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Ronen Bergman, a senior military and political analyst for the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, recently wrote what I consider to be one of the most important articles for decades on the subject of the mindset of the Zionist state’s military and political leaders. It was reproduced in the Wall Street Journal under the headline Siege Fatigue and the Flotilla Mistake.

Getting to the main thrust of his analysis, Bergman wrote this (my emphasis added):

    “What we witnessed in the early hours of Monday morning was symptomatic of a new degree of fatigue in Israeli governing circles. The fact that both the political and military authorities could sign off on such an irresponsible operation  suggests that the leadership of the country has given up what it has concluded is ultimately a Sisyphean attempt to accommodate world opinion. Isolation is no longer a threat to be fought, their thinking seems to go, because Israel is terminally isolated. What remains is to concentrate exclusively on what is best for Israel’s survival, shedding any regard for the opinion of others.”

Bergman went on to quote from a conversation he had with a very senior military source two days before Israel’s attack on the Gaza-bound flotilla. The source said it made no difference how careful Israel was in its actions or how it tackled the flotilla. “Whatever we do, they’ll all be against us, they’ll condemn us at the UN and we’ll be scolded. We might as well at least preserve our national dignity and maintain the blockade of Gaza.” In other words, Bergman commented, “the war over world opinion is over and Israel has lost.”

A little later in his article Bergman wrote:

    “Israel’s fatigue and deep sense of ostracism is, to say the least, unhealthy… And, of course, it is profoundly disturbing when the fatigued and isolated country itself has the means to strike pre-emptively and punishingly at its enemies, including in ways from which, realistically, there may be no return.”

As I note in the three-volume, American edition of my book ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS (www.claritypress.com), the question of whether or not Israel should care about what the non-Jewish world thinks was the ticking time-bomb at the heart of Israeli politics from the moment of the Zionist (not Jewish) state’s birth.

David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding father and first prime minister, was firmly and unshakably of the opinion, as were most of his leadership colleagues, that what the non-Jewish world thought of Israel’s policies and actions did not matter. “Our future,” Ben-Gurion was fond of saying, “does not depend on what Gentiles say but on what Jews do.” The logic (paranoia?) supporting this way of thinking went something like this. The world has always been and always will be anti-Semitic (anti-Jew). Holocaust II, shorthand for another great turning against the Jews, is at some point in the future inevitable. So by definition there can be no limits to what Israel might have to do to preserve itself as refuge of last resort for all Jews everywhere.

My own Gentile take on this aspect of the matter is that after the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust, and because of it, the giant of anti-Semitism would have gone back to sleep and, very probably, would have died in its sleep – if the major powers had not allowed Zionism right or wrong to have its way. But let’s put that to one side.

The only heavyweight Israeli leader who opposed Ben-Gurion’s view of Israel’s position in the world was Moshe Sharett, the state’s first foreign minister and prime minister for a short period after Ben-Gurion stood down because of doubts about his mental stability. In my view Sharett was the only completely sane member of Israel’s early leadership.

I think the most perceptive summary of Sharett and his significance is to be found in The Iron Wall, Israel and the Arabs, a book of revelations by Avi Shlaim, one of Israel’s leading “revisionist” (meaning honest) historians who now lives in the UK and is Professor of International Relations at St. Antony’s College, Oxford. Shlaim wrote (my emphasis added):

“In sharp contrast to Ben-Gurion, Sharett was highly sensitive not only to what the Gentiles said but even more to what they did. He acknowledged that the UN had played an indispensible part in the creation of the State of Israel, and he was in favour of allowing it to play a larger and more effective role in the regulation of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He believed that international public opinion had a bearing on Israel’s security and was, therefore, a factor worth taking into account. Above all, he was eager to enlist the sympathy and support of the Western powers in Israel’s quest for security and peace. To this end he deemed it necessary to abide by the prevailing norms of international behaviour and to refrain from actions that would fuel Arab hatred.”

