If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing!

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing!


Must listen interview with former Republican Congressman Paul Findley:

Findley speaks out about the Israeli lobby and its manipulation of US foreign policy in the Middle East, resulting in thousands of American deaths and tens of thousands of Muslim deaths

Paul Findley in following youtube with nearly 3 million views :


Former United States Representative, author, and activist Paul Findley on CNI Radio, July 15th, 12-1 ET


On Thursday, July 15th from 12-1pm ET, Mr. Paul Findley will be our guest on CNI: Jerusalem Calling to discuss his upcoming memoir tentatively titled Taking the High Road: Confronting Bias, Bigotry, War.

Paul Findley is a former House of Representatives member from Illinois, serving as a Republican from 1962-1982. Since that time Mr. Findley has written numerous articles about the United States’ foreign policy in relation to the Middle East and in particular in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. He has published several books on these topics, including the best seller “They Dare To Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby”. Mr. Findley co-founded the Council for the National Interest and formerly served as Chairman for the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission. Additionally he has supported the efforts of CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, and published the book “Silent No More: Confronting America’s False Images of Islam” to improve the image of Muslims in America. Currently he is working on a memoir, due to be published in the spring, concerning his journey from average American to deeply concerned citizen regarding US involvement in the Middle East.

Hosting this week’s show will be former CNI President, Eugene Bird. Mr. Bird is a former Foreign Services Officer, serving as Counsel of Embassy in Jerusalem and other Middle East posts.

The show will air live online from Noon to 1 pm ET (5 pm to 6pm GMT). To listen, go to the show’s homepage (www.wsradio.com/cni) and click on the “Listen Live” button for Studio A, at the top left. Call in with your questions and comments during the second half of the show by calling 877-474-3302             877-474-3302    , toll-free. International users can ask questions via Skype, by calling Skypename: WSRADIOSTUDIO.

Also, check out archived editions of our show by going to the “CNI: Jerusalem Calling” archives. Past shows archived there include conversations with Mark Perry, Stephen Walt, Mustafa Barghouti, Rashid Khalidi…and many more.

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  1. “False stereotypes can hide the truth from people of my age. At the age of six, my introduction to Islam got off to a bad start. While attending Presbyterian Sunday School in Jacksonville, Illinois, I was misled about Muslims and their religion and I harbored the misinformation until middle age,” – Paul Findley in his book ‘Silent No More’.

    People in North America and Europe, even with little political awareness, know that criticizing Israel, Holocaust or Jewish Lobby – is the sure way to suicide in political and the academic fields. However, there are some western people with moral conscientious (most Christian and Jewish), who have dared to speak against Zionist bullies – such as, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, former Congressman Paul Findley, professor Norman Finkelstein, professor Diana Ralph, Henry Makow PhD, professor David Noble, principal Debbie Almontaser, French philosopher Roger Garaudy, former Congressman David Edward Bonior (b. 1945), former Congressman Thomas Campbell (b. 1952), April Szuchyt (an American convert to Islam who works in Peace Corps), and many more….

    Paul Findley, Congressman for 22 years is receipant of Malcolm X Freedom Award.


  2. By far and by large, most people in the U.S. ‘sense’ there is a malaise that is destroying everything around them, but short of that same kind of knowing something is ‘up’ as does a cow when it’s going down the chute to the needle gun, there’s not much more cognition, or the ability for cognition, in most people in the U.S.

    And I make that statement, Mr. Findlay, because it’s truth. It’s truth, just like the sky is more or less ‘blue’ in the morning, and the sun is burnt orange or red or yellow in the sky, and the wind moves the leaves in a tree and sways it’s branches. It’s not rocket science that allows me to deduce that the people in the U.S. are incapable of caring, it’s TRUTH. Truth about who and what they are. What they have become over the years. What they say they stand for, and what in reality, they sit on their compliant and complacent asses about and do nothing to stop.

    They know, on some basic level, kind of like how a rooster, never cared for by it’s mother hen, knows how to crow in the morning. Instinct that is perhaps more than 40 million or more years old in our DNA, in between the individual strands, tells us when to recognize the onset of death and dying, and danger.

