July 4th, Independence Day to Americans is coming up, our 234th.  This is one of a series of patriotic holidays that, though we don’t admit it, are slowly slipping away, Veterans Day also called Remembrance Day or Armistice Day and Memorial Day among them.  We have others but they have long since faded into long weekends for government employees.  The story is the same, parades to remember the dead, the disabled and the veterans, now almost all seen as damaged goods, a burden on society, same story war after war.  Wars have never been what we say they are.  As time goes on we learn that more and more.  Even the cleanest war of all, World War II is falling apart, our propaganda slowly being exposed and, despite continued endless drumming about the holocaust, now little more than durable cover for mass murder in Gaza.

The lines between friend and enemy have blurred.  Today, many historians believe Germany should have won World War I, backed by the US.  History has made that one easy, no Hitler, no holocaust, no communism, no Cold War, no Korea, no Vietnam.  Helping “the Allies” win the war cost a billion people decades of brutal slavery leading to, not just one more war, but every war we have fought since and have yet to fight.  Without Britain and France trying to rule the world, using America as the surrogate for their bastard policies, none of today’s problems would exist.  Whether we are talking Lord Balfour and the Rothschilds or the division of India or Africa or the Balkans, we really screwed up that time.

Three of the only governments the American people can trust, not the American government, as even our own people don’t trust our government, are Russia, China and Vietnam.  How many of the rest were bought by “banksters?”  Certainly the US, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Israel, in fact it seems they may be the “banksters.”  Can a government be a government when every tax is meant to help the banksters, every weapon meant to enrich their “war profiteer” clients, every treaty, every war, every threat, every new law has to pass the “bankster” seal of approval.

What if every political race was only one group of thieves trying to crawl closer to the money tree, scrabbling over the others with their attack ads, all paid for, both sides, by banksters, the same banksters.  The accusations are a joke.  Which candidate sexually molests younger children or steals more than the other? Who carries a bigger bible or who loves Satan more? The real game is war.  There is a delightful efficiency to war.  War is paid for by borrowed money that is paid for by taxes on the people whose children fight the war.  One corporation over all has profited from America’s ten years of war, Exxon.  Yet Exxon doesn’t pay a single cent of income tax in the United States on billions and billions of income, money made from oil secured by thousands of American war dead and fleets of ships protecting their interests, theirs, not  ours.

Look at any of our world conflicts.  The CIA claims they haven’t heard from Osama bin Laden for nearly a decade and that Al Qaeda could fit in a school bus.  With the Taliban only fighting the US because they hate Karzai, they seem flexible about letting the US stay in Afghanistan, they don’t seem to mind us that much, could there be something behind the war we aren’t seeing?  Could be be in another Iraq, a war we got suckered into, twice, frankly.

Oh, you didn’t know.  It seems that there were some nasty financial dealings between Kuwait, the slave state, and Iraq, that might well have given Iraq very good reason to invade back in 1990.  That story was buried behind the newspaper lies about babies being taken out of incubators and poor decent Kuwait citizens being executed in the streets.  Saddam had been Americas best friend for a long time.

Who set the whole thing up, suckered Kuwait into kicking Saddam one time too many, suckered Saddam into invading, suckered America into going to war where we, frankly, shouldn’t have cared less?  The special country that did that was Israel.  If Saddam was around, running Kuwait, do you know what kind of danger America would be in?  We would have a powerful ally sitting next to Iran instead of a weak and divided country that Iran manipulates at will, giving them virtual control of nearly a fifth the world’s oil supply.  We got suckered.  That’s what surrogate warfare is all about, we carried the baby and someone else got to eat it.

Saddam simply couldn’t believe the United States was so stupid.  He kept extremists at bay, kept terrorists out of Iraq, produced oil for the United States and kept it flowing as expected, bought everything we had to sell and paid his bills on time.  Can we believe all the terrible things he did?  Yes, some of them.  Inside his own country, the sheiks with the real power were getting sick of him.

Saddam was sounding more and more like, well, Dick Cheney, a liability even in a dictatorship.  In the end, however, whatever bad Saddam had done, paled in comparison with the damage America did, bringing in mobster-bankster rule, starting a civil war, loading Iraq withterrorists, and leaving the country in ruins with well over one million dead and millions more in poverty.

