So, let me get this straight:

You tear my veil to free me

You jail me to rid me of my terror

You kill my beloved to liberate me

You shoot my baby to erase my misery

You starve me to show me how to vote

You threaten me to bring me to my senses

You wage war on me to help me find peace

You slay my people to teach me compassion

You humiliate me to aid me live with dignity

You insult me to illustrate freedom of speech

You crush my bones to save me from my evil

You demolish my home to elevate my morality

You torture my children to teach me how to love

You uproot my tree to raise my ethical standard

You steal my resources to bring me social justice

You assassinate my leaders to bring me democracy

You destroy my history to educate me about progress

You dehumanise me to coach me into humanity

You bomb my town to train me into security

You wipe me out to push me to civilisation

You scorn my faith to bring me salvation

Thank you sir

How can I -ever- pay you back?

Arresting woman

Arresting boy

Liberating another woman

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  1. rexw on the 05. May, 2010 remarked #

    Please be assured, Nahida, that the world is watching. This is very little consolation to you as it has been watching for 60 years, just watching, doing nothing.
    But you have a lot more friends now, all over the world and the electronic age had made all those people closer to you in 2010 because they have a strong desire to support you, your family, your friends and your country.
    You will see your country’s problems register in the minds of those who may have thought your Palestine and its problems were just too far away to worry about.
    Now though, the killings, demolishing, insults and humiliation will eventually get through the deliberate blockages in the world’s media, controlled by your captors who try to ensure that the people of the world do not see the things that are depicted in your photos.
    Finally, those of us who do know of the treatments you have received at the hands of the Israeli killers, the most hated country in the world, will sharpen our efforts to advise the uninformed that we want Palestine to be free, the people to live contented and happy lives in the land that is their own.
    Don’t despair.


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