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The reverberations from General McChrystal’s interview in Rolling Stone are just beginning. It will likely gain more attention as the 24-hour news outlets dig in to cover it from every conceivable angle. The circumstances that have been revealed by General McChrystal’s lapse in judgment reflects more than an out-of-control general in Afghanistan. It’s about a failed strategy that puts young men and women – our family members – at risk.

This is an opportunity to get our voices included in the discussion. As military family members who have loved ones who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, our perspective has impact!

Three comments made by senior military officials in the Rolling Stone article contradict what the White House has presented to Congress and the American people about the war in Afghanistan and are very telling:

  • “Instead of beginning to withdraw troops next year, as Obama promised, the military hopes to ramp up its counterinsurgency campaign even further.” A senior military official stationed in Afghanistan told the article’s author, Michael Hastings: “There’s a possibility we could ask for another surge of US forces next summer if we see success here.”
  • General McChrystal’s Chief of Operations Major General Bill Mayville described the war in Afghanistan as un-winnable: “It’s not going to look like a win, smell like a win or taste like a win. This is going to end in an argument.” The Pentagon, White House, and mainstream media sold the war(s) to the American people, just like during the Nixon years the unholy trinity can sell Peace With Honor as it once did for Vietnam.
  • “If Americans pulled back and started paying attention to this war, it would become even less popular.” This was how a Senior Advisor to General Stanley McChrystal characterizes the war in Afghanistan.”

VETERANS TODAY EDITORIAL COMMENT: Note that General McChrystal was not the only senior military officer making disparaging remarks about their Commander-In-Chief but members of McChrystal’s staff who also should be forced to resign or be fired. In addition, the replacement of McChrystal by General David Petraeus, the mastermind of the hyped up successful surge in Iraq, makes the likelihood of another surge in Afghanistan highly probably with the Bush Pentagon continuing to place pressure on a Commander-In-Chief it views as easily intimidated by military brass. If readers seriously think Petraeus is going to be any more accommodating with America’s first black President think again, General Petraeus is known for the company he keeps Republican and Independent War Hawks like Senator John McCain, and Israeli lobby representative Joe Lieberman. This trio will ensure the Afghanistan War continues beyond Obama’s first and only term.

American’s need to pay attention, they have no skin in the game

Your personal stories make these wars real for those who have no skin in the game! Demand the attention! Please take time in the next week to write a letter to the editor of your local paper, call in to the radio talk shows, and call your Congressman.

No more money for war!

Tell your Congress person to VOTE NO on $33 billion in new war funding for a war that is losing ground, has senior military leaders challenging civilian control over the military, and more bucks go to defense contracts and the nations we break than to our troops and military families.

Congress needs to send a clear and strong message to the White House – Remember they work for you!

As the House schedules a vote on the Administration’s $33 billion supplemental war funding request before the Fourth of July recess, they need to hear from you!

It only takes minutes and can change the course of events. It is time for Congress and the mainstream media to acknowledge the deteriorating war strategy in Afghanistan with just as much passion as they sold the war to the American people.

Please Call! We have one week left before Congress goes into recess – it takes 5 minutes and your voice counts!

Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Representative, and your Senators’ offices. To identify your Congressmen and Senator go to Contacting Congress

Thank you for your work and commitment to Bring Our Troops Home Now!

Deb Forter, National Director, MFSO


The Issue is not Who is Conducting the War, but the War!

The Ladies of Codepink have this to say about Obama’s wars with no end in sight.

“Yes, General Petraeus is taking over the Afghanistan war operations from General McChrystal after his disrespectful, frat-boyish comments made to Rolling Stone magazine. But the issue is not who is conducting the war, but the war itself. Unfortunately, Congress is poised to throw another $33 billion of our tax dollars at this old, worn militaristic disaster.

Veterans Today Editorial Comment: “Throw another $33 billion of our tax dollars at….” Codepink has this notion partly right and partially wrong. Unlike previous wars, these have a stealth war tax. From the American Civil War, through the Spanish-American War, to WWI, through WWII, Korea, and Vietnam taxes were raised to pay for the wars. We believe that from the Gulf War until now not only has there been no war tax placed on American citizens who cannot relate to the wars, but tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans in the minority have risen dramatically. The fiscal cost of our current wars are on loan primarily from China, and guess who will eventually pay the bills. Your children and grand-children re gardless if they join the All Volunteer Military Force or not. However, if you believe right-wing Chicken Hawk think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, the fiscal cost is a small price to pay even less than the human cost that such intellectuals inhumanely do not factor in period. The Heritage Foundation misses the point of being fiscally conservative, even if the Afghanistan War were not a budget buster, who is going to end up paying the $95 billion, and how will that fraction of the federal budget increase or decrease our national deficit?

