“…we’re talking about an event that was run by a rogue organization in the Israeli intelligence community” (Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on the Jonathan Pollard spy case)

In a shocking revelation today, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren admitted that super-spy Johnathan Pollard, responsible for the murder of 100 CIA agents and the turnover of 360 square feet of vital intelligence to the Soviet Union wasn’t really working for Israel at all.  In 1998, the government of Israel admitted that Jonathan Pollard was a spy for Israel, having stolen nearly every NATO defense plan needed to assure a Soviet victory in case of war.  Israel claims that a defense agreement, not in evidence, makes any information held by the United States, found useful to Israel, no matter its security classification, property of the State of Israel.  The Israeli news agency Haaretz quotes as follows:

“Israel’s ambassador to the United States on Monday said that convicted spy Jonathan Pollard was not working for Israeli government spymasters but for a rogue intelligence agency – apparently contradicting an official state position.”

In this instance, secrets meant to defend NATO from Soviet invasion were useful to Israel who traded them in order to get Jews released from Russia and allowed to immigrate to Israel.  Israel contended that it was their inherent right to that information because they had a vital need for it.  In that information, along with locations of all vital NATO nuclear facilities, were the names of all CIA operatives working behind the Iron Curtain and details on their contacts.  After this information went to Israel, then to Russia, all involved, CIA handlers, agents and their families were murdered, the biggest intelligence disaster in American history.

As a result of the Pollard incident, a reminder of the slaughter of the crew of the USS Liberty in 1967, many members of the FBI, CIA and US military had become extremely resentful of Israel.  The payment of $1 million to Pollard by the Israeli government in 2001, just prior to 9/11 and his status as Israel’s greatest living hero, was seen as proof of official sanction for his spying, sanction backed by the 1998 admission.  Now, however, Ambassador Oren has announced this was simply cover for Israel’s embarrassment at its inability to control a massive rogue operation, not only of spies but special operations groups of every kind, working around the world but in no way, whatsoever, answerable to the Israeli government.

Thus, the suppression of Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks, including the arrests in New York of Israeli operatives as terrorists involved in the attack, and their subsequent release, can now be understood.  As to what part this rogue organization that has misrepresented itself as government sanctioned, typically as Mossad, was involved in the planning of 9/11 is unclear other than their foreknowledge of the attacks.

Were Israeli’s warned in order to incriminate Israel? An examination of casualty figures for the 9/11 attacks shows a number of victims with Jewish names but no holders of Israeli passports, although many were employed in the World Trade Center, the largest group of foreign passport holders by far. Citizens of 57 countries perished on 9/11.

By far the foreign country with the largest loss of life was the United Kingdom, with 67 deaths (excluding the overseas territory of Bermuda). India had 41, South Korea had 28 and Canada and Japan had 24 each. Colombia had seventeen and Jamaica, Mexico and the Philippines had sixteen each. Australia and Germany had eleven each, while Italy had ten.

There is absolutely no evidence that a rogue intelligence operation had contacted Israeli passport holders or given out any warning at all.  However, when the fact of the bizarre statistical anomaly in 9/11 casualties came to light immediately after the attack, news organizations universally misrepresented these facts, now in “public domain.”


With the admission of a conspiracy, operating worldwide with one goal, the destabilization of the State of Israel, not by attacks on Israel but by attacks done in Israel’s name, we enter a new region in the analysis of security threats.  Most serious, of course, is the door this opens regarding culpability for 9/11, something Israel has been increasingly subject to.  Now it has become  clear that the ties between groups that were involved in the proven demolition of Building 7 and the Israeli terrorists arrested by the NYPD in no way lead to the Israeli government.  As to whether the companies owned by Israeli nationals whose catastrophic series of security failures on 9/11 contributed to the disaster are part of this terrorist ring is, in no way clearly established either.

A similar set of circumstances during the 2009 Christmas “crotch bombing” in Detroit may, however, bring into question the possibility of a pattern of conduct within this organization that Ambassador Oren has exposed.

It remains to be seen how many terrorist operations that have been tagged as Mossad can be tied to the group Oren refers to.  Attempts to get details from the Israeli embassy in Washington on the make-up of these groups, whether they are Israeli nationals, Americans of Jewish heritage, former Mossad or IDF has not yielded results.  Whether operations like the PKK attack on Turkey or the assassination of an Hamas agent in Dubai can be credit to this group remains to be seen.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today

Israeli Nuclear Espionage: The Art of Keeping America at Risk for Fun and Profit



    The ‘rogue’ label is on so many of these actor’s these days, it’s a mis-application of a word that infers that it’s not of a plan, but an ad-hoc and sudden shift of chain of command away from the real bosses. That’s not the case.

    ALL of the world’s intelligence agencies are working for the same family. Their role in life is to ‘wag the dog’ so to speak, and make the poor idiots who think they have a legitimate government go back to sleep on their couch with the clicker in their hand.

    Back when the CIA sprang out of the O.S.S. here, for about 15 or 20 milliseconds in time, there may have been good intentions, but those quickly were replaced by the reality of who they were and why they were brought into existence. It wasn’t for national security. It was always to establish the ‘strings’ to the puppets, leading to the oligarchy ROTHSCHILDS who really control it all. Just read any of Daniel Estulin’s excellent exposes about the Bilderberger’s meetings that he has penetrated and written about. You’ll quickly see that these people are the de-facto governments of the world’s nations, not the puppets who stand before you and read from teleprompters because they dare not utter a word not given to them by someone else in the ROTHSCHILDS family.

