Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate (www.peacepeople.com)

Dear BBC Panorama Team

I write to you regarding your programme of 16th August, 2010, about The Freedom Flotilla and particularly the killings of unarmed civilians by Israeli Navy Seals on the ship MV “Mavi Marmara’, on 3lst May, 2010.

I have been campaigning for the rights of Palestinians for over ten years.  I have visited Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories many times.  I was part of the Freedom Flotilla in May on the MV ‘Rachel Corrie’, my third journey on a Free Gaza boat. I am deeply disappointed at the misrepresentation, lack of truth, and bias displayed by your programme.

This programme had an opportunity to inform and educate the public about the background to the flotilla, the motives of the passengers and crew on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’, who (like all of us on the boats trying to get to Gaza) were concerned for the suffering of the people of Gaza.  Over 650 people – from all faiths and none, – from over 40 countries, representing the human family and uniting in nonviolent resistance to break a cruel siege (collective punishment is illegal  under International Law) to bring hope and support to the people of Gaza.  Before leaving their various ports, as part of the undertaking, all passengers made pledges of nonviolence, all people, and cargoes were searched, and all undertook to go in a spirit of peace to resist (as is our moral right and duty) the breaking of Human Rights and International Law by Israel through its siege of Gaza and occupation of Palestine.

This journey of courage and call for justice by people on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’ and the flotilla represented the conscience of the world.  The boats carried no arms, and were no threat to Israel, but what they did carry were voices of dissent from every corner of the world, (including Jews) saying to Israel ‘no more sieges, occupations, wars and threats of violence’, we refuse to be silent in the face of your ethnic cleansing and persecution of the Palestinian people.

Our motives were honourable, we did it for the children of Gaza, knowing that in the end, truth and justice will prevail.

Sadly, the Panorama programme did not see the true significance of this historic journey and missed an opportunity for the media to fulfill its responsibility to ‘tell the truth and nothing but the truth’. They choose instead to try to demonize the passengers on the from the word go MV ‘Mavi Marmara’ by trying to make them out as violent terrorists. They choose to collude with the Israeli propaganda of lies and manipulation of facts thus trying to turn the victims into aggressors.

The fact that Israeli commandos started shooting from the zodiac assault boats and the helicopters from the word go was not stated. The audio and video footage used (provided by Israeli military intelligence) was proven to be doctored, and the IDF have admitted this.

Your programme showed audio containing what was purported to be anti-semitic remarks issued over the radio by members on the flotilla, and you showed a clip of a percussion grenade exploding in one of the Israeli zodiac assault boats.  These things never happened.   There is so much commentary in this documentary that is inaccurate that it does a grave disservice to investigative journalism and the BBC.

But the real people hurt by this programme, are the families of the 9 unarmed passengers who were assassinated in this unprovoked, illegal, massacre by the Israeli navy seals. So too the more than 40 unarmed people who were injured on the illegal military assault in International waters, whose only crime was to care about Gaza and its people.

The programme failed totally to cover the real suffering of the Palestinian people, it failed totally to cover the fact that the mass kidnapping of 650 unarmed world citizens and the high-jacking of 7 boats, was in International waters and it failed totally to ask the real questions of Israel ‘why is this Port of Gaza – the only port in the Middle East to be a closed military zone (42 years) – not open for the people of Gaza and Palestine to travel and trade with the world as is their human right?

Perhaps, the BBC Panorama will stop taking the propaganda of the Israeli Government (Jane Corbin traveling on Israeli Zodiacs embedded with Israeli military, hardly leads to objective report of facts).  These same zodiacs which boarded all the flotilla ships (including the one I traveled on) kidnapped unarmed citizens, hijacked boats (an act of piracy), confiscated all possessions (which Israel still hold onto), forced all under military arms to go to Israel, detained all, violently assaulted many, imprisoned and repatriated foreigners – all an abuse of our human rights and most of which was not reported by BBC Panorama.

The role of the BBC is not to give credibility to the Israeli military but to report facts and allow the public to make up their own minds.  By planting doubt in the minds of the public about the events on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’.  It has done a grave injustice and further injury to the families of all those who were assassinated by Israeli Navy seals, on that terrible morning of 3lst May, 2010.

I would like to ask the BBC Panorama Team, ‘what do you intend to do to redress the injustice you have done to the good names of all those who were killed, and injured, and their families on board the MV ‘Mavi Marmara’ on 3lst May, 2010?

I await your response.


Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace Laureate (www.peacepeople.com)

Tel:  0773 614 7713

In case you have not seen it yet, check out the BBC’s propaganda video here:


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  1. Rehmat on the 24. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is supposed to be a publically owned multi-media company – but in reality most of its top management and decision-making positions are held by pro-Israel Jews. The latest addition to BBC executive board is Marcus Paul Agius (b. 1946) born into a Jewish family and married to the daughter of Edmund de Rothschild, the family known to be the founder of Israel.

    The other Jews, who are and had been occupying top positions are – Greg Dyke, Tny Cohen, Alan Yentob, Alan Bookbinder, Jenny Abramsky, etc. In his 2003 article, Thomas Sparks, reported that the Zionist Jews have an almost total grip on the media in Britain. In addition to the BBC, Jews also control ITV, Granada Plc, ITN, Angelia Television, BSkyB, etc. Furthermore, 85 million copies of Jewish-controlled newspapers are sold in Britain evert week, controlled by Richard Desmond, Rupert Murdoch, Guy Zitter, and Zionist Conrad Black and his Jewish wife, Barbara Ameil….


  2. Rexw on the 24. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    The written objection I raised to Panorama based on the falseness of this program was returned to me by the BBC Moderstor. (see below)

    I personally thought it was an accurate representation stating that there must be Israeli assets at the BBC who have the editing capability for such matters and who used their position to colour the story details, as follows….

    Dear BBC blog contributor,

    Thank you for contributing to a BBC blog. Unfortunately we’ve had to removeyour comment below.

    Comments on the BBC blogs may be removed if they are considered likely to
    provoke, attack or offend others, use swear words, or disrupt the message
    boards. For more information, please visit

    Please note that anyone who seriously or repeatedly breaks the House Rules
    may have action taken against their account.


    BBC Central Communities team

    Death in the Med – Join in the debate

    In all the years I have followed Panorama and been impressed by its professionalism, this story is perhaps the worst example of journalism I have ever seen.

    The reporter went to great lengths to misrepresent the truth in this case, clearly identified to her by the gentleman involved. But that wasn’t good enough for her.

    One can’t help that this part of the media has now joined the remainder of the media in being ‘owned’ and controlled by the Israeli connections as most of the world’s media is controlled in 2010.

    The fact that the BBC cannot be trusted to provide unbiased news and reporting is a disgrace and someone should hunt out the Jewish sycophants who allowed this to happen.

    The BBC’s credibility is on show, bigtime.

    Final comment…
    As you can see, readers of My Catbird Seat, stories do not get re-created or slanted in any direction unless authorised by someone in control.

    A simple truth.

  3. Dawoodi Morkas on the 25. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    I tried to comment on the BBC report. My serial # was 373, however, they did not allow my submissions, terming it to be against their devised policy. If BBC cannot entertain objective criticism, why does it criticize the third world for their view against Israel?

    The report in BBC Panorama was biased and needs to be deleted, if they cannot entertain criticism on wrong reporting.

  4. D Costa on the 16. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Corruption, fraud, deception and lies go hand in hand with crime and coverup. There are enough Zionist Jews in the media to cover up Israeli and Zionist Jewish crimes. It is so shameful.

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