    But in the U.S., it doesn’t make any difference. They’re perfectly fine with the slow, but accelerating destruction of their way of life and their standard of living. Many ‘sense’ the intrinsic EVIL that is inside zionism and everything it stands for, but are powerless to lift a finger to do anything about it.

    I suspect, as Nathan Hale was getting the noose slipped over his head by the british redcoats on his last moments alive, his true only regret is that he’d killed as many of them as was humanly possible, and or aided in their killing, in an effort to save his nation. Little did he know at the time that the nation he gave his life for fell in 1913, and for lack of a better term, was mortgaged off to the British who hanged him. The zionist Rothschilds british who hanged him. In his last moment before the trap door fell, how could he have known that his sacrifice for his nation was already pre-ordained a colossal and huge WASTE of his life? The people who occupy the U.S. or who occupy it are perhaps in exactly the same place, and not unlike Hale, they are clueless that they are being sacrificed for nothing more meaningful than a balance sheet somewhere in London.

  3. All Americans can do is “sense” that something is amiss, for the main stream media is voiceless and beyond retrieval. If not for the internet, we would be totally unaware of world events. The masses of Americsns in the dark will awaken once the light of truth reveals the propensity of their malaise, but that will be too late for an amenable correction.

  4. Good work guys. Try running for election in whatever capacity as well so as to inform the American people to vote correctly too. Because there really are too many ‘blogheads’ as opposed to INDEPENDENT candidates.

    America is supposed to be an example for nations to emulate, not one of the ‘sick’ nations, so you guys, please step up to the plate as well instead of just hiding behind the keyboard, I will be doing what I am suggesting to you as well, it’s useless to type and type but never offer oneself up as an independent candidate.

    You’ve made your point, now stand for it . . .

  5. The only answer to this problem is to villify jews. Jews not zionists. No country has ever solved their zionist problem but many have solved their jew problem.

    If you think this is wrong you are part of the problem.

    You are also a racist. Jews have us killing brown people on the other side of the planet in the millions. most of these people were innocent. Jews have also beggared the minorities of the USA. Jews control upwards of 30% of the wealth in the USA and are less than 2% of our population. Blacks and latinos are 35% of our people and only control 1% of the wealth. It does not take a rockes scientist to figure out who has disenfranchised the US minorities. Jewish control of our central banks are the only logical explanation for how this came to pass. Most jews defend the FED banks to the hilt because the USA is a trickle down society (Reagans jew advisors saw to that) and jew criminals steal so much that the avg jew has way more opportunites than the rest of our citizens. This is the only logical explanation why so many jews will ridicule anyone speaking out against the FED. Jews behaving in this manner are not innocent and most jews behave this way.

    To allow over a million brown people to be killed and for over 100 million brown people to be forced into poverty so that a few innocent jews are not punished is racism plain and simple.

  6. I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.
    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

  7. The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols Of Zion.
    Paris in gathering political information for the court of Tzar Alexander III.
    Glinka employed a Jewish agent named Joseph Schoerst, alias Shapiro, who had passed himself off as a Freemason and a member of the Mizraim Lodge, a Jewish Masonic order with its own particular rites and protocols. None other than Solomon Rothschild, scion of the Jewish banking dynasty, was a prominent member of the French Freemasons.
    Schoerst offered to Glinka for the sum of 2,500 francs, a document which he said would interest her greatly. This document contained extraordinary dictated writings from assorted speeches which would later be included in the final compilation of the Protocols of Zion.
    Glinka quickly passed the document to her immediate superior in Paris, General Orgeyevski, who sent them, in turn, to General Cherevin, Minister of the Interior, for transmission directly to the Imperial Court in St Petersburg.
    Upon Cherevin’s death in 1896, he willed a copy of his memoirs containing the Protocols to Tzar Nicholas II. (View Sources Here, Here & Here.)
    Glinka’s information eventually found its way into the hands of one Sergei Nilus, a highly educated Russian mystic attached to Tsar Nicholas II’s court who served as Minister of Foreign Religions.
    In 1902, Nilus published, “The Rule of Satan on Earth – Notes of an Orthodox Believer,” in which he cites excerpts from this early aggregation of the material first purchased by Madame Glinka.

