By Debbie Menon

No one in Mainstream US media, is addressing the real problem which is, the fact that nothing contrary to Zionist, Israeli and American Jewish lobbies, AIPAC and other Pacs interests, which are all-dominating in the American political scene, will go very far.

Anyone who supports such a move will have no tomorrow in American politics or business. They will be Finkelsteined to death by the Zionist assassins.

A group of very high-minded and virtuous but, retired diplomats and academics who do not owe their future success to AIPAC or any Israeli lobbies, asked the question:“Can Obama Untangle the Iranian Challenge?”

But the question they should be asking is: “Can Obama escape the dominating influence of AIPAC and the American Jewish/Zionist Israeli lobby?”

The answer is “probably not and live.”

It isn’t enough, I think, just to point out that in the US, Jews have acquired the lion’s share of many key political  appointments in the US Administration. It is a known fact and I iterate it was 56% in the Clinton years, and almost the same in the Bush years and we are beginning to see the same shape in the formation of the  Obama administration.  Even that Congress has been largely compromised by AIPAC and the brigade of Jewish PACs  (Lobbies) in the US — is all true, and apparent of course.

In my recent essay I mentioned my fading faith, hope, trust and expectations in Barack O’Bama. That was before I read Christopher Bollyn’s article illustrating the Israeli Zionists in the Obama Administration and the US Government, The Israeli Who Runs the Obama White House –  and the way they “fixed” the entire US Presidential elections, and created a dramatic charade, including the comedy team of McCain and Palin.   With Obama refurnishing the White House with Clinton leftovers and resurrections, it is beginning to look like business as usual and nothing has changed since the regime of Lyndon Johnson, the Clintons, the Bushes, et al.

The New Emperor’s new robes are being cut and tailored of the same material and by the same City Island tailors as his predecessors!

So much for dreams, ideals, hope and promises of change.

  • The question is why a large majority of the American people go along with this entire exercise?

  • And when did it all start?

The answer to the second question came from an Israeli diplomat who lectured to a class at Georgetown in the late 1980s, I am told by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who taught at the University, a course on Comparative Foreign Policy, among others, and had 3-4 diplomats from different countries into the class each semester, that at dinner with the Israeli diplomat and two students, the Israeli diplomat remarked during the conversation that the real turning point in Israel’s approach to the US had come in the wake of the 1956 War, when President Eisenhower had ordered Israel, Britain and France to “cease & desist” and return home. He said the Israeli Embassy tried to get to Congress to reverse that decision, and found that in fact they had access to only two “minor Congressional offices” (his phrase, I remember it clearly says Dr. Alan Sabrosky). So, they set about crafting a network of PACs and other things to reverse that state of affairs. One of the students asked “how many Congressional offices they could access successfully now?” (that was in late 1980s please note)– and with a satisfied smile, he remarked “Almost all of them.” The students faces registered astonishment, so he quickly added words to the effect that “But of course, we don’t control them, they still act in the best interests of the American people,” but the students didn’t believe him, and there you have it….”

Admittedly, the more I read, the More I realize why it took the American people so long to react to Bush Administration idiocy. Too many obstacles, making it a monumental task.

I suppose when so many people in comparable positions have a consensus on something (like “thou shalt not allow criticism of Israel”), you don’t need a conspiracy. There are so many Jewish PACs, besides AIPAC. There exists a coordinating agency called “The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations,” Their website (www.conferenceofpresidents.org/) is worth exploring (and AIPAC is just one of literally dozens of organizations under its umbrella).

With all the money, political and corporate connections they have at their disposal they must certainly have a tremendously powerful influence over the ambitious and greedy men and women who enter politics. But to practically dominate everyone in the game, including those with the popular support which both Obama and Bush have experienced, and including the statistical minority of what I might assume to be “honest men of principle,” (or am I being naive in believing that any such still exist?) is astounding.

The answer to the first question is partly because a key part of that program, has been the steady diet of images fed to the general American population. For bad or worse, a large majority of the general American public get their impressions and opinions about the world at large from fiction: movies, television shows, and novels. For half a century, thanks to many of the people who sit on the Boards of Directors and in the executive suites of studios and networks, they have been fed a constant stream of messages around certain core themes:

(a) poor, brave, misunderstood little Israel as America’s only true friend in the world;

(b) the dirty, dangerous, barbaric, and malevolent Arab as the direct lineal successor to the architects of the Holocaust;

(c) more recently, Islam through Islamic terr’rists as the only direct threat to Israel, the United States, and Western civilization and culture generally.

