A dozen American soldiers are under arrest, five for murder, in crimes that we may never know the full extent of.  The accusations, killing for sport, collecting fingers as trophies, is “meat” for the media.  It will sell papers, it will bring TV viewers and, combined with the threatened Koran burning and the “hatefest” over the Manhattan Islamic Center, everything imaginable is being done to make certain that terrorism is alive and well and aimed at the United States.

The Koran burning is cancelled but we can’t undo the murders, not this set, not the last nor the decade long nightmare beginning, not with 9/11 but the election of George W. Bush, or more honestly, Dick Cheney.

Today’s killers, accused killers, alleged killers, are they serial killers, criminal psychopaths, or “boys out for a good time and things got a bit out of hand?”  Do we blame them or the America’s failed attempt to build a permanent wartime standing army, replacing traditions with cheap politics and “revival tent” religion?

A normal argument that “liberals” make is that it wasn’t them but their environment that was responsible.  That’s just an excuse and we all know it.  We also know that this isn’t the first time this has happened.  The stories, all verified, of kidnapping and rape as with Dr. Aafia or dragging detainees behind vehicles, torturing them with power tools or flying them to the ends of the earth, Egypt, Bulgaria, Poland, “one way trips” that no “detainee” has ever returned from or has ever survived, are no different than these new crimes.

We also can no longer ignore the fact that, thus far, over 75% of our “terrorist detainees” are the wrong people, simply “mistaken identity.”  The remaining 25% are waiting for court dates for release.  Estimates that as low as 5% of those captured, detained, really kidnapped, during the Bush administration were ever involved in anything.

These are the facts, not published but real, the results of court records open to every American.

When Attorney General Alberto Gonzales issued opinions that kidnapping, torture and indefinite detention of anyone, American citizen or not was, in his opinion “legal” he knew where this would go.

Were Nuremberg type trials to begin today, they could go on for years, the defendants filling the dock making up a “who’s who”  of America’s political, economic, religious and media elite.  Oh, and more than a few from our military would be there too.  It would almost be as though we had “flushed” the Pentagon.  At one point, we could claim that, even where there were parallels between the “War on Terror” and Hitler’s “Blitzkreig” and “Final Solution,” we could always claim our scale was so much smaller.

We aren’t so certain of even that anymore, how could we be when nothing can be trusted, nothing from any source under control by the corporations that tell us what they want us to believe.  How many secret prisons is America running?  Where are they?  How many have been held there for how long?  How many have been killed?

The people of Nazi Germany, when asked these same questions didn’t know.

How many are we killing each day in Afghanistan?  Hitler sent special military groups, a Nazi “Special Forces” into the Ukraine and Belarus, to wipe out the local population.  Are our Predator unmanned aircraft doing the same thing, randomly wiping out Afghanistan and sections of Pakistan, village by village?  Much of the world thinks so and nobody has been able to prove them wrong.

Five or ten years from now, how many countries will be exhuming mass graves, sites of victims of America’s psychopaths?

There is no difference between these five recently arrested and the Special Forces squads doing exactly the same thing.  The only difference is using known unreliable intelligence, let me correct that, known “gossip” as a basis for executing civilians or doing it for entertainment.

What we have seen is that, inside our military, the pride of our nation, where our sons and daughters risk their lives in what they have been told is honorable service of mankind, we are harboring criminal psychopaths who murder the innocent at the orders of the Pentagon’s “grocery clerks.”  From the 1979 film by Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse Now:



Colonel Kurtz:  I expected someone like you. What did you expect? Are you an assassin?
Captain Willard:  I’m a soldier.
Colonel Kurtz:  You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

I am supposed to say these men are not guilty.  I don’t believe it for an instant, nobody does.  They are only doing what they were taught.  Murder and hate became “policy” for the military when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, an ignorant extremist bigot, was chosen by President Bush to head our armed forces.

