By Gus Bridi  (Sabbah Report)

Beirut Synagogue

“There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia. The time for double standards that allow Islamists to behave aggressively toward us while they demand our weakness and submission is over.”- Newt Gingrich

Has Lebanon officially become more tolerant and progressive than the United States?

Let’s talk about Lebanon’s Ground Zero and you can decide for yourself.

One must first understand what “Ground Zero” means to most Lebanese.

In a country with about the same land mass as Los Angeles County which has been at war off and on for nearly four decades, “Ground Zero” for the Lebanese is arguably their entire country-and at the center of their Ground Zero is downtown Beirut, captured and occupied by the Israeli Defense Force in 1982 and which was almost entirely reduced to rubble from Muslim West Beirut to Christian East Beirut, and all points in between.

Once upon a time not too long ago, there was scarcely a building left standing or unscarred by shrapnel in all of Beirut. I know, because I was in Beirut in 1991, and witnessed first hand a city once described as “the Paris of the Middle East” reduced to ruins, pock marked with unexploded munitions and a haphazard “network” of open sewers.

Miraculously, Beirut was rebuilt and reclaimed its prominence. It once again became the jewel of the Arab world, remarkably able to bridge the ancient mystique of the east with the modern allure of the west.

Upon the first completion of its “rebuilding” process however–after 15 years and tens of billions of dollars spent on reconstructing Lebanon and its Ground Zero from rubble to splendor, Israel did what Israel does…

In July and August of 2006, Israel again followed through on its promise to “bomb Lebanon back into the Stone Age,” and in so doing displaced 1,000,000 Lebanese civilians (nearly a quarter of the country’s population), completely destroyed the country’s infrastructure (again), its only airport, at least 64 bridges, leveled entire buildings and neighborhoods to rubble (again), including the country’s largest milk factory, a food factory, two pharmaceutical plants, water treatment centers, power plants, grain silos, a Greek Orthodox Church, several mosques, and a handful of hospitals (in a country which only had a handful of hospitals to begin with).

Over 1,200 hundred Lebanese civilians were killed and over 5,000 wounded.

Israel routinely talks about “proportionality” when comparing their “terrorism deaths” to American 9/11 deaths. In order to shock the sensibilities of a gullible American public, they portray a figure “in American terms,” by multiplying their dead by a number which reflects their population in comparison to the American population.

Well, what’s good for the Israeli goose is good for the Lebanese gander. I will play their game: 1,200 dead Lebanese civilians are the “proportional equivalent” to 90,000 American dead when accounting for the two countries’ population differences. Therefore, according to Israeli goose math, that’s the equivalent of roughly thirty 9/11′s Israel exacted on Lebanon in July and August 2006 over the course of 34 days-nearly one 9/11 a day for an entire month without relent.

Incidentally, July and August of 2006 only tell a small part of the story when it comes to Israeli aggression against Lebanon. There have been decades of invasion, devastation, and occupation which predated 2006. Several thousands of Lebanese have been killed at the hands of the Israeli Defense Force. Tens of billions of dollars of damage have been levied on the Lebanese infrastructure and private and public property courtesy of the IDF over the course of decades.

“Ground Zero” for Lebanon is an ever expanding, never ending, open wound that never heals.

So what now Newt?

Should you expect the Lebanese to allow a synagogue to be built on their Ground Zero, in the aftermath of a 9/11 that occurred 5 years after ours and which, “proportionately” speaking, was 30 times the size of ours?

Well guess what you hateful, misguided, twit?


In the process of re-building Beirut yet again, in 2008, renovations began and have now been completed on the Maghen Abraham Synagogue located in the middle of newly renovated downtown Beirut in an area known as the “Solidere” which has become the focal point and showcase of Lebanon’s rebirth.

This isn’t some hole in the wall, nondescript, “excuse me” synagogue hidden out of view so as to not “offend” Lebanese non-Jews-this is an elaborate, ornate, beautifully designed, cathedral-style house of worship built for a Lebanese Jewish population that totals less than 500 in a country of more than 4,000,000 (in stark contrast to the eight million American Muslims living in the United States).

And wait until you hear Hezbollah’s response to the building of this Ground Zero Synagogue.

(To those expecting a Newt Gingrich equivalent response, prepare to be woefully disappointed).

Courtesy of Hassan Nasrallah himself: “We respect Judaism, just as we respect Christianity. Our only problem is with Israel.”

Did you hear that Newt (and the rest of you idiots)?

An Arab democracy, with a Muslim Prime Minister and a Christian President, allowed the building of a synagogue, squarely in the center of their “Ground Zero” in the heart and pride of downtown Beirut which used to be a dumping ground for Israeli military ordinances.

An Arab democracy allowed this, without so much as a protest being made by its citizens, or allegations by politicians that this was sacrilege, or hateful commentary by the media that the Jewish faith was barbaric, or any of the other stupidity I have seen and heard plastered all over American television, talk radio, and internet-blogs regarding a certain “Ground Zero Mosque” and the Islamic faith.

