Has this young president—with no military experience—been forced to face the reality of an enemy within? If so, we may yet have an opportunity to restore representative government. If so, those who deceived the U.S. to invade Iraq for a Zionist agenda may yet be held accountable.

Is Barack Obama waking up to the agenda of those who produced his political career? Was his “Inner Eisenhower” on display last week in his televised speech to the U.N. General Assembly?

Did listeners detect a distraught commander-in-chief seeking to bypass Congress and appeal directly to the international community for help in containing Israel’s expansionist goals?

In 1948, the Joint Chiefs cautioned Harry Truman about the “fanatical concepts” of a Jewish-Zionist elite that sought recognition as a legitimate state. U.S. military leaders warned Truman that this elite wanted “military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East.”

Albert Einstein and other prominent Jews were even more critical. They cautioned Americans about the Zionist political party that produced Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu, calling it a “terrorist party” with “the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party.”

Eight years later, President Eisenhower experienced how they advance their agenda when, during the last days of his November 1956 presidential campaign, Israel, France and Britain sought to induce a war with Egypt over control of the Suez Canal.

Though Ike was distracted by presidential politics, London and Paris were quickly persuaded to abandon their efforts. Not Tel Aviv. Then as now, Jewish fanatics were not inclined to listen to a U.S. commander-in-chief regardless of the impact of their behavior on our national interests.

When this Republican leader sought Congressional support to counter the Zionists’ agenda, he found none. That’s when this former five-star general turned in desperation to a televised address to counter Israeli Congressional influence that has grown far stronger over the past 54 years.

In April 2010, a bipartisan 363 members of Congress committed themselves to an “unbreakable bond” with Israel—regardless of its behavior. No one dared even whisper the word treason.

That same Israel-first agenda was addressed to the commander-in-chief over the signatures of 76 Senators led by Democrat Barbara Boxer of California. GOP Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia and New York Senator Charles Schumer, a Democrat, launched a bipartisan pro-Israel assault on the commander-in-chief that sounded less like the Congress than the Knesset.

Obama’s Inner Ike

Could this be why Obama made an appeal to the international community to halt Israeli expansionism? Like Ike, did he wake-up to the fact of Israeli dominance in the Congress?

Has this young president—with no military experience—been forced to face the reality of an enemy within? If so, we may yet have an opportunity to restore representative government. If so, those who deceived the U.S. to invade Iraq for a Zionist agenda may yet be held accountable.

However, this past week also saw Congressman Barney Frank join others circulating a petition to free Israeli Master Spy Jonathan Pollard. A dual-citizen operative, Pollard did more damage to our national security than anyone in U.S. history. When he stole more than one million classified documents and Tel Aviv sold them to Moscow, our “special friend” gutted Cold War defenses on which American taxpayers spent more than $20 Trillion (in 2010 dollars) from 1948-1989.

Is Barney Frank committing treason? Or is he circulating that petition so that our national security apparatus has a list of those complicit in the treason that induced us to war in the Middle East on false pretenses? Was Obama’s speech to the U.N. a cry for help by a president whose advisory corps is dominated by pro-Israelis and Israeli-Americans?

Few Americans realize that Obama is a political product of the Chicago Outfit, commencing with Penny Pritzker, his top fundraiser according to his April 2007 filing with the Federal Elections Commission. Pritzker’s grandfather and great-grandfather were mob lawyers.

His second-ranked fundraiser was Chicago’s affluent Crown clan (né Krinsky) whose dominant ownership stake in General Dynamics ensured additional riches both from waging the “war on terror” and from Homeland Security. The third-ranked financier active in producing the Obama phenomenon was financial manipulator George Soros, recently rebranded a “progressive.”

Chicagoan Abner Mikva, White House counsel to Bill Clinton, captured the essence of the challenge Americans now face—regardless of party. A former Congressman, Mikva describes Obama as “our first Jewish president.” He should know.

Americans have been deceived for so long, we may be unable to discern the truth even when confessed by those who know it best. Did this eloquent young community organizer realize just this past week that his political success was produced by descendants of organized crime and those loyal to a foreign nation?

