GOP and FOX NEWS Campaign Continues to Stamp Israeli Brand On Time Square Bomber

More Airport Magic….

Watching the news on the arrest of the Time Square bomber, or as we will call him, “the Time Square Fizzler,”  and the flood of political attacks on the president and news reports condemning Pakistan and Islam make it all clear as a bell.  The ‘highly trained’ terrorist, supposedly schooled in explosives and ’secret agent stuff’ is another patsy.

Think “Mumbai” and the recent trial.  All our suspect could say, over and over, knowing he is doomed is that he was ’set up.’

With the Pakistan Taliban the biggest security risk for the only Islamic nuclear power, they became extremely attractive to India and Israel some time ago.  Noting that India has been given free rein to run intelligence operations on the Pakistani border, they and their good friends in Israel, have flooded the region with “helpers” busy recruiting, training and supporting attacks, primarily on Pakistan.

Some time ago, it was warned that these Indian and Israeli trained groups that the US had knowingly allowed, and admitted to, would be used against the United States.  Welcome to that world.

Last month, while in Pakistan with Jeff Gates and Raja Mujtaba, a number of supposed Germany “contractors” working for, well, we don’t know, were seen in Islamabad.

They were not hard to identify for some of us and Jeff confronted them about their real nationality.  Later, in private discussions with officials, whose identities we were asked to withhold, we confirmed that even Pakistan has a significant presence of Israeli “visitors” who can use their endless alternative identities and contracting relationships to move wherever they want.

Pakistan’s dependence on American fund to fight terrorism has left them helpless to oppose this openly.  With America under the thumb of Israel and Pakistan their biggest target, America’s mixed loyalties has led to a very disturbing situation.  Imagine having to invite a dangerous criminal into your home because your rich uncle loves him?

You now have an idea of the dynamic involved. Watching the arrests and news stories is a wonder, seeing a “no fly list” person move in and out of America freely is amazing.

With a Pakistani visa in my passport, signed by their Defense Attache to Washington, I was held up last week from an Air France flight.  I need more Israeli friends if I want to get thru airports quicker.  Only after Homeland Security was notified, did I get on a plane.

This was good.  It was efficient.  I appreciated the security and everyone was highly effective and doing their jobs.

However, were I a “no fly list” terrorist, I could have gotten right thru.

However, were I the “crotch bomber” with no passport at all, I would have gotten right thru, right thru security in Israeli run airports.

As the news stories drone on, this will become clear.  The ‘trained terrorist’ will be tied to a huge network of idiots and dupes, all working in the region along the Afghani/Pakistan border, an area where India, and their Israeli friends, really do train terrorists who kill hundreds with real bombs in Pakistan.

Nobody will ever learn how our friend got thru airports or who helped him.  More and more videos from the Pakistan Taliban will come forward, all serving to bring a rain of ruin on them but damning Pakistan and raising sympathy for India and Israel.

Israeli controlled Fox News, yes, that is who runs it, will continue to drone on.

Everyone will be happy except for the worlds Muslims, who will continue to be damned as, not only terrorists but idiots as well.

We have a clever enemy who has no shortage of Muslim stooges to drag out of his bag of tricks.  Playing one group of Muslims against another is a profitable game.  We have just seen a move in it.

Watch and learn.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Chief Editor: Veterans Today .

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  1. robertsgt40 on the 06. May, 2010 remarked #

    This is almost (sic)funny. The first day the guy says he acted alone. And now he’s pointed the finger at terrorist friends/groups in Pakiland. Pretty effective “interrogation.” And they said waterboarding wouldn’t work. That and a couple of wires to his nads, I’m sure he sang like a canary.

  2. jojo on the 06. May, 2010 remarked #

    propane tank and some local purchased fireworks packed in the back seat and starts to smoulder–It really smells of a seup.
    Notice one piculiar similarty in alot of these arrested Terrprist–we don’t hear a thing about them for years and by then obtuse Americans–don’t give a hoot :^/


    In lieu of half roasted citizens diving out of 100 story high rises in New York, and remotely controlled airplanes plunging into the Pornogon and the WTC towers, they have to do something like this. I mean, what’s happened to the MOSSAD?? Have they lost their zionist jew nerve? I mean, us GOYIM are just chomping at the bit for another batch of our Civil Liberties to be stripped away by a tyrannical, out of control government that aided and abetted TREASON that day when it not only stood down NORAD, but then let the Israeli perpetrators go back to Israel after they did their dirty deeds here.

    Rita Katz, c’mon girl, between you and Adam Perlman and Mr. Cohen, can’t you MOSSAD guys pony up enough REAL TERROR to make this at least plausible to the 20 or so percent permanently brain damaged by Faux Noize Chunnel, idiots in this country?? Get with the pogrom, I mean, the program :)

  4. Heinman on the 06. May, 2010 remarked #

    this is a clear staged operation. Do they think that we are fools? Or are they testing the americans intelligence? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. America’s downfall started by these dim-witted morons.

  5. Brian Concannon on the 07. May, 2010 remarked #

    Israel is an apartheid, assassin, terrorist, financial terrorist, false flag op and inside job specialist rogue state

    down here in Sydney, Australia the zionist control of society and government is absolutely sickening. because l know too much and constantly expose their crimes and agenda’s, l have become an enemy of the state – they are always trying to set me up, if they succeed, then the character assassination will begin

    all the western worlds intelligence agencies are controlled or infiltrated by the Mossad – the CIA and the Pentagon are their best assets

    the war on terror is bogus
    its all zionist manufactured terrorism

    mass organised peaceful demonstrations are needed now around the world, to expose and stop these satanic zionist parasites and their puppets. before the zionist cancer becomes unstoppable

    all of the worlds Holocausts and wars, in the last couple of centuries, were engineered by the international zionist mafia and their puppets

    zionism is a cancer upon humanity

  6. dc on the 07. May, 2010 remarked #

    I watched one of the Fox ‘news’ heads acting giddy with delight when an arrest had been made, though I’m not sure which one it was. The curious part, was that he claimed the name of the Times Square arrestee could not (yet) be disclosed “because it is so common a name”… and that “there are 1,000′s of people in this country and others with the same name”.

    Gordon, keep on, you’re at the right fight.

  7. duffster on the 07. May, 2010 remarked #

    Intel is flowing in from Pakis and elsewhere confirming our worst or best suspicions.


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