The quality of Sharett’s insight into what would be in store for Israel if its hawks had their way was indicated by his diary entry for 12 October 1955, shortly before Ben-Gurion reclaimed the dual role of prime minister and defense minister. This diary entry, an expression of naked despair, was in the form of a question: “What is our vision on this earth – war to the end of generations and life by the sword?”

As I explain in detail in my book, Sharett was destroyed by Ben-Gurion not only because he wanted Israel to be a normal state, but also because he wanted to make peace with the Arabs. (Sharett responded positively to secret messages from Eygpt’s President Nasser who wanted an accommodation with Israel).

Now to the headline over this article – Zionism’s Colonial Enterprise Is Doomed, but…

In1948, as a consequence of Israel’s victory on the battlefield, the Palestine file was closed. One of the unspeakable truths of the time was that behind closed doors the divided, defeated and impotent Arab regimes shared the same hope as Zionism and the major powers. It was that the Palestine file would remain closed. In the script written by Zionism and endorsed by the major powers and the Arab regimes, there was not supposed to be a regeneration of Palestinian nationalism. The Palestinians were supposed to accept their lot as the sacrificial lamb on the altar of political expediency.

On reflection it’s my view that Zionism’s colonial enterprise was doomed by its failure to keep the Palestine file closed. Once the file was re-opened by Yasser Arafat and his Fatah colleagues, Zionism had a choice – either to make an accommodation with the Palestinians (by the end of 1979 Arafat had prepared the ground on his side for peace on terms which any rational government and people in Israel would have accepted with relief); or by all and any means, including state terrorism, to try to break the will of the Palestinians to continue their struggle for an acceptable amount of justice.

Israel’s leaders chose the latter course, and in doing they have not deviated from Zionism’s defining ethic as written and published by Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founding father of Israel’s army. His text, published a decade before the Nazis came to power in Germany, explains why Israel was bound to become a rogue state and, at the time of writing, a monster beyond control. As put into words by Jabotinsky, the following was, is, Zionism’s defining ethic (my emphasis added):

    “Zionism is a colonizing adventure and therefore it stands or it falls by the question of armed force. It is important to speak Hebrew but, unfortunately, it is even more important to be able to shoot – or else I am through with playing at colonization.
    “To the hackneyed reproach that this point of view is unethical, I answer – absolutely untrue. This is our ethic. There is no other ethic. As long as there is the faintest spark of hope for the Arabs to impede us, they will not sell these hopes – not for any sweet words nor for any tasty morsel, because this (the Palestinians) is not a rabble but a people, a living people. And no people makes such enormous concessions on such fateful questions, except when there is no hope left, until we have removed every opening visible in the Iron Wall.”

Today the incredible almost superhuman steadfastness of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians is proof if more was needed of Zionism’s failure and that its colonial enterprise is doomed. And that begs the following question. How will the story end?

Because of Israel’s colonization, still on-going, of the occupied West Bank, a genuine and viable two-state solution is D.B.A. (Dead Before Arrival). It follows that there are now, in theory, only two possible end-game scenarios.

In one Israeli Jews come to their senses and accept that their best and actually only hope for a future with security and peace is the One State solution – a single, democratic state in which all of its citizens, Jews and Arabs, would have equal civil and political rights. (One of my anti-Zionist Jewish friends with a sense of humour said it could be called Palestein). In theory it could happen. In practise I fear it won’t because it would amount to the de-Zionization of Palestine; and I can’t see Zionism agreeing to that.

In the other foreseeable end-game scenario, the action starts with the final ethnic cleansing of Palestine. That happens when Israel’s leaders conclude that they cannot break the will of the occupied and oppressed Palestinians and force them to accept crumbs from Zionism’s table – a few Bantustans on 40% or thereabouts of the West Bank. When they come to that conclusion, Israel’s leaders invent a pretext to drive the Palestinians off the West Bank and into Jordan or wherever.

In terms of defusing the demographic time-bomb of occupation, that would buy the Zionist state some time, but how much time and to what end?