  8. Will the slow increase in public awareness of Zionist criminal acts eventually translate into the US stopping military and financial support of Israel, even considering that there are more dual citizens in Congress and on the Supreme Court than ever before, and before they start WW3? I doubt it.

  9. There has been thousands of books written. Numerous politicians and people in the know that have told people what the Jews have done. We know they finance wars. We know they control the media, banks and educaiton, but whenever someone like Findley, McCarthy, Duke or Traficant expose them they never have one of their people in their party ever take their side and back them up. The Jews finance it, but our politicians make the laws and it is they who should be hanged. But it’s too late. The miltia could have marched on Washington after they murdered those people in Waco and hanged the politicians. They didn’t seize the moment. These sorry loser militia people have no started to play army again. But they’ll wait for martial law and then it will be too late. But each generation had it a lot easier to defeat the Jews than we do. The founding fathers could have stopped them from entering this country. Now thye control everything and all the people are mesmerized by the sports, drunk or on drugs.

  10. Gas chambers were never mentioned. They weren’t mentioned by the hundreds of Red Cross nurses or any of the SS. Not one Jew who went from one camp to another mentioned them. So could anyone believe that it was hidden from the Red Cross nurses or that hundreds of Red Cross nurses and thousands of SS men would never have told anyone about them. Could anyone believe that tens of thousands of people were gassing millions of people and not one told a family member or friend?
    The reason the Jews didn’t have many witnesses was they went around Europe and killed all the SS men and Red Cross nurses. If they had said gas chambers right after WWII there would have been thosuands of SS and Red Cross nurses who would have said BS! Not to mention didn’t the Jews say that the Germans killed 5 million others? How come there are no Gypsies or any non-Jews who claim they saw gas chambers?
    If you notice people can’t keep a secret if two people know about it, but we are supposed to believe during a war with millions of witnesses that nobody came forward and said, “they are gassing millions in those camps” No, not one word and no mention of them from Churchill, Stalin, Hitler or FDR. Six thousand pounds of documents seized from the Germans and not one mention of gas chambers or genocide or mass executions in any of the papers.
    With the tons of evidence that have proven the gas chambers are a hoax is it any wonder there are many people trying to get the truth to the people?
    The very bastards in the military who droped all the bombs on those ciites to this day don’t even know what they did. I don’t think the family would even want to tell them. As the old bastards sit in the VFW slobbering in their beer and saying we fought for your freedoms. The best thing anyone could do is dump the beer on their heads. I mean if people can’t even learn the truth in hindsight. They are useless to even argue with.

  11. Scott Mollett posted the following comment.

    “Jews have us killing brown people on the other side of the planet in the millions. most of these people were innocent. Jews have also beggared the minorities of the USA. Jews control upwards of 30% of the wealth in the USA and are less than 2% of our population. Blacks and latinos are 35% of our people and only control 1% of the wealth. It does not take a rockes scientist to figure out who has disenfranchised the US minorities. Jewish control of our central banks are the only logical explanation for how this came to pass. Most jews defend the FED banks to the hilt because the USA is a trickle down society (Reagans jew advisors saw to that) and jew criminals steal so much that the avg jew has way more opportunites than the rest of our citizens. This is the only logical explanation why so many jews will ridicule anyone speaking out against the FED. Jews behaving in this manner are not innocent and most jews behave this way.”–and his observations are accurate.

    Average Jew has no interest in the well-being of white European race, Muslim or Asian or any other ethnic people [but only to use them all for their purpose] and does not want to hear anything about the Federal Reserve, illegal immigration which Jews have engineered– Jewish oppresion of minorities like the blacks who have been kept down– whom the Jews have used for political purpose –while destroying the white race totally through social engineering. It is my experience that most of them [90-98%] dont care about the issues that are hurting 98% of the population. Even Truman wrote in his diary that “Jews are very very selfish”.

    While Israeli Mossad is spying in America as written by Philip Giraldi, Jeff Gates and others –their tribal relatives: Banker gangsters and American corporations owned and operated by the same group are doing more things by escalating their efforts to destroy the education of white young adults based on racial quotas according to the protocol of elders of Zion: the communist marxist manifesto–in order to give them the only option–to join the military and fight Israel’s wars and get killed or maimed.

