President Barak Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave N.W.

Washington, D.C.  20500

Mr. President,

I am speaking for myself and the not entirely uninformed belief that I speak for some of our readership.  We are mostly veterans and active duty military.  We are not the majority of either group but we are a significant number, in the hundreds of thousands, and are unique in one way.  We are your supporters.  We worked in support of your election, when you were threatened, we defended you.  This is easy to check, simple as getting a record of our publication, our readership numbers or even my own service record book.  I am a combat veteran from the Vietnam War.

We are not ready to abandon you but we are very concerned and I believe it is time you listened to voices other than those that have managed to isolate you from what we see as “reality.”

Our most current concern is with what appears to be a growing pattern of abuse of American rights by Federal law enforcement authorities in recent days.  It is our belief that agent provocateurs have, at the direction of our complex and burdensome state security apparatus, infiltrated groups trying to end the war in Afghanistan, groups asking for an honest investigation of 9/11 and, perhaps even more seriously, groups challenging financial policies that are undermining the future of the United States.

We have seen no indication whatsoever that these groups are in any way terrorist or subversive, far from it.  These people voted for you, worked for your election, donated money to your campaign and believed your promises.  We also suspect that it isn’t just these groups, constituting what  is typically referred to as the “progressive left,” that are being targeted but also conservative and libertarian groups as well, including the Tea Party.

If there is a domestic threat, some group likely to represent a threat to the United States, I don’t see it coming from here.  I am strongly suspicious that those around you who are warning you of such things are hiding a personal agenda inconsistent with the values you have often spoken of.

However, we are not saying there isn’t a threat out there.  You don’t have to look very far beneath the rhetoric of the television and radio pundits with their powerful backing, many directly tied to the financial criminals who are so powerful they represent a “clear and present danger” to the security of the country, to see where the violence will come from.  We do expect violence, perhaps even terrorist attacks, but not planned by peace activists in a church basement in Ann Arbor or a cave in Waziristan.  Look for those who profit most from violence, terrorism, war and instability.  Any genuinely qualified National Security Adviser will always factor this into your briefings.

We have our fears.  We fear some, perhaps many within our military leadership have become addicted to war and have come to serve a private agenda counter to American values.  We believe some in our intelligence organizations are with them.  If there is a threat to the United States, look there.

While the FBI is searching homes across the country for “subversive” material, $65 billion dollars a year, the profits from the heroin trade in Afghanistan, is buying power, perhaps funding world terrorism and even undermining our own political system.  Over $1.2 billion will be spent on the upcoming elections.  Due to changes in campaign funding laws based on the recent decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, it will be impossible to track any of that money to its real source.  The bales of cash leaving Kandahar and the negotiable instruments, some worth hundreds of millions, that are now floating around the world, go somewhere.  Where better than to buy influence and control here, in the United States?

Perhaps the FBI could look into this.

America is facing threats, threats that may push the nation over the edge.  We are all aware of it.  We are facing a crisis, grinding poverty amid increasing wealth in the hands of a very few.  Those few, those wealthy few, hardly Americans but rather a government of their own making, internationalists, buying influence, deregulation, advocating war, profiting from terrorism, are hardly invisible.  You can see their trail in the $13.5 trillion dollar national debt.  You can see their trail in the figures on your desk every day, poverty, unemployment, balance of trade.

We know you see this.  We also know you may be powerless to oppose these massive evils, even as President.

What we do ask is that you stand by us as we stood by you.


Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today


  1. Debbie on the 29. Sep, 2010 remarked #


    Here’s an addition to your commentary:

    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

    — President Theodore Roosevelt

    Obama has many questions to answer not only to Americans but the world.

    I wrote this piece in Nov.2008 as announcements of his first appointees were made. It is still relevant:



    It would seem that US President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama is becoming the man for all seasons. His promise of hope is so non-committal and non-specific, that he is offering a pair of magic shoes which fit all feet… you can make of his premise whatever you wish.

    It is like a plan for “the revolution,” but someone has to step to the fore, turn the right way, and start the march. It is going to be a long one, wherever it goes for America, and no one has really mentioned the destination as yet.

    I do not think his new slogan “You can do it” will catch on. Besides, he did not seem to have his heart into it when he mouthed the words. They sounded too much like words which someone else had tried to put in his mouth. I was a bit disappointed. The Obama I have been watching all year did not seem like a man who would need slogans once safely in the driver’s seat.

    The candy Obama offers is like Forrest Gump’s Chocolate box of Whitman Samplers, there is a piece in there for everyone, but no one knows yet, exactly what they are going to get. Yes, someone is going to have to hold his feet to the fire to get him moving but, with Rambo guarding his door, I wonder whether anyone will get into his office to do it!

    Is the “fix” in?

    Guards are guards, and they work both ways. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain which side of the fence or the bars the protected or the imprisoned are actually on. Read how H.R. Haldeman isolated and imprisoned Dick Nixon by chopping the legs off Rosemary Woods. Rahmbo Emanuel has not been sent to circumflex Obama, he has been sent to emasculate him!

    Unless Barack learns to “walk on water” pretty soon, I suspect there will be a lot of disappointed folks in the land. He does not seem to have picked water walkers as aides and supporters, although the last one came from the original tribe.

    True, setting up the Administration and organization of an operation as large as the United States government is not a ten week task, and any serious contender should have started doing so over a year ago. Why then, do they wait until the last moment? Lack of foresight? Lack of confidence in their own campaign? Surely it would be a test of their sincerity if they put the welfare of good government before petty political considerations?

