General Stanley McChrystal, top US commander in Afghanistan has been summoned home for a “briefing,” read “waterboarding session” after news of an upcoming article in this week’s Rolling Stone magazine hit the White House.  His crime?  General McChrystal is guilty of honesty, discernment, good judgement and communicating his sanity in private with the kind of candor we lived without during the Bush years, much to our sorrow.  It is obvious that General McChrystal was targeted, not unlike White House correspondent Helen Thomas.  Why?  Who or what did General McChrystal threaten?

I haven’t always been a big fan of General McChrystal.  His willingness to “toe the line” in the face of something well beyond disaster, too often seeming to be more part of the problem than the solution has cost him credibility.  Whether his actions and seeming lack of leadership was careerism or simply as it may be coming out now, the fact that he has been drowning in a sea of manure has become clear and the general, in my opinion, is the better for letting us know.  It’s not like this isn’t a total disaster, this thing in Afghanistan, corruption, drugs, failure coming out our ears.

So, General McChrystal has noticed that Vice President Joe Biden isn’t quite up to the task.  I would call that a good catch.  I would feel better if, somewhere at least, there was an email from McChrystal referring to Dick Cheney as a dangerous sociopath and paranoid but if our general has to wake up, even at this late date, we are certainly the better for it.  Another good catch is his assessment of General James Jones.  The quote comes from an aide, not McChrystal but calling Jones “a clown stuck in 1985? borders on pure brilliance.

Another stroke of McChrystal brilliance is the quote:

“Oh, not another e-mail from Holbrooke… I don’t even want to open it.”

I wonder what it is about Holbrooke that the general is disturbed by?  Could it be drug policy?  The Holbrooke policy of paying the Taliban to grow more drugs is, I think, an original approach to eradication.  Colonel Eugene Khruschev, former First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Kabul, now commentator for RTV and editor of Veterans Today refers to Holbrooke as Afghanistan’s “drug kingpin” in partnership with “Karzai brothers incorporated.”  Do you think this might be what might be disturbing the general?

What else could be disturbing the general?  Notwithstanding the fact that we entered the war in Afghanistan under false pretenses, chasing a handful of terrorist suspects, an effort that has turned into a decade long war, really a civil war in, not only Afghanistan but now Pakistan as well, Afghanistan itself would never be a problem that could be solved by a military solution.  Dragging in the Karzai gang, surrounded by Bush era fraudsters, political hangers on and a totally disreputable Kabul regime, could only be a recipe for disaster.

With, literally hundreds of our highest ranking retired officers working as paid lobbyists for Israel or deeply involved in massive defense appropriations fraud, with dozens taking Pentagon paychecks to work for the Republican party, having a commander speak privately about his command environment is the least of our problems.  McChrystal has his job because there isn’t anyone left.  The Bush administration and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, through application of a religious and political purity test, eliminated every American military leader with backbone.  Now, when someone seems to be making noises resembling reality based thinking, our new President feels a need to assume the sins of his predecessor, a man of monumental failures.

To be honest, military leaders in America have, typically, not been the “brightest bulbs in the pack.”  With the service academies and promotion process skewed to favor reactionary elements within the military, “deep thinkers” are typically shunned.  Nobody is accusing General McChrystal of being a deep thinker.  However, when anyone in the military begins to show signs of outgrowing the sequestered permanent childhood, the culture of spineless mediocrity that has made our military what it is today, a bloated parasite pushing a poverty stricken nation into collapse, the vultures begin to gather.

My only hope is that General McChrystal and, perhaps General Petraeus might demonstrate more “reality based” beliefs, such as a broad understanding of geopolitics, history and even economics.  Thus far such things have not reared their ugly heads but who knows?  We await the signs that some of our leaders truly “get it.”  When will we hear the magic “v” word, “Vietnam” in reference to Afghanistan?

When will the magic “I” word come up, involving “that special country” that pushes us into its wars, wars that were never ours?

When will the magic “A” word come up, “America?”  A “reality based” understanding of geopolitics, history and economics behind a true patriotism, a belief in American values, putting America first, her people, her freedoms, her real traditions, would be a nice change from years of “whittling away.”  Is speaking out a first sign that Duty Honor and Country is more than empty talk?

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today .



  1. HOISTED ON HIS OWN SCUMMY PETARD IS MORE LIKE IT on the 23. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    McChristle is Cheney’s hit man who started to murder people all over the globe without any government oversight of any kind, only by Richard B. Cheney’s orders. He may be responsible for the murder of Benazir Bhutto after her disclosure to David Frost about Osama Bin Decomposing’s death in 2001, which the B.B.C. edited out of the interview. And, Seymour Hersh seems to have at least some fairly compellingly good proof that some of these murders done by McChristle, occurred on U.S. soil.

