"The defensive might we have must be improved and become tremendously powerful, and create a situation in which no one will dare to realise the ability to harm us," Arad said. "And if they do dare, we will exact a full price, so that they too will not survive." Arad in July 2009

This is the man who probably should be criminally indicted for Israel’s high-seas massacre of people on the Peace Flotilla.The latest total is 64 badly wounded, killed, or missing.Turkey, Egypt, and other countries should certainly blacklist him from any further visits. He is Israel’s Dr. Strangelove.

Arad to right of Netanyahu in meeting with French President Sarkozy

Like with so many other sensitive things about Israel, the question needs to be asked: Why are the major US newspapers and TV networks not telling the American people about Uzi Arad, arguably the most important and most dangerous man in Israel when it comes to war and peace, the man who really has his finger on Israel’s nukes, the man who has publicly threatened to totally destroy Iran, as well as the man thought to be most responsible for the 31 May massacre?

Just a few facts and indictments at this point, but there’s much more that a full investigation would likely uncover:

  • * From 2007 until Obama and his chief of staff Emanuel took over at the White House Arad was persona non grata in the US.  He was barred from coming to the US because he was considered to be a dangerous spy as well as spy handler of Americans covertly working for the Israelis.
  • * Arad has also been accused by Palestinians of the cold-blooded vicious torture, mutilation, and killing of defensely Palestinians as far back as 1983, an offense it is rumored for which Arad may have been secretly pardoned by Israel’s President.
  • * One of the first things Rahm Emanuel did in the White House, himself an orthodox Jew with exceedingly close ties to Israel, was to arrange that the pending trial of accused Israeli Lobby AIPAC spies be ended and for Arad’s status to be changed and his visa, long denied by the Bush/Cheney Administration, approved.
  • * Arad is today the chief militarist super hawk in Israel, a shadowy modern-day Dr. Strangelove, in charge of preparing WAR with IRAN, assassinations, infiltrations, and Mossad black ops and dirty tricks as overseen by the Prime Minister’s office.
  • * It is also believed Arad may have played a role in the Assassinations of the founder of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin, and the founder of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, both in 2004 when Ariel Sharon was the Prime Minister and when the OK came directly from the White House.
  • * In his formal role today as National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister, with whom he has the closest of relationships, Arad is believed to have been the authority who gave the orders to the military to attack the Peace Flotilla and do whatever necessary to take control.  Rumors of a hit list with pictures of those to be specifically targeted and killed may also have been Arad’s doing.   A truly international investigation is needed to get to the bottom of this — the proposed Israeli investigation is of course a smokescreen designed by Arad among others to protect himself and the guilty.
  • * Arad is known to be volatile, to have arrogantly interrupted speakers at university conferences calling them lairs and traitors, and to threaten and intimidate persons staring them down and warning them he knows where they are and can get them.
  • * Arad is known to have threatened not only to destroy Iran’s military capabilities but to totally bomb and destroy the entire country and kill it’s leadership!   And he has done this over many years while Israel’s military power is overwhelming and Iranian military power quite inadequate…probably provoking Iranian leaders to feel they have to rush forward with greater and newer deterrent weapons of their own.
  • * Arad was in fact one of the most senior Israeli strategists working closely with the large contingent of Jewish Zionist neocons then in power at the highest levels of the U.S. Government in 2002 cajoling the U.S. into invading Iraq and strategizing that once American military forces were in the region the real target, Iran, would come in time.
  • * Arad is the key Israeli strategist who recently leaked the highly provocative story that Israel has decided to permanently station in the Persion Gulf the most modern Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles capable of hitting key Iranian targets within minutes.

One thing  for sure.  The NYTimes and WashPost and American TV networks are not doing their jobs, they are derelict in not investigating this key person and reporting this seriously important story.   When Netanyahu cancelled his visit to the US last Monday he quietly sent Arad to the White House to coordinate everything on his behalf.  Arad is known to have spent many hours in the White House coordinating with Obama’s top National Security man, General Jim Jones, and key Israeli Lobby operatives including the notorious Dennis Ross who works in tandem with Rahm Emanuel.  Arad’s efforts resulted in the US not condemning the Israelis as nearly everyone else in the world has done, in Obama contacting the Turkish Prime Minister on behalf of Israel, and in the blocking of strong U.N. statements and actions.

A thorough investigation into not only Arad’s role in this most recent massacre but into his past, including his explosive temperament, alleged cold-blooded killings, and super threatening nature, is urgently needed.

Source :Washington Report :www.middleeast.org


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    He’s living up to his Uzi name: a hired gun.

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