He and Vice President Dick Cheney, retreads from the disastrous Nixon years, petty political functionaries, saw the opportunity to recreate the military as a political and religious organization modeled on Himmler’s infamous SS.   It isn’t just forcing religious instruction on the troops or the selective screening at the service academies with special preference given to Evangelical, read “Christian Zionist” applicants, giving us the “dumbed down” officer corps that has overseen the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Will the last real warrior resigning in disgust please turn out the lights.

It wasn’t just in the training, constant talk about “the clash of civilization,” Christianity versus Islam.  The normal “pep talks” about military tradition were replaced by political vitriolic, partisanship and playing on racial and ethnic fears, class envy and cheap propaganda.  The Nazi’s never tried anything like this, the educational level of their military was much higher than that of typical American recruits.

Their professional officer corps, taken from the Junker class, sons of the noble houses, were replaced by political hacks from the Nazi party.  Some, like Erwin Rommel, were great commanders.  Others..

Those more like the neo-con underclass that, in Iraq and Afghanistan,  has overseen the torture and rendition programs and political buffoonery and continual prayer sessions, products of the service academies and ROTC programs,  were killed by their own men.

The problem isn’t just the training or the wars or PTSD or “bad recruits” or even incompetent leadership.  When General George C. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff assessed the officer corps in 1941, just after the Pearl Harbor attack, he was shocked.  Over 10,000 officers in what was a relatively small military force were removed as unfit for command.

President George W. Bush went the other direction entirely.  Our first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was General Omar Bradley, possibly America’s finest military leader.  On October 1, 2001, while the rubble of the World Trade Center was till smouldering after 9/11, Bush appointed General Richard B. Myers, a “neo-con” dandy, tasked with building a force better suited for a 3rd world dictatorship than a modern democracy.  Myers turned to religious extremists, political hacks and any officer willing to trade honor for a career.

This is how America conquered Iraq, won a war, accomplished a mission and destroyed itself at the same time.  It was always Cheney and Rumsfeld, it had been for years, in one administration after another.  Myers was just “small potatoes,” a small man for a small job working for grocery clerks, collecting a bill.

Bush friend and ally, Saddam Hussein paid with his life.  Was Osama bin Laden a Bush friend and ally also?  History says yes.

When it came time for Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to explain to the 9/11 Commission why the United States Air Force was on a “stand down” under his personal command on 9/11, it was General Myers holding his hand.  Bad as these moments were, humiliating or worse, they may have been the high point of General Myers career.

Four years later, we had been beaten in two wars by forces one tenth our number, had worn our military down to a shadow of our most basic security requirements but one thing for sure, they would all vote Republican.  It became a military of bloated waistlines, berets, dickeys, and medals for any and all.  The American military became the most “thanked” and “congratulated” force in history.

With all the medals and fancy uniforms and 6000 calorie a day meals, or so the Pentagon loves telling journalists, something seemed to be very wrong.

Volunteers from the “all volunteer army” began “unvolunteering” in droves with 400,000, nearly a third of America’s entire military pool, active duty, reserve and National Guard, filing for service connected disability from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  The majority submitted documentation, medical findings, indicating severe lifelong disabilities.  The majority of filings support the fact that soldiers leaving the military after repeated deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq will never be able to work, support a family or, in many cases, manage their own affairs.

25% of those who remain in the military are on anti-psychotic medications with thousands of those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a medical problem that precludes, not just combat deployment but any active duty.

Battalions of “disinformation” specialists spewed press releases by the dozen while military broadcasting parroted the neo-con and extremist Christian right, read “extremist-white supremist”  Christian Zionist right message 24 hours a day to any member of the armed forces unfortunate to have access to a television.   You couldn’t watch a rerun of Gomer Pyle without the inane blithering of Vice President Cheney, real leader of “Bush America,” another of a long list of American military experts without, not only one second of combat experience, but in Cheney’s case, as with so many, not a minute in uniform of any kind.

