The calendar says 2010 but it feels like 1955, not the real 1955, not by a long shot, but a fictional, “Hollywood version” with Americans cowering under their beds from the Red Menace, “Duck and Cover,” and a bland, colorless ignorance is seeping into our souls.  Instead of cowboy movies, where evil scalping redskins menace our forefathers, wagons circled and arrows flying, the cry is “creeping socialism” and imaginary terrorists.  But it isn’t 1955, too much has happened, so much that we have blocked out the realities of 55 years of our history, a history meant to be a lesson, good and bad.  We have replaced everything we believe with a continuing fantasy, and not a very nice one at that.  Our fantasy is written by storytellers, the public relations agents for the massive organized crime syndicate that dwarfs any political leader or government.

8 years of Eisenhower produced one thing only, a warning about the “military industrial complex.”  It was 8 years of poverty and starvation for many, decline in education, impoverishment of our middle class, decline in national defense and a massive growth in class hatred in America.  The only uniting force for most “voting Americans” was race hatred.  You see, African Americans, then called “Negroes” but actually seldom that, couldn’t vote, not in most parts of the country.  Every American was raised to ignore that, that and a thousand other unAmerican abuses of our imaginary Constitution.  Freedom meant freedom to do what you were told, when you were told or a cop would bash in your skull with a club.

Then one day, a man came and stopped the train.  His name was John Kennedy.  No, his dad was never a gangster, that is nothing but conspiracy theory, no, Nixon wasn’t beaten in a rigged election, Nixon stole more votes than Kennedy or he would have lost by millions.  Americans have always hated Richard Nixon, a vicious paranoid now proven to have been right too often, one of the little surprises time gives us when we aren’t looking.  Never have two influential Americans, Nixon and Kissinger hated and distrusted each other so much, but that is for another day.

America wasn’t ruled by politicians or labor unions.  Our real government was the massive organized crime syndicate that controlled our political parties with the aid of mob enforcer J. Edgar Hoover.  Mobs controlled labor unions, courts, police departments, entire cities, most of them in fact, and industry after industry from oil to agriculture to trucking.  There was no federal law enforcement, Hoover had decreed that the Mafia didn’t exist.  He was right in some ways, the Italian Mafia was never anything more than a boys club for criminals.  My father explained that to me early on.  We would sit up and watch The Untouchables.  He always said, “Don’t let them fool you, Jews run everything, the Mafia is just a fable.”  As my dad was a bootlegger and rum runner in the 20’s, nephew of Josef “Legs” Lehman of the Purple Gang and half the aging mobsters Detroit was famous for were in and out of our home, I had to believe him.

For those of us alive then, alive and awake, Kennedy was a game changer.  Americans had lost faith, had come to believe their country would always be something they could wave flags about but be ashamed of too.  America was a land of coal miners living in shacks, of sharecroppers and barefoot children wearing rags, of malnutrition and ignorance.  It snowed brown in Detroit, sulphurous fumes filled the air.  Everyone smoked so it didn’t really matter, cigarettes and alcohol were considered a rite of passage.  Lake Erie, St. Clair and the Detroit River emitted a foul stench, devoid of fish, unsafe to swim in or even touch.

The only way out of poverty was union work in factories.  My dad worked at Ford, having quit the Teamsters Union.  “Little Jimmie” had been a friend of my dad from the old neighborhood until my mother forced my dad to break it off, not wanting to see him in prison again.  My dad called the factory, Ford’s transmission division in Livonia, “the jute mill.”  Every week it was one friend or another “carried out feet first.”  Life expectancy for an auto worker was low, with many dying in their 40s of heart attacks brought on by a combination of smoking, fried foods and breathing poisonous 130 degree air during 12 hour shifts.

America has become a class society, workers and management, black and white, urban working poor and rural very poor.  Few Americans had been on a plane, other than bombing Germany, Europe was still largely in ruins from the war, the “third world” was still ruled by Britain, France and, if you can believe it, Portugal and Belgium.  If America got sick of a government somewhere, we simply “dealt with it,” usually an assassination or rigged election or both.

It was John Kennedy that told us we didn’t have to be what we were.  When he talked, he didn’t sound like a cartoon.  “Ike” had been one of the worst public speakers in history.  There was a reason for that, he wasn’t very bright, had no vision and really didn’t give a damn about very much.  He was the Ronald Reagan of his day, an empty hat “blowhard” and time waster.  Leaders were supposed to be “place holders” who did what they were told while the inexorable went on, money flowed up, “crap” flowed down, low pay, dirt and filth, adulterated food, poor, medical care, 4th rate education and a thinly veiled police state under the control of a massive crime cartel older than any of us would ever learn.

