supreme Court created, in fact, a new nobility where, instead of knighthood and physical prowess counting for leadership, we will have an “in between” class of political types, a “sub-human” species that will make up a parasitic class, congress, lobbyists, the Pentagon, the organs of state security, all bowing and scraping to the corporate masters in China, Israel, Saudi Arabia and London.  When our constitution was trampled on by the Supreme Court (5/4), real Americans became slaves in their own country.
  • Years ago, Senators Barry Goldwater and William Fulbright tried to force AIPAC, the lobby group for the State of Israel to be classified as “foreign.”  He saw Israel’s influence in the United States, because of their control of banking, the media and a number of informal organizations of a “terrorist” or “criminal” nature, as a threat to American sovereignty.  Today, 85% of congress have sworn oaths of allegiance to Israel equal to their oaths to their own country and America is in an unprecedented decline.  Can these things be tied together, the virtual stranglehold the Israel lobby has on the US government and our wars in the Middle East and the financial collapse?  Many think so.  However, control of congress and the media have stifled all debate.  If allowing “dual citizens” to rule America, many in government are Israeli citizens, and a massive foreign lobby to control congress isn’t unconstitutional, I don’t know what is.  It is as though America had lost the revolutionary war.
  • If the constitution does one thing, it forbids the government from forming a bank.  The most unconstitutional act, even taking into account Bush era abuses, the infamous “Patriot Acts” that tore up the Bill of Rights entirely, was when President Wilson gave full authority to the Rothschild family to control American currency under the misnamed “Federal Reserve System.”  There is nothing “federal” about it, it “reserves” nothing and there is no “system” to it at all, unless playing both sides against the middle, selling us our own money and charging us interest on it is a “system.”  I call it criminal and it is most certainly very “unconstitutional.”
  • 9/11 was not unique.  When President Kennedy was murdered, the Warren Commission covered it up.  Planning the “investigation” was part of planning the assassination.  Whoever planned the 9/11 attacks also knew they could control the investigation.  When the 9/11 Commission learned that the government knew about the attacks in advance, something that didn’t fit their predetermined conclusions, they simply ran for cover.  Well, anyone claiming the 9/11 cover-up is conspiracy has “egg on their faces.”  The real heart of the cover-up was, of course, subverting the legal process, suppressing every constitutional effort, grand juries, lawsuits, that tried to force the government to obey its own laws.

“Everyone on the commission was covering for someone”…Col. Shaffer

“It was a whitewash and a lie from top to bottom”  Michael Scheuer (CIA bin Laden expert)


Who will win the upcoming elections?  With China out of the running, it may be Israel, it may be the drug cartels in Afghanistan, the marriage of CIA and Taliban that makes a brutal war “almost funny.”  It could be the oil companies, it might be the defense industries, it certainly won’t be a political party loyal to the United States and its constitution, not the real constitution, flawed or not.  Don’t count out the Mexican drug cartels, a new political force in the American south-west nearly equaling the Mormon church in influence.

When Bush said the constitution was “just a g-d damned piece of paper” he wasn’t kidding.

The constitution was written to be the “law of the land.”  Laws require courts and courts are run by judges.  Judges are bought and sold like potato chips.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today


  1. Rehmat on the 11. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    America is best ‘democracy money can buy.


  2. Dawoodi Morkas on the 11. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Bush was elected or not or was a fake or not, the question is that he has destroyed the USA image in the world and in the minds of the Americans.

    There should however, be a court ruling even if it takes a century to come up with such a court or such a ruling, judging , the truth about the Bush presidency and the truth as to how such a dubious person can become the President of the biggest super power in the world. Such judgment must disclose for the sake of human conscious and reality of the matter, truth nothing but the truth.

  3. Cold Wind on the 11. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    …and here we are near the end of everything, with most of our population clueless and willfully uninvolved in an unspeakable calamity: the rise of a Talmudic fascism.

  4. Ralph on the 12. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Thanks again Gordon. A fortress of protection is to you. See you in Valhalla, when/after all this “shakes out”.

  5. Dogismyth on the 12. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Pay close attention. These three individuals are creating the spin and propaganda to distract from the real issue associated with 9-11. The two experts are obviously lying when they use as a basis their intelligence associated with Bin Laden. There has never really been an organized and well armed group called Al Qaeda, and Bin Laden only served as a financeer in some aspects of support for rebel troops in Afghanistan. Those in know realize that Bin Laden is dead, and has been since December 2001. The fact that these two “gentlemen” are discussing intelligence on Al Qaeda and Bin Laden as if it had a strong and supporting role in 9-11 speaks to their attempts to confuse you and “whitewash” the more relevant unanswered questions of 9-11.

    The whole discusssion is a setup to distract from the real question like:

    why did Bldg 7 collapse as a controlled demolition
    why was thermite used in the twin towers
    what are the explanations for loud explosions verified by witnesses before the twin towers fell.
    why was molten metal found in the underground area below the footprint of the twin towers.
    who was the security for the twin towers.
    who was the security for the airports of interest
    why was there no military response whatsoever.
    why was there no anti-aircraft missiles fired at the pentagon which is well known to be a critical defense

    This is another attempt at these individuals to once again “smooth over” the continued and persistent revelations that the 9-11 event was an inside job and the governments’ position is a complete fabrication. There modus operandi is to attempt to continue to fool most of the naive people that are starting to ask questions like many of us have been doing for years.

    This is perfect spin and propaganda. Nothing more. Its meant to distract you and lead you down a worthless path of inaccurate facts, and in most cases, outright lies. That’s one reason why we had the publicity stunt where the pentagon had ordered the colonel’s book and burned many copies. They want people to believe that this is critical information. This is all a ruse. They play this so well you have to wonder how terribly evil they can really be.

    We do not need this distraction or these people that continue to overlook the more important facts. Those of us who understand what happened on 9-11 will never stop demanding another investigation. The events of 9-11 have lead us down a road that has created the world’s most insidious and outrageous destruction of cultures and the murdering of millions of innocent people.

    The truth will be known. No one has given up the fight. Ignore this rhetoric. Its more lies and propaganda.


    Here’s one place you can go for the truth.


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