    The point I’m making here is that the MOSSAD truly IS the ISRAELI government, and the Knesset is just the facade that makes it look like there’s a real democratic process there, when there never has been one. Our own CONgress and Senate in the U.S. is the same way. It’s all a huge joke being perpetrated against rank and file members of American society, but the real government is truly the gang in Langley, VA. They are in charge. They enforce the ROTSHCHILDS rules upon us. And are they ‘rogues’ when they don’t listen to a puppet??

    Naw, it’s like accusing those garden slugs and snails of being ‘rogues’ because they won’t listen to you when you declare they are to stay the hell off your roses and carnations out there in your garden.

    bad analogy, but for something to be ‘rogue’ it had to have originally been abiding by the tenets and rules of higher authority, and there has been no attempt by any of these SPY AGENCIES to ever listen to any politician. They CONTROL the politicians thru blackmail and bribery, strictly…or threat of murder.

    Rogue?? The only ‘rogue’ is the occasional member of the Press Corps, such as Helen Thomas, who stands up and delivers TRUTH when her contemporaries are busily performing fellatio on the puppets for favor.

  2. rexw on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #


    Good name? Is Hans Christian Andersen alive and well?

    There is no more tarnished name in the history of the world. A hated name, Israel.
    A disgraced name.
    Even the Nazis in the 30-40′s and their exploits pale into insignificance compared to 60 years of lies, deceit, death, destruction, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and perfidy. At least with Germany, the Allies knew they were fighting a war, that Germany was an enemy. With the insidious Israel, it is the worst enemy the free world has ever know, but cosies up to a weak US President and the Zion-prostitutes elected to serve America in the Congress and Senate.
    An absolutely unacceptable situation

    Where are the Americans of old who kicked out the British, who had the courage to say ‘this is our country and we will die for it’.
    Americans are still dying, not for a worthy cause but for a manipulated series of wars to benefit Israel.

    Israelis are a hateful people, free to permeate the corridors of power in Washington, to control the actions in the middle east to their advantage.
    The real criminals though are the people elected to represent the millions of apathetic US voters who tolerate the likes of Liebeman and Schumer every day of the week.

  3. the U.S.S.A. never left the clutches of the european bankster family Rothschilds, ever! on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Unfortunately, the ‘illusion’ created in 1776, was that the United States ‘split away’ from the British crown, and in reality this never truly took place. Oh, yeah, you’ll say; “what was the whole revolutionary war about then, dork??” and I’ll have to toss it back up at you and say; “what took place in 1913 that essentially nullified any sovereignty of the U.S.S.A.??”, and as you scratch your noggin, you might also read some stuff that a man named McFadden said in a floor speech about the event in 1913.

    We’ve never, ever, been a fully independent, not a part of the rich european oligarchy, colony. We have always had the illusion we were on our own, but as you might just now be awakening to here, you’re seeing we never were. Ever.

    The U.S.S.A. still, after all of this time, marches to the tune of Rothschilds zionist banksters, and those families are ostensibly anchored in exotic european castles with opulence and wealth beyond your wildest dreams, bought and paid for by delusional American’s who ‘thought’ they were fighting for ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ but instead, were always, always fighting for the enrichment of these oligarchs in Europe.

    It’s always been that way, and if you really study the aftermath of the so-called ‘revolutionary war’ with England, you’ll really come to grips with the fact the British were not resoundingly defeated and sent home, but only ‘stalemated’ into a lull in the hostility. Take a good hard look at the name on the company who is now, via the spill in the Gulf, that has all the power, calls all of the shots, and dictates to the puppet president what THEY are going to do or not do about the spill. Take a real, good, hard, eye opening look. And read McFadden’s floor speech. Then, you’ll no longer have to polish your belly button to see where you are going..

  4. Truthman on the 25. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Sorry, G, but you lost me on this one. Did somebody get to you? The commenters are right. Great comments, BTW. It is the time of the awakening, for sure.


  5. Geltmeister on the 25. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Trouble with the politicians is that no sooner does one speak out against Israel then they become the target of the lobby.

    Look at Rudd in Australia, in February he called in the Israeli ambassador for a dressing down over faked passports. Within a week Aussie press and TV were doing ‘profiles’ on him, painting him as unstable and dangerous. Now he has been kicked out. it took 16 weeks.



    This is how it works in the Israeli empire.

  6. Andrew on the 25. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Oh, “ROGUE Elements” huh, Poor israel, the victim again, jees!! Oren, you Sir believe oren. That guy(and his countrymen) make my skin crawl, the same way looking at Nazi pictures made me feel as a child.

  7. Tommy Tucci on the 25. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    “A Nation Cannot Survive Treason from Within” c.103BC Cicero

    The only recourse remaining to America is reproducing 310 million Gordon Duff’s

  8. Mossad Assassins on the 26. Aug, 2010 remarked #

    The CIA finances Mossad operations as well. See the following link. http://mossadassassins.posterous.com/cia-and-mossad-banking-money-laundering-and-i

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