An Israel that resorted to a final round of ethnic cleansing would become a pariah state like no other. The anti-Israel outrage of citizens of all faiths and none around the world would be such that the governments of the major powers, including the one in Washington D.C., would be obliged to punish the Zionist state with boycott, sanctions and divestment.

Then what? How would Zionism’s in-Israel leaders respond?

I think it’s more than possible, even probable, that, feeling themselves backed into a corner with no acceptable escape route, they would launch their nuclear missiles in a defiant farewell gesture and take the region down with them.

For those readers who believe that such a scenario is unthinkable, I recall in my book what was said to me by Golda Meir, in a filmed interview for the BBC’s Panorama program, when she was Israel’s prime minister.

At a point I interrupted her to say: “Prime Minister, I want to be sure I understand what you’re saying… You are saying that if ever Israel was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield, it would be prepared to take the region and even the whole world down with it?

Without the shortest of pauses for reflection, and in the gravel voice that could charm or intimidate American Presidents according to need, Golda replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.

After that interview was transmitted, The Times of London, then a seriously good newspaper (not the Murdoch-owned, pro-Zionist paper it is today), replaced its lead editorial with one quoting what Golda had said to me. That replacement editorial ended with a short statement of the paper’s own opinion. “We had better believe her.”

If instead of saying to Golda “if ever Israel was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield” I had said “if ever Israel was put under real pressure by the whole of the international community to do what it did not want to do”, I’m sure her answer would have been the same.

According to Roger Tucker in a recent article for Dissident Voice, an Armageddon ending to the story of Zionism’s colonial enterprise is not inevitable. Under the headline The One State Solution Sounds Like a Good Idea, but…, he wrote (my emphasis added):

    “What is it that most Israelis actually want. Not surprisingly, we find that they want what people everywhere want, security and stability, peace, to be respected if not loved, to be free of constant fear and anxiety, to have the sense that their children will have the opportunity to live normal, productive and happy lives. All surveys have been consistent in this respect. None of these things are possible as long as the Israelis stick with political Zionism, and the Israelis, deep down, know this. They may be temporarily deluded, even collectively insane, driven by the howling winds of paranoia, arrogance and bloody-minded defiance… but they aren’t actually stupid, and the madness cannot last.”

In my view the matter of whether Israelis  are stupid or not misses the point. What they are was summed up to me by the best and the brightest of Israel’s Directors of Military Intelligence, Major General Shlomo Gazit.

When I talked about him in the major capitals of the world to diplomats with the prime responsibility for crisis managing the Middle East, I said that if I was putting together a world government with 20 portfolios, he would have several of them, on account of his experience, his intellect, his wisdom and his humanity. In private conversations with me he did not display even a hint of the insufferable self-righteousness that is the hallmark of Zionism. He is without arrogance. For about two decades he was the head of research at the Directorate of Military Intelligence. In that capacity he was the single most informed man in the world on the reality or not of the Arab military threat to Israel’s existence. Then, in 1973, he was called upon to become DMI, with a brief to make sure there could never again be an intelligence failure of the kind that had occurred in the countdown to the Yom Kippur war. He was, in short, the man to whom the government of Israel turned for salvation in the aftermath of what it perceived at the time, wrongly, to be a real threat to the Zionist state’s existence. He did not want to become DMI and did so only out of a sense of duty. Over coffee one morning in early 1980, I took a deep breath and said to Shlomo: “I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all a myth. Israel’s existence has never ever been in danger.” Through a sad smile he replied, “The trouble with us Israelis is that we’ve become the victims of our own propaganda.”

I know from my own experience of reporting from Israel how that happened. When I was writing my long chapter on the 1967 war, I found myself saying to readers that there were times, this was one of them, when I wanted to “cry out with the pain of knowing how much Israel’s Jews (as well as the Jews of the world and the whole of the Western world) had been lied to and deceived by their leaders.”

Simply stated, most Israeli Jews have been brainwashed; and it seems to me that the “madness” in Israel will last and take the region and possibly the whole world all the way to Armageddon unless… Unless a way can be found to open Israeli eyes and minds to the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel.