Those messages until recently were rarely in the form of the “in-your-face” overt propaganda, but a form of low-level political socialization that becomes part of the background against which opinions are formed, and thus more pervasive and more enduring than mass parades with people carrying banners and shouting slogans. After more than a half-century of this “diet,” the dumbest had a greater capacity for independent thought than the average American hearing the words “Israel” and “(Palestinian) Arab.”

This “steady diet of imagery” coming out of Hollywood and the Infotainment Industry for nearly a hundred years now has been insidious and we cannot ignore who the initial investors and funders of the industry were, and still are, and where they came from.

A great proportion of those beautiful and handsome “movie stars” with the exotic names who set the scene for what the “normal” American should strive to become, were of Eastern European extraction. Google and then try to persuade me that they are proportionally representative of the incidence of Jewry in the American population. Check the names of Studio Owners, Producers, Directors, Writers, any one in the Movie and Infotainment profession, and tell me that they are proportionally representative!

Hollywood is and has been for nearly a century, one of the most intense and tightly organized, efficient and malevolent propaganda and thought control machines in the world. It was during the Korean War that the US Government invented and promoted what they called “brainwashing,” which they attributed to the North Koreans, but which they have been employing in Hollywood for fifty or sixty years already. One cannot over-emphasize the “images” aspect insofar as the general American public is concerned, and how it enables AIPAC and company to leverage Congress. And it is not only Hollywood and the New York TV industry; it is also publishing houses and major newspaper chains, all of which send images to the public. These have increasingly over more than a half-century molded how most Americans “feel” about the Middle East, and Israel and the Arab (now more broadly Muslim) states/peoples in particular. And especially Israel as a state and Arabs as people, now terr’rists, have become embedded in their cultural and emotional background.

So when anti-apartheid leaders like Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu are dis-invited from lecturing at American colleges and universities because of their public opposition to Israel’s maltreatment of the Palestinians, and plays like “My Name is Rachel Corrie” is scrubbed from major theaters (but does appear in smaller ones), all under pressure from Jewish organizations and donors, virtually no one thinks to quarrel with the decisions, or even wonder why.

Can President Obama change anything?

Yes!  He could start by  1) Appoint some people that represent real change such as Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Paul Krugman, Paul Findley or Robert Reich, Ariana Huffington,  Robert Kennedy Jr.,  Paul Craig Roberts,  some folks from The Nation, etc.

2) Keep the discussion on the costs of 2 very expensive wars that have accomplished next to nothing , other than enriching the war profiteers and increasing anti-Americanism. (Eight years and still no Osama bin Laden; can you imagine fighting WWII and say you could never find Hitler??)

3) Use money for the crumbling infrastructure in the U.S. Discuss costs in terms of MIWs (Months of Iraq War/Occupation costs)— how many MIWs for the loan to the Big Three auto companies or how many MIWs for Universal Health Care coverage etc.

4) Get to the root cause of Arab frustration and anger festering for decades. For starters, by simply ordering that Israel immediately lift the Gaza blockade, so poor Palestinians smoldering from the Israeli siege that killed 1,400 people – nearly 70% of them civilians, destroyed at least 4,000 homes, that sent more than 50,000 people to temporary shelters in the recent blitz, could begin to get bread, clean water, medicines and electricity, the basic essentials for their survival. His silence on the issue speaks louder than words.

Gaza in Plain Language

Yes, he can, but he won’t!

Even as President, he is powerless without his support system, and it apparently is AIPAC.

He could appoint anyone he wanted, and I have no doubt it would be a simple matter to find men and women of high ideals and standards who would willingly go to work to correct many of the ills which affect US Government and which we had hoped he would attack, and correct… if that were his objective.

But, it makes little difference, however, whether that is his objective or not, because it would be absolutely impossible to carry it out against the will of AIPAC!

If he were to promote a program which went against the aims of AIPAC, with the entrenched powers and the deep penetration they have infiltrated throughout the system, he and his loyal Lieutenants would never find sufficient and dedicated people who would be willing to sacrifice their careers in government service, nor their passes through that revolving door between government, and Corporate/Self-service, of which AIPAC is the doorman, and the overseer and keeper of the Chalice of Post-Government Service lucrative relocation and $ucce$$.

For most of that hustling crowd in Washington, D.C., government service is a short-time stepping stone to bigger and better things.  That AIPAC doorman guards the gates to the afterlife.

Walt and Mersheimer are correct! “They” run the show! They write the script, stage the production, sell the tickets, usher the audience to their seats, operate the lights and stage effects, write the Sunday morning reviews, and select casts for the next production. They also take the receipts to their own bank.