    An actual picture of the government and the men he planned on installing to run might even be of help to the candidate in drawing votes from the electorate. On the other hand, it may also disclose entire areas of his agenda which he does not want the electorate to know about until after the election?

    Yes, grave mistakes are inevitable when rushing through such a monumentious task in such a short time, and seated Executives are not the only ones who will suffer the entire duration of their administration for those early mistakes… but so too will their constituents, the people of the country!

    It happens every four years: Presidents turn their campaign staffs into their transition staffs and then into their White House staffs. But, Monday morning second selections are always an improvement over Saturday morning choices made before going into the game. Were not the “wrong” choices of JFK and others the correct ones who fit their programs at the time? Who is to say what were the Presidential agenda behind the selections they made? Like John Kennedy implied, it is difficult, or impossible, for the guy who got you elected to be the same guy with the qualifications to do the job for which you were elected. They are two different kinds of functions with two differing approaches to leadership. One is all persuasive push, the other persuasive pull. Leadership does not function from the rear.

    John Foster Dulles’s appointment as Eisenhower’s Secretary of State is a case in point. John foster Dulles and his brother Allen, director of the CIA, hatched the overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh in Persia and the installation of the Shah as an American puppet, of which we know all about from the Princess’ book. He, his law firm, and his younger brother Allen were instrumental in all of the doings of The United Fruit Company in Honduras, Columbia, Guatemala, Cuba, Central and South America, and were directly instrumental in establishing the fifty year embargo against Cuba which has bought about the current state of non-affairs between the US and Cuba, and bred such alliances as that with Posada Carriles. Google Wikipedia for John and Allen Dulles, and the United Fruit Company for further depressing condemnation of “Great American Statesmen!”

    Barack Obama will select advisors, Cabinet members and staff from one of two lists; the one he has been handed by AIPAC and the DNC, and the one he has created himself of men and women who will further his own and his personal friends interests. There is probably little difference between the two, but where they conflict, you know which list will take precedence. This we have already seen!

    I am still skeptical about his first two choices, and if they were in fact his own choices. If they were not, then I am disappointed in his failure to resist, take advantage of and use the power the people handed him that infamous night in the Chicago Park. If Obama chose them, and if Obama is straight, then he might have them under control, but if they were foisted on him, as I think they have been, we’ll just have to wait ‘n see, won’t we?

    The game is no longer “politics.” It is “Leadership” and we are lost in a deep and dark woods. Time to stop looking pretty and talking, and to put on some boots and start walking!

    If a revolution is going to be made, it will be an all-hands task, and not a simple one. America did not get to where it is overnight, nor at the hands of one man! It took many years to become the shipwreck which we see, and the cooperation of many people, both active and deliberate, and ignorant and passive was essential to its destruction.

    It’s recovery will require the informed and active participation of all, and, if Obama is the man to lead, or start the process, his first and greatest challenge will be to keep the flame alive, for he has promised the poor, the deprived, the unemployed, the homeless and hopeless new shoes which fit all feet, and I wonder how he will deliver!

    I am more concerned with Obama goals, agenda and directions than the degree of success with which he does it, or fails at it.

    Is Barack Obama cool, calm and collected? Or is he simply cold and calculating? That we shall also see…

    About the author: Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at debbiemenon@gmail.com.

    Link to the article:

  2. Ross on the 29. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Obama is far more dangerous than Bush since he has the intellect to deceive.I think he is firmly entrenched in the Neo-con camp.

    There is a cabal of elites not just Jewish,who believe that for the good of the planet it is their duty to turn Western Countries into totalitariarn ,facist regiemes at their beckon and call.

    They are using the fear of peak oil,climate change,over population to justify their actions.The logic is that energy and food shortages will create wars anyway so they will orchestrate it and bring it on at a time of their choosing.They see it as their duty to drasticly reduce the world’s population via war,disease,starvation etc and be in total control of the planet with no democracy.It is just an extension of Hitler Nazis policies.

    This is why they are invading countries with oil/resources to sure up their power.They are justifying an evil intent under the cloak of a noble cause.This is why they have such a sizable and diverse following from religions,green groups,socialists and facists.

    The real deception will come when many who think they are in this exclusive club will be survivors of this new world order.They will be used as pawns just as in the past to achieve their aims.

    Obama could well be one of those unwitting pawns.

  3. mgeo on the 02. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Gordon, you write like a poet. I hope your essays get compiled into a book.

  4. Dan Gray on the 09. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Gordon my man. Love you and your commentaries dearly, but wonder if you have been seriously fooled by Mr. Obama or just blinded by the deepening pile of manure. Having grown up on the farm ,I can spot bullshit whether from the window of the farmhouse or when I am neck deep beside it with my manure fork. I sincerely hope that you know more about the man we call our president than the rest of us do. To place any confidence in someone whom we have virtually 0 knowledge of ie. where he was actually born, did he have a GPA at University or even if he attended classes at said institutions is beyond understanding. I wish to keep my confidence in your seemingly cogent grasp of of the complex machinations of American politics and military matters. Please do not make me question your veracity by expressing confidence in our Teleprompter in Chief. So far the man has exhibited only limited intelligence and a modest talent at reading what his handlers wish to convey to the American public. I hope that your missive to him was tongue in cheek or at the very least a genuine rebuke couched in elementary English that he might be able to comprehend. Since I started shoveling manure at a very tender age I learned to stand beside the pile rather than on top of it where I might accidentally slip and fall headlong into it. I think that the collective intelligence of the Jews is more than adequate to offset any spark of moral leadership or conscience that Mr. Obama is capable of performing. Keep up the fight, just choose your dog carefully. You are still the “Man”.

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