I dare to suggest that the publication of my book in Israel, in Hebrew as well as English, would be a good start.

Question: Is there in Israel a publisher with the integrity and courage to take my book on?

Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East.

His Latest book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, is a three-volume epic in its American edition.  He blogs on www.alanhart.net and tweets on www.twitter.com/alanauthor.


  1. Roger Tucker on the 20. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    I’d like to start by humbly acknowledging Alan’s variation on the title of my article. Coming from him it’s quite a compliment. As for what I meant when I wrote the paragraph he quoted, I was actually attempting a little reverse hasbara. If one accepts the view that a peaceful resolution will happen only if there emerges some critical mass of Israelis who resist the bunker mentality and begin to think realistically about their situation, then we have to help to make it easier for them to exersise a little common sense.

    In that vein, I would like to encourage people to think about how to help Alan get his book translated and published in Hebrew.

    An excellent article, Alan, as always.

  2. Cold Wind on the 20. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Waiting for Israel’s epiphany is like waiting for Godot.. It isn’t going to happen.

    Alan Hart might contemplate what most of us feel–that Israel cannot be reached through dialogue or reasoned argument.

    Already, the pace of events is staggering and Israel obsesses over Iran.

    The US is the only country that could stop Israel, but locked arm and arm with Israel, we have fallen into the abyss.

  3. Harold Dallou on the 22. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    I believe that most of the Jewish people everywhere in the world are good human beings who wish good will and happiness to the rest of humanity.The Zionists and the fanatical right wing Orthodox Jews, on the other hand,have created conditions in the Near East that might not be able to recover from.What a great legacy to have if and when Israel’s paranoia will push it to use the atom bomb.I suggest to all of the reasonable Jews and the rest of mankind to stand up and condemn the agenda of the Zionists and the conservative Orthodox Jews.

  4. Ruth on the 22. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    What an eloquent, erudite, sane and rational article. Thank you Mr. Hart. I’ve supported the one secular state solution for some years and just hope and pray that sanity prevails, while acknowledging the horrible possibility that the hardline Zionists (and their equally demented hardline Christian supporters, who ‘need’ Israel to exist in its current form for their ghastly Rapture) would prefer insanity and national suicide, as long as they could take as much of the rest of the world with them as possible.

  5. nahida on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    In his article Alan Hart concludes that after the inevitable failure of the two-state solution there is “only two possible end-game scenarios”

    – Zionist-awakening scenario: “In one Israeli Jews come to their senses and accept that their best and actually only hope for a future with security and peace is the One State solution – a single, democratic state in which all of its citizens, Jews and Arabs, would have equal civil and political rights.”

    – Armageddon scenario: “In the other foreseeable end-game scenario….. The anti-Israel outrage of citizens of all faiths and none around the world would be such that the governments of the major powers, including the one in Washington D.C., would be obliged to punish the Zionist state with boycott, sanctions and divestment” In which case the zionists threaten the world to take it down with them if they go down.In other words Mr. Hart is telling us that the Palestinians and the world have no option but to gently and tactfully deal with zionists, otherwise any pressure on “israel” even through boycott and sanctions will cause the world demise. Therefore, in his opinion, all what the Palestinians and the world can do is to “un-brainwash” the zionists, to keep trying to “educate” them and work at healing their psychologically messed-up minds, their collective “insanity” or else… it’s Armageddon!!

    This is clear cut blackmail to the world.