Yesterday, America was panicked because two minor religious leaders have publicly planned to desecrate a Koran.  Similar leaders had been burning American flags at the funerals of soldiers fallen in battle.  Were Bush still in office, these two manics would be having lunch at the White House.

Secretary Rumsfeld would have named them honorary military chaplains.

Today, five Americans are under arrest as serial killers in uniform.  They and their friends and who knows how many others have been hunting the people of Afghanistan for sport, killing them like animals and taking trophies, or so the representatives of the military justice system allege.

Anyone paying attention for the past decade should know.  All these five Americans, five or a hundred and five or a thousand and five have done is exactly what they were told to do.  If you can torture, you can kill.  If you can kidnap, you can kill.  If rape is “interrogation” can murder be wrong?

Who do we blame?  We blame the Commander in Chief.  He knew what he had inherited, a sick and dysfunctional institution of bottom-feeders, fanatics and fools, morally bankrupt cowards and bullies hiding behind a uniform and a bible.

We all knew it, every one of us.



Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today

Gordon Duff: America’s War Racketeers, the Real Terrorists


  1. Rehmat on the 12. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Religious hatred, racism and bigotary have been deep-rooted in the western culture which is based on the many principle of Roman paganism. Leopard Weiss (Muhammad Assad) wrote in his book “Islam on the Crossroad” that every European is born on hatred towards Islam and Muslims.

    Though I don’t agree with Assad, some Zionist US military officials have been reported teaching the soldiers destined for military duties in Muslim countries – are taught to behave like the Judo-Christian Crusaders to fulfill the “Will of the Lord”.

    September 1, 2010 Editorial in the St. Louis Jewish Light shed some light on the hatred taught in the US Army:

    “Given the recent uproar over the proposed Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero, how do you believe its detractors would react to this: A United States military officer tells his subordinates they have a “choice” in their spare time of attending an Islamic hip hop concert or performing a detailed cleaning of their barracks.

    Do you think that would garner attention among those who have loudly and aggressively sought to arrest the development in lower Manhattan? We have a feeling it might.

    Well, the episode initially went largely unnoticed, for one notable reason: The concert in question wasn’t an Islamic one, but Christian.

    In May, a couple hundred soldiers at Fort Eustis, Virginia, were told they could attend “The Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concert.” The headline act was BarlowGirl, an evangelical Christian rock group. Their website describes the band as “tender-hearted, beautiful young women who aren’t afraid to take an aggressive, almost warrior-like stance when it comes to spreading the gospel and serving God.”

    After being marched to the theater, about 80 of the soldiers chose not to attend. Among those decliners were both non-Christians and Christians. On returning to their company area, their lot was a lock-down and janitorial exercise normally reserved for those undergoing punishment for misdeeds.

    Some of the solders complained to the fort’s Equal Opportunity (EO) program, but were apparently pressured not to file formal grievances and given ostensible reasons why nothing wrong had occurred. One solider claimed that when he requested a non-Christian EO adviser, his then-adviser whispered to him that he was Catholic, not Christian. (Imagine if this had been an Islamic concert and an Islamic adviser had similarly whispered, “I’m Sunni, not Shia.”)

    The plot, however, is far more labrynthine than one would initially suppose, because BarlowGirl’s attendance at the concert was actually paid for by…you guessed it…the Department of Defense.

    Records indicate that BarlowGirl’s agency was paid $23,000 for the group to perform at Fort Eustis and Fort Lee. While BarlowGirl’s agent (and father of band members) Vince Barlow said he didn’t approve of the coercion involved, they were more than happy to accept taxpayer money for a religious performance…..”


  2. Egoigwe on the 12. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    A picture perfect reflection of the times and lives of American leadership in contemporary history-a most befitting prologue to “the Fall of the American Empire”.