The Presidency and every simple job in US Government is controlled by the Israel Lobby. If they do not actually select those who get the positions, they certainly ensure that those whom they do not want to have them do not!   If you wish to apply for a position trimming hedges on the landscaping staff of the White House, it is best to drop in and pay your respects at the local AIPAC office and the synagogue on your way to the Employment Office.

Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. Her articles have been published in several print and online publications.  She can be reached at debbiemenon@gmail.com. For  more go to : My Catbird Seat and visit her page:  Hello Debbie.


  1. LanceThruster on the 18. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Re: your change suggestion #1 – I consider Arianna part of the problem. Huffington Post is a notorious gatekeeper. Twp particularly vicious screeds by Alan Dershowitz smearing Dr. Norman Finkelstein have comments at least 10 to 1 in favor of Dr. Finkelstein, but have comments closed before they even reached 25 (I tried looking for them but they’ve conveniently disappeared).

    I was permanently banned from PuffHo less than 20 minutes after trying to post this:

    “It seems that you are just tacking on a new enemies list to get more mileage out of 9/11 blood, former Amb. Ginsberg.”

    see: 9/11/10 — Unfinished Business Take #9 — http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amb-marc-ginsberg/91110—-unfinished-busin_b_712982.html

    “The power of Zionism ends where people of character and integrity begin…. ” ~ My friend Bernie the Attorney

  2. Rexw on the 06. Feb, 2011 remarked #

    There is no doubt that Huffington Post is a carefully managed publication designed to contribute to the objectives of Arianna, always has been. As such she is unlikely to print anything that contradicts the AIPAC policy and have her ambitions stymied by the Jews, in whatever evil form they take.

    She has received many middle-of-the-road articles with just a small criticism of the Zionist activities which have never seen the light of day. How convenient it is for a publisher to sit there on top of the tree while carefully selecting articles that have all the ingredients she wants to continue her climb to power. Selective reporting is her game.

    She is far worse than the New York Times who are blatantly obvious in their support of Jews and Israel. The Huffington Post is as well but goes about its daily propaganda in a sneaky and secretive way, but still towing the AIPAC line. There was a small period when this was not the case, but long since vanished like most of the decent media in the US.

    Just check out their staff!

  3. Rhys on the 19. May, 2011 remarked #

    “Yes, he can, but he won’t!”

    A statement that one can safely gamble on. Obama is a stooge and that has been proven time and again, supported of course by the empty suit Biden and the hypocritical Clinton, the most disgraceful voice of Israeli America, ever.

    There will not be any change in Obama’s attitude as he is a tool of Netanyahu, his rhetoric has shown that time and again following his approval of Emanuel as Chief of Staff, the writing was on the wall. Obama is an Israeli appointment and because of the disgraceful quality of the Republican contenders, he is cocky enough to have another spin at the role and probably, by default, may even win. The bin Laden theatre would have assisted him in that regard.

    Sadly America is no more, never will be again when so many erosions into what was once a country based on a good Constitution and decent people is no longer able to claim either as fact. The Constitution has been emasculated, and not recovered by Obama since his rise to power. Never will be as it suits those people to have a public that can be manipulated and controlled, in the case of the citizens of the USA, totally apathetic, sadly.

    So the on-coming AIPAC conference full of Jews, Zionists and willing fellow- travellers and recipients of graft by the bucketful will just gain additional powers as is their want to complete the transition of dictating the foreign policy of the US to controlling all aspects of American life, just a step away.

    The US people have no one to blame but themselves.

  4. Solon on the 19. May, 2011 remarked #

    HuffPo is one thing; it’s a private, for profit tool that served its purpose: Huffington sold it for $35k.

    C Span is another thing, a real tragedy the way it’s been overtaken by Jewish gatekeepers. C Span does NOT have to answer to corporate sponsors, does NOT have to pander for access — people who want to speak to the public go to C Span. Non-Jews have been scared off by groups like CAMERA that monitor C Span and call out C Span personnel, by name, if they demonstrate insufficient loyalty to — ISRAEL!

    Somehow, that has become the standard for an American: to be compliant with Jewish and Israel’s demands!

    Who were the three men who resigned from Nixon’s administration rather than comply with what they believed was an illegitimate order — Cox, ____, and ___ .

    Chas Freeman fits that mold. We need more like ‘em.

  5. Debbie on the 19. May, 2011 remarked #

    Hello all,

    This article was written in 2009, just after Obama got elected. It first appeared in Sabbah Report and surprisingly ended up on the NYTimes website under the heading: What’s this on the web ?


    The interesting bit in the piece is how it all began and where we are today, the information provided by Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

    Subsequently, I wrote:


    Much water has flown under the bridge since. The latest give away… Ariana has sold HP to AOL for a few million dollars.


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