Chosen by The Chosen

America finds itself torn between two competing narratives. The first remains loyal to our founding principles in defense of our core freedoms. The second group now grasps that those who induced us to war with phony intelligence misused those freedoms to advance their agenda. How does our commander in chief expose those who befriended us in order to betray us?

With the all-pervasive Congressional influence wielded by Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians, what is a commander-in-chief to do? Is that why Barack Obama turned to television to make an appeal for help from the international community? Or is that just my wishful thinking?

With representative government in the U.S. now dominated by those who share beliefs contrary to our core principles, what is the head of our executive branch to do?

Americans have long been oblivious to Zionist influence. Did Barack Obama just awaken from a self-induced slumber and recall to whom his oath of office obliges him? Perhaps.

Two days ago, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas echoed the same cautionary words as Albert Einstein and the Joint Chiefs when describing Israel’s “mentality of expansion and domination.”

Little has changed over six decades except the faces on this perilous fascism. Obama may yet become part of the solution. Or, unlike Ike, he may succumb to the pressures of mid-term elections and again support the induced fanaticism now playing out as The Clash of Civilizations.

Jeff Gates is a widely acclaimed author, attorney, investment banker, educator and consultant to government, corporate and union leaders worldwide. He served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. He is widely published in the trade, popular and academic press.  His Website: http://www.criminalstate.com His latest book is Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. His previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall StreetThe Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century.

JEFF GATES: The Hate Mongers Among Us — First in a 4-part series

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  1. Cathy on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    I believe Obama is in full alliance with the Israel lobby. His close friends and those in his Admin are largely Israel first individuals. Many are Jews with links to Israel such as Emmanuel and Sunstein.

    Obama needs to be held to account….

  2. rexw on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Being a reader of all things that emanate from the pen of Jeff Gates, respectful of his painstaking research and good sense, I would once again like to believe that there is something in what Jeff has seen recently in Obama that I must have missed.

    On the contrary to asking if he is about to see the light and deliver a dictate to the Zionists about what is acceptable and what is not, I consider that he has passed the point of no return, has accepted his fate and will, from this point on, be a lame-duck president biding his time before he quits or is discarded by the voters, (read AIPAC) who are likely to turn their beneficial blessings to the republicans to demonstrate to those currently in power that they are there by the grace of AIPAC.

    I still consider that Obama had a six month window when he came to power to make the reforms that everyone was expecting. He could have made sweeping changes just on the strength of the vote, the great swell and hope for expected change. Nothing could have stopped him. He didn’t have an obstacle he could not have overcome. The people wanted him to be radical. They were expecting him to be strong and forceful to recapture some of the respect that the US used to enjoy in past eras. But we got more of the same. Timidity, weakness and subservience.

    That rare opportunity has now gone forever. He has conformed to the influences that have now had too long to compromise him like they have done with Biden, Clinton, the Congress and the Senate. He could have changed all that and didn’t.

    With a few masterstrokes he could have initiated such actions as banning dual passports, prosecuting spies to the letter of the law, forbidding financial support from foreign states, clearly identifying what is required to represent Americans in government as elected members or public servants, and discontinuing the cozy intelligence-swopping procedures and close relationship with Israel, to the detriment of all other countries in the world and the continuance of an alientated foreign policy controlled by foreigners.

    If they have two passports, they are not American. Simple really.

    This could have added value to the respect for the flag and the patriotism that the US tries so hard to promote in the minds of its citizens, now marginalised under a government that has become controlled by Israel, force-fed by Jewish-owned media, financially manipulated and with laws made by self-serving corrupt politicians, once the exception but now the norm.

    The inability of Truman and others to reign in the Jewish state, now the Zionist state, has caused immeasurable harm to the balance of decision-making in the US, justice in many parts of the world and the respect once enjoyed by every American.

    Obama had one chance to turn this around and failed to do so. He is now an empty shell.

  3. Richard Braverman on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    ………. Or is that just my wishful thinking?…..

