By Mohamed Khodr


The World (except U.S.) is singing: “Gaza on My Mind”

“The Modern Age is the Jewish Age, and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century.”
–Yuri Slezkine, Professor of History at University of California, Berkeley, “The Jewish Century”; Princeton University Press

“What shocks and worries me is the narrow-mindedness and the shortsightedness of our military leaders. They seem to presume that the State of Israel may or even must-behave in the realm of international relations according to the laws of the jungle– -the long chain of false incidents and hostilities we have invented, and so many clashes we have provoked;”
– From Diary of Moshe Sharett, former Primer Minister of Israel in Livia Rokach, Israel’s Sacred Terrorism published 980

“Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be aintained by violence. Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle”.
–Alexander Solzehnitzhyn

History will record May 31, 2010 as the day that ended the brutal and inhumane siege and starvation of 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza and the day that launched a Free Palestine. It is a day most deserving of an annual worldwide celebration and remembrance. An event worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize nomination..

For 80 years Israel’s guiding principle has been state sponsored terrorism, a terrorism referred to by Moshe Sharett, former Prime Minister of Israel in his diary as “SACRED TERRORISM”.

“In 1943 former Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir wrote an article entitled “Terror” for the journal of the terrorist organization he headed (Lehi) in which he proposed to “dismiss the entire ‘phobia’ and babble against terror with simple, obvious arguments.” “Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be used to disallow terror as a means of war,” he wrote, and “We are very far from any moral hesitations when concerned with the national struggle.”
–Quote from Noam Chomsky’s: “International Terrorism: Image and Reality”, In Alexander George (ed.), “Western State Terrorism”, Routledge, December, 1991 (Must Read)

The Freedom Flotilla story is well known by now to the entire world except in the U.S. where the Government and media did their Pro Israel duty to immediately go into attack and spin mode that Israel is the real victim and the unarmed civilians were the attackers. Not even the murder of an American citizen was worthy of any attention by Obama, Clinton, or the Jewish owned and run media.

A Flotilla of human rights activists delivering emergency humanitarian aid to besieged Gaza accomplished what the entire world hasn’t been able to do for three years, and that is force the issue of Gaza’s illegal and inhumane siege by Israel, the truest evil empire on earth, to the forefront of world attention.

These activists risked everything including he lives of 9 human beings to show the world that a united activist citizenry can change the world. We all must join them in their cry for freedom for Gaza and an end of the most evil and brutal military occupation in modern history of millions of Palestinians.

We must raise our voices, our monies, and protest to end the military hegemony of Israel and its puppet supporter America upon innocent populations everywhere. We must all join the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement.

Only fear can hinder our voices. The time for fear is over when so many of our brothers and sisters have been massacred by Israel and America.

A world united in the call for freedom for Gaza and the end of occupation of millions of Palestinians can defeat the greatest armies.

As with all Israeli atrocities for decades Israel informed the U.S. of its planned attack on the Flotilla and received the American Green Light to proceed, but Washington did urge to act with “caution and restraint”. (Washington Post: 6/3/10)

Israel has characterized the “incident” as a “pre-planned attack and trap” by “political provocateurs”, “with terrorists ties to Hamas and Al-Qaeda”, as “Al Qaeda sympathizers”, “they used guns, knives, clubs. metal objects, marbles, and the latest: discovered weapons: Stun Grenades”, “a brutal ambush at sea”, and “a lynching”.

These citizen terrorists of men, women, and children who presented an existential threat to Israel’s existence included prominent personalities such as German Parliamentarians, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Corrigan, former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck, and Swedish author Henning Mankell. The ages of these terrorists from forty nations ranged from one to eighty nine years.

While the entire world condemned this illegal, barbaric, and terroristic attack on innocent civilians in international waters, the U.S., shackled by Jewish Power issued this incredulous response to the murder of nine people and the injury of dozens.

“The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy,” said Deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton

Compare that with the assessment of an international law expert, Richard Falk (Jewish): Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton and UN Rapporteur for Palestine said of Israel’s war crime in international waters.

“The incident should serve as a wakeup call for the complicit international community. There are three imperatives that need to emerge with a sense of urgency:

1. Condemnation of the Israeli attack and accompanying demand for the immediate end of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, appropriately by a decision in the UN Security Council.

2. An authoritative launching of an investigation of war crimes allegations against Israel by the International Criminal Court.

3. The widest possible endorsement and strengthening of the already growing worldwide boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign directed at Israel’s occupation policies in Palestinian Territories.

Israel and its Jewish Power friends in the U.S. staunchly defended Israel even with the most outrageous, irrational, and stupid spin lies, such as:

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States in an interview with Fox News (6/2/2010) gave the most insane description and justification for Israel’s war crime attack on the Flotilla. He said the attack was:

“perfectly legal, perfectly humane – and very responsible…Israel acted in accord with International Law….has the right to defend itsel against a terrorist threat such as Hamas, including on the open seas.”.