What would happen when the day came where Americans would no longer work for a dollar an hour, buy milk for their kids filled with chalk, hot dogs that were made of ground corn, rat droppings and suet or bread made from wood shavings.  Oh, you didn’t know this?  This was the real “good old days” you don’t hear about.

What changed with Kennedy was America’s expectations.  Everything we know about America, everything hated by some, started then, college education as a reality for millions, safe medicines and safe food, clean water and air and a decent lifestyle for working people.  American workers began to move out of poverty, “wage slavery” and into a social class where children could move beyond their station without selling their souls.

We can’t have a talk about culture without mentioning Kennedy and the Beatles.  An entire era, America’s real golden age, has been repackaged by our media morons and fabricators as a few anti-war demonstrations and the mini-skirt.  What happened, what was real was a total rejection of what the idiots loved to call “convention.”  What was “convention?”  It wasn’t just “Negroes” that were supposed to stay in their place.  Education meant 2 years of highschool or graduation and some sort of trade, maybe teaching but more likely some sort of factory skill, even for the best and brightest.  Life was planned, work, buying, eating garbage, finally getting sick and dying or retiring in poverty.  The only way of sidetracking this was being killed in Vietnam, in Vietnam or “by” Vietnam, something that “did in” a quarter million Americans.

Everything good that happened is now described by our media, yes, the media controlled by the same mob J. Edgar Hoover protected his entire life, as “Marxism” or “elitism.”  Not wanting your job shipped to China or blaming all the wrong people for oil spills, false flag terrorism, market crashes, rigged elections, massive “white collar” crimewaves that have “disappeared” most of our country’s wealth while we jail millions of drug users and poor….

The charade, of course, is the house you own belongs to a crooked bank.  The job you may still hold could blow away like a leaf in the wind.  The education you can no longer afford for your child, affordable education is “elitist” don’t you know, doesn’t matter anyway.  Nurses, teachers and engineers are being laid off by the thousands around the country while Wall Street bonueses paid out of America’s massive debt go through the roof.

We can’t even go back to being slaves.  The factories are gone.  Even if they were there, nobody could afford to buy anything they built.  Try to find a newspaper that will tell the story of the collapse of American industry.  What is the single biggest reason our jobs went overseas?  Our workers have long been the most productive in the world but, with $9000 worth of health care costs tacked on to a car, building in the US became impossible.  Organized crime running insurance companies, the “outfit’s” drug scams and the medical monopoly, the “non-profit” hospitals that funneled a generation’s livelihood into numbered accounts in foreign banks are why we are on this rollercoaster ride.

Drive down any highway.  See cars with flat tires and empty tanks along the road?  Wonder why that is?

Are we paying for things we did wrong?  Did too many buy in on Reaganesque “greed is good” baloney or the phony “war on terror?”  I think a better focus is “deregulation.”  Every industry that has been deregulated has collapsed under massive criminal wrongdoing.  Does this mean organized crime runs every financial operation in the US, from the Federal Reserve to every “house” on Wall Street?  What do you think?

We couldn’t have done anything about it anyway, even if we weren’t being manipulated to blame each other.  I love it when I hear about conspiracies.  Our entire financial system is a conspiracy, always has been.  Conspirators wrote our Constitution.  Federalists were nothing but agents of the British banks, working phony currency games to make sure America would remain a colony of Britain forever.  Britain, of course, is a colony of the Rothschild’s and has been since the 1700s.  Is any of it a conspiracy or is the fact that the actual world financial system is a criminal conspiracy, the World Bank, the IMF, the EU, the Federal Reserve.

Phony money, debt, massive counterfeiting by every world government, games meant to keep the world in chaos, war and poverty isn’t a secret, certainly not theory but very definately a conspiracy.

Back when we had so much money, so much wealth, when American “productivity” could sustain economic security for working Americans, we could ignore the obvious questions.  How often did you ask yourself why America bought its own money from foreign banks?  Who, in the name of all that is holy, thought up the monstrosity we call the Federal Reserve System?  Now that everything has collapsed, with all major currencies in “free fall” simultaneously, it has to be obvious.

