1. Maidhc ÔCathail at his best… again!

    The gravest terrorist threat in the world is also the fourth or fifth largest holder of Nuclear Weapons, and is also a non signator to any Nuclear Weapons Control Protocols, and even refuses to acknowledge officially that they even have nuclear capabilities.

    Anyone who could take down those three buildings in New York with two airplanes and a professional demolition set would find it an easy matter to build and deliver a few nuclear devices in select places in the world they wished.

    If anyone still believe that twelve camel-kickers from a CIA sosored Afghanistani Combat Training Camp could do it, then they might also believe that there are Nuclear Physicists in some of those caves who could build a Nuclear Weapon, Tooth Fairies lurking under pillows, Santa Clause and a gang of Elves living at the NOrth Pole, and an Easter Bunny in the Garden.


  2. “The massive arms smuggling network set up by David Ben-Gurion in the United States in the 1940s had acquired a nuclear branch within a decade, according to Smith. The 1955 purchase of the Apollo Steel Company plant in Pennsylvania was financed by David Lowenthal, a close friend of Israel’s first prime minister and a former member of the Haganah, the precursor to the Israeli army. The following year, Dr. Zalman Shapiro, head of a local Zionist Organization of America chapter, incorporated the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) at Apollo. Before long, NUMEC was receiving large quantities of highly enriched uranium and plutonium from Westinghouse and the U.S. Navy for nuclear reprocessing.

    By the 1960s, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) became suspicious of security lapses at NUMEC, and even considered suspending its “classified weapons work.” A 1965 AEC audit discovered that 220 pounds of highly enriched uranium were unaccounted for. The following year, the FBI launched its own investigation, codenamed Project Divert, to monitor NUMEC’s management and its frequent Israeli visitors. Nevertheless, the diversion of nuclear material to Israel continued unabated. After a September 10, 1968 visit by four Israelis, including Mossad agent Rafi Eitan, a further 587 pounds of highly enriched uranium went missing.”–Maidhc O’Cathail writes in the above article.

    “Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us?” Zelikow asked an audience at the University of Virginia in September 2002. In a rare moment of candour, Zelikow proceeded to explain that the real reason for preemptive war against Iraq was “the threat against Israel.”

    “Given the fatal career implications of broaching such a taboo subject, not to mention Rupert Murdoch’s well-known devotion to the State of Israel, it’s hardly surprising that the Fox presenter didn’t probe too deeply into who Philip Zelikow might have been covering for.”–Maidhc O’Cathail writes in the same clear fashion in another article. He and [We] know what happened to Helen Thomas and Joe Sobran. There is a little known story about a black college professor [Tony Martin] whose career was destroyed by the Jews because he wrote about the Jew owned and operated black slave trade in America.

    Dawoodi Morkas was right when he posted his comment: “Jews get away with everything in this world.”

    But they wont get away with anything in the spiritual world. How did 2% of the population hijack a nation like America? They did it by creating division among groups of people [blacks and whites, Christians and Muslims] and through various other deceptive ways. For instanse see what Sherwood Ross and Gordon Duff are doing [in a concerted effort] to Dr David Duke aimed at smearing him to destroy his political future because he is one of the few white politicians who can and will stand up to Israel and Zionist Jews who have destroyed America and the world. Do you know that the black slave trade in America was owned and operated by the Jews and that 48% of Jewish households owned slaves while only 2% of whites owned them–and nobody even knows this truth. Do you See Dr David Duke exposes these truths about Jews and they hate him for that. His latest video is about how Jewish rabbis are encouraging Jewish women [even married women]to have sex with Gentiles if it is beneficial to Jews. [DavidDuke.com]

    Despite all the achievements Dr David Duke has made Jews want to continue to tie him to the remote past. Every opportunity they get mainstream media does it and David has been very honest about his past unlike many others who tend to get defensive when challenged. “Truthteller” Gordon Duff has done the same just like those deceitful men and women in the mainstream media.

    We need to challenge this “truthteller” not only by questioning the validity of his truth when it is mixed with half truths and baloney but also by asking him to tell us the things he did when he was Dr David Duke’s age when David was a Klansman. Let us dig into Gordon Duff’s past and tie him down to his past skeletons too.

    We need people of the calibre of Philip Giraldi, Jeff Gates, Alan Sabrosky, David Duke to start a website for soldiers, veterans and other people that can give competition to Gordon Duff’s website: Veterans Today. People like Gordon Duff twists the truth to give it the spin they want and that is manipulation and deception as opposed to telling the truth as it is which is the style of Philip Giraldi, Jeff Gates, Alan Sabrosky, Maidhc O’Cathail and David Duke.

    Jews get away with crime because of Jewish owned mainstream media and other Jewish owned outlets like Veterans Today. Let us hold them all to the same standards as they hold others to. Let us not allow them to get away and continue to destroy other people by continuously focusing on the past without giving them credit to any of their subsequent achievements.