Only a mad mentally ill man could compare the Israeli raid on the flotilla to America’s fight against the Nazis: “The US acted under similar international law when it fought the Germans and the Japanese in World War Two.”

He also reaffirmed the worn out canard that: “We live in a rough neighborhood.” It wasn’t rough until Israel’s founding, now it’s rough because people are resisting the nuclear equipped bully, Israel.

A statement echoed by Ehud Barak, Defense Minister, saying “In the Middle East, there is no mercy for the weak” (Haaretz, June 2, 2010)

He’s absolutely right given Israel’s 80 year history of terrorism, ethnic cleansing, destruction of hundreds of villages, murder of thousands of Palestinians, first to use car and truck bombs in markets, first to hijack an airplane, first to use letter bombs, first to down a civilian airline, first to assassinate a U.N. official, and first to bomb a hotel, among hundreds of other terrorist acts. They stole a nation and murdered its people but they are the helpless victims and wonder why the world hates Israel. Indeed the world hates you and you’ve earned it and deserve it more than any nation on earth.

Israel’s ambassador in Madrid provoked outrage by suggesting Spaniards should worry more about the number of people dying on the roads every weekend and less about the nine people killed in his country’s raid on the Gaza flotilla.

Yes, nine people have died. But 155 died in a terrorist attack in India last week. Who cares about that? Have you heard anything about it?

Twenty-three Spaniards died on the roads this weekend,” Raphael Schutz told El Periódico newspaper.

“We are talking about people on board the flotilla who are connected to al-Qaida….Fifty of the people who left Turkey are known for their connections with Hamas and al-Qaida. Are these people pacifists”? They hide behind a few Europeans.” (Guardian, June 4, 2010)

The cold blooded statement of “who cares” is reminiscent of Dick Cheney’s response on ABC when told that two thirds of Americans say the Iraq War is not worth it?

His imperialistic blood thirsty response: “SO”

Or Madeline Albright’s response on 60 Minutes when told that during the decade of sanctions against Iraq half a millionchildren died (1.5 million died in total) and was the price worth it. (60 Minutes, May 12, 1996, Albright was US Ambassador to U.N. at the time)

Albright’s response:

“I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

These are the democratic nations wishing to spread freedom, liberty, and justice to the Arab and Muslim world. They are true Fascists in democratic cloaks. The lives of the innocent in the third world are expendable for the theft of oil, resources, and land.

Israel’s claims and propaganda regarding the Flotilla’s passengers, cargo, and intent have never been proven nor were any weapons found on the Flotilla.

But the lies are gospel to America’s government and media.

Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the entire world for being “Hypocritical” in their attack on Israel’s right to defend itself against “terrorism”.

Netanyahu called Gaza an “Iranian-sponsored terrorist state,” and as such it is vitally important to prevent the entry of weapons there, whether by air, sea and land,”

The media immediately began to characterize the murdered nine as “radical Islamists”; “religious fundamentalists”, and “Jihadists”, thereby inflaming Americans to accept the massacre as part of the “war on terror”.

Thus as usual Israel forces America’s complicity in its war crimes. Israel kills and America is left holding the bloody bag, having to defend and protect Israel against world condemnation, threatening to veto any U.N. Resolution against Israel, and cleaning up the blood spills that its “special ally” inflicts with American weapons and money.

When the U.N. Security Council met in an emergency meeting to consider a resolution condemning this act of terrorism, the U.S. intervened and only allowed a simple statement to be issued stepped in an prevented a resolution but agreed to a simple statement calling for a “prompt, impartial, credible and transparent” investigation into the raid”

However even that was unacceptable to Israel and Jewish Power so Obama changed course and now is calling for an Israeli internal investigation that will include one U.S. “observer”.

Israel as it has done for decades rejects any international investigation of its “self defense” massacres and genocides whether in Lebanon or Palestine.

Obama, the man whose rhetoric is sweet but has war in his heart reacted like a good Jew boy with the most cowardly reaction to this massacre. After all he is a creation of Chicago’s Jewish mafia who paid and paved his way to the White House and in return he filled his administration with good Jewish boys and girls who ensure he tows the kosher line or forget about a second term. Jewish Americans even call Obama, “The First Jewish President”.

When the U.N. Human Rights Council voted overwhelmingly to initiate their own investigation into the criminal raid the U.S. naturally vetoed the resolution to protect Israel.

After all, midterm elections are coming in November where the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate are up for reelection. None of them can jeopardize losing Jewish Power money or the support of the Jewish run media.

