By Alan Hart My Catbird Seat

I never thought a day could come when I would agree with anything stated by Moshe Arens (three times an Israeli minister of defense, a one-time foreign minister, a former ambassador to the U.S. and, in my opinion, Zionism’s in-Israel equivalent of Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle in America). But the day came.

On 31 August, in article for Ha’aretz with the headline Blame game on the horizon. Arens wrote the following about the nakedness of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he was making his final preparations for the start of direct negotiations in Washington DC.

“He does not have the backing of all Palestinians, not even of most of them. As far as Hamas is concerned, he has no right to represent the Palestinians in the upcoming negotiations. Even in Judea and Samaria (the occupied West Bank to the rest of the world) the extent of the support he enjoys among Palestinians is questionable. But most important, he does not have the authority to carry out any agreement he might arrive at with Netanyahu. He is fully aware of this, and that is probably the explanation for his reluctance to enter the negotiations, to which he has been dragged, kicking and screaming every inch of the way, by the president of the United States… Abbas may or might not want to conclude a peace with Israel, but he cannot.”

That’s true but there’s much more to it. No Palestinian leader will ever to be able to make peace with Israel on terms which do not provide for an end to its occupation of the West Bank (now in its 44th year) plus, of course, the ending of the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

On 30 August, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said he thought the most fundamental question of the moment was, “What kind of state does Mr. Netanyahu have in mind when he says ‘Palestinian state’?”

I assumed that was Fayyad’s way of saying, “We need to know the extent of withdrawal from our occupied land Netanyahu is prepared to make for peace.”

For me the most fundamental question of the coming days, weeks and months is what will President Obama do when it becomes clear that Netanyahu (or any likely successor) is not prepared to withdraw from all of the West Bank?

He, Obama, will have two options.

One will be to do what all American presidents with the exception of Eisenhower have always done and surrender to the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress and the mainstream media. In this event we could expect a statement from him to the effect that America can’t want peace more than the parties themselves. (I would be surprised if Obama did a Clinton and blamed the Palestinian leadership). And that would be game over, leaving Israel free to go on imposing its iron will on the occupied and oppressed Palestinians. In this scenario I think it is more likely than not that Zionism would resort to a final ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The other option for Obama?

With the mid-term elections out of the way, he could be the first president to put America’s own best interests first and use the leverage he has to cause, or try to cause, Israel to be serious about peace on terms virtually all Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept.

Are there any reasons to believe that, at a point, Obama might repeat might be prepared to confront Zionism?

I can think of one in theory.

Obama himself and some of his top military commanders are aware and have said that peace in the Middle East is a “strategic priority” for America. Without peace on terms virtually all Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept, there’ll be escalating conflict between the Western and Islamic worlds which America can no longer afford to finance. (In his address from the Oval Office announcing that the Iraq combat mission is over, President Obama seemed to be acknowledging that when he said: “We have spent over a trillion dollars at war, often financed by borrowing from overseas… Now it is time to turn to pressing problems at home… It will be difficult to get the economy rolling again but doing so is our central mission as a people, and my central responsibility as president.”)

On 30 August, Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad also said, “We are approaching a moment of reckoning.”

The question is – reckoning for whom? Obama and America or Zionism?


In an op-ed article in today’s New York Times, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak writes: “For both sides trust can be built only on tangible security. Security, however, cannot be a justification for Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian land, as it undermines the cardinal principle of land for peace.”

I agree but again there’s much more to it. Israel’s insistence that it must have guaranteed security before peace is a political ploy. You make peace in order to have security. If you get the security you demand before peace, you don’t need peace. (Dictionary definition of ploy: a procedure used to achieve a particular result. In Israel’s case the particular result is keeping occupied Arab land).

Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East. Author of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. He blogs on www.alanhart.net and tweets on www.twitter.com/alanauthor


  1. Debbie on the 02. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    The Powers in Israel may be sincere in holding “Peace Talks,” but I seriously doubt that they intend peace to be an outcome. Just another ploy to forestall any real moves toward peace. Window dressing! Charades!

    Peace, before Israel occupies the entire Middle East, and has destroyed every Islamic state within missile range, would be defeat on the part of Israel, and they just ain’t gonna let it happen!