    “Tuesday’s elections are expected to produce a strong conservative shift to both houses of the Congress. Whether that shift will lead to a stronger pro-Zionist mood in Congress is difficult to predict since almost all liberal Democratic members are already PEPs (Progressive except for Palestine).

    What is certain is that because of its strong right wing tilt, the Republican party will be far more open to the desires of organizations like Klein’s ZOA, especially the new members who have an all-expenses paid trip to Israel awaiting them.

    Take, for example, the actions of Brad Sherman and Arlen Specter.

    Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) joined in ZOA’s campaign to include new wording in the Civil Rights Act that embraces “shared ethnic characteristics”. Sherman has represented California’s 27th district since 1997. He is expected to win easily in this week’s election.

    Specter, who became a Democrat for pragmatic reasons, after a long career as a Republican, lost a primary race this year to Congressman Joe Sestak, who is now locked in a tight race for Specter’s old seat against a strong conservative, Republican Pat Toomey. As a member of the House, Toomey was already on record as a supporter for Israel. In the current campaign, Toomey has criticized Sestak for accepting an endorsement (and money) from J Street.

    Sherman has demonstrated his Zionist bono fides on more than one occasion. In September, he and Specter introduced legislation in both houses of Congress that would codify into federal law the language the Department of Education has just implemented into federal policy.”–

    Taken from the article “ZIONISM’S ZOA PUSHES TO MAKE ALL CAMPUS CRITICISM OF ISRAEL ILLEGAL” by James M Wall on the website: Mycatbirdseat.com

    All what the Jews want is more and more for Israel and Jewish tribal interests for their sake and they are shamelessly selfish–which is so clear from the above article as well as from various writings of many others as demonstrated from paragraphs taken from different articles.

    While politicians on both sides are pandering to Israel and Jewish interests, Zionist Jewish owned banks and other big corporations are continuing to destroy the white population at an alarming rate. White people have been too decent and sometimes too timid and too trusting and even ignorant -– which have allowed the communist marxist Jews to wage a culture war against the white race, Christianity, the family unit and the entire white civilization–thus subverting the American culture.

    “Major corporations such as FedEx, Lowes, McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Verizon, the Wachovia Foundation and dozens of others have lined up to financially support a private organization dedicated to ensuring that Hispanics get to college ahead of white American kids.

    The “Hispanic Scholarship Fund” (HSF) says that it “aims to put a degree in every Latino household by 2025” through its affirmative action program in college recruitment.

    Funding for the HSF comes from a large number of corporations. According to the organization’s website, these include in addition to the above mentioned: the Mazda Foundation, KLASS Time, GMAC Financial Services, the McNamara Family Foundation, Inc., Goldman Sachs, Procter& Gamble, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Target, the Morgan Stanley Foundation, Nissan North America, the Sallie Mae Fund, the Draper Family Foundation, the Shell Oil Company and the UPS Foundation, among many others.

    The HSF says specifically that it is only for “Latinos” and those of Hispanic descent. On the HSF’s website, under their “frequently asked questions” section, the policy is spelled out in no uncertain terms. “Do I have to be Hispanic/Latino to apply?” the website asks. The answer is equally frank: “Yes.”

    The HSF says that it aims to “raise the rate of degree achievement [among Hispanics] from 19 percent to 60 percent.”

    According to Andy Pino, spokesman for the organization, during the last 35 years the organization has awarded about $300 million in scholarships to more than 50,000 Hispanic students”.

    –Writes William D Johnson in his article “White Kids Shafted: Corporate America Backs Latino Students” on the website: American Free Press.

    The assault on the American middle class by marxist communist Jews is from all angles: cultural, political, economic, religious etc.

    “Citing the sanctions bill as an example, New York Democrat Gary Ackerman, argued that Israel’s best bet for addressing any concerns about Obama’s policy would be for Democrats to retain power. “I’m not saying that if the Republicans take the House it would be doomsday for Israel, but if they want positive influence on the White House, that’s us,” said Ackerman, who chairs the subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

    Ackerman and other Jewish Democrats point to the forceful criticisms they conveyed to the White House when they thought that Obama was leaning too hard on Israel.