We destroyed an ally, yes a dictatorship much like the one we are building in America today, destroyed its people, and why?  It was money.  Follow the money.

With troops arriving in Afghanistan every day and our military and that of Pakistan, fighting a largely unreported war, one nobody knows about or cares about, it is time we refocused on some hard questions.  Who we are really fighting and, especially, why?  Once we began the farce of the “imbedded journalist” we have little left but professional storytellers, propagandists and puppets to honor real men fighting a war.  No insult could be greater.  Whether these “paycheck chasers” are willing to sell their souls for “access” or simply close their eyes out of fear of murder at the hands of the drug gangs that make up the government of Afghanistan and too many of the foreign forces that support them or are simply unskilled, clueless and blind, it isn’t clear.

A few voices out there begin to get it, but no one puts it all together, the fact that Afghanistan is little more than an sideshow of the 62 year old conflict between India and Pakistan, a long running conflict, hot war and terrorism, that has gone global.   With Pakistan the surrogate of China and India the surrogate of Israel and America mindless and confused, being pimped by druglords here, oil companies there, and, of course, our masters in Tel Aviv, how could anyone keep up?

There would be no reason to draw the United States into Afghanistan, certainly 9/11 had nothing to do with it, there were no terrorists in Afghanistan at that time, unless something else was going on.  What was going on that needed the US to be pushed into an area so remote that resupplying troops is almost impossible, an area where running terrorist operations from is equally insane.

The Taliban had ended narcotics production.  Without the drugs, the governments of the Caspian oil and gas nations wouldn’t become the narco-states now destroying Russia.

With Afghanistan, you also get Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the golden goose of all time, Kazakhstan, ancestral homeland of the Khazars.  When these nations are added to Georgia, Azerbejan and Armenia, it begins to make sense.

You now control, not only 40% of the natural gas in the world but much of the planets untapped oil reserves along with many of the worlds oil pipelines, new and proposed, all making up the future of the hydrocarbon driven world economy if left on its current destructive path.

Were one to check the military expenditures of these nations, where their security forces are trained, their technology originates and their weapons, always unaffordable, building an addiction to foreign control, come from, it will be no surprise.

If you ever wonder why America is being demanded daily, every newspaper, every television network, nearly 90% of our congress, and dozens of “think tanks” all demanding war against a country that has never threated the United States and was proven by the CIA only last year to have no nuclear weapons program, to invade Iran, simply look at the map.

With the alliance between Israel and India and the primary war partners being the United States and Paksitan with Afghanistan more a passive victim, 88% of the population part of an insurrection against the Karzai Brothers of Kabul and their drug cartels and army of petty thugs, the situation is schizophrenic at best.  Considering the official enemy, the Taliban, operates entirely on American financing, we can take it beyond normal schizophrenia.

America is fighting a war with Paksitan providing massive support against the Taliban, fielding even more troops and suffering more casualties than the US.  At the same time, however, the US has allowed India and Israel to openly operate in Afghanistan, intelligence and terrorism support activities against, initially Pakistan but arming and training terrorists who have, on more than a few occasions, attacked the US as well.

Imagine what it would take for America to allow something like this, what “unbreakable bond” would be required to allow Americans to be killed, just like with the USS Liberty, by our own allies?  This is some of the danger of surrogate warfare.  There are no allies, only masters who don’t pay the bill but reap the benefits of the chaos they cause.  Thus, China fights India through Pakistan while Israel fights Pakistan through the United States,  the Nation of Karzai and India.  The proven method, the same one that destroyed Iraq and underwrote the deconstruction of representative government in the United States, replaced by a thinly veiled police state ruled by a foreign controlled oligarchy, is also destroying Russia and ready to pounce on Iran.

The art of staging, application of game theory by what author Jeff Gates and, coincidentally,  Secretary of Defense Robert Gates call “the people in between,” the creators of myth, the manipulators of the bizarre religious fables regarding Jewish supremacy and its role in global apocalypse, leave any trace of national will, patriotism, or even self interest secondary to surrogacy and enslavement.