The Out of Afghanistan Congressional Caucus

This is a critical moment to push your representative TODAY and demand they take action–ask tough questions, stop funding endless war! Tell them you want a new policy based on development and conflict resolution, not war (and tell them to join the Out of  Afghanistan Caucus.)

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    In all due respects to you folks at M.F.S.O., you are so right but you’re WRONG when you try to compel those of us out here to write or call our alleged reps. in D.C.

    That doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for a very very long time already, either! It is such a colossal waste of postage, time, electricity and gasoline to take your letter to the post office, that you’re actually better off writing a note to Santa and asking him to help you. Much more likely to get a response that isn’t an insult to your intelligence, too!

    In any case, it’s now time to form up by the millions and show up in Washingtoon, District of Corruption, and encircle the Capitol Bldg. and the White House. Bring firebrands, pitchforks, and tar with feathers, but keep the weaponry back in your vehicle for the counter-attack. Yes, they will kill a few thousand, but with a few million or more there rushing the fence and going over that and storming the buildings, they don’t have the firepower to kill everyone. If they order up an air strike, then they’ll essentially be ending their scummy rule that day, anyway!

    So, the answer is MASSIVE MOBILIZATION TO D.C., and I don’t mean tens of thousands, I mean, TENS OF MILLIONS OF US.

    Let them fire the first shot. Then, we end their reign of global terror once and for all. If we don’t do it this way, we will never ever get rid of them.

    The only thing they understand is brute force. Phones, faxes, and messages only humor their feckless, zionist butts.

    Do this right. With MILLIIONS encircling those buildings, and it just may not get too ugly. The longer we wait, the worse it gets here.

    Enough, sadly, is ENOUGH..

  2. Lydia on the 27. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    I, totally agree with a march against DC. Rattle and shake their cages, bring them out into the streets. The time is now, Wake Up the American People. To the real and meaningful 4th, of July. Freedom & Liberty from the evil empire.

  3. Earlaiman on the 27. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    The Glory of War.

    The 4th of July, “Honoring” or revering the tragic, pointless and futile deaths of so many men, and the “honorable sacrificial service” of those who survived, is nice and I am sure it makes some of those who feel the pain and suffer the loss of their loved ones more bearable, but it is still a means of glorifying war, and turning killers into valiant heroes and martyrs.

    It panders to and glorifies the Gods of War, the greatest evil which man has ever visited upon fellow men.

    Soldiers march off and go to war for many reasons… illusions for the most part, few of which last very long after they arrive in the field. After that, they fight for one or two simple things, to stay alive, and to keep as many of their comrades and other unfortunates-in-arms alive as they possibly can.

    This is the so-called “Brotherhood” which lies behind and drives all the “Glory of War.”


  4. Jack on the 27. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    I think the panic is starting to set in.If they lose control of the Military,they’re done.The fear is that there are now many like McChrystal and he needs to be made an example of,to stem even further loss of face.

    So the pressure now is to create more conflict.Keep them fighting ,not thinking.

  5. Sam Nilleryt on the 28. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    You aint seen nothing yet,Wait til they try IRAN……The whole middle east is going go up like the Fourth of July and possibly the USA ITSELF


    The name of the game with the U.S. Government, and for that matter, all world governments who are looting and pillaging their common citizenry to enrich the zionists, is to keep your eyes off the real crimes.

    Has anyone noticed that until the McCrystal debacle came around, you didn’t see any mention of Afghanstvietnam in the press, or the steadily rising casualties coming home in transfer cases. Reason why, is that the Deepwater Horizon ‘spill’ wasn’t an accident, per-se, it occurred because the White House, in a huge hurry to get that well in so they could live with a closure of the Straits of Hormuz, after an attack on Iran, told BP to go ‘fast’ and to ditch the safety concerns. BP should have known better, but they were in a big game of ‘liars poker’ where they were holding a busted flush, but tried to go for the pot with the White House goadings to go faster, get the well in.

    So, we’re going to have a huge war in the middle east, due to the pending attack on Iran, and this time, I have to say, I have to tell all of you that they will indeed strike Iran in July, latest, August. They need to get your eyes off the November election, perhaps even ‘cancel’ it due to WAR.

    Those of you who have kids able to be drafted to go fight in Iran for these zionists, I hope you’re getting your tear ducts ready for a lot of crying. This coming war with Iran will cause the deaths of more than a half a million American’s, not to mention the murder of millions of Iranians.

    Skin in the game? Hell, with your guts hanging out all over the floor like this, you all have skin in the game. Your entire future rests on deposing this out of control cabal NOW before it is too late to undo the horrible damage to the lives of so many people by their hubris and their greed.

    Get your eyes off the diversion and back onto the criminality! Put the f**king clicker away for one week and go to the web and get your information before it’s taken down. Pull your heads out of your asses and WAKE THE F**K UP!

    this is not the time to be dithering around and sitting on one’s ass!!! MOBILIZE!!!!

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