    “If you need the president, you need us as chairs of the committees,” Ackerman said as he listed what he called the “first-class team” of Jewish pro-Israel Democrats who chair key House committees: Berman at Foreign Affairs, Barney Frank at Financial Services, Henry Waxman at the Energy and Commerce committee, Sander Levin at Ways and Means, and Ackerman himself in his role as head of the Middle East subcommittee. “We are all pro-Israel and we all have major, major, major influence in the executive branch.”

    –-Taken from an article on the ugly truth website which proves that all Zionist Jewish politicians are hellbent on their love for Israel and the Democratic Party has more Jews than the Republican Party–who are all lovers of Israel–who want to carry out Israel’s agenda while abusing American voters and wasting American tax payer money for Israel and Jewish interests. M J Rosenberg’s article is lacking in truth.

    “Israel is looking into it

    Cantor said that a big part of the US dilemma surrounding this issue is due to the fact that Israel is part of the overall foreign aid budget, and not a separate one. He goes on to mention that hopefully some kind of separation can be made when it comes to the tax payers’ money going to Israel.

    Only eight days before the congress mid-term elections, there seems to be a growing chance of a power shift from a Democratic to a Republican majority in the House.

    Cantor explains that taking Israel out of the Sate Department’s annual budget will allow the US to continue protecting the security aid given to Israel, even if the rest of the foreign aid budget will be frozen due to a conflict between the Democratic president and a Republican House of Representatives.

    If the Republicans win the upcoming elections, there will be more Tea Party right-winged representatives supporting tax cut-backs and strict foreign aid policy. Some of them have already stated that they intend to vote against foreign aid

    Israeli officials are looking into the issue, even if at this point it’s only a proposal and not a practical discussion. Such a separation in the foreign aid budget might not be good for Israel, and may tie her down more when it comes to American interest and hurt her independence.”

    The above was taken from Ynetnews.com

    The following is from the article of Maidhc O’cathail: AMERICAN DEMOCRACY: PRO-ISRAEL TWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE on the website Mycatbirdseat.com

    “In a district which includes the affluent northern suburbs of Chicago along the shore of Lake Michigan, the central issue is not the two wars—or is it now three?—the country is fighting, nor is it the tanking economy, in great part caused by those debt-inducing wars. No, the burning issue here is… who cares more about Israel?”

    “A Jewish candidate has been trying to convince the mostly Jewish voters that his Jewish opponent has not done enough to protect the Jewish interest,” reports Ynetnews, the English language website of Israel’s most-read newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. Although less than 25 percent of the ninth district’s constituents are Jewish, and there is little agreement about what constitutes “the Jewish interest,” it’s not a bad summary of Republican challenger Joel Pollak’s campaign to oust the Democratic incumbent, Rep. Jan Schakowsky.”

    Voters in the 9th district of IL seem to have no choice to get away from the heavy chains that politicians on both sides want to tie them to Israel and Jewish interests although the Jewish vote in the distrivt is only 25%.

    Virginia needs to vote this trator: Eric cantor out. Can someone tell us whether Eric cantor’s wife worked for Goldman Sachs?

    We the people should insist that all aid to Israel must be discontinued regardless of who wins elections and No More wars for Israel and no more sanctions to Iran by either party–and no more lies and deception from Zionist Jewish agents and/or mainstream media owned and controlled by Zionist communist marxists.

    Most politicians on both parties are under the control of Jewish lobby and except for a small percentage of politicians in both parties they pander to Israel and other Jewish interests.

    Maidhc O’Cathail is right on! He points out America’s two party system and what it means to the voter.

    This right and left paradigm as spoken and writen about by people like M.J Rosenberg, Gordon Duff and others is a false notion. People of this country need to vote for the individual politicians who are not sell outs to Israel, Jewish lobby and other Jewish interest groups. No man can serve two masters. A politician who wants to be loyal to a foreign government at the expense of this country is a traitor and all traitors must be voted out.

