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If it wasn’t inspiration from a higher source—and that kind of inspiration is always somewhat suspect in our oh, so modern Age—it certainly showed a deep insight into the human condition and a thorough grasp of the worlds political situation when a writer, writing in the first century B.C., said that our fight was not against men, but against governments and high-placed powers. Only lately, since about the 70’s and 90’s, has it become clear to some observant persons that this man hit the nail squarely on the head, nineteen centuries ago.

In the decades past, mainly because of the instant communications of Television, Radio, cell phones and the Internet, we have been able to observe what used to be secret information for the privileged few: the intrigues, the election frauds, the assassinations, the ruthlessness, the international deals made with Leaders of questionable virtue, the condoned criminality, the interplay between Government, Religion, Commerce, Finance, Medicine and even Organized Crime and begin to get an inkling of the situation we are dealing with. No longer can we believe, if we ever did, that Government is here to protect us — we may as well expect the Mafia to do so. It could be that protection was the original thought behind governing, but it has practically always deteriorated into protection rackets not all that much different from what the Mafia has to offer.

The not always welcome results of Government’s governing have lately become very obvious. Uncontrolled pollution, for example, is a direct result of Governments hand-in-glove policy of cooperation with Commerce and Finance. Money, the root of Commerce, sings a sweet song in the susceptible ears of lawmakers and prevents them from taking the meaningful measures needed to curb growth and stop the production of toxic waste products which we eventually eat, drink and breathe. Growth is induced by Religion’s propagation of population increase (customers!), combined with the efforts of the Medical Profession to keep people alive no matter what. Climate change, too, is the direct result of Government’s interference with the environment (we need the resources and the jobs they provide) and the resulting lack of action to prevent further damage.

The world of Government is like a strong piece of cloth, with woof and warp, consisting of our Leaders and Lawmakers, Religions with their powerful, fear-based hold on people, goods-producing Merchants, financed by legitimate or illegitimate Money, and supplied with customers by Medicine and Religion.

Like woof and warp, these units interplay, sustain one another and grow rich and powerful together. This world is their playground, with mansions, yachts, private planes, bodyguards, Swiss bank accounts. And they will fight to the death for their privileged existence regardless of who falls by the wayside. To this end they will hobnob with criminals, drug dealers, pimps and anyone willing to help them stay up there, in power.

Of course that is not what they do openly. In public they denounce crime, and drugs, and prostitution. They lull us to sleep with idealistic nonsense that they themselves rather not believe in. They may even announce that they are anti-war, although they may at the same time produce huge weapons arsenals, and sell them world-wide. A democratic government may protect sadistic Dictatorships and aid rebels when it seems advantageous. Of course in that case the rebels are called “freedom-fighters”, and it is hoped that this will pull the wool over our eyes. At home, it would fight freedom fighters with the utmost force, using police, army, navy, or air force to either eliminate them or get them back in line.

The Mafia’s and Government’s aims are not that far apart: their interests often overlap. Government will use Mafia personnel for its less savory jobs, while Mafia figures constantly try, sometimes successfully, to infiltrate Government. That’s why there exists in the USA an Organized Crime Unit, because Government will not tolerate a complete take-over. Not so much because it would be bad for us, but because it would be   bad for them. The Mafia, of course, cannot openly flaunt an “Organized Government Unit”, but we can rest assured that a similar group is an important part of the Mob’s make-up. Organized Crime is tolerated as long as it is not an immediate threat to Government. Therefore there will always be Organized Crime, wherever in the world.

We are pretty powerless against Government, unless we learn to play their game. We can go into politics. We can join the army professionally and climb up through the ranks. We can choose religion and try to become high-ranking Church officials. We can attempt to become doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers and show our willingness to join. But then we must also learn to be steadfast, and ruthlessly look out for our own interest. Having scruples is dangerous; it may eventually disqualify us. Blowing the whistle almost certainly gets us eliminated from the Circle. The comparison with the Mafia is not so badly chosen: you don’t rat on the Mafia and live; you don’t rat on the Government and keep working. However, if we decide to join them, we should realize that we are joining a lost cause. We’ll put our faith in an organization that has had its day, but doesn’t have many days left. Apart from the fact that we may live to see its actual end, we may come to regret the day we joined, as we discover that the possibility exists that we are indirectly, maybe even directly, consorting with known criminals.