Thus, the great Christian colossus, America, and its global military hegemony becomes a helpless dupe, stuck in war after war making even the hypocrisy of Vietnam seem like a holy crusade in comparison, each war more vile, more venal, more cruel than the last.  Tens of thousands of troops, spending years away from home, drugged on anti-psychotics, almost afraid to return to the United States to suffer at the hands of our military, courts, the VA, troops who fear ending up in a prison cell as did so many Vietnam vets.

With no jobs, no assurance of anything for many, even families have disintegrated during the senseless ten year conflict, agreeing to spend a lifetime in the military is the only chance for survival for most.  What was meant to be a professional army is now a force of highly trained economic hostages.  If the Nation of Karzai is a narco-dictatorship, and it is, ruling the city of Kabul with an iron checkbook, a medieval duchy in the midst of a permanent national uprising, can Americans even be called mercenaries anymore?

Are we any better than the street corner thugs seen in so many of America’s cities, peddling the agricultural produce, the poisons brought in by our Mexican and Afghani-NATO cartels?

What has ten years of surrogate war brought us?  Americans don’t want to hear about the war anymore, though the economic collapse it has brought provides an endless stream of desperate unemployed to fill the armed forces, that or starve.  Every day, fathers, some in their 40?s, try to leave their tearful familes, offering themselves to fight permanent war just to guarantee minimal healthcare for their kids and a poverty level life, an alternative to starvation.  Each day, mothers prepare for deployment, leaving children with friends, relatives and even strangers.

Our huge success recently?  We killed 500 mid level Taliban leaders who, if we simply discarded the Karzai cartel, would have been fighting alongside us instead of against us.

Eventually, it will all end, simple entropy will wear down everyone involved.  The government that could have been put in place 20 years ago or ten years ago, were the United States not led around by the nose, will take over.  We can call it anything we want but Karzai will be gone.  What will the big win be?  At best, we can have what we could have negotiated the day the Soviets pulled out in 1989.  However,  America was leaderless then, secretly preparing for the run-up to Gulf War I, you know, the war before Gulf War II.  We were too busy preparing for Saddam’s surprise invasion of Kuwait.

Long ago, AIPAC proved it could hoodwink backwoods Christians into siding against American interests.  Every member of congress that couldn’t be bought outright could now be threatened with removal.  America as we knew it fell.  9/11 brought us Homeland Security, FISA and an end to everything our constitution meant to us, setting the stage for America to morph from free nation to international war pirate, a giant Somalia with nuclear missiles and aircraft carriers.  This is the nation we see today, preparing for a surrogate war against Iran or is is Venezuela or Turkey or Pakistan?  Why should we care, it isn’t our country anymore anyway, we just go where we are told.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today .

Israeli Nuclear Espionage: The Art of Keeping America at Risk for Fun and Profit


  1. 4th of July is a cruel, cruel JOKE, Gordon.. on the 04. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    There was once a time when I used to think that the people with the ‘support OUR troops’ ribbons on their SUV’s were just misguided and or STUPID, but not any more.

    Today, I took a good hard look at faces in vehicles with those stickers. The drivers were all in their own little world, tooling along, happy as clams…obliviously disconnected from reality that in a few short days, their entire world here is about to be turned upside down once the Iran war starts.

    Then I want to see how many moron’s in this country have those goddamned yellow ribbon magnet stickers on their land yachts. Or, with McCain/Palin stickers still.

    This Barry Soetoro guy is going to strike Iran just as sure as after fall comes winter. I see the preparations being made where I live. The changes in the military hardware deployments. The increases in security on the bases. Something is about to happen any day and when it comes, I wonder how many of these idiots are going to condone it?? Fifty percent? Seventy percent??

    When the draft is re-started and people are yanked off the streets and popped into C-17′s and shipped into a forward deployment area for battle, and then start coming home in large numbers in transfer cases, I wonder if those same hyena and jackal offspring with the ribbons will still support the troops then?

    Tonight at the height of the firework window of time, the normal hour plus racket was a mere twenty minutes if that…and the fireworks stands all looked more or less ‘deserted’ today as I had driven past them. Who in their right mind can afford to piss away money on fireworks when most are without jobs and on EBT cards to buy food with??

    Patriotism has turned to JINGOISM here, and today it took all of my self-control to not really lay into a few people for telling me to enjoy my FOURTH OF JULY.