    Bill Krystol and other Zionist Jewish individuals the so called neocons are communists and these warmongers have destroyed the reputation of the Republican Party. Democratic Party is a useless Party anyway because there are too many Zionist Jews who are senators and congressmen in that party. Those Jews in the Democratic Party and people like Eric Cantor and Arlen Specter in the Republican Party are the same. When it comes to Jews there is no party line but love for Israel and love for their own tribe–and love to take away freedom and individual liberties of Gentiles–and bring about wars on behalf of Israel–in addition to causing death and destruction to humans, animals and plant life to suit their Communist agenda–which the world has witnessed more than once. Whose plan was it to destroy Russian Christians and Muslims and the country Russia and then Germany and the nice German people through the creation of revolution and war?–there were communist Jews in Mao’s cabinet–and then the Vietnam war–and in more recent times wars and massacre in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan–and now the communist Zionist Jews are targeting Iran while spreading lies among various sectors of the world’s population about the Iranian president. It is all too clear what their agenda is!

    Love for Israel and love for Jewish interests are not going to help our nation. When billions of tax dollars are spent to please Israel and Jews that comprise only 2% of the population 98% of the population has to be neglected which is a parasitic existence on the part of Israel and the Jewish minority.

    The book “The Transparent Cabal” by Stephen Sniegoski, “Spy Trade” by Grant Smith and the latest book on the massacre of sailors on USS Liberty by Mark Glenn and Phil Turney “What I saw that day” and many articles of Philip Giraldi and Maidhc O’Cathail–who write with clarity because they have grasped the political situation well–are a must read.

    American voter needs to understand that Zionist Jewish interests and pandering to Israel by giving billions in aid have cost America too much.

    The real problem is the Zionist problem which has infected both parties [and we need to stop taking sides because both parties are run by the same communist marxist Zionist Jews which means fighting wars for Israel, giving aid to Israel and believing the lies of mainstream media owned and controlled by the same group of people–and our government, military, FDA, CDC, FBI, CIA, police are all hijacked by the same people and we have allowed the Federal Reserve and mortgage industry to be run by the same people who have looted America–and the Israel loving politicians and those sell outs for the cause of Israel have done nothing about these things. This same group of people also spread false propaganda through magazines, by writing newspaper columns and various confusing articles such as the recent article of M.J Rosenberg and the 98% of the population need a break from these people at least for 10 to 15 years which can give time for them to heal their hearts and minds–to get rid of the toxicity from their lives. What we need is a real break from these people because their interests dont match those of the rest of the population. Like Minister Loise Farrakhan said to Mike Wallace of 60 minutes: “You need to be quiet”!

    If all these disinformation agents here in the US and other countries remain quiet including Netanyahu and all those Jewish rabbis who speak total rubbish–we will have a much better world. Like Jeffrey Blankfort said “Israel is the most immediate threat to the future of the planet”. And those promoting Israel and its communist Zionist agenda are a great threat to us all.

    To add to all of this we also have ADL, SPLC controlled by the same tribe to frame patriotic Americans with false charges and this same group is also spying on Americans.

    American tax payer is paying for his own destruction perpetrated by Israel and Zionist Jews.

    It is time for all white people and freedom loving minorities to join scholar, author, politician and freedom lover Dr David Duke who has been the strongest voice for freedom for all–whom the mainstream lying media has tried to destroy for decades–and whose lies even some white people have believed to their detriment. David Duke will go in history as one of the most honest and courageous patriotic Americans ever lived on the planet.

    Please find out why the Jewish communist marxists have tried to destroy [and often succeeded] people like Henry Ford, General George Patton, General Walker–and that is the same reason why these America hating communist marxists have done everything to smear David Duke who is one of America’s most beloved patriots–a true American son.

    This is the question: Do the white people know the threat they are facing due to the activities of Zionist Jewish communist marxists who have been targeting them from every corner in every possible way–to totaly destroy them–and take away everything from them?

  12. Can anyone name another group of people [or another race] who are doing so much harm to America and the Middle Eastern Islam countries as well as to the freedom and individual liberties of people in America[and the Middle East] as the Ashkenazi Mongolians [who call themselves “Jews”] that are running our country?

    These people perpetrated 9/11 in order to wage illegal wars against Muslim countries as well as to set up a police state in the US.

    They also have ruined America financially, economically, politically-– have destroyed jobs, stolen homes of the Middle class American through the fraudulent foreclosures–even foreclosing on homes of Americans whose mortgage had been paid off.