    Alan Hart conveniently omits the third scenario; namely, the Palestinian scenario

    The Palestinians who have miraculously survived and endured a century of oppression and ethnic-cleansing without losing their hope or their humanity

    The Palestinians who have perplexed the world with their courage, steadfastness and sacrifices

    The Palestinians who love their trees as much as they love their own sons and daughters

    The Palestinians who love their land more than they love their own selves

    The Palestinians whose determination and bravery against all odds have inspired the world

    The Palestinians with David’s stones who confronted ruthless Goliath and conquered his delusions of hegemony, expansion and conquest

    The Palestinians whose legendary heroism has astounded humanity; from the buzzing streets of Texas to the remote quiet villages in Japan

    The Palestinian scenario is the option that refuses neither to bow down to oppression nor to surrender to blackmail

    The Palestinian option is the Hizbullah and Salaheddin option

    A few thousands dedicated resistance fighters of Hizbullah managed to defeat and kick out from Lebanon the fourth most powerful army in the world after 22 years of occupation

    Salaheddin, the Muslim Kurd, with his dedicated and courageous army have liberated al-Quds (Jerusalem) after 200 years of Crusaders’ occupation and colonization and kicked the gory invaders out.

    Already, by electing Hamas, Palestinians have made their choice, their scenario of the “end-game” is neither Armageddon nor the waiting game of appeasement, conciliation and un-brainwashing of their tormentors

    The Palestinians have chosen the Hizbullah and Salaheddin scenario; RESISTANCE until EVERY inch of Palestine is liberated and EVERY refugee is back home

    Palestinians, after a century of intimate knowledge of their oppressors, have reached their threshold of patience. They are not prepared to wait any longer for the illusionary awakening of the “humanity” of their oppressors, nor are they prepared to accept thieves and murderers as guests in their homeland

    They understand more than anyone else that the magical awakening of a dead-conscience is not possible, nor is it rational to keep waiting for thieves to give up their illegitimate privileges and give back the stolen lands and property to its rightful owners, the Palestinians.

    The menace of Samson’s scenario blackmail does not intimidate Palestinians nor does it suppress their aspiration of the full liberation of their homeland for which they have sacrificed the dearest, the most loved and the most precious.

    Zionist are not, as claimed by Alan hart, some innocent, intelligent, humane people who have been simply brainwashed to be where they are and to do what they are doing!

    They, by the sheer fact of taking part in colonizing a STOLEN land are partners in crime

    Whether religious or secular, zionists have proven to themselves and to the world that they are a bunch of greedy, arrogant, unethical, robbers and murderers:

    * Religious zionists believe that Palestine belongs to them because God gave them the land!

    * Hard core secular zionists believe that they have captured this land, created facts on the grounds, and whatever they have acquired by conquest becomes an inalienable right!

    * So-called “moderate” secular zionists are satisfied with the achievement of zionism’s goal of creating a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Thus they ready themselves to simply abandon and discard the word “zionism”, and claiming that all they want now is peace, so they claim. The opportunistic discarding of the word “zionism” is nothing else than meaningless empty rhetoric, since it does not imply in any way or manner the restoration of Palestinians’ inalienable rights, the restitution of their land and property, and the compensation for their losses. Hence the claims of seeking “peace” by self professed “moderates” anti-zionists, ex-zionists, crypto-zionists, or moderate secular zionists, are vacuous and have zero value.

    What matters to us is the fact that they have created facts on the ground, engaging with them in “dialogues”, “confidence building”, “peace processes” or asking politely with a million please on top will not liberate the land they occupy nor will it restore justice according to elementary standards of international law.

    History has taught us that the criminal privileged never give up their privileges willingly, ever.

    Secular or religious zionists will never give up willingly any of their privileges acquired by ongoing terrorism and genocide.

    The zionists have wasted a century of opportunities in Palestine, provoked catastrophic wars in the Middle East, and caused economic havoc on the planet.

    Alas, the time of reckoning is rapidly approaching.

    The faint and anxious voices here and there, who have realized that the zionist colonial project is doomed, try desperately to save what they can of it by spreading the SOS calls, trying frantically to make the zionists see sense. These attempts are as vain and as doomed as is the zionist colonial project.

    Six million copies of Alan Hart’s books will not add an ounce of humanity to those who lost it by wickedness, nor can it unbend the crooked mentality that became twisted by decades of evil doing; bulldozing millennial olive grooves, demolishing world heritage, assassinating mothers, babies, and elderly, attempting to annihilate the protectors of the Holy land and descendants of the Prophets, namely the Palestinians.

