Palestine Information Center – 22/07/2010

Hamas Chief - Khaled Mishaal

DAMASCUS: Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, has explained Wednesday that his Movement follows firm and well-studied strategies in dealing with the Israeli occupation, the internal Palestinian social fabric, and the international community.

In an interview with the Jordanian Al-Sabeel newspaper, Mishaal said that his Movement doesn’t reject negotiations with the enemy as an option but he explained that the Israeli occupation is an extraordinary condition being a foreign body implanted in Palestine uprooting millions of Palestinian people out of their homes at gunpoint. Such a situation made negotiation with the Israeli occupation as the only option something unacceptable because it was proven that negotiations without having force to back your stand is a waste of time, he elaborated.

“The Palestinian negotiator now is negotiating with the Israelis, coordinating with them in terms of security, and giving them all that they need for gratis, so what would compel the Israelis in this case to give anything good in return”, Mishaal said stressing that resistance for the Palestinian negotiators must also be a strategic option in order to give strength to their stands.

“Negotiation is a tool and tactic to serve the strategy and not a strategy per se, and at the same time, it is not an alternative for the resistance and the strategy of confronting the occupation,” he underscored, adding that many offers came to Hamas in the past to sit and negotiate with Israeli officials but the Movement refused.

Mishaal also reiterated Hamas’s firm stand not to recognize or give legitimacy to the Israeli occupation in Palestine despite the strong regional and international pressures on the Movement, adding that it is a clear and decisive stand for Hamas.

Nevertheless, he agreed that the Israeli occupation, by searching for and pressing for recognition, knows it was and still is an illegitimate entity that built itself on the ruins and the land of other people, pointing out that the PLO headed by the Fatah faction had recognized the Israeli occupation but reaped nothing for that recognition.

“We want to make it clear for the entire world that we won’t recognize the legitimacy of somebody that usurped and still is usurping our lands, killed and still is killing our people”, The Hamas leader pointed out.

Moreover, Mishaal enumerated a number of reasons for the American and Israeli rejection of Hamas’s proposal of establishing a Palestinian state on the Palestinian lands occupied in 1967 and having a long-term truce with the Israeli occupation without giving it the legitimacy on the rest of the Palestinian land, including the US and Israeli belief that they have the power and the supremacy, the weak Arab and Palestinians who offered them more tempting proposals although at the expense of the legal rights of the Palestinian people, and the incitement from certain Arab and Palestinian parties against the Movement.

Furthermore, Mishaal made it clear that Hamas has no problem with the Jews or Judaism, but it has a problem [with] and fights the Zionists who stole the Palestinian land and expelled its people.

On Hamas’s international relations, Mishaal highlighted the importance of such relations, saying that Hamas exploits its international ties to explain the just Palestinian cause, and to prove that the Zionist project isn’t only dangerous to the Palestinians but rather to the entire world, pointing out that his Movement achieved good results in this regard.

In addition, Mishaal explained that Hamas is a resistance Movement fighting for the liberation of Palestine and doesn’t care how enemies classify it, stressing that Hamas will never abandon the Palestinian national constants and the legal rights of the Palestinian people on their homeland.

He also underlined that Hamas’s battle is against the Israeli occupation and that the Movement had never joined any alliance against any Arab or foreign country.

As far as Hamas’s view toward the Palestinian Christians, Mishaal said that Hamas deals with Palestinian Christians in a brotherly manner and based on the Islamic teaching of respecting their faith, citing a number of Palestinian Christian figures who are struggling for the Palestinian just cause, including Archimandrite Atallah Hanna, and Archimandrite Hilarion Capucci among others.

“Our followers have supported and voted for Christian candidates in Gaza and the West Bank during the PA legislative elections in 2006 like Husam Al-Taweel,” Mishaal emphasized.

Finally, Mishaal stressed the role of Palestinian women in the struggle against the Israeli occupation, adding that Hamas holds Palestinian women in high esteem being partners with the Palestinian men in that struggle, “and we are always working to develop the Palestinian women’s role in this regard”.

“There are tens of Palestinian women incarcerated in the Israeli jails, and many of them are serving long-imprisonment terms”, he said.

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  1. Rehmat on the 26. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    On May 7, 1934 – The Russian dictator Joseph Stalin (a Crypto Jew whose all three wives were Jewish) and his communist Jew helpers created an autonomous Jewish state in Birobidjan (or Birobidzhan) as an alternate to the World Zionist movement’s (lead by an Austrian Jew, Theodor Herzl) dream of Ertez Israel – a socialist/communist state in British mandated Palestine. Before WW II – the Jewish population of this Jewish state was over 200,000. However, majority of these Jews were fooled by the propaganda of World Zionist movement and made aliya to Palestine, displacing native Muslim and Christian Palestinians by stealing their land……


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