Regardless of whether you perceive Israel to be justified in perpetrating the devastation it did on Lebanon is irrelevant. The purpose of this article is not to debate that. What cannot be debated, is that Israel (a Jewish State, flying a Jewish flag) unleashed hell on Lebanon for 34 straight days in July and August of 2006 (and for decades prior in its wars against Lebanon). Regardless of whether or not you feel Israel had a right to do that, you cannot deny that Lebanese civilians harbored, and continue to harbor, a very real resentment against the government of Israel-this Jewish state-for those actions and the devestation those actions caused.

Yet these very Lebanese, who are so quickly labeled as “blood thirsty terrorists” by Newt Gingrich and his army of xenophobic morons, were able to draw a distinction between the Jews “flying those planes” in July and August of 2006 working at the behest of the Israeli government, and the Jews whom are citizens of Lebanon who had no connection with those attacks.

Lebanon rebuilt that Ground Zero Synagogue for its Jews.

Not for Israel. Not for the world’s Jewry. Not as a monument to mark a “Jewish victory” over Lebanon.

Lebanon rebuilt that Ground Zero Synagogue because its Jews lived in that neighborhood and they had every right to build a house of worship in a place they called home.

For crying out loud, Hassan Nassrallah and Hezbollah can even draw the distinction between a Lebanese Jew and an Israeli soldier who happens to be a Jew. So how is it that Americans can’t distinguish between American Muslims who were victims of 9/11 and Saudi Muslims who were the perpetrators of 9/11?

Thank you Mr. Gingrich for allowing Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah to outclass you and the Republican Party (and you Democrats aren’t too far behind–yes Harry Reid, I’m talking to you). When the former Republican Speaker of the House and the current Democratic Senate Majority Leader start sounding less tolerant and less reasonable than a “terrorist,” we need to start sounding the alarm bells.

What a sad state of affairs for America.

Gus Bridi : I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of California at Riverside in 1993, and graduated from the Creighton University School of Law in 1996. As a lawyer in private practice for approaching 15 years and working my way through court rooms and backrooms all across the United States, I  have become all too familiar with the notion of “politics as usual.” “Politics as usual” nowadays means our “elected” and appointed leaders fail in every regard to safeguard the interests of their constituents and are beholden to their corporate and special interest masters.”

My political profile is that of the vast majority of Americans. I am a mixed bag politically– leaning left on many issues, leaning right on many issues, and leaning neither way on many others. I do not believe in a two party system of politics. I do not believe in a multi-party system of politics. Like George Washington, I believe in a system with no political parties where politicians are held accountable to their core philosophies and the needs of their constituents, unfettered and un-yoked by a party system that requires loyalty to party before loyalty to country.

My on-line pieces can be found on www.zeropartypolitics.com


  1. Rehmat on the 01. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Cordoba House project has brought out ‘Islamophobes’ on both sides of the debate. Anti-Islamists like Ben Obama, NY Governor, Fareed Zakaria, etc. in favor of the project – while the Jewish Lobby, CNN, Fox News, Daniel Pipes, Newt Gingrich, Patrick Buchanan, etc. against the project.

    However, the propaganda surrounding the project is steered as a political tool for the coming national election and to boost anti-Muslim hysteria to shore-up Israel’s diminishing acceptance in the world community.

    None of the idiots would like to know that the historical background on ban for the existence of a church or mosque in the two sacred cities is the treason and hatred of the Jewish and Christian communities in the past – a fact which still remains.

    As long as Hizbullah has access to arms – All the world’s Zionist Jews and Christians supported by the US, EU, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. cannot turn Lebanon into another US-Israel Muslim colony, as was the case in the past.

    Israel: In 2006, we played ‘nice guys’


  2. george in Toronto on the 01. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    How forgetful,these same Leb Jews were rooting for Israel during 2006 invasion.Who owned and ran the telecom spy center–Jews. No Arabs are the idiots,they been accused falsly in pulling off the 9/11 attacks.9 years and nothing have they done about getting even and truth.We keep hearing about the Hollowcaust day after day–but not a peep from Arabs to point the finger at Israel firsters just slaughtered 1500,000 iraqies and counting.Why are USA politicians and their Israel hacks–safe in public view.Are Arabs doltz?

  3. Joe Cortina on the 01. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Gus – Masterful article! Although I have children probably older than you – it appears that you do indeed ‘get it’. Some people twice your age never do. It is a shame it can’t be read by more Americans. I have not been in Lebanon but have had some eye opening experiences in IsraHELL – up close and personal – that has forever changed my opinion of that shithole stolen land of Godless thieves liars murderers cheats REAL terrorists.

    They are the worst scum I have encountered in my 45 years of world travel as both diplomat and tourist to over 2 dozen nations. Before my tour with the intel community in IsraHELL – I had a reserved but not totally negative impression of Jews in general.