    The balance of power is shifting, the Muslim world will not stay asleep for much longer, the world only just began to wake up to the truth.

    People of the world are opening their eyes to the alarming level of zionist infiltration in their own affairs; governments manipulations, media control, financial corruption, and it’s not going to be an pleasant discovery.

    The decades of deception are over and the karma of retribution has begun.

    The blowback is going to take them by surprise.

    Chances of repentance are over and time is out.

    The world will soon have to decide; either to succumb to unrelenting zionists blackmail of mass genocide and world annihilation OR stand up like the brave Palestinians and STOP this madness once and for all

    Indubitably, the world will regurgitate those who drive for its annihilation, Samson-ists and Armageddon-ists.

    The world will unite and rid itself of this Frankenstein.
    In the end, zionists and their associates will not find many to shed tears for them, nor will they find many open doors to welcome them.

    The only open doors will be the doors of deportation.

    Time, perhaps another couple of thousand years, might help them to learn the lesson, to be brought to their senses, back to humanity.

    Then and only then, only when animated by peaceful intentions, can they try to knock at Palestine’s doors again.

    Not now, and not for a long time.

  6. RickB on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    Addendum to Nahida’s comment:

    Oh Sampson. Take a look around. You have no clothes on. And you’re surrounded by Palestinians [Angels]. Game’s over, Sampson.

  7. travisbaskerfield on the 24. Jun, 2010 remarked #

    It seems the full depth and insane genius of the “Zionist” deception hasnt yet penetrated into Gentile consciousness. “Zionism” is of course just the latest disguise of a parasitic group which hijacked Judaism many centuries ago. The Old Testatment is clearly two narratives intertwined, the monotheistic idea of a Universal God & the exclusive, vengeful private God(?) of the tribe. The ancestors of this tribe were shunned by the Israelites for their retrograde tendences, whereas the descendants of the Israelites eventually merged, by and large, into the general populace of the region. Their descendants are todays Palestinians, Lebanese and Jordanians. Now it is not so difficult to understand why ´the “Jewish” crime gang, with more ethnic links to the notorious Khazar tribes than to Semites and masquerading as the true heirs of biblical Israel, is so eager to destroy Palestinians and Arabs in general. This is all revenge. For being the genuine people of the land. And still we are quail when accused of Anti-Semitism! Ladies and gentlemen, we have been duped by a shoddy gang of criminals.

  8. Israeli on the 08. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Amazingly pointless.
    Israel have signed peace treaties with it’s closest neighbors and would sign with Palestine if someone out there was interested it such treaty.
    1-state solution is really laughable – no one here or elsewhere even considers it seriously.

    “[Jews] so eager to destroy Palestinians and Arabs in general.”
    omg, are you ok?
    Israeli arabs have population growing rate best of all arab countries and enjoy european standards of living, including medicine. Arab population of this region grown from about 1 million 100 years ago to about 6 millions today.

  9. beebok on the 15. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Israeli, your deceptions are fooling no one. The expulsions, the hunger siege, the bulldozing of orchards and homes, the shooting and torture of children, the bombing of Gazza, etc, no one is tricked by your propaganda.

  10. nitroglycol on the 13. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    I fear that nahida’s “Palestinian scenario” would morph into the “Armageddon” scenario. If the Israelis faced certain defeat, I don’t doubt that they would unleash their nukes.

  11. Debbie on the 04. May, 2011 remarked #

    Good old reliable Nahida.

    Idealistic and unrealistic.

    Her solution is no solution at all, it is merely an exercise in idealistic and unrelenting faith and hope.

    She shuns the bottom line of the possibility of Israel taking down the world with it as blackmail, and then outlines a policy which if successful, which it cannot be militarily against Israel, would only result in the same effect, a total take down of the rest of the world with them.

    Idealistic, unrealistic, and impractical.

    I love her and her patriotism, her faith, her belief, but I would not chose her to lead us into a battle,a negotiation, or a war, and that is what we are in.

