Walter Rothschild, Founder of Israel, Riding his Tortoise



This week  “religious commandos” from Israel attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters.  Seven Israelis were injured during the attack with one member of the “Israeli Secret Police” thrown overboard by an 81 year old woman.  Jerusalem papers report that Israel is holding the woman for attempted sexual assault.

Is it illegal to rape a pirate on the high seas?  We are waiting for a ruling from the International Criminal Court at the Hague on this.

One “commando” tripped over a wheel chair in the dark and fell down a flight of stairs.  The injured commando, an Obergruppenfuhrer, a rabbinical rank with the IDF, said, “After shooting the man in the chair, I quickly ran over to get his watch.  Imagine how I felt, nearly giving my life for a stinking Timex.”

The helicopters and boats used by the “floating and flying rabbis” were paid for by the US as part of a USAID program funding health clinics in Gaza.  Israelis working with USAID on the project indicated that they the “Peace Flotilla” was mistaken for a “refugee resettlement cruise.”

“It is our job to care for the Palestinians.  We were only there to do medical inspections, picking those that are healthy enough for labor and finding those who are unfit and need “special treatment.”  Sixteen were selected for delousing.  Relatives of those who received “special treatment” are waiting for a list of names and where to pick up the ashes.

The United States Senate, led by Josef Lieberman, John McCain and Charles “Chuckie” Schumer, voted unanimously to continue their unbroken support for Israeli efforts to provide a decent homeland for Palestinians, “no matter how many of these worthless Muslim bastards have to die in the process.”

Senator McCain was quick to point out, “My father, Admiral McCain helped organize a similar Israeli effort when the USS Liberty became stranded in international waters near the same area.  Israel expended four torpedoes, firebombed the ship 3 times using napalm, hit the ship with over 18,000 rounds of cannon fire and even strafed the lifeboats but was unable to save the 34 killed and 174 injured during this rescue attempt.”

USS Liberty survivor Phillip Tourney, when questioned about the incident said, “At least they didn’t try to steal my watch.”

Another USS Liberty survivor praised the Israeli actions, “ Although nothing was wrong with our ship, after the Israelis set it on fire and torpedoed it, every effort was made to by them to motivate our US Navy fire crews.  When the Israelis came up firing machineguns at our medical and fire rescue personnel from close range, we had an excellent battle simulation.  In fact, the Israeli’s “simulated” several of our medical personnel, treating the dozens of wounded and dying, to death.”

Senator Schumer was quick to point out, “The USS Liberty incident demonstrated the highest bravery any American ally can show.  The quick action of the Israeli crew, reloading weapons, putting the dodging and wounded crew in their sights and managing to deal with the guilt and stress for years afterward, the highest level of heroism and sacrifice a son of Zion can display.”

An Israeli press spokesman released the following statement about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla rescue effort:

In the name of the exalted Grand Rabbinical Conclave of Jerusalem and the Office of Judaic Racial Purity we offer our apology for any possible misunderstandings caused by our mission of mercy this week.  With our current programs to relocate thousands of elderly Jewish “financial workers” in emergency need for seasonal vacation residences.  Other settlers have come to us demanding a safe homeland free of criminal extradition and unencumbered by tax liens, court judgments, copyright laws and other common methods of oppression and victimization of “dual citizens.”

The Judaic Republic of Israel regrets the necessity of seeking “lebensraum” in areas that had been infected with Palestinians, some for a thousand years or longer.  We wish that the international community comes to understand that the welfare of the Palestinian people, a people we offered to ship, dead or alive, to any country ready to take them, is foremost in our hearts.

Toward that end, we have been forced to offer new housing, schools and hospitals to serve the Palestinian community.  Thus far, we have managed to eliminate 44,000 substandard homes, 86 inadequate schools and to eradicate more than a dozen hospitals along with other unacceptable structures.

During the next 5 to 10 years, with additional aid from the United States, we will begin studying the possibility of replacing the destroyed dwellings with temporary structures.  In the interim, the Palestinian residents of Israel are being offered healthful open air accommodations in a supervised environment with plenty of helpful Judaic overseers to render guidance and motivation.

When asked to explain the odd interpretation of international law that allowed military operations on the high seas, we were told that the British government had, in a codicil of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, an agreement between Lord Balfour and Walter Rothschild, a well known British banking enthusiast and amateur zoologist.

