By Debbie Menon

President Barack Obama on Friday backed the construction of a proposed mosque and Muslim cultural center, then retracted. No surprise there, to retract or weasel out, has become the norm for any American in a position of influence, including the President, the General, or anyone speaking against Zionists interests in America.

“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country,” Obama said to applause at an event attended by diplomats from Islamic countries and members of the U.S. Muslim community. “That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances,” he said.

“This is America and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable,” said Obama, who has made improving ties between the United States and the Muslim world a cornerstone of his foreign policy.

Obama was speaking during an Iftar dinner he hosted at the White House. Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims break their daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan .

This thing we are discussing, is either a Mosque, or it is NOT a Mosque.  It, by definition of the term, cannot be both.

Call it what they may, a “Community Center” which serves as a place for Muslim prayer, and does not include Christian, Jewish, and any and all other denominational prayer, is a Mosque and definitely NOT a “Community Center.”

If they wish to build a non-denominational and open “House of Prayer” there, which will accommodate all and any of any religion (at the same time accommodating the objections of the world’s atheists and agnostics) who wish to pray there, then albeit. But to build it and call it a Community Center, let us use a bit of common sense when we identify just what Community Centers are.

Firstly, one of the backbones of Jews and Jewish culture in the US are the national installations of THE Jewish Community Center (JCC) in almost every American City of any size which has a Jewish population.  They are not publicized widely, and do not draw much press attention.  But, they are well-funded by Jews, and widely attended and active in the domestic social and civil scenes. And, they are Jewish to the kosher bone.

You must be a Jew to be a member. You do not have to be a Jew to contribute,or participate in their activities which provide  support for and promote a great many Civic Interests, Youth education, and social activities; education, skills training, libraries, organized sports of all natures and other beneficial and social activities.

But, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus do not pray in these JCC centers or use their facilities for religious meetings, activities, teaching or other purposes, nor do they send their children to the JCC learning centers, seminars and classes  to learn about other cultures or “religions” affairs.

Therefore, If it is a Community Center then it is NOT a Mosque unless it is also and exclusively a Muslim Community Center!  Muslims sometimes conduct various Islamic and cultural and religious affairs in, around and out of their Mosques, usually because  the communities are so poor that they cannot afford to build two separate structures, have no choices, and it is opportune to do so, the same as the HRC sometimes uses Church property and buildings for Catholic religious, social and Ed programs.

But, Muslims do not necessarily integrate Mosques, and Islam with “Community Centers” in the same way or degree with which Jews do in their Jewish Community Centers.  Which is why I suspect that all of this talk and discussion about the Community Center originates with and from a Jewish perspective, because that is the way “they” do it and therefore in their ignorance and ego-centrism, assume that is the way the Muslims would do it.

Secondly, it was never to be at “Ground Zero,” that’s just how the ziomedia portrayed it, and the Fox News types outside of New York when heard about it, started the drumbeat against, pretending it was at “Ground Zero” when it wasn’t. It has always been planned for two blocks away.

This ain’t a Mosque, and if it is a Mosque, it certainly doesn’t merit, want or need USG sanctions of any sort, and it should not be built within shouting or stone throwing distance of the WTC site!

Why ?

Because, Israel, (Mossad) or at least AIPAC, are behind this propaganda about a Mosque at “Ground Zero,” whether it is actually made with serious intent or as some sort of hasbara PR or  image ploy, subterfuge or whatever, eg:

Controversy swells as Obama supports Ground Zero mosqueYahoo! News

The Associated Press: Obama supports ‘the right’ for ground zero …

Rudy Giuliani: Move Mosque away from Ground Zero

Republicans Seek to Make Ground Zero Mosque a Campaign Issue …

Democratic Sen. Reid: Build mosque elsewhere – Politics – More …


I am categorically opposed to the USG sponsoring and supporting any denominational prayer houses, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Shrines, Temples of Medicine Tents for the reasons above;to wit… it is in violation of the US Constitution;  It would give the USG a fulcrum upon which to lever “religious” belief and turn it into political or national force and, history has demonstrated that any such plan as carried out would be filled with inequity and therefore is “undemocratic.”  Muslims and their houses of prayer do not have to attract that kind of negative attention.

Whatever the issue, the cause, I just do not think any government should ever get or be allowed in, in the business of building or regulating the construction of Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Shrines, or other places of worship.  It gives them too much leverage, which God and his believers do not need, and can do better without.