    She allows her Palestinianism to cloud her real vision, in the same way some Indians I know.

    Israel can be taken down by worldwide isolation and insulation. Whether they will chose to, or whether they even can, take out the rest of the world is something which we will eventually have to face, regardless.

    When the US was preparing to invade Japan, the entire Japanese nation of people were ready and-willing to fight to the end, to take down as many invaders as possible before they themselves went down.An Emperor stepped in, made some wise decisions, and defanged his die-hard and Bushido generals, and told his people to stand down, and do not resist.

    Perhaps the only thing standing between Israeli Armageddon and a peaceful solution which everyone can survive, is the emergence of a controlling body in Israel who can enforce or persuade the people of Israel to stand down and make peace. There are a lot of people in Israel who would not want to die in vain.

    Small hopes, I know, but any hope is preferable to riding a pipe dream off to Valhalla.

  12. Solon on the 04. May, 2011 remarked #

    Having listened to Eliot Engel on C Span this morning, and having read Mr. Hart’s words just now, and having listened to several hours of Hart in conversation with Ilan Pappe and others, I conclude:
    1. The Osama bin Laden event was theater staged to prepare Americans to be fighting mad after the false flag event that Israel-US will produce, implicating Arabs/Iran –esp.Iran. Every govt leader and pundit I have heard repeats, “hooray we killed him, but terrorism is more alive than ever.” Those lines were scripted well before the “million dollar house” where they burned their own garbage was a twinkle in some scriptwriter/hasbarist’s eye.

    re Alan Hart’s thesis: I think he is much too gentle on zionists, Israelis, and Jews in general. Yes, indeed, I know what I am saying: generalized criticism of Jews is “bigotry,” is “antisemitism.”

    Antisemitism is an irrelevance; a thing, an act, a behavior is either true or false; its truth value is NOT changed by its affiliation with Jewry.

    I understand Hart’s sensitivity to holocaust; we have been raised to tiptoe around it all our lives. Having watched Anthony Lawson’s videos and done other research of my own, including David Irvings works, I am convinced that holocaust is, like Mark Twain’s death, greatly exaggerated. Moreover, I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jews provoked and grievously harmed the German people, over a period of at least 50 years, causing many deaths and much suffering of the German people, BEFORE Germany reacted by imposing exclusionary laws, and before Kristallnacht.
    Jews caused the world wars. Period full stop.
    This morning Engel repeated, “We must not be suckers.” That’s a favorite Jewish theme — “Don’t be a freier (sucker).”

    Jews have played the people of the Levant, Iran, and the Arab states for suckers for nigh on 100 years; Jews have played the West for guilt-laden suckers for even more years.

    I say, It stops now.

    Jewish people must be made to understand in clear terms that they are not only not entitled to special treatment and special consideration, they are to be held in a status of shame, as befits the behavior they exhibit. NO MORE should any moral person feel compelled to check his values at the door because a Jew thinks that he has the right to a)behave with reckless disregard for civilized norms; and b) demand the world’s respect for Jews while they do so.

    NO MORE.
    When the public has the opportunity to address someone like Engel, he should be told that his words, behavior, and attitude are disgusting and shameful and have no place in the American value system. He should be shamed and shunned, until he can shape his behavior to fit that of the American people as spelled out in the Constitution.

    Jews have taken for themselves the right to define American values. That must stop. NOW.

    Mr. Hart, I think you’re a courageous and wise man to approach the situation as you have. I don’t think the gentle approach has worked. The only alternative to a vigorous course of reality therapy — of shaming and shunning — that I can think of is too horrible to think of. I don’t want my children to carry the same burden of suffering and guilt that the German people have labored under since 1939.

    If we really mean, Never Again, then we had better figure out what caused the first event, and ensure that the same behavior is not repeated.
    That first behavior was enacted by Jewish people — the history is clear.
    The Jewish people must be called to account for their actions.

  13. Earlaiman on the 04. May, 2011 remarked #

    Hear, hear! Well-spoken!


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