    Enjoy it? Today, I wondered why it’s celebrated. I wondered today how many people our drones murdered in Afghanistan or Pakistan. How many children died in bombed out houses our fighter jets destroyed trying to kill ‘one’ or ‘two’ SUSPECTED bad guys who are no more affiliated with any AL QAEDA any more than THE TOILET is affiliated with anything but our buttocks.

    Amerika gets more surreal and bizarre by the second, and for some reason, I fail to see much reason to celebrate much of anything when my vote doesn’t count, my government doesn’t represent me, and it murders in my name with such aplomb.

    Amerika is truly, beyond any reasonable doubt, either disconnected from reality, or I went to sleep one day and woke up in a land full of robots with no heart and no feelings, and no guilt for what is being done in other nations under a U.S. flag.

  2. dogismyth` on the 05. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    I hear you loud and clear. I’ve been living in zombie land for many years, wondering why americans are so deeply asleep. My wife still attempts to calm me down when I see those ridiculous “support your troops” sticker on cars. Americans are zombies that wastefully consume everything in sight, and never wonder about how the rest of the world lives. I look forward to the reset. As soon as the royal bloodlines are removed from this life, the sooner mankind can resume its spiritual journey towards peace, freedom and happiness. All thing s are possible, but not with those that Are in charge, and those that have been in charge. There is no difference mind you. They have always been in charge. Go for the root…the weed will die accordingly.

  3. LoPhatt on the 05. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    I think what you say is true. I also fear that it is wider than that. If you look at the other countries of the world you will see that each, in their own way, is heading in the same direction. I do not believe that this is a coincidence.
    This cabal of “banksters” or “controllers”, whatever term is used, has an agenda and we are all deeply in the middle of it. In many ways we are captives of our own desired beliefs.
    We all want to believe the myth that we are living in countries who’s leaders advocate for their interests. This is patently false. The current crop of mutts in office clearly serve themselves and those who they work for. That is not us. The goal here is to make us all so disgusted (rightfully), with their performance that we are willing to accept the future they have planned for us. That will be a complete feudal system that amounts to “state worship”. They, of course, will be the “state”.
    We are not “heading toward fascism”, we’re there. Does anyone really believe that they will announce that? The cops and the Coast Guard work for BP? They want to control opinion on the Internet? Comrade Soetoro rules by executive fiat? Israel kills American citizens in cold blood and we don’t even raise a fuss?
    I’d say we’re deeply into where we are going. Every day that passes brings more “control”. They want us barefoot and winding generators in a mud hut for a living. Very soon they will have sucked all available value from the collapsing economy, converted it to tangible assets and they’ll let it collapse. They will own everything and we’ll own worthless paper. It’s all in the plan.
    Well, Happy Fourth! You may suspect that the solution for this is to not allow them power. If we know they do not protect our interests as peoples, why would we wait and expect some sort of good outcome? That would truly be insane. The cure for this is to become “cats”. Ever try to herd cats?

  4. rexw on the 05. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    I always thought that Independence Day was a celebration of freedom from the hapless British, once a power of some magnitude. It always seemed to me that had such an action not occurred it would not have made a great deal of difference to the US, one way or another. Other countries that were settled by Britain , some of which like Canada, New Zealand and Australia have all survived, prospered and the involvement of Britain has made little difference to their progress and development.

    Now what the US needs is a really worthwhile Independence Day, independence that is from Zionists, Israelis and the Jews. The US has allowed the current situation to become a disease of enormous proportions until it has now penetrated every aspect of American life to the detriment of the country in every way imaginable.

    By Independence Day 2011, you should establish objectives for the USA along these lines:

    No person has two passports
    Israel receives no funding or aid
    Israel is treated as just another country, no more no less.
    The US prosecutes both the 1967 Liberty scandal and 9/11 without a cover up if that is possible.
    No senior position in the administration can be occupied by a Jewish person who hasn’t lived in the US 25 years.
    Newspapers, media and entertainment industries can not have Jewish ownership or control.

    Now if those objectives can be attained by 2011 you will really have an Independence Day worth celebrating.

    If they aren’t, then you can continue to be manipulated by the Liebermans and Schumers of the country while the pathetic administration sits on their hands, yet again.

  5. Edward Cupp on the 05. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    4th of July is a cruel, cruel JOKE, Gordon

    as stated above…. Amerika is spelled america !!

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