Hypocritically, America, the bedrock of the rule of law, admits that it’s the sole believer and supporter of Israel in its claim that the Commandoes only killed in self defense and that it has the right to stop and inspect any ship headed for Gaza, even in International Waters.

“The situation is that they’re so isolated right now that it’s not only that we’re the only ones who will stick up for them,” said an American Official. “We’re the only ones who believe them – and what they’re saying is true.”
–Politico.com, “We’re the only ones who believe them”, June 1, 2010

Not to be out done V. P. Joe (“I am a Zionist”) Biden in an interview with Charlie Rose June 2nd said of this criminal tragedy that Israel has the right to defend itself and blamed Hamas for the incident: “Look, you can argue whether Israel should have dropped people onto that ship or not — but the truth of the matter is, Israel has a right to know — they’re at war with Hamas — has a right to know whether or not arms are being smuggled in.”

Here’s President Obama speaking in the White House to powerful Jewish Americans in celebration of Jewish Heritage Month. (Haaretz, 5/28/2010)

“As a product of history and faith, Jewish Americans have helped to open our eyes to injustice, to people in need, and to the simple idea that we ought to recognize ourselves in the struggles of our fellow men and women.”

Jewish Justice (in Israel) is the epitome of an Oxymoron.

Not a single American politician dared criticize Israel for its criminality against this civilian flotilla. On the contrary they praised Israel for acting in self defense. The media also obliged by regurgitating Israel’s lying narrative and filling the oped pages and TV channels with Israel apologists. With the exception of CNN interviewing Ambassador Edward Peck, not one TV network interviewed a member of the Flotilla for their side of the story because they will contradict Israel’s victim hood lies of what happened.

Obama has failed to live up to the promise of “change” and revealed himself to be insecure, weak, hypocritical, easily bought and intimidated, and an indecisive leader.

It’s been exactly one year since Obama made his historic Cairo speech to alleviate Muslim anxiety about Bush’s policies and to reach out to the Muslim world in a spirit of “change” and mutual respect.

In the speech Obama made an emotional plea for the right of Palestinians to live in dignity in their own independent state, even calling it Palestine, a first for a U.S. President.

He called for a complete stop of Israel’s illegal and continuous construction of illegal settlements saying:

“At the same time, Israelis must acknowledge that just as Israel’s right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine. The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements” on the West Bank and outskirts of Jerusalem, he said. “It is time for these settlements to stop.”

Since then Israel has slapped, insulted, and publicly defied Obama on his call for a settlement freeze. Obama out of fear of antagonizing Jewish Power retreated from this policy. Iin fact, rather than punish Israel for its humiliating behavior he rewarded it with a $30 Billion military package and then later added another $205 of million aid with the usual lightening speed and overwhelming Congressional support of 410-5 votes. No domestic program or American constituency ever come close to the support Congress provides Israel with U.S. tax dollars. American children can die from hunger, disease, and homelessness but let’s not defy Israel.

The hypocrisy and double standards of the U.S. and European Governments when it comes to Israel is breathtaking. Their minds and souls are disconnected from reality whenever they praise Israel as a just democracy that only commits atrocities in self defense.

Amnesty International issued its annual report that contains scathing attacks against both the U.S. and European Governments accusing them of shielding Israel over Gaza war crimes. (Haaretz, 5/27/2010)

The world owes these brave citizens its highest gratitude, respect, and admiration for what they’ve accomplished at a heavy price.

We will never forget what you did for Palestine and for the world, freeing it from fear..

God bless you all.



Source for Yitzhak Shamir’s Quote on Terrorism (Must Read)


Dick Cheney’s Response: “SO”


Madeline Albrights’ response: “Its worth the price”

MOHAMED KHODR is a political activist who frequently writes on the plight of Palestinians living under the brutal occupation of Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Islam, and Arab politics.

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  1. Earlaiman on the 06. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    While the Military-terrorist thugs sent by the Illegitimate “State” of Israel were busily shooting nine or a dozen innocent and unarmed men in the heads with their weapons, they neglected to notice the collateral damage they were inflicting on the Satan-blessed bitch which bore and nursed them, Israel, to whose feet they were inflicting much more severe, and equally fatal wounds.

    While the effects of these shots into their own feet may not be too clear immediately, and while the US and their allied nursing assistants are busy mopping up and covering all of the blood, these wounds go very deep, and the flow will not be staunched by US and Israeli politics and plasters consisting primarily of barnyard offal, however effective a cure it may have proved in the past.

    Ultimately,they will bleed to death and collapse of their festering wounds.

    When eventually laid to rest, they will “disappear from the pages of history,” as one recent prophet has described it, and they will leave behind nothing more than a memory of terrorism from which the world will retain one lesson, that of their own motto, “Let us never forget.”

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