  3. Earlaiman on the 12. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Gordon Duff, telling it like it is!


  4. Carl Street on the 12. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    I guess we will FINALLY have to let the German and Japanese people off the hook…

    All my life I have heard about how it was right to hold the German and Japanese people en masse responsible for the atrocities of WWII because they did NOTHING to stop the criminals running their respective states.

    Well, Americans, apparently NOW owe these people a massive apology for our self-righteous moralizing that has lasted for decades.

    For even as we sit here American Military Personnel are performing the VERY acts for which we HANGED German and Japanese Military Personnel — including torture; mass executions; reprisals, show trials kidnapping, assassinations, secret prisons, etc.

    And what about the sanctimonious carping about how the German people should have known about the Nazi Death Camps???

    How do YOU know that the Guantanamo “detention camp” is NOT an Auschwitz?? Or are you applying a double standard that holds the German people responsible for believing THEIR criminal government; but YOU can be forgiven for believing YOURS??


    Let’s hear those apologies you self-righteous hypocrites – unless you are from the might-makes-right group that REALLY believes the ONLY German and Japanese real war crime was losing the war!

  5. Jimmy on the 12. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Now I understand why we get called “infidels”. Buncha sick #xcking representatives of our sorry a$$es.

  6. Frank on the 12. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    The Mossad/secret elements of CIA/black ops created the 9/11 attacks at the behest of the european bankers/royal families. Any American participating in this is a traitor who doesn’t care because they’re gettin’ theirs (money).

  7. Mihail on the 12. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Well done brother,another excellent article.America has to wake up before is to late,the Bible say that it wont.The jews have destroy Germany and they do a good work on America.When the sheep wake up and start to fight against the jews,those Khazar criminals are going to bring China,Russia etc against them.Revelation 18,Isaia 50.They will burn America.In 2013 you have 100 years since the jewish devils have put their seeds of destruction in USA,in 3 years the toilet dollar is gone,revolution will follow and then a surprise attack against the country.

  8. BlueyBlogger on the 13. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Why are there only a dozen? The entire US military (Army, Navy & Air Force) should be placed under arrest for Murder!
    The charges should be back-dated from the date EVERYONE enlisted!
    Close down ALL Zionist media.
    Remove EVERYONE from the US that does not have heritage there.
    These things WILL happen, just as soon as the Fed is closed and ALL banking personnel incarcerated.
    The only people left to deal with after these events take place will be the Post Office.
    Finally, the country can run as it should, with the Red-man in charge, and I don’t mean communists.

  9. Big Red on the 13. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Hey Rehmat! almost 50 years ago I was taught in my Presbyterian Communicants class thet Muslim,Christian and Jew all worshipped the same God and that the Muslims even recognized Jesus as a great prophet. The banker jews and the zionist jews have wrecked America with their bs. The zionists hide behind Judaism and yet they are atheists by and large who believe in nothing but brute force. It is so sad!

  10. LanceThruster on the 18. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of one of the surviving officers of the USS Liberty because we both happened to be atheists. He shared with me that in order to get his top security clearance renewed in the late ‘70’s, he had to lie on his application and statement about a belief in God (Jesus Christ specifically if I’m not mistaken) or he would not be granted his security clearance.

    I mean, WTF? The Dark Ages are over, aren’t they? Who compels another to belief (or worse, a false claim of belief)? Have we learned NOTHING?

    He is forced to lie about something that constitutionally the government is not supposed to concern itself with in ANY way, shape, or fashion.

    Look into the proselytizing done at the Air Force Academy. Look at the words of the Army general who talked about his role as a Xian crusader.

    Btw, my USS Liberty friend doesn’t even think it’s right for the military to have a chaplain position in the service. It’s clearly done to help ease the fear of personnel who might likely be thrown into the meat-grinder.

    He won me over to his position. The military should no more provide religious practitioners than it should provide you with a girlfriend or boyfriend to have their picture with you when you go into combat. Those things, and your observances of either of them, are totally up to you.


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