Why is Helen Angry?  Helen Remembers JFK.

“Caught in the act, Israelis tape edit alters “get this man a doctor” to “go back to Auschwitz”…more bungling….”

When I heard about Helen Thomas demanding that all Jews in Palestine go back to Germany and Poland I imagined her confused and outraged at the vicious war crimes committed this week and how angry she felt at President Obama for his weakness.  I saw an edit, with some cuts, and it almost seemed that this was what she was saying.  Then I saw story after story, Ari Fleisher, Abe Foxman and the gang at the ADL demanding she resign.

Imagine if Helen had called them “a pack of murdering pirates?”  Actually, she would still have a job.  This charge stands up pretty well, pirate or war criminal, both supported by top maritime law specialists.  What would Foxman say, ‘OK, we may be war criminals or pirates or whatever, but back to Poland, leave the beaches and the cheap “guest laborers?  Are you crazy, woman?”


Then I saw the uncut clip, the one that didn’t look like it came from “Bin Laden Studios” in Tel Aviv, where the phony terror threats are made to order.  Having a bar mitzvah and the real Osama bin Laden isn’t available?  You can have a tape of him singing kumbaya and reciting in Hebrew, perhaps doing a dance.  They do magic at Bin Laden Studios.

Then I saw the real uncut tape.  It reminded me of something from very long ago, Senator Sam Ervin, back during the Watergate Hearings.  Whenever someone, and there were lots of “someone’s” in the Nixon crowd, showed up readly to lie to congress, Ervin would always say, “As the English language is my mother tongue…..”

Senators Ervin and Daniel K. Inouye, Medal of Honor winner during World War II, probably saved the United States, for awhile at least, by standing up to a criminal conspiracy meant to distort and destroy every aspect of America’s constitution and system of equal justice.  When we think of the moral failure of today, we can see its roots in the Nixon presidency, a petty criminal conspiracy driven to excess by bad brain chemistry and the whisperings of Henry Kissinger.

First, lets do the “Sam Ervin” and look at what Helen Thomas really meant.  First of all, and the clip is here below, Thomas is angry and upset.  The question thrown at her….”What about Israel?”  Thomas, from a Lebanese Christian background, no, she is not an Arab despite the preachings of the ADL, threw out a challenge:

YouTube – Veterans Today -


YouTube – Veterans Today -

Transcript between Helen Thomas and young Israeli-American “journalists” seeking advice.

Interviewer:  “Any advice for these young people here starting out in the press corps?”

Thomas”  “Go for it! You’ll always be happy, you’ll always keep people informed…you’ll keep learning, the greatest thing of the profession.  I’ve never stopped learning.

Interviewer:  “Today we’re covering the Jewish heritage month today..I’ll tell ya…

Thomas:  “Meet the president?”

Interviewer:  (speaking over Thomas) “Any comments on Israel, we’re wresting everyone today” (Israel would call this an ambush)

Thomas:  Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine!  (followed by general laughter with her Jewish interviewers)

Interviewer:  “Oooh..any better comments?” (laughing)

Then Thomas turns to the camera and says, “Remember, these people are occupied and its their land, not German, not Poland.”

Interviewer:  “Then where should they go, what should they do?

Thomas:  “They should go home.”

Interviewer:  “Where is home?”

Thomas:  “Poland, Germany.”

Interviewer:  “They should just go back to Poland and Germany?” (argumentatively, drowning out Thomas) “You mean the Jews should just go back to Poland and Germany?”

Thomas:  “and America and everywhere else …why push people out of there who are…lived there for centuries…see?”

Interviewer:  “Are you familiar with the history of that region and what took place?”  (an insulting and stupid question for one of the world’s experts on Middle Eastern Affairs for 67 years)


If our interviewer was trying to nail down Helen Thomas as favoring all Jews leaving Palestine rather than recent “settlers” whose immigration is hardly seeking homeland and more seeking tax shelter or freedom from extradition, there were some things that had to be asked.

Interviewer:  “Do you believe all Jews should return to Germany, Poland, America and everywhere else or just those, as you suggest, who are forcing Palestinians off their land?


Interviewer:  “What about the Jews that have lived in the Palestine, many of whom settle in the Ottoman Empire hundreds of years ago or those who came after World War II?”


Thomas was clear about one thing, bringing Jews into Palestine and moving residents off land they have lived on for centuries to resettle them in what manycall “the open air prison” of Gaza is wrong and those Jews, she is clear on this, “should go home,” be that Germany, Poland or the area of West Los Angeles called Brentwood.  Moving families off their land so Israeli-American “dual citizens” can have time shares with a view of the “temple mount” is a poor reason for ethnic cleansing.


