Millions of illegal aliens, thousands members of dangerous drug gangs, have taken over city after city, state after state.  Do you really think our government couldn’t have closed the border in days?  The illegals are here for a purpose.  The killed trade unions, suppressed the minimum wage, worked as slaves for corporate agriculture, filled our prisons and courts, all of this and more was part of a plan.  Follow the money.  Give us one division out of Iraq and the border will be closed in 3 days, not just “talked about” but closed.  This will never happen as long as massive illegal immigration hurts only America’s working classes, the only people actually paying taxes, actually working and fighting for America.  Real Americans don’t matter, haven’t for years.  It didn’t happen overnight but Americans are now slaves in their own country.  We all know it but our slave masters are now the people telling us who to blame.

In order to be slaves, we had to be conditioned to become slaves.  This was done in increments, causing us to distrust each other, put our reliance on charismatic leaders, all of whom have turned out to be sociopaths, professional liars and thieves, mouthpieces for a very real conspiracy against the American people.  Part of that conditioning was confusing Americans to the point where we would blame each other, one imaginary enemy after another, all blamed for our failures, our poverty, our decline while, when we weren’t looking, our economy drained into the foreign bank accounts of the few and our jobs flushed into Mexico, then China.

It’s time we stopped looking at politics and blaming each other and noticing the truth.  We don’t have a government.  We don’t have courts.  We don’t have anything but a criminal conspiracy working for foreign interests, banksters, oil thieves, the phony medical maniacs and the gun pushers.  Fronting for them is the biggest lie machine in world history, dwarfing anything Stalin or Hitler could imagine, storytellers, fabricators, imagineers of the worst kind, creating an illusion of “liberal” against “conservative” where one reality actually exists, the enslavement of America by a criminal enterprise, unnamed but well organized.

“They” have a few bastions of power that are hard to hide.  Israel is the safe haven for many, New York and London are their battlefields, where they rob the world blind.  Washington is their playground where stolen money buys power to send armies around the world, thuggish diplomats, massive networks of spies, mercenary killers and disinformation specialists, loaded with counterfeit cash from the Federal Reserve and backed by Predator drones, the worlds largest military force and 6000 nuclear weapons.

None of this is American, not by a far cry.  Even our “conspiracy” crowd gets it wrong, having long ago been infiltrated by the gangsters.  One day we blame the Illuminati, the next “liberal elitists” and the day after Freemasons.

The classic of all time is 9/11.  When a conspiracy guy says the CIA was responsible, the answer is, “9/11 was too technically complicated for the CIA to have been able to put all the pieces together, they just don’t have that kind of capability.”  Every time I hear this I run my head into a wall.  So, I am told that the CIA/Mossad, the thugster wing of the groups who “billionaired out” on 9/11, with their massive resources couldn’t have done it.  Then it is obvious, some guy in a cave with a sat phone that the NSA heard every word from, planned the whole thing, beating the Israeli run airport security, getting NORAD to stand down, all of it.  If you can sell this, one of the weakest lies in history, you can sell anything.


The complete destruction of America wouldn’t be possible without components of our society, some out of stupidty and greed and some out of pure hatred and evil, to become tools of class warfare against decent working Americans.  Each of these groups is massively complicit, utterly cynical and totally corrupt.

  • The Media;  This group comes in a variety of flavors, all of them poison.  The biggest group is the corporate/Zionist media, making up from 75 to 90 percent of what we see and hear.  Their message is always the same.  They tell us that the “other media,” is controlled by the “liberal elitist press,” a mysterious group of communists, Jewish elitists and illegal aliens who spent billions each year controlling broadcast networks and newspapers owned, in fact, by the people pointing fingers at the “liberal elitist press.”
  • The Catholic Church;  One day the pope rants about the evil of legalizing homosexual union but the truth is, he runs the largest organization of sex criminals in the history of mankind.  With the church falling in line with the right wing, a group that originated the pseudo-science of eugenics, the theories Hitler based his beliefs on, we ended up with a coalition of anti-abortion supporters and those who have, for nearly a century, supported mass sterilization and abortion on a worldwide scale.  Burying a century of history was easy, the media helped every step of the way.
  • Christian Zionists;  Peddling a religion remotely related to Christianity, this group prides itself on its loyalty to Israel.  That loyalty is based on seeing the Jews returned to the “Holy Land” so they can all be converted to Christianity and the world burned to a cinder in a nuclear war.  Right wing extremists in Israel love the support but look on this group as clinically insane and a total laughing stock.
  • AIPAC/Israel lobby;  With massive financial power and virtual control of America’s media and the ability to bully congress, this group, really agents for a much less friendly foreign power than we think, runs a massive intimidation campaign protected from laws meant to stop this kind of activity.  Their “special relationship” with America is much like Al Capone’s “special relationship” with Chicago politicians during the 1920s.
  • The NRA;  This is another cynical group of Washington insiders, making millions on scare tactics about imaginary “gun seizures.”  Using the most advanced communications network in the world, the NRA has actually invented the “anti-gun” movement.  95% of Americans would never see or hear a single word of “anti-gun” anything were it not for the NRA.  Shame!
  • Veterans Groups;  The “chartered” veterans groups profess millions of members but are actually a small Washington “insider” group that parrots divisive scare tactics from the gang pulling the strings in Washington.  They continually drumbeat about immigration and patriotism but, when faced with tough issues, turn their backs.  Their primary purpose seems to be to keep veterans deaf, dumb and blind.
  • Think Tanks;  90% are paid stooges of the anti-American gangsters pushing America under the boot.  The tops are the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation but most are fully culpable and need to be registered as foreign interest groups.  They sure aren’t working for America.  America would be better off being cluster-bombed than getting “position papers” from these organizations.
  • Political Parties:  “Tweedle dumb” and Tweedle dumber” or as we know them, the Dumocrats and the Republi’cons, have one purpose in life.  The parties work in close concert to close off political life from anything remotely American, having built a political process designed to suck as much money as possible into the pockets of office holders who are answerable only to powerful special interests, the most powerful of which are Israel, oil companies, banksters, medical thieves, war mongers and Israel.  Decent and independent human beings that slip through the cracks are rare and are either pushed out by floods of laundered money or die in mysterious plane crashes.