    It was just wishful thinking.
    Obama never had a window becauase he sold his soul and his body to the Zionist overlords years ago. Even if by some miracle, Obama rose to meet popular sentiment, he would have been gunned down long ago. These SOBs do not play around. They apparently whack somebody new eveyday. Just to keep the Goyim in line. Jeff the insurection will start from the bottom. because America’s political, media and entertainment icons are far too compromised to surmount a viable threat.

  4. The Skeptical Cynic on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    The completion of any endeavor, whether for good or for evil, requires three ingredients:

    Motive, Means, Opportunity.

    It is obvious that Obama had no intention of doing the things he promised, nothwithstanding the extraordinary means and ample opportunity immediately after January 20, 2009. If Obama had possessed even a scintilla of motivatiion to accomplish what was expected of him,it could have been done with the expedition so cogently suggested by REXW.

    The Skeptical Cynic Hath Spake
    and Also Reminds All…

    It is truly written in the sands of time…
    One must never spit in a man’s face…
    Unless, of course, his moustache is on fire…

  5. Phred on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Well, I was going to comment in a very obnoxious manner, but Mr. Richard Braverman has already succinctly expressed my thoughts in a much more decorous fashion. However, I consider it a strong possibility that regardless of how well Obummer toes the zid line, he’s liable to be assassinated anyway by some redneck patsy for the purpose of inciting race riots.

  6. Jim on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Obama has the sword of Damocles above his head.

    It will take a man of exceptional courage to tackle the foreign and domestic enemies stacked against the American people.

    If he were to succeed in listing all zionist entities as agents of a foreign government alone, he would go down as the greatest American president to serve one term.

  7. Dave on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Although writers like this can make a big difference in educating the sleepy US public on thia matter, not much can be done about this issue.
    Israeli’s, (or more specifically the tribe that occupies the country and our congress), will stop at nothing to maintain their agenda and that includes using the blackmail of nukes in US cities to any US leader that refuses to acquiesce to their demands.
    Game over folks, we have been hijacked and this won’t end pleasantly

  8. Greg Bacon on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    All of the articles I’ve read by Mr. Gates have been intelligent and well-written, but this one makes me think he must be smoking some of that Afghan opium coming from those Pentagon protected poppy fields.

    Obama is a spineless creature, put into place by Zionists and Neocons and who then proceeded to fill his administration with more Jews and Zionists than any previous president.

    He’s also shown himself to be a skillful liar and con artist, carrying on the Bill of Rights trashing that GW Bush did and you suddenly think he’s had an ‘Eureka’ moment?

    Forget it, our nation was taken over a long time ago by a sadistic collection of liars, thieves, con artists, ego maniacs and mass murderers who like to wage war for fun and profit and Obama is no different.

    He’ll kiss Israeli ass until the day he finally meets his maker.

  9. k_w on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    The most important difference might be that Israel of today possesses nuclear weapons. This fact is a huge improvement of the power of the pro-Israel lobby. It can blackmail Obama as it has done with respect to Iran and her civil nuclear programme.
    If Obama wanted to do something about it, he would have AIPAC & co. declared foreign agents.

  10. Luay on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Maybe America needs a second political party to challenge the only existing one, you know the one that pretends it’s two.

    American Elections reminds me of fake wrestling. You can tell who’s going to win or lose as soon as you start watching. Remember McCain, Kerry, Gore?

  11. Debbie on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Obama has many questions to answer.

    I wrote this piece in Nov.2008 as announcements of his first appointees were made. It is still relevant:



    By Debbie Menon

    It would seem that US President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama is becoming the man for all seasons. His promise of hope is so non-committal and non-specific, that he is offering a pair of magic shoes which fit all feet… you can make of his premise whatever you wish.

    It is like a plan for “the revolution,” but someone has to step to the fore, turn the right way, and start the march. It is going to be a long one, wherever it goes for America, and no one has really mentioned the destination as yet.

    I do not think his new slogan “You can do it” will catch on. Besides, he did not seem to have his heart into it when he mouthed the words. They sounded too much like words which someone else had tried to put in his mouth. I was a bit disappointed. The Obama I have been watching all year did not seem like a man who would need slogans once safely in the driver’s seat.

