Glenn Beck promoted this video by Thomas Paine who was a good friend of Benjamin Franklin.
He wrote “Common Sense”.
George Washington credited his book with the Revolution.
Now we are in dire need of a 2nd Revolution.
Thomas Paine (resurrected) in this video asks Americans, “HAVE YOU BECOME A NATION OF COWARDS?”
Watch him as he lays out our nations problems AND what we can do to solve them
Powerful rendition of Thomas Paine himself.
This video was produced by FUNBOBBASSO on YouTube
He is to be commended for this great work (and rendition)

Thomas Paine’s American Revolution


  1. Rhys on the 10. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    I am not even an American and this video motivated me.
    But it is not me that needs motivating. The fact that I am reading these pages of good comment and ideas, excellent articles by learned people, is an indication by itself that I know where the right news is located. But it is the millions of sleepy citizens living in the US who need to stop reading the jaundiced rubbish in the New York Times and other mainstream press publications who all have an axe to grind and do it with impunity, unfettered by any regulation that states that a newspaper must be balanced, must tell the truth on pain of losing its readers. Sadly, the average US reader is unaware of the long term dangers of what is now resident in the heart of the USA, the largest and best organised fifth column ever in the world, highly organised, well funded and certainly with no interests in the welfare of the country to which they have attached themselves like parasites. They are the Zionists, Jews and Israeli fellow-travelers and they understand the mindset of the US and exploit it every day of the year with the connivance and total agreement of the elected representatives in the Congress, a weak and corrupt group almost across the board.

    So what this video has said is right. The stated solutions may not be totally achievable but the ideas are right.
    Unless you make a move soon, it will be too late to move at all.

  2. Glenn Beck is an 'agent provocateur' who is trying to give the puppet regime of Barry Soetoro an excuse for MARTIAL LAW on the 10. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    It is motivational stuff, and it is also exactly what the current regime in power wants. It wants reckless rioting in the streets, uncontrolled looting and pillaging. It needs an EXCUSE to impose a military crackdown and total destruction of the few rights that still exist (if any) in the U.S.S.A.

    Glenn Beck, and his handler, Rupert Murdoch, the australian zionist fag who controls Faux Noize and a lot of other propaganda, are pushing for the rioting and insurrection. They NEED it, because once the government totally cracks down and imposes total control over everything, then and only then can zionists then sit on their mass murdering laurels and high five each other for finally destroying the republic you once knew as the United States.

    Though revolution is indeed warranted, it must be brought about in a coherent and concise and targeted way, not helter skelter violence and looting.

    If the people in Amerika listened to Thomas Paine, they’d know that his words are not words that are asking for mindless and DICTATORSHIP ENABLING declaration of MARTIAL LAW, but they are a call to action that means; “Organize, mobilize, precision target the ENEMY” and if necessary, wage war upon IT, but don’t give the enemy exactly what it so desperately seeks, and that is a total lockdown on all and everything.

    We can beat them, but now is not the time to throw molotov’s and bricks, now is the time to organize a massive, tens of millions of citizens march on the nation’s capitol.

    If we encircle it, we can, like was done in Iceland, we can DRIVE THEM OUT peacefully, but yes, we must be ready to use force to do so.

    Not going off half cocked. But taking careful aim at the very whites of their zionist eyes!!!!

  3. Ross on the 14. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    Glenn Beck,is a chameleon who changes his colours to suit his agenda.Beck and his ilk cannot be trusted.Money and influence is his agenda.He cleverly plays both sides of the fence.

    He has distain rather than respect for the ordinary person and his ego remains supreme.

    How anyone can take this charlatan as a serious person of integrity and moral insight,is beyond me.

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