Traboulsi: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are not allowed in most professions, denied many civil rights.

Paul Jay Senior Editor of The Real News Network, in a recent interview asks  Fawwaz Traboulsi, Professor of Political Science and History at the Lebanese-American University and American University in Beirut, to shed some light on the issue of Palestinian civil rights in Lebanon.

Under Lebanese law, Palestinian refugees cannot own property or hold most white collar jobs such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects.

They are also denied social security and medical aid in state hospitals.

On Sunday, thousands of Palestinians from 12 refugee camps in Lebanon, gathered outside UN headquarters in Beirut to demand basic civil rights in Lebanon. The demonstrations were  organized by Palestinian and Lebanese non-government organizations.

The demonstrations, comes after Democratic Gathering bloc leader MP Walid Jumblatt on June 15th, submitted a proposal to parliament to grant Palestinians residing in Lebanon civil rights.


Fawwaz Traboulsi has written on history, Arab politics, social movements and popular culture and translated works by Karl Marx, John Reed, Antonio Gramsci, Isaac Deutscher, John Berger, Etel Adnan, Sa`di Yusuf and Edward Said.  His most recent book in English is A History of Modern Lebanon

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