Mark Glenn true to his style, lays out for his listeners, at the very outset, in no uncertain terms, the price in dollars that Americans have been paying for the misdeeds of their “bestest buddy” Israel, for the past 60 years and more. For those who find Mark’s commentary harsh, it rings of truth and that is all that matters today.

What Americans need to know and find out,  first,  is where their dollars are going; second, what those dollars are doing; third, if that is what they really want their dollars to do for their country. Nothing more. Nothing less. If they are able to link their dollars in Israel to American deaths/involvement in distant lands, perhaps when the time comes to vote, they will simply tick the right voting box. It is as simple and powerful as that.

Antoine Raffoul, a Palestinian in exile, displaced in 1948,  living in London,  picked the most appropriate Thomas Jefferson quote to kick-start the programme:

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty”.

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The book co-authored by Mark Glenn and USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney is now available for sale at Amazon.com. Besides the hardcopy version, there is also an audio version available as well.


  1. Kindred Spirit on the 23. May, 2010 remarked #

    I’m probably going to get my hands on Phil Tourney’s book, but I wanted to point out that the ballot box doesn’t work in Amer’ka as I call it, and with DIEBOLD / ESS / SEQUOIA and the other vote rigging companies out there, you can rest assured that voters who think they’re tossing incumbents who are dual passport holders and or are Israeli double-agents masquerading as congressmen and senators, are going to be bitterly disappointed this November. I’d also like to point out that Obama has plans to put as many as 80,000 troops on the streets in OCTOBER, and there are now 11 states with orders to get their NG units ready for rapid INTERNAL deployments in the CONUS.

    All of this is smelling like a very ugly scene come November, in particular, once the people see no net change, and find out that massive vote rigging occurred that kept the incumbents in power.

    This is when Obama’s CONSEQUENCES RESOLUTION FORCE of 80,000 troops gets to start to shoot civilians on U.S. soil then.

    If we make it to December of this year without a formal declaration of the martial law we have lived under via NSPD 51 and HSPD 20 Continuity of Government Executive Orders that are still in place and re-issued under Obama, then I’ll be truly amazed.

    We are in the waning days of the facade known as our republic, and we are in the proto days of a new and ugly fascist nightmare, this time, under an alleged democrat.

    Anyway, thank you, Phil Tourney, and if we do have a revolt, may you live to see the day when we reform this government and throw the Israeli double agents out, or shoot them, or both!

  2. Robert H. Stiver on the 23. May, 2010 remarked #

    An excellent interview. Mr. Raffoul is an articulate, intelligent representative of his Palestinian people. I heard Mark use the word “psychopaths” at one point to refer to Israeli Zionists; I believe it essential that it be recognized that the entire fabric of Zionism — Jews espousing it, Jews not speaking out against it, the bizarre and despicable Christian Zionists in the U.S. and around the world and other fellow travelers — is the fabric of a collective PSYCHOSIS. We sane people must out the PSYCHOSIS, diagnosis it, treat it resolutely, and strive for a return to health of its victims and the victims in turn created by them. I didn’t hear Mr. Glenn or Mr. Raffoul make another point that I think is pertinent: there is a deep GUILT within the Zionist and the Jewish “soul” at the horrific treatment they have imposed on the Palestinians. Treatment of the PSYCHOSIS, I believe, will necessarily cause the GUILT to be exposed and addressed. Once that GUILT is given therapy, major progress will have been made toward ridding the Jewish and other Zionists of their PSYCHOSIS.

  3. DRL on the 23. May, 2010 remarked #

    What an elegant person, Antoine Ruffoul is. ‘Great man’, indeed.

    Thank you for this excellent interview. It reaffirms, as if it were necessary, the openness, humanitarianism and surprising lack of anger on the Palestinians’ part — anger which is pathologically manufactured and flaunted to justify the militarization of what is falsly called ‘the Jewish state’.

    An historical aspect that goes underreported, for the most part, is the discrimination to which native Palestinian *Jews* were subjected by European Zionist colonisers. Teachers, farmers and administrators who didn’t adhere strictly to Zionist nationalism were ostracized, dispossessed and marginalized. Which demonstrates the broader ambitions of political Zionism. It had nothing ‘humanitarian’ about it; its goals were [geo]political.

    No manner of money and ‘branding’ can mask the hypocrisy of Zionist Israeli Jews, now, who have had over 80 years to demonstrate a capacity to appreciate the graciousness and generosity of their Palestinian hosts. They had their chance, and continue each day to sow misery and death. Ding! Time is up!

    Best wishes to Antoine Raffoul.

  4. DRL on the 23. May, 2010 remarked #

    I agree entirely with Robert H. Stiver’s stress on the psychotic aspect of Zionism.

    Immigrant Jews in Palestine are having to face the consequences of decades of policies and deliberately violent acts against their host. Let me repeat the term again: Host. Because this is what, in supreme arrogance, the incoming Europeans refused to recognize: that they were *guests* in Palestine.

    Not easy. The population has been thoroughly indoctrinated, for decades, and the face they see in the mirror, if they dare look, is very ugly, indeed.

    Collective psychosis notwithstanding, not a single excuse can be made for Israel’s past or current behaviour.

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