    The candy Obama offers is like Forrest Gump’s Chocolate box of Whitman Samplers, there is a piece in there for everyone, but no one knows yet, exactly what they are going to get. Yes, someone is going to have to hold his feet to the fire to get him moving but, with Rambo guarding his door, I wonder whether anyone will get into his office to do it!

    Is the “fix” in?

    Guards are guards, and they work both ways. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain which side of the fence or the bars the protected or the imprisoned are actually on. Read how H.R. Haldeman isolated and imprisoned Dick Nixon by chopping the legs off Rosemary Woods. Rahmbo Emanuel has not been sent to circumflex Obama, he has been sent to emasculate him!

    Unless Barack learns to “walk on water” pretty soon, I suspect there will be a lot of disappointed folks in the land. He does not seem to have picked water walkers as aides and supporters, although the last one came from the original tribe.

    True, setting up the Administration and organization of an operation as large as the United States government is not a ten week task, and any serious contender should have started doing so over a year ago. Why then, do they wait until the last moment? Lack of foresight? Lack of confidence in their own campaign? Surely it would be a test of their sincerity if they put the welfare of good government before petty political considerations?

    An actual picture of the government and the men he planned on installing to run might even be of help to the candidate in drawing votes from the electorate. On the other hand, it may also disclose entire areas of his agenda which he does not want the electorate to know about until after the election?

    Yes, grave mistakes are inevitable when rushing through such a monumentious task in such a short time, and seated Executives are not the only ones who will suffer the entire duration of their administration for those early mistakes… but so too will their constituents, the people of the country!

    It happens every four years: Presidents turn their campaign staffs into their transition staffs and then into their White House staffs. But, Monday morning second selections are always an improvement over Saturday morning choices made before going into the game. Were not the “wrong” choices of JFK and others the correct ones who fit their programs at the time? Who is to say what were the Presidential agenda behind the selections they made? Like John Kennedy implied, it is difficult, or impossible, for the guy who got you elected to be the same guy with the qualifications to do the job for which you were elected. They are two different kinds of functions with two differing approaches to leadership. One is all persuasive push, the other persuasive pull. Leadership does not function from the rear.

    John Foster Dulles’s appointment as Eisenhower’s Secretary of State is a case in point. John foster Dulles and his brother Allen, director of the CIA, hatched the overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh in Persia and the installation of the Shah as an American puppet, of which we know all about from the Princess’ book. He, his law firm, and his younger brother Allen were instrumental in all of the doings of The United Fruit Company in Honduras, Columbia, Guatemala, Cuba, Central and South America, and were directly instrumental in establishing the fifty year embargo against Cuba which has bought about the current state of non-affairs between the US and Cuba, and bred such alliances as that with Posada Carriles. Google Wikipedia for John and Allen Dulles, and the United Fruit Company for further depressing condemnation of “Great American Statesmen!”

    Barack Obama will select advisors, Cabinet members and staff from one of two lists; the one he has been handed by AIPAC and the DNC, and the one he has created himself of men and women who will further his own and his personal friends interests. There is probably little difference between the two, but where they conflict, you know which list will take precedence. This we have already seen!

    I am still skeptical about his first two choices, and if they were in fact his own choices. If they were not, then I am disappointed in his failure to resist, take advantage of and use the power the people handed him that infamous night in the Chicago Park. If Obama chose them, and if Obama is straight, then he might have them under control, but if they were foisted on him, as I think they have been, we’ll just have to wait ‘n see, won’t we?

    The game is no longer “politics.” It is “Leadership” and we are lost in a deep and dark woods. Time to stop looking pretty and talking, and to put on some boots and start walking!

    If a revolution is going to be made, it will be an all-hands task, and not a simple one. America did not get to where it is overnight, nor at the hands of one man! It took many years to become the shipwreck which we see, and the cooperation of many people, both active and deliberate, and ignorant and passive was essential to its destruction.

    It’s recovery will require the informed and active participation of all, and, if Obama is the man to lead, or start the process, his first and greatest challenge will be to keep the flame alive, for he has promised the poor, the deprived, the unemployed, the homeless and hopeless new shoes which fit all feet, and I wonder how he will deliver!

    I am more concerned with Obama goals, agenda and directions than the degree of success with which he does it, or fails at it.