Debbie Menon:  A long time advocate for peace and justice in Palestine’s occupied territories is a freelance writer based in Dubai. Her articles have been featured in several print and online publications. She can be reached at:  debbiemenon@gmail.com.Visit her website: http://mycatbirdseat.com/


  1. Earlaiman on the 20. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    Well said! Another spokesman for The One also said something of this sort, “…render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and keep him the hell the hell out of the God business….” or something to that effect.


  2. Egoigwe on the 21. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    I find it really amazing that of all the governmental stresses in Obama’s life and office, he finds time for this. How capricious the art of governance has become!

    Debbie said it all and if Earlaiman would pardon me, Obama et al should do well to stay “the hell out of God’s business” and turn his attention to the Gulf, the genocidal wars,corporate looting, the economy, the banks and their Wall St. cousins and the ever-ballooning bubbles.

    Retraction or not, support for some Mosque is not going to win him a second time! He should know well to put his mouth to the job!

  3. Dawoodi Morkas on the 21. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    Ground Zero Mosque

    The controversy of the mosque at the site of the Twin Towers has been blown more for the political mileage then the issue deserves.

    Zionist, and their control of the media the world over is a phenomenon that deserves an appreciation from the non-Zionist, in as much as the Zionist knew where the information control will lead them, it was to make them the masters of the lot and has made them such a master.

    USA is the top spin country of the world. The people ordinarily work harder then any other nation of the world, yet they are not their own master, the media at the eleventh hour gives them such an information, of course right or wrong as desired by the Zionist mindset, and the people of the great democracy of the USA listens to it and act on it as if it were the bible for them.

    Dear Madam Debbie, we have to come up with an alternative to the media control of the Zionist. For that I at least know that your work is a milestone, however, a lot has to be done and the channels such as the Al-Jazeera, and any of such channels which can come from Iran or any Zionist adversary would be a blessing, and would catch the eye of the ordinary Muslim community. It would be a great achievement. I am particularly putting this suggestion to you since I think Iran would listen to a reasonable voice such as yours in this direction.

    The issue of Ground Zero Mosque, if a Zionist plot has been won by them, we should not shed our tears on this issue as we have already lost, as such we must concede a retreat.

  4. Debbie on the 21. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    Thank you Mr. Morkas.

    In other words, you are saying the same thing which Dr. Mahathir the ex-PM of Malaysia said a few years ago… that Muslims should take a page from the Jewish book and replicate it into Islam… Organization, coordination, and unity.

  5. Any Mouse on the 21. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    You bestow upon puppet boy, CIA boy, Rothschilds boy, way too much power, Dear Debbie. To blame Obomao for not being a leader is like blaming a puppet with slack strings for showing a lackluster performance to brain dead moron’s with no clue what’s going on anyway!

    Obomao has no more power to change things than does the Whore House janitor, Debbie. Just like the rest of the ‘fake’ U.S. guvmint, it’s all a show. Kind of like those buttons at crosswalks, not connected to anything…they just give you something to push to humor yourself into thinking you have control of that which you do not. I watched on get installed on a pole and asked the guy; “aren’t there any wires??” and he said; “oh, hell no, it’s just a box with a button with a spring, look…there aren’t even electrical contacts even if there WERE wires here!”

    That’s the U.S. political system in a nutshell. Like the bridge on the NCC-1701 from ‘Star Trek’, all those blinking lights and fancy gizmos’ didn’t do anything but amaze and delight the idiots who wanted desperately to bellieve we would get smart enough and mature enough to do star travel. We aren’t that bright, after 40 million years of evolution, we’re barely out of salamander skin at this state in our evolution, and we aren’t going to get off here in the next 40 million, due to our overwhelming urge to believe in crap that isn’t real, indulge in fantasies about control and power, and harbor the incessant GREED that guarantee’s we’ll never matriculate into any other galaxy other than the one we’re currently DYING IN NOW!

    Obomao is a joke, a chimera, a fraud, as is the entire U.S.federal apparatus. What is not a joke, are the real a-holes who run this place from London and Tel Aviv.

    Don’t blame the puppet for laying on the floor in a stupid, mindless heap. After all, the CIA groomed the son of a beyotch to be exactly that, just as they have for all the presidents in your and my lifetimes.

    We keep pushing the button at the ballot box trying to change the channel, but not unlike that stupid yellow push button I saw the guy install on the pole at the intersection, it’s not connected to anything. And neither is Obomao’s pen, or brain, or marionette lips that feed him words thru a teleprompter.

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