Divisive rhetoric is the basis of a very real conspiracy to turn Americans against each other in attempts to find the real enemy.  In the process, a very real enemy gets hundreds of billions in “bail out” money, a very real enemy controls our Federal Reserve which is counterfeiting America into generations of slavery, a very real enemy is impoverishing America while killing off our children in turf wars over drugs and oil.

The decades we have all spent hating each other as “liberals” and “conservatives” as made us fools.  None of us has been free of guilt.  We have all been suckered.  Hearing complex terms of economic and political philosophy come out of the moronic mouths of Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Nancy Pelosi or Glen Beck is like hearing a parakeet recite Shakespeare.  The word goes out warning us of “socialism” when the government threatens the banksters bonuses, the millions paid to thieves out of “bail out” money from America’s working families but all you hear is silence when, overnight, every oil company tacks 50 cents a gallon on gas prices when oil prices go down.

Breaking away from the language and cutting ourselves off from gun seizure scares, phony terrorism warnings, nuclear Iran drivel and stories of Arab armies marching on Tel Aviv has to come immediately.  These fabrications and so many others, dozens of others, were used to distract America while an invasion more insidious than Day of the Triffids happened.


Our addiction to myth and imaginative storytelling has been more destructive than any drug.  Every word the media pumps out is myth, stories meant to distract.  The generous call it “spin.”  What has happened, of course, is that, not only Washington, New York and Hollywood, long bastions of thieves and liars, are to blame but half the pulpits in America, the meetings halls of veterans groups and the lecture halls of our universities have all become bastions of deceit.

The tools used against America are simple, class envy, fear of every kind, regional divisions, racism and religious delusion.

Every word we hear, every image we see is infected.  Their message isn’t just pundits and phony news, it hides in every TV series, every movie, every story, not just lied about but the hundreds of vital news stories cut out of every paper and magazine as “inconsistent” with “message.”

Years ago, it was a political party that learned to stay “on message.”  Every word filtered, every message scripted, everything meant to create an illusion.  What worked in advertising and then politics is now used to infect our children in school, our innocent hours of entertainment and, especially, our desire to stay informed.

Their news, their information is filth and those who sponsor it are purveyors of an infection.  Their message, the products they sell, the ideas they push are tools of enslavement.  The answer is to boycott it all, every word.  They would lie to us about sport scores and weather if there was money in it.  Everything else is has a purpose, to make us feel helpless, angry, confused and overwhelmed.  Then we are supplied with the “fix,” always “their” targets.  Believing lies is never being informed, it is simply accepting the humiliation of slavery and licking the boot of the master.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Senior Editor: Veterans Today .

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  1. IT'S ALL ABOUT SLAVERY, GORDON, YOU KNOW THAT!! on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    Slavery is the end goal of the NWO cucaracha’s, Gordon. They like destroying the price controls and the tariffs that protected jobs and wages over here. They also like SHAFTA, and GATT, and all the other crap that has come down the pipe with the end goal being the total destruction of the middle class in this country. That’s why they’re ‘hooked’ on the cheap mexican labor, and can’t do without it. If you don’t have cheap illegal aliens working for almost nothing, how else are you going to force your own citizens to make due with the same pay rate and try to survive on it like mexican’s do? Mexican’s can live 12 to 14 in a crowded apartment or small home, making ten bucks an hour or less, working at the car wash or in the butcher shops, or in the produce fields across the country. Most american’s are loathe to clean their own toilet, let alone someone elses, as mexican’s do.

    This whole gig has been about destroying and fleecing the middle class, and for the extremely ‘uber rich’ it is working. Look at the wealth transfer from the ‘common’ everyday schmuck, to the extremely wealthy in this jack offian society we live in. Nobody is doing better except the top one percent of the country who have net worth’s well beyond the million dollar point. Nobody in my income bracket is holding their head above water any longer.

    The goal of the multi national corporations, the ROCKEFELLER’s, and the other’s like SOROS, the GATES, the BUFFETS, is to totally, utterly destroy the middle class, and grind up the leftovers and feed that to their guard dogs. They are not interested in sharing any of it. They want it ALL.

    And without armed resistance, they just may get it all.

  2. Dave on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    “Gun pushers”?
    I assume that you’re anti-gun…
    Thank god that our founders who rightfully detested the British crown had those wonderful tools of liberty.
    Good luck getting this former Marine to relinquish the only effective tools that can guarantee freedom from slavery,tyranny and genocide.

  3. Jackson on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    I agree with your essay. It’s impossible to see this ‘government’ as