    Now I CLEARLY understand
    EXACTLY why Christ condemned the Jews (and NOT just the Pharisees and high priests – mind you) as being the ‘SONS OF THE DEVIL”

    I have had a LOT of unusual experiences with different people in my 72 years and am convinced that the Jews – at least 99% of them – are the most evil pernicious threats to the freedoms of ALL men of good will – ON EARTH!

    My own – once blessed blessed nation is now nothing more than a morally rotted corpse – racing to its early demise on the trash heap of history.

    I have witnessed this nightmare unfold before my very eyes in two short generations without so much as a whimper from the vast majority of our bovine useful idiots.

    We are a nation of shallow ignorant fools who simply REFUSE to acknowledge the fact we are a spineless dying occupied nation which has lost its will to survive.

    Responsibilities are not fun – but tailgate parties and NASCAR races and NFL games ARE! So what if we are morally and economically hemorrhaging to death as EVERY aspect of our lives are now Jew controlled. Our outrage and battle cry? GO BUCS!

    The poor defenseless people who we terrorize and murder with impunity for the greater glory of IsraHELL AT LEAST HAVE THE MORAL COURAGE to resist and fight for their dignity and their freedom and their families and heritage – which is more than I can say for us.

    BTW – ten or fifteen years ago I would have blasted you for your take on the evils of multiple party systems.

    After 23 years as a Democrat and then 34 years as a Republican – I have given up ‘politics’. The anti-American hypocrite war-criminal madman Jew puppet Christian mocking imbecile drunkard drugged out Bush drove me away from the Party.

    I am now non-partisan – and apparently not alone! – I have decided that FIRST AND FOREMOST – I want to be an AMERICAN – the kind I remember as a child and a very young man. And Yes – the Founding Fathers were my heroes.

    I am interested in what your ideas are on the topic – as I would never consider supporting immoral Democrat goals or equally evil destructive so-called Republican goals – ever again.

    Both are now captured by Jew ambitions. I consider the immoral Zionist puppet Obama essentially a ‘third term’ Bush.

    If the spirit moves you – drop me a line with your thoughts on the matter.

    Joe Cortina – seeker and purveyor of truth and wisdom

  4. Rehmat on the 01. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    The 9/11 trgedy, like the so-called “Six Million Died” has nothing to do with Muslims. No one has proved in court of law that the so-called “19 hijackers” were Muslims. Even the former CIA director George Tenet (aka David Cohen)admitted in 004 that no Arab names were found on the boarding list, but they were provided by a foreign intelligence agency (Mossad??).

    The Jew historian Dr. Sabrosky, in an interview published in Veteran Today, claimed that Israel and its collaborating Zionists in the US were behind the 9/11.

    Kevin Barrett, a Christian professor doubted the official story of 9/11. In the process to find the truth – he converted to Islam.


  5. Qasim Rashid on the 01. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Brilliantly written piece. I tip my hat to you good sir. Keep fighting the good fight – that of the pen. I will be sharing this with my network for sure.

  6. Dawoodi Morkas on the 01. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    The Cordoba House or any issue that is linked to the Muslims is blown out of proportion by the USA media, and the sentimental American people follow the Bag Pipers.

    The American people should understand that the Bag Piper leads the followers to an ultimate death.

    Mr. Bridi, you have nailed the pulse, there would be too much bleeding, beware, the hypocrites and their roosts are always in for a confrontation, which ultimately exposes them to their sinister designs against the silent majority.

    One should be steadfast in ones belief. Your belief seems to be the belief of the silent majority.

    Silent majority hardly speaks-up but be sure that it has a very strong sense of Right and wrong.

  7. Rexw on the 01. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    A good article with a great message.

    However, sadly, it is safe to say that not only will Gingrich probably not even read this illuminating effort from Gus, but even if he did, the real point will be lost on him and people like him of which, in those US houses of elected politicians, there are just too many of like mind.

    I consider that in the psychotic state of Israel with its self-centred attitude to all things, the ability of such a reciprocal action occurring there is impossible to imagine.
    Too much time has passed and the inward looking Israelis are now beyond any ability to even consider anything reasonable as we shall see in the coming weeks by carefully analysing the events at the ‘peace talks’, unlikely to produce any agreement of any kind.

    This is an article that warrants being reproduced in printed form and stuffed into the letter boxes of every member of both the US Congress and the US Senate. Those complacent and compromised people need to know that things occur outside their little kingdoms which indicate that humans are capable of showing concern for others, living in peace together and there is really only one factor that prohibits that from being accepted even on a greater scale and that is the controlled environment in those US elected houses which are totally managed by a foreign state, very same state that is the centre of most of the world’s ills in 2010.

    Gingrich is a perfect example of that type of subservient person and that type of thinking. He is not alone, unfortunately.

  8. basur on the 22. Sep, 2011 remarked #

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