In an interview with Paul Jay of  The Real News

Former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader launched a scathing critique of US media and politicians for what he said was “Professional Execution,” over the sudden retirement of senior White House correspondent Helen Thomas after she made remarks critical of Israel that were considered offensive to Jews.

Nader said American pundits had gotten away with much worse comments about Muslims and Arabs. “antisemitism against arabs is rife in politics today,” he said.

“How about Ann Coulter? she didn’t lose a 30,000 dollar speech? She didn’t lose her column, and she said horrific things about going over there and slaughtering Muslims, if they can’t be converted to christianity, she added.”

But with Thomas, Nader said: “One mistake like that, which she apologized for, and they terminated her column, they terminated her career, they’re going to replace her in the White House press corps.”

Nader said, she is a courageous journalists. She always asks the tough questions that are on the American peoples minds.  She goes right to the core of the issue by asking simple questions.

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Paul Jay’s asks that you to read his article, so you know where he’s coming from on this issue.

Paul Jay: In Defense of Helen Thomas — On Apologizing to Apologists


  1. NADER IS RIGHT on the 14. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Ralph Nader, who gets wrongly accused of being an ‘election spoiler’ in a world where elections are ‘rigged’ rather than ‘spoiled’, is dead on in this case.

    Helen Thomas should get her job back. And she should get an ‘apology’ from the assh*les in the MSM who vilified her for telling the goddamn*d truth about Israel.

    Unfortunately for all of us, Nader, and Thomas won’t get either of those things. Instead, more and more of our freedoms will be taken away, more illegal wars will be mongered by these criminal filth with dual citizenships and allegiance to Israel, and more and more American’s will lose their lives in wars that should never ever have been started, let alone ‘fought’ by them.

    My point here is that unfortunately, not enough American’s give a sh*t enough to object to the banality and the lawlessness of the hyena’s that run this government from the shadows.

    And, quite poetically, they’ll all get a taste of DICTATORSHIP sooner than later, because of that lack of interest.

    Helen Thomas, and Ralph Nader both, tried to warn us. Who listened?

    Who listened??

  2. James Forthright on the 16. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Nader clearly does not understand the playbook. The Israelis can be involved in terror attacks against the United States (911), yet somehow the Arabs get viciously attacked in the contrived official blood libel against them.
    Helen Thomas states her version of the truth, and is attacked by those who attack honest, law abiding Americans, the constitution and homeland and continue to undermine the country, its citizens and its constitution.
    Enough already.
    The sociopathic behavior has to end.

  3. george beres on the 16. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Nader was the only honest candidate the past two presidential elections. He also is the only one with the integrity and courage to speak out in defense of Helen Thomas and her honest critiism of Israeli policies. – George Beres

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