Speeches by certain public speakers covered by US media have been giving rise to Islamophobia in the United States, a senior member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says.

Speaking in an interview with Press TV, legislative director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Corey Saylor hit out at US media for making Muslims feel increasingly alienated and insecure in the society.

“What’s been really truly trouble is that some of those significant public speakers such as some of those folks that you see on FOX NEWS, have been extremely dangerous at their speech,” Saylor said.

“What that’s leading to is that this fear has turned into anger,” he added.

The remarks come as other experts have also expressed concern about the state policies, saying the government is responsible for fostering and maintaining misconceptions and hatred toward the Muslim world.

In recent weeks, the objection to the construction of an Islamic community center near ground zero revealed the extent of anti-Muslim sentiments in America.

US President Barack Obama endorsed the plan initially, citing every Americans’ right to religious freedom. However, he later backtracked on his stance, saying he believed in the legality of the project but was not necessarily endorsing it.

In a separate anti-Muslim campaign, an evangelical Church announced plans to burn the Quran on the ninth anniversary of 9/11 to commemorate the victims and take a stand against Islam.

Meanwhile, Saylor went on to say that considerable efforts have been made “to educate people as to what Islam is,” but he acknowledged that “it’s going to be a very long process.”

Source: Press TV



  1. Rehmat on the 13. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    However, against all the odds – Islam is still the most rising faith in the West,

    There is no doubt that the forces behind the current severe Islamophobia in the West – is pro-Israel Jewish Lobby and the the Christian extremists (Christian Zionists). They use ‘Islamophobia’ to shield the Israeli crimes around the world. They generate the ‘Islamic danger’ to create an atmosphere for the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ – between the Judeo-Christian West and the Muslim world.

    Professor James Petras had exposed the Mossad and Jew editor Flemming Rose behind the insulting Danish caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in February 2006. Though Flemming Rose has been given political assylum in United States, the cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, was honored by Israeli poodle, German Chancellor Angela Markel, last week in Berlin. Just imagine the reaction of Ben Obama, Angela Markel, Sarkozy, David Cameron, Benji Netanyahu and even Hosni Mubarak – in case Iran’s President had honored some cartoonist known for making fun of the ‘holocaust’?

    In 2008, the FAIR magazine chose 12 of the top Islam-bashing American ‘experts on the Muslim world’, writers and broadcasters. Interesting they all happened to be either Jewish by birth or professed ‘Israel-First’ Christian Zionists.


  2. Tariq on the 14. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Islamophobia originated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, around 615 AD. Fifteen years later in 630 AD, though, Islam dominated Mecca in a bloodless conquest. So, Islamophobia is the first step towards dominance of Islam. Signs are good!

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