Will your next tank of gas be paid for by a credit card you will never live to pay off?  When will your home be worth what you owe?  Should you walk away?  Is there anywhere to go?  Where are the safe communities, the economic “hot spots” with all the high paying jobs?  California is bankrupt.  Texas is dead.  Can we all move to Washington and become lobbyists?

How can Americans explain the Federal Reserve system when none of us understand Afghanistan, our current war, where we are now supporting opium growers and spending billions arming people to fight us who are fighting us only because we are, curiously enough, paying them to.  Why would Americans arm the Taliban, protect poppy fields and prevent Afghanistan from establishing a democratic government?  Is America, just maybe, run by organized crime?

Check your bank account, check your mail, check the job section in your newspaper.  It ain’t no conspiracy, it is simply a pack of criminals like it has always been.  They just got too greedy and have finally killed the golden goose, us.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today .

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  1. Don Robertson on the 28. May, 2010 remarked #


    I hope you read this. I was born in Detroit. My father worked for Detroit Edison. I grew up in Bloomfield Hills, and lived there for five years after he died, -until I was 16 in 1966.

    After my father died (at age 44) my mother went back to school and became a teacher in the Bloomfield Hills school system. She taught first the remedial groups of 4th Graders, and then after a year or two, she taught the advanced class of 4th Graders.

    When JFK was shot, my mother was teaching that latter group.

    An announcement came on the school PA system, that “President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.”

    Every kid (as it was related to me by my mother) stood up and cheered at hearing JFK had been shot in Dallas.

    Those were different times.

    Detroit was the center of the world’s prosperity and industrial production and know-how.

    Those were different times.

    It seemed the Golden Goose then, America.

    But, Gordon, if someone were to re-write history with an emphasis on the ongoing destruction of the world being bequeathed to each successive generation, the imagery of the Golden Goose fades.

    I brought my wife back to Michigan in 2006.

    Michigan -IF ANYTHING- is evidence of the folly of men and their ideas of “progress”.

  2. MORE LIKE 'THE SCREWED POOCH', GORDON on the 29. May, 2010 remarked #

    I too remember, the day they murdered John F. Kennedy. I was a young boy in elementary school, when our teacher got called out into the hall by another teacher, and then came back into the classroom with tears streaming down her face. She said; “you can all go home now, someone has shot and killed our president, so you all can go home now..”

    First, I remember walking the 3 miles home, more or less in this ‘trance’, wondering to myself, aloud; “if they can shoot the president and kill him…then NOBODY IS SAFE, ARE THEY??” My parents were gone, both of them, out earning a paycheck to keep a roof over our heads, so without a key to get into the front door, I sat in front of the house on the curb and watched as my other fellow kids on the block slowly filtered home from their schools. Over time, they all did. Most of them looking stunned to the point where they’d been crying, too! One of the young girls on the block ran home to her house, screaming for her mommy who wasn’t home yet, either.

    Our CIA did this to us, and Israel helped them do this to us, and our Military participated in the coup d’etat just exactly as Oliver Stone’s movie about J.F.K. theorized they were a part of it, flushing our strategic bombers to their fail safe points in advance of the murder, in the event the Russians decided to take advantage of the decapitated government’s weakness. Lindon Johnson was in on the plot, having stated later; “Lord help us, it’s all a huge plot…lord help us”, or words to that effect.

    Magic Bullshit Arlen Sphincter helped cobb together bullet ballistics that would make Rube Goldberg proud, helping that other lying jackass from Grand Rapids, Gerald R. Ford, cover up the CIA murder of the president. Today, 47 years after the murder, nobody knows where the president’s bullet fragment filled brains are at, except a few pieces of it that flew out in a wide arc that comes to an apex at the fence on the grassy knoll there in Dealey Plaza, where at least the fatal head shot came from.

    Gordon, America has lived in an artificial bubble of lies since that moment in November, 1963, when it once again (not the first time it murdered it’s own leader with a gun or poisons fed to him) and it hasn’t ever come out of the ether.

    It is coming out of the ether now, only to awaken into a nightmare of endless wars, unprecedented corporate wrongdoing and greed, and a government hell bent for leather to destroy our Constitution and take away every last civil liberty we were ever endowed with.

    When will the SCREWING OF THE POOCH ever end, Gordon? This pooch is getting an awfully sore and bloody rectum from the incessant shafting, Gordon!

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