  2. Rehmat on the 02. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    According to the Prophetic Traditions – The true Believers would never be defeated but by the munafiqoon (hypocrites) within. An there has never been shortage of such back-stabbers in the Islamic history. The latest one is PA Guru Mahmoud Abbas. On October 1, Israel’s ambassador at Geneva, Aharon Leshno-Yaar admitted that he will never have enough votes to postpone debate on Goldstone Report at the UN Human Right Council. But then on the very next day, PA withdrew its resolution to adopt Goldstone’s recommendations (independent inquiries by both Israel and Hamas or the findings go to ICC). Now, I don’t have to explain why PA did it. Your guess is good as mine!!

    Reaction to PA treachery from pro-Palestinian resistance groups, as expected, was shear disappointment and furious. A senior member of democratically elected Hamas government, Mahmoud al-Zahar told Al-Jazeera: “He (Abbas) is encouraging Israeli military leaders to attack Gaza, to kill Hamas, and to kill people because they voted for Hamas, to postpone a very important report concerning the Israelis committing crimes against human-beings. He should resign and he should seek a fair trial. He is not representing any of the Palestinian people.”

    Thousands of Palestinians protested against PA betrayal in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Thirty-two Palestinian groups in Europe too, called Abbas to step down from office immediately. Abbas’ prime minister Salam Fayyad and his planning minister Ali Jarbawi, both were reportedly ‘surprised’ on Abbas’ consent to postpone the vote. Syria on its part has postponed Abbas’ scheduled visit to Damascus in protest.

    The joke is now Abbas is blaming his anti-Islamic Resistance – the western-puppet Arab and Muslim regimes – while they’re blaming him for the betrayal.


  3. Debbie on the 02. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    It’s long past time the Palestinians in the diaspora get their act together, unite and demand that Mahmoud Abbas step down and stop pretending that he has authority to act on behalf of Palestine.

    How much more ridiculous does this have to get before someone does something about it?

  4. Dawoodi Morkas on the 02. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Palestine has to be liberated. The negotiations are a ploy of the USA and Israel. It is an effort to delay and hoodwink the world that we are trying to bring peace. There is no trying. There should be DICTATS.

    If USA was sincere the Palestine land would never have gone ot the Israelis in the first place.

    It is very rightly said, though said by a wrong person that Abbas has no ‘Locus Standi’, any more on the negotiating table when Hamas has replaced his party in the election.

    Abbas should have resigned a long time ago, but since he is some one whome the West can use as a tissue paper, he is being kept in office. This cannot be done except for the purpose of giving an edge to the Israelsis, if Abbas accepts the terms of the Israelis, he is accepted as a ligitimate part of Palaestine Authority, otherwise, in few days time one will hear that since Abbas was not acceptable to the Isrealis, as he lacked credentials, the negotiation could not be concluded.

  5. Robert H. Stiver on the 03. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Obama is totally under the control of the psychosis-driven Zionist machine. All but the most naive or clueless fools knew that the moment that Obama picked uber-Zionist, Israel-firster traitor Rahn Emanuel as the White House chief of staff. Other despicable Zionists like NSC’s Dennis Ross, Treasury’s Stuart Levey, those salted throughout State and the rest of the bureaucracy, and the Zio-infested Congress ensure that America’s core national-security interests are suborned to ZioIsrael. What a tragedy, what a travesty, what a long-running act of treason these clever, focused bastards have insinuated onto America….

  6. Sunny_James_Toppo on the 09. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    True… Also, contrary to popular christian belief system, there is no basis in the Bible for an israeli nation..let alone a racist one…i know this coz i’m a christian…christians all over have been duped by the racist american/zionist christian propaganda and have fell hook line and sinker.
    The false and unbiblical idea that a physical jewish nation is necessary b4 the coming of Christ is actually an all-american idea, most surely formulated by un biblical zionist christians… Israel is a racist nation and shud leave palestine as soon as possible..

  7. Howard T. Lewis III on the 04. Jan, 2011 remarked #

    It is said the Suez canal is the hottest piece of commercial real estate in the world.
    Do I have a right, since my mother was born in Drammen, Norway to go to Oslo, rent a bulldozer, and put in an avocado farm in Stavanger next to the King Oscar Sardine factory, where their parking lot is now? Lady justice and agriculture tells me that it would be wiser to bulldoze the Wailing Wall and do it there in Palestine. But if someone really wants that Wailing Wall, they can keep it. King Solomon’s wisdom showed the Israelis were criminal and false when they destroyed the Palestine olive groves.

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