Why the Balfour Declaration Empowers Israel to World Rule

The founder of the State of Israel is Walter Rothschild, the man Lord Balfour addressed his famous declaration to.  What do we know of this great social visionary and founder of world Zionsim?

Whether Walter Rothschild was acting in his capacity as a zoologist or amateur banker when negotiating with Lord Balfour over Jewish settlements in Palestine is unclear as is the source of clear authority either party had to engage in any such endeavor.

When addressed by “Lord Balfour,” Walter Rothschild was not a “lord” or a “baron.”  He was only kept out of an insane asylum because of his wealthy family.  Walter Rothschild wouldn’t  know a Zionist from a Free Methodist if he found one in his porridge.

Walter Rothschild is best known for his carriage, drawn by six zebras, often seen in London’s streets and for his inability to speak in an understandable manner.  Rothschild’s banking career ended in 1908, when he was fired from the family bank.  From that point onward, his only activity was collecting photographs of animals and pasting them into a scrapbook.  During the years from 1908 through his participation in the Balfour negotiation, Rothschild managed to buy 200,000 bird eggs and over 30,000 beetles.

When Walter Rothschild found the Balfour Declaration in his morning mail at 148 Piccadilly, he had no idea of its meaning or why it had been mailed to him.  When questioned about the Balfour Declaration, Walter Rothschild said, ” Whrump wiffen pogel hoobob bobalpop.”   Thus, a man who owned two tons of dried “toad droppings” the only subject he expressed any lasting interest in, came to make his contribution to history.

In 1932, Britain, as a reward for opening the letter containing the note from Lord Balfour named Walter Rothschild a Baron based on their belief that the Rothschild family was remotely related to Austrian royalty, which, of course, is not the case.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today .

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  1. rexw on the 03. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Well done, Gordon.

    I also penned a piece today with a whimsical tone and in the process of transferring it for safe keeping, lost the whole lot.
    A good thing, probably.

    Now it wasn’t as clever as your effort but it suggested that we ask Spielberg to do another movie along the lines of “Exodus revisited” with Tom Hanks of course, where all the Jews in Palestine migrate to the USI (United States of Israel), the new name from today, to ensure that when they have all gone, Palestinians will get their own country back and a big finger to Britain for starting this whole damn mess.

    It was fraught with some problems however, not the least of which was the transfer of Jerusalem to the USI, brick by brick to make them all feel at home. After all, where would you ever find a wall in the USA, oops, sorry, USI that had a wailing wall not covered in advertising billboards. No possibility of that. Something like a theme park, perhaps with Disney running the show. A whole new industry. There would be no end to its possibilities.

    This would eliminate the dual passport problem as well by having a single USI passport for all, original Americans and the new race of transplanted Jews, Zionists, and the Clinton Cabal of Zionist fellow-travellers. She will of course be made Queen of the USI (at last, our own Queen) and will pass her time between the UN as USI Chief Representative, (where she can lie as much as she likes), and the streets of New York, her original alma mater, where she can play handball with the ultra-orthodox Jews, for money, of course.

    O’Bummer? Well, he will be posted to some part of Hawaii as some sort of Ambassador of sorts where he will be able to continue on with his past specialist career, doing absolutely nothing about anything at all.

    Biden is appointed official AIPAC Cheerleader and as an avowed Zionist, he will of course pay AIPAC for the honour of that role.

    Rahm Emanuel will take on the role of USI Ambassador to the NEW Palestine and will be forced to appear once a month to sing the Palestine National Anthem on TV with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on tour, costs charged to USI Aid Abroad.

    Should he fail to do this, he will be forced to do 2 years National Service with the Palestine Desert Corps at their Headquarters in the Negev Desert named Camp Dimona, in a building yet to be cleared out of some 250 strange looking round things looking like bombs.

    All current Israeli military equipment will have the Israeli flag painted out as they did back in the days of the USS Liberty, the Lebanon war with the 1,000 pound laser -guided bomb on the UN bunker and any number of other activities in the olden days.

    But that’s all behind them now. They’re part of us. Think of it that way. They are being encouraged to study American football, baseball and rigging electronic election results, all favorite sports of the natives.

    It may seem like a convoluted way to give a country back to the original owners but after what the real owners have been through under the yoke of those new USI residents, it is the least we can do.

    Oh, finally…as the USI film industry is now controlled by the new USI migrants, all film soundtracks will be in yiddish with subtitles in an American Indian dialect as a gesture to another race of people who were very nearly ethnically cleansed like the newly- housed Palestinians

    A happy ending and worth all the pain. For those old American, original inhabitants, finally awake from their apathetic sleep, who complain that they do not like their hotdogs on a bagel, get used to it and stop bitching.

  2. Michael J Volz on the 04. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Bravo Gordon,

    What a brilliant historical narrative! And you never went to Harvard, Columbia or any Yeshiva as far as I know.

    When Speelberg ask for the rights to the movie version of your article do not sell them too cheap as you are giving a pretwisted version which will save him a lot of money.

    He will not have to pay so many “bright” young Jewish screen writers to twist the facts.They are a pain in the ass to deal with–temperamental, arrogant, self serving and so so expensive.

    My only criticism is that you imply Rothschild was not too smart. Please don’t offend Mr Speelberg with what he might see as anti-semitism. Everyone in America knows the chosen ones never have children who are nitwits, serial murderers, retards or socio/psychopaths.

    You could have as bright future too as the History (fabrication) Chanel is always in need of high paid consultants.
    It takes an exception mind to twist the facts so the devil seems to an angel and the murderer is really a hero. It must be yout “Jewish” blood.


  3. Michael J Volz on the 04. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    And please keep up the good work!

    There are still a few American Sheeple who don’t understand what a sad fix the USA would be in if it weren’t for our good Jewish “friends”! (they don’t know history that well because they haven’t seen all of Speelberg movies and don’t get a chance to watch the mainstream media enough–).

    Are you talking about Charles Scheemer? My spelling’s not too good. (I never went to Harvard, Columbia or the Yeshiva either and I have less Jewish ancestry than you).

    Every time I type Defamation League: “Defamation League”, everyone tells me it’s spelled “Anti-Defamtion Leageue”!


  4. Michael J Volz on the 04. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Dear Gordon,

    This article has awakened me to how much you are an expert in history! I don’t want to ask a stupid question but I can see from this article that you have deeper historical insight than I do (probably because you have more “CHOSEN” blood than me), but:

    Was bar-b-que invented by the Israel when they attacked the Liberty or did Henry Ford invent it when he started Kingsford charcoal briquettes out of waste wood in Michigan?

    Is it true that Jesus was not Jewish and that he was a terroist?

    Is it true that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were not really Christian and had visited a Madras in Pakistan before coming to America?

    Is it true that Jesus turned over the table of the money changers in the temple because they wouldn’t pay him for a hit that he had done for them?

    I know the Jews invented American and World History but when did they begin inventing it?

    Is POTUS Obama what’s known as a “Manchurian Candidate”?

    It’s hard to know what to believe anymore but I know you will have the right answers!

    Thanks for your patience with me! I know it’s my fault for not watching television and Hollywood Movies enough.


  5. Michael J Volz on the 04. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    It’s you fault I can’t lay off this! My fault I like the details of history that make it so much more interesting.

    It’s like hearing Wolf Blizter explain Middle Eastern affairs— you know he has it right! (not like Walter Kronkite who always getting free caviar from the Shah).

    I agree with you that the crime was particularly reprehensible because of the woman’s age and because she had sexual motivations. Just wanted know, did she have her own Cialis or was she planning to steal his?



    So is ’4′ shots to the head and one to the chest of an American college kid, too!

    I think it’s time we started to get nasty with Washingtoon, District of Corruption, and DEMANDED the dual passport holding son’s and daughter’s of BEYOTCHES in our government who are from ISRAHELL, all step down immediately and be DEPORTED.

    If America can’t stand up against this ZIONIST SH*T, then it is OVER WITH HERE!

    It’s time to start to disassemble the goddamned ZIONIST JEW LOBBY and INFLUENCE in this country, and END IT NOW!

    I mean, NOW. not next week, or tomorrow, but NOW!


  7. Bob Cronin M.D. ( retired USN/MC ) on the 05. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Gordo / 4 June,2010 — I have no problem with the substance of your essays, only the form — did you ever consider having a trusted colleague proofread your stuff for sentence structure and correct writing prior to publication ??? Your essays are right “on the money” with regard content, BUT Gordo, you write like a Marine, LOL — Cheers, rjc

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