‘Humanity and Humanity’ by Richard Falk

‘Humanity and Humanity’ by Richard Falk [Youtube Poetry]


For: My Catbird Seat

Humanity and Humanity, is the first of a series of poems written and narrated by Richard Falk

Richard Falk, author of Human Rights Horizons: The Pursuit of Justice in a Globalizing World, delivers a profound message that needs to be heard. He evokes and reminds us of the fundamental principles of humanity. In so doing, he awakens our spirit of compassion and guides us towards a kinder, gentler world.

Poetry, such as this, based upon the leveling and humbling of humanity, is not going to be popular with the Western Press in this day and age, regardless of its merit as art.

It is unfortunate, but Ezra Pound was right in his Cantico del Sole.


Richard Falk , Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University is also author of  Explorations of the Edge of Time : The Prospects for World Order; Crimes of  War: Iraq and The Costs of War: International Law the UN and World Order after Iraq. He is the current  UN’s Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


  1. Dr.Falk,
    Your voice has the calm yet frightening tone of much experience that illumines the reality of what we do while muttering its opposite. Would that our words had the substance of commitment and not the airy nothingness of sound alone.

  2. Children are the most effected and precious future asset that we loose in the aftermath of a war. The innocence that we most like in our next generation is lost to the cruelty of war without even them knowing as to what went wrong and where in the process of political disgrace they lost their childhood.
    Mr. Falk Sir, your poems are beyond the understanding of the people who do not understand decency, and you Sir are one of the most decent of persons.

  3. the truth stikes fear in the hearts of those that create fear, the truth strikes fear in the massess because they are afraid . thus those that see through the lies are laughed at ridiculed or killed, thats the way the creators of fear remain in controll.