Respected White House Correspondent Helen Thomas with Former U.S. President Bill Clinton

Fearless, decent seeker-of-truth Helen Thomas, 89, the preeminent challenger of political power for a half-century as dean of White House correspondents, has resigned her position with Hearts Newspapers.  She acted in the wake of controversy that erupted when she told reporters “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine.”  While speaking plainly on behalf of the rule of law in Occupied Palestine, her message was submerged when reporters gave it an anti-Semitic twist by quoting words out of context.

It is a sad finale to an unprecedented career in aggressive, constructive journalism.  In her departure from the White House newsroom, America is the loser. The Washington press corps contains few with Thomas’ talent in challenging power close-up.

The fiascos start when Thomas made an extemporaneous burst of passion at a White House briefing in late May.  She declared, “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine.”  When asked where they should go, Thomas said they should “go home to Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else.”  Her intent was unmistakable:  Jews are unlawfully residing in Occupied Palestine and should leave.  She made no reference to Jews in pre-1967 Israel, where all Jews can lawfully reside.

Out-of-context reports on her comments stirred angry controversy.  Several commentators failed to report the words “America and everywhere else.”  This left Thomas’ quoted words suggesting only Poland and German, countries identified with extermination camps for Jews in World War II, as the only destinations for those Thom would expel.   The warped reports led Diane Nine, her longtime literary agent and friend, to cut ties.  She was uninvited after agreeing to be commencement speaker at a Washington, D.C. high school, and was falsely smeared as a bigot and anti-Semite by leaders of Jewish organizations.  Time columnist Joe Klein wanted her moved from her traditional front row seat to the back at future White House news briefings.  Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, who served President George W. Bush ,! ! told reporters she should be fired by employer Hearst Newspapers or at least lose her White House credentials.

Attempts to link Thomas’ outburst to Nazi crematories are contemptible.  In denouncing Thomas, Klein and others mention only Poland and Germany as places Thomas wants Jews now in Palestine to go.  If they included “America and everywhere else,” as Thomas actually stated, the attempted linkage of past Holocaust crematories would be blurred if not lost.

True to her reputation, Thomas spoke up for human rights, the fundamental property rights of Palestinians that are violated at an ever-rising pace in Occupied Palestine by the government of Israel, with no serious opposition from the United States, Israel’s main benefactor.  Thanks to an intimidated U.S. media, most Americans are unaware of the plight of Palestinians, who are all Arab and mostly Muslim.  Almost all Jews who live in what is left of Palestine are euphemistically called “settlers” by U.S. media, not as unlawful occupiers.  By residing in Palestine, they violate international law, Geneva Accords, and clear stipulations of the UN Charter.  The rare exceptions are a handful of Jews who belong to a peaceful, independent sect.

This dark, undeserved cloud over the reputation of an unrelenting grand champion of human rights will have a silver lining if it awakens the American people to their own quiet, complicit role in Israel’s sustained violation of Palestinian rights.

I offer unique credentials in defending Thomas.  Although a lifelong admirer, I first met her in October 2009 at a dinner in Washington.   When I greeted her, she addressed me as They Dare to Speak Out Findley, using the title of my bestseller book published in 1985.  At my invitation she spoke this past April to a capacity, enthusiastic crowd at Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois.  While hosting her at dinner the previous evening, I found her a delightful, warm, compassionate human being dedicated to equal justice for all.

For her edifying outburst, Helen Thomas should be congratulated, not condemned.   It could prove to be one of her finest contributions in our nation’s often-faltering quest for justice.

Paul Findley resides in Jacksonville, Illinois.  He served 22 years as a U.S. representative from Illinois. Paul Findley is a frequent critic of U.S. foreign policy regarding Israel. In 1989, Findley wrote the best selling book “They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby” in which he claims that the pro-Israel lobby, notably AIPAC, has vast undue influence over the United States Congress. He refers to the lobby as “the 700-pound gorilla in Washington”. The Washington Post said “former congressman Paul Findley’s message is straightforward and valid: Israeli influence in the United States, including in the inner sanctums of government, is very strong.” He is the author of a highly praised biography, A. Lincoln: The Crucible of Congress and four books on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the latest being a memoir tentatively titled, Taking the High Road: Confronting Bias, Bigotry, War.  It is scheduled for publication next spring by Lawrence Hill Books.

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  1. Hesus Chris on the 10. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Bravo Helen Thomas,
    It takes one gutsy old lady to speak the truth. Helen you remind me of another gutsy old lady who said Hell No I won’t sit at the back of the bus.

    Finally an American journalist says what the rest of the world knows, that Palestine is an occupied county. And by people of the world I mean the peoples of Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    We all feel sorry for you living in the USA, as your media is not unbiased or free.

    The greatest holocaust in History took place in the Americas, over 60 Million American Indians slaughtered and their land stolen.

    And Yes Australia, we have our own shameful past with the holocaust of the Aboriginal people.

    But unlike America, Australian’s and our media acknowledge the past and encourage all our citizens to acknowledge the truth, and as a people we say “Never Again”

    Israel and its American backers seem to say “Never Again…to us” and seem set upon revenge, and attack anyone who dare suggest that the King has no clothes.

  2. sham on the 30. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    for every pharaoh there is moses

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