For many years, Helen Thomas has asked every president, every prominent politician in America one question, the most important question guiding world events and American foreign policy.  There is a reason she has asked this question.  It is a barometer on American morality, honesty and courage.  Every politician she asked this question of failed to answer, each one ducking away, dodging, “shucking and jiving” in their own way.   Every American president after John F. Kennedy’s murder has ducked Helen’s question.  Watch president Obama soil himself when its his turn.  This is the same president who turned on Helen Thomas after a phone call from Abe Foxman.

YouTube – Veterans Today -

Thomas:  “Mr. President, do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?” Asking this question is why Helen Thomas had to go


Of every journalist in America, only Helen Thomas has had the honesty to  confront issues of nuclear proliferation.  When Israeli scientists went to South Africa and built 10 nuclear weapons for the vicious apartheid regime there, something the United States is officially aware of, why were there no sanctions?  When President Kennedy, a good friend of Helen Thomas’ was murdered soon after demanding that Israel dismantle its nuclear weapons facility and Israel give up her nuclear weapons, did Helen Thomas, of all people, make the connection?  She never said so but we think she did.

Every time Helen Thomas asked the magic question, she honored the memory of John F. Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy believed the Middle East had to stay a nuclear free zone.  Once one country had nuclear weapons, all would seek them.  If India had them, Pakistan would get them.  If Israel had them, then Egypt, Syria, Iran, Libya and even Saudi Arabia would all seek nuclear programs, turning to the Soviet Union if necessary.  Kennedy believed that one nation with nuclear weapons would bring on a century of warfare that might eventually destroy the world, as the Zionists have predicted.


Despite her 90 years, Helen Thomas has been a threat to what we are told is a secret protcol between Israel and former President Nixon, one negotiated by National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, requiring America to keep Israel’s nuclear weapons secret while actively preventing attempts to sanction Israel for failure to sign non-proliferation agreements.  Subsequent to this secret agreement, the US has chosen to maintain Israel’s nuclear franchise while using sanctions and even military attacks against Israel’s rivals, attacks in violation of international law, attacks without any UN backing.

For decades, Helen Thomas, like John F. Kennedy, tried to prevent what has now dragged America into a chasm beyond survivability.  For years the ADL, AIPAC and the State of Israel has fought to stop her.  Maybe it was time for Helen Thomas to leave the stage.  Israel and its allies may already have destroyed America anyway.  Her decades of effort, though steeped in honor, may well have been in vain.  Would Shakespere have written, “Et tu, Obama?”

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today .


  1. Earlaiman on the 10. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    This screwed-up world which sometimes just need to be told.

    There are a lot of screwed-up people in this world who are just afraid to say them.

    Helen Thomas was not one of them.

    Helen Thomas was never afraid to ask the tough questions , nor to say the hard things.

    Had she been a man, she would have had to carry her cojones around in a wheelbarrow.

    Even as a lady, and she was a grand Lady with a big “L.” she is more man than those woosie pussies in the US Congress who wear pants, and the poor excuse for a man who lives up there on the hill.up there on the hill.

    He should go hide his face.

    Yeah, America lost an asset when Ms Thomas stepped down… an asset they never appreciated, and surly did not deserve.

    Thank you Helen Thomas for being you.


  2. M on the 11. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Talking and exposing is fine and should be done.

    We, who are unhappy with the Apartheid state of Israel and the Holocaust of Palestinians by it shoul all put our actions where our mouth is:


    Acts to uphold ethics are not discrimination. Israeli government discriminates and hates the people whose ancestors have lived in Palestine for thousands of years in a blatant Anti-Semitic action as Palestinians are true Semites…We must let them know by any means we disapprove of this.

  3. M on the 11. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    One more:

    Put the “Boycott Line” on the top of every blog site fighting for the demise of the Zionists every page every day.

    Let us unite for a purpose

  4. Paul and Carol Bradford on the 11. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    God bless Helen Thomas. They did not look beyond her words and what she really meant.

    You should see my expanding file labeled “Ousted Professionals.” Helen is only the most recent. We’ve got hundreds of names, pro-Palestinian professors, talk show hosts, politicians, and others who did not stand a chance against our-pro-Israeli politicians.
    Wake up, America. Guess who you are losing your homes and your economy to.

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