    Is Barack Obama cool, calm and collected? Or is he simply cold and calculating? That we shall also see…

    About the author: Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at debbiemenon@gmail.com.

    Link to the article:

  12. Rehmat on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower was a Crypto-Jew. His father, David Jacob Eishenhower died as a Jew. Gen. Eisenhower, as commander of the Allied Forces, was responsible for the Holocaust of 1.7 million German Christians.


    Obama, on the other hand, has totally different agenda to fullfil, which is to destroy every one who is against the Zionist entity. Like Eisenhower, Obama, too has links to Jewishness. Both his mother and wife is reportedly have Jewish blood. One of his wife’s cousin is a ‘Black Rabbi’ in the US.

    Anyone, who has read the Chicago Jewish News (October 24, 2008) boasting that it were the people belonging to Chicago Jew Mafia who had groomed Ben Obama’s political career – would know who Obama is trying to protect.


  13. greg on the 29. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    I don’t think that the President, any President, is as powerful as the Media portrays him- unless his policies are directly in line with the Zionists/corporatists/Bankers.In my mind, Kennedy was the last President who took on these forces and his assassination delivered a clear message to future troublemakers.
    Obama has a lot of qualities but courage doesn’t seem to be one of them

  14. robertsgt40 on the 29. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. Soros made him. He lacks the spine and character to be anything else than he is. I’m sure he’s reminded of those that crossed the tribe in the past like JFK, RFK, Paul Wellstone, John Tower, Lincoln and others

  15. Ld Elon on the 29. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    It was a cunning plan, although predictable, too equate ones self along side such as he.
    My desire for the free will not be quelled by his coming.
    Instead my strengths will subdue, until boiling, then the pot will rise, devouring.
    That time came and past, 888 it is at the midst of it all.
    There is only NOW, 33.

  16. Debbie on the 29. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Two thought provoking quotes by a profound Palestinian thinker late Dr. Edward Said and an American seer of the truth Paul Craig Roberts:

    “I have tried to impress on the PLO leadership, and every Palestinian or Arab I have met, that the quest for a protector in the White House is a complete chimera, since all recent presidents have been devoted to Zionist aims, and that the only way to change US policy is through a mass campaign on behalf of Palestinian human rights, out-flanking the Zionist establishment and going straight to the American people. Uninformed and yet open to appeals for justice as they are, Americans are capable of reacting as they did to the ANC campaign against apartheid, which finally changed the balance of forces inside South Africa.” – Edward Said, 2002 (See: America’s Last Taboo)


    “The reason that Israel has been able to appropriate Palestine unto itself with American aid and support is that Israel controls the explanation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    At least 90% of Americans, if they know anything at all of the issue, know only the Israeli propaganda line. Israel has been able to control the explanation, because the powerful Israel Lobby brands every critic of Israeli policy as an anti-semite who favors a second holocaust of the Jews.”
    - Paul Craig Roberts, 2007 (See: Carter’s Inconvenient Truths)

  17. Earlaiman on the 29. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Lies, smoke and mirrors, the foundations and substance of an Israeli House of Cards, built on sand.

    Two more quotations from the keyboard of Earlaiman:

    “What goes ’round, comes around.” –Anon the Greek

    “Tides which come in,always go out… eventually


    In time, the light of Reality will penetrate and illuminate the veil of mythical lore and bullshit, and Israel will fade from the pages of history. Ahmadinijad will be acknowledged as a minor political prophet.

  18. Dawoodi Morkas on the 04. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    I say don’t bank on the American people or the American leaders.
    Both are either ignorant, or both are being fooled by those who give them the world update.
    The American people are fed news by the Jews controlled Media, and the leadership is fed news by the CIA and the Think tank both heavily infiltrated by the Jews and the Zionist followers.
    The people of USA including the leadership should actually go and meet people of the world specially people of the “Foe World”, so that they can get the first hand information from the people of those countries as to what and why they have negative opinion about USA and how can that be eradicated.
    The travel advisory and things similar to such negative advice in fact are tools and ploys of the CIA to keep the American Public from visiting those countries and finding out what actually is happening in the world.

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