We do have the option to ignore Government, but that isn’t easy. And we can ignore it only to a certain extent. Government knows us, knows about us, and knows where to find us. After all, it wants to be financed with part of our earnings, so it keeps tabs. It gives us a number, so that wherever we go it can settle accounts with us.

Our only alternative, really, is to say to ourselves: let them! Let them play their little tricks and games, let them have our money, let them threaten us with their wars and their ridiculous, obscene neutron bombs, let them lie to us until they are blue in the face: what do we care? We know by now they are strutting around on their last legs. All around us we see the beginnings of the Big Crumble; the end of their World.

There may be people who have not been able to see the connection, but the signs are pointing to huge disasters in the relatively near future. Air and water pollution cannot continue on the present scale without causing at least one such disaster. Populations cannot keep on increasing forever; there are limits to how many people the planet will hold. Builders cannot hope to fill every square foot of our earth with buildings, buildings, and more buildings and believe that no repercussions of some kind will follow. Religions will not be able to keep us in fear forever; their credibility is rapidly waning. We begin to perceive that they, too, are serving only themselves with their short-sighted interpretations. “Filling the Earth” may mean no more to them than filling their churches with humanity and their coffers with the proceeds of their particular brand of protection. The question is: if we shouldn’t join them and cannot successfully ignore them, what are we to do? Fight them, as the Writer seems to imply 1900 years ago? Pitching our pitchforks against their atomic weaponry?

In a manner of speaking, yes. You see, our strength, or the lack of it, doesn’t mean a thing. Because it will never come to a final physical confrontation between them and us. If it did we’d lose without any doubt. To be sure, they will still manage to kill a horrendous number of us, but they won’t be able to kill all of us. There will be survivors who will have the pleasure of watching their opponents destroy themselves. Their demise is self-inflicted; their continued actions can only lead to their world’s collapse.

Our fight is not against men. It is against Powers. Although men wield those powers, they are not by themselves powerful. They are driven to the point of insanity on a collision course with Ultimate Reality. This kind of power can only be fought with words. Fought with words of warning, words that reveal, words that point out and set to thinking. Fought with words to wake up our fellow-citizens, maybe some who are even now in power. Words that may make them feel hot under the collar. Words can be a two-edged sword, don’t forget.

Government receives reports, on a daily basis, on environmental problems, to which it outwardly shows concern and interest. Either it is not really listening or it has by now realized that there are scant solutions. It may know that environmental deterioration is too far advanced to profit from human interference. It may even see the handwriting on the wall, but will not, cannot, and by its cronies is not allowed to stop doing what it is doing.

The End of the World is closer than we may think. It will come suddenly, unexpectedly, at a time when everything seems to be running smoothly. Watch for it! It’s what we should hope for. It will certainly happen, as surely as the sun comes up in the morning and sets at night. This world will just self-destruct. The planet will then be ready for a new group of people, with a new World. Let’s hope it will be soon.


  1. Earlaiman on the 12. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    An excellent 1st Century BC prophecy, and current analysis of the situation the world finds itself in today, as it perches precariously here on the rim of the toilet and the fickle hand of Fate poises to pull the chain.


  2. Henk Ruyssenaars on the 15. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    Sorry to say that Simon Praamsma is right.

    It’s an enforced global suicide.

    Url.: http://tinyurl.com/2bmb5zl

    Al Jazeera – “Heatwave may rekindle Chernobyl’s curse.” – Url.:

    The main question is however: will not the evildoers, those nuclear Dr. Strangeloves, perish as well?


  3. Blair Francis Hamilton on the 29. Nov, 2010 remarked #

    This is a perfect description of the world I live in and a perfect understanding of the problem. The toxic pollution that we face (and have been subjected to throughout history), is the poison we have been taught to believe. Believing something that is NOT true defines us as INSANE, while believing what IS true sets us free. I am so glad to hear others speak out against the mass deception,and look forward to the demise of the Spin Doctors.

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