Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussing their countries’ foreign relations resembles two lovers discussing their future together. Though they have squabbled in the past over trivial things (things like settlement expansion that most other countries deem flagrant violations of international law), their July 6th meeting at the White House showed that their “unbreakable bond” cannot be shaken.

Norman Finkelstein joins GRIT tv in the studio to report that one should judge the alleged “peace process” with results, not rhetoric. Obama has certainly given enough lip service to settlement moratoriums, proximity talks, and direct talks, but what are the results? Since the Oslo Accords in 1993, there are three times as many settlers and Israel has annexed 42% of Palestinian land for even more expansion. Though Obama waxes eloquently about “direct negotiations,” there are no signs of Israel withdrawing to the 1967 borders that would only begin to indicate a successful peace process.

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  1. Earlaiman on the 09. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    Do not be deceived that this meeting was about the Middle East, and events in Palestine and Israel. It was NOT!

    Everything which transpired between Netanyahu and Barack Obama in their last lovefest assignation makes sense if you consider that this is an important election year for Obama’s ostensible Political Party, with portents of the future opportunities and threats he will face himself in 2012.

    Given the circumstances, why should we expect anything else but some tender and expressive kosher ass-kissing?

    The only worthwhile question is;

    Just how much country did he trade for personal and Party ambition?

  2. Brian Concannon on the 09. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    Bibi is a servant of Lucifer – Obama is a servant of the Rothschilds/Bibi satanic zionist NWO globalist mafia

  3. george in Toronto on the 09. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    All I can suggest–USA needs term limits for all politicians
    MAXIMUM 2.
    What bothers me most,why Americans can not confront fed politicians on the Israel grip hold on USA. Why is there such fear but it’s AOK for the media and Ashkenazies to get away with bad mouthing Muslims?
    I thought news media were licensed and regulated on not to lie.
    Time to burn down all Satan’s Kosher Media .
    Has anyone bothered to confront their local Fed politick om the issue that Jews are not only wrecking palestine but US of A :^/

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