Operation Cage: a case study in Israeli false flag tactics
By Wayne Madsen — Online Journal Contributing Writer

(WMR) – Top Turkish government and intelligence sources told WMR in Ankara and Istanbul that Turkish intelligence has obtained evidence that Israeli intelligence is squarely behind repeated Ergenekon “deep state” plots aimed at overthrowing the Turkish government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, including Operations Sledgehammer and Cage.

Israeli special operations personnel have also been discovered by Turkish intelligence providing support for Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) terrorist attacks aimed at Turkish army and navy personnel. Israeli forces, operating from northern Iraq, are believed to have provided support for a recent PKK attack on a Turkish army post near the town of Semdinli. Ironically, Turkish forces used an Israeli-supplied Heron unmanned aerial vehicle system to track down the PKK in Iraq and identify their Israeli support team.

Mossad support for the Cage Operation Action Plan, hatched within the ranks of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, is a textbook lesson in Mossad false flag operations around the world.

As reported by Today’s Zaman, Cage plans were found on a CD last year in the office of retired Major Levent Bektas, who was linked to caches of buried weapons in Istanbul. Cage plans called for the assassination of non-Muslim figures in Turkey and then casting the blame on Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP). Cage was actually implemented in the assassinations of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, Catholic Father Andrea Santoro, and three Christian missionaries in Malatya. Behind these assassinations of gentiles was the hidden hand of the Jewish state’s intelligence service, Mossad, according to informed Turkish sources.

Cage also targeted school children. TNT was have to been placed in a submarine on display at the Rahmi M. Koc museum in Istanbul and detonated at the same time a group of school children were due to visit the site. According to Today’s Zaman, Cage was divided into four parts: “Preparation,” “Raising Fear,” “Shaping Public Opinion,” and “Action.” The similarities between Cage and the well-documented Israeli pre- and post-involvement in the 9/11 attack on the United States are stark, particularly the “preparation” phase involving hundreds of Israeli “art students” and furniture movers who were, in reality, Mossad and Israeli Defense Force special operations personnel.

The “Action” phase included assassinations and kidnappings of major non-Muslim figures in Turkey, as well as the planting of bombs near non-Muslim targets and arson attacks on their homes and offices. The “Action” plan also called for placing propaganda in key media outlets, including pre-designated web sites, blaming the terrorist attacks on Erdogan’s AKP government.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.


  1. the cook on the 27. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    if this is truly the case,is it not an act of war.what i fail to understand is why is turkey not doing the same thing in so called israel,i would bet that were it to happen in tel aviv,the jew would go into panic mode,israel likes to be the sneakie one but they hate their own medicine.they could point the finger at turkey but i also bet they could’nt prove it.two nations on this planet act as one,if mossad is involved so are the cia.it’s time to buckle up and hang on.

  2. proud american on the 27. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    What is needed from Turkey is leadership and discipline.
    Turkey has to be a regional and world leader.
    Turkey is a powerhouse all on its own.
    Israel cannot survive for a day without UN, US, US doing all of its dirty work for it.
    Turkey will stop israel dead in its tracks.
    Turkey will beat back israel.
    I want to see a strong and healthy Turkey.
    That makes me very happy.

  3. WhiteHotTruth on the 28. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Turkey is a power all on its own. Israel CANNOT stand without siphoning billions of dollars in aid from America and military technology from the same. What boggles my mind is…

    Why would America continuously allow these israeli snakes to suck money from their coffers???

    Not only can it be plainly seen that these israeli nazis are pure evil, it is also against American law to give a single cent to israel, Symington Amendment 1976 says so.

    P.S.: Go Turkey!… Lets move all the israeli nazi onto another planet in another solar system.

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