    All in all, my best guess is that the only thing that protected dear Stanley is his ‘insurance policy’ which another soldier somewhere has in a vault or safe, that categorically talks about each and every one of the V.P. Cheney murders, inclusive of perhaps a crew of a B-52H crew that failed to obey a launch order to fly ’6′ AGM-129′s they had on wing pylon stations, against U.S. targets, back in 2006.

    So I think that McChristle will probably live to see many more days, strictly because if he ‘has an unfortunate accident’ somewhere, that list of murders for Richard B. Cheney gets dusted off and published on WIKILEAKS by Julian Assange.

    McChristle is no hero, he’s another Betrayeus in drag!

  2. Doug Diggler on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    I would have to agree with the above poster, McCrystal seems to be running some kind of unrestrained Murder Inc. on the other side of the world, wholly unaccountable to any oversight. McCrystal’s main competancy seems to be his ability to get guns on people who have been inconvenient to either the military or the (Bush/Cheney) Administration who put them where they are; then keeping the dirty work well under wraps.
    Obama should have cleaned house in the Pentagon his first week on the job, but he’s a feckless tool of Wall St.

  3. Davol on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Good riddence to McChrystal. Here’s a thought. Maybe he’s why we are not winning this war. There was once a time when our enemies would surrender to us because they liked the US way better then the tyrants they fought for. Thoes days are gone thanks to torture loving A-holes like McChrystal and Betrayus.

  4. J.Mitchell on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Dear Mr. Duff:

    Just a reminder…another even higher military person, Admiral Fallon, was also taken down by an interview in either Vanity Fair or Atlantic Monthly, after indicated that “There will be no military attack on Iran on my watch”.
    I found the Admiral to be a very good guy with integrity, a trait sorely lacking these days.

  5. G Street on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Yes, it’s not a question of whether we think McChrystal is/is not the man for the job. He was appointed to the job by the CIC and is now being removed by interview. Why? Why him and why now? Who benefits?

    The separation between military and civilian power has become as blurred as the separation between church and state. Even as the military was supposed to respect political power, we seem to have a reverse case today in which the military is being shaped as a tool of a political power that only marginally represents the interests of the nation.

  6. Kia Tikaboo on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Dear Mr. Duff,

    I generally agree with your observations, however you glaringly neglect to mention McChrystal’s central role in the cover-up of the fratricide of Pat Tillman.

    The reality of vitually all of the US’s 203 post-WWII conflicts is that they are meant to be “had” but not won in order to justify the establishment of more American bases in another region to control resources that US financiers covet.

    That said, keep up the good work! You are performing an important service.




    William ‘the grey fox’ Fallon is a ‘hero’ in any person’s estimation. Unlike the Betrayeus and McCrustHole’s of the military, who are all too numerous to mention, all groveling and sucking, uh, pitot tubes for that 5th. star they so covet….Adm. Fallon was busily telling Bush that he was on his own, sending one carrier task group ‘home’ that didn’t need to be in the Persian Gulf, against the order of the puppet bastard Bush, who actually was owned and operated by zionist scum in the Whore House just like all of the predecessors before him. Under Messr’s Abrams and Addington, Bush was the cocky chimp-like mouthpiece that never had enough cognitive ability to turn My Pet Goat rightside up at Booker Elementary on Sept. 11th., but was oh so very useful as Richard B. Cheney’s puppet during those 8 long destructive years of that illegitimate cabal.

    If there ever were a member of the military I could trust to serve as COMMANDER IN CHIEF, it would be William Fallon. He’s the only man since Eisenhower, who actually had the integrity, and the guts and personal resolve to look David Addington and Elliott Abrams in the face and say; “kiss my ass!!” and live to tell about it.

    McCrankHole did so many scummy things for his handlers, that even when he covered up the Pat Tillman assassination / murder in Afghanistan, he had been so busily murdering people everywhere, that one more, an outspoken, questioning the system, G.I., was of no real import to him. Cheney ordered that murder be concealed, and that’s what he did.

    Today if the military suddenly cashiered every pile of scum that has violated their Oath of Office, we’d probably have a mere handful of 2nd. Lt’s and lesser, running it all. They’re all compromised, they all are boot lickers, and they’ll do anything for that promotion, including running ‘Murder, Inc.’ for a VICE (aptly named) President, who was, during those 8 long years, truly the ‘acting’ puppet.

  8. Sam on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    You said, “My only hope is that General McChrystal and, perhaps General Petraeus might demonstrate more ‘reality based’ beliefs.”

    Yes! And the ultimate (I’d love to see it) would be if one of these generals would publicly acknowledge the “open secret” that 9/11 was not done by Muslims, and was done by Israelis.

  9. Doug on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    What do we have to do to convince some other country to operate a “Murder Inc.” team that would rid us the likes of McChrystal, Patraeus, Bush, Cheney, et al?

  10. IN DEFENSE OF MR. 'MURDER INC' HERE on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    I don’t have much use for murderers who wear U.S. military camo fatigues in lieu of the traditional greasy pin striped suits of the ‘cosa nostra’ mafia filth, but I am going to go out on a limb a tad here in defense of McCornHole, just a smidgen.

    Wayne Madsen just blew their ‘cover’ over the Deepwater Horizon well ‘rush job’ the Whore House was secretly pushing BP to ‘drill baby drill’ over, perhaps causing this disaster in the first place. Turns out that the massive oil leak may in-fact be a bi-product of a Whore House full of war mongering zionist jackasses who were trying to get the oil reserve in place for the Straits of Hormuz closure. McCornHole, not exactly being a ‘stupid’ or ‘ignorant’ assassin, smelled the bloody fresco in work about to begin in Iran any day now, and I think he didn’t want his name on that gig.

    So, falling heavily on one’s sword in a ‘mea culpa’ resignation to another ROTHSCHILDS PUPPET doesn’t make McCornHole a total loss here. It means he is maybe diabolical, and quite murderous, but he clearly is not a total tool for the zionist b*st*rds who have hijacked this government for the past several decades.

    McCornHole did the only smart thing left. Get the f*ck out whilst the getting out is still possible. Betrayeus will be the one standing on the shores of the Iranian WATERLOO with his hand in his jacket, looking like a total DILDO, not McCornHole.

    So, I submit, that our ‘Murder Inc’ man grew a conscience, and if for no other reason than SELF-PRESERVATION and a moment of lucid sanity, told Obombaton, in closed door setting; “you can stick your IRAN WAR UP YOUR BL*CK ASS!!”, and marched out of that room.

    If this is what he did, it means he is the smarter man than we give his murdering butt credit for!! Certainly a lot smarter than ‘dying’ Betrayeus, for damned sure!

  11. Joe Cortina on the 26. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Ditto on Admiral Fallon. Gordon – If I had the big bucks – I would do a bronze of him as a personal hero figure. To me and MY personal code and MY values – HE IS A MAN!

    McWARMONGER is in reality is a sick demented psychopathic killer – a cold-blooded Godless sadistic war criminal who gets his cookies by murdering unarmed defensless civilians – OOPS – almost forgot my 60s Bragg Psy-Ops training – I meant INSURGENTS – of course. ‘INSURGENTS’ has a nasty ring to it – so much easier to butcher a ‘gang’ of ‘HOSTILE INSURGENTS’ – than a terrified family trying to defend their own homes and daughters against rapists theives murderers and sadists – OOPS – there I go again – wrong lexicon — I meant of course – “brave noble liberators!”.

  12. Jay on the 06. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    Holy Cow, did i just read all this stuff and have my naive brain splattered. You guys mean…you ain’t kidding? Please tell us civilians w/ no military experiencce that this is all a joke; what you wrote.

    Should I be scared? You mean the truth ain’t the truth?

    Who did Gen. McCrystal assasinate?

    I seen 2 movies on the World Trade Center implosions…lotta scientists and experts…say it was a U.S. inside job of Chee Knee using the bushes. That scared me too. I’m a loyal American but…but…now…I don’t know…you guys are scaring me.

    I’m gonna send this to a few friends and see if they can help me not be so upset.

    I think I’m losing my faith in Jesus too.

    Next I’m gonna think that god is really just an entity, an intelligent “it” that controls and perpetuates all of the universes.

    I used to feel so comfortable, so centrist, complacent really, 1950′s America, Jesus, Vice Pres. Cheney; the whole stinking universe (this one anyway) revolving around us. Now my whole mind is shattered.

    Don’t get me going on Santa, now.

    What is there to live for now?

    I’m taking my lifelong’s work which equals my $503.00 Social Security check and moving to Thailand and start sinning, finally. And enjoying it instead of having faith in America.

    How could I been so naive, for so long.

    What are zionists? Are they like infidels?

    Can someone turn me onto some more website, please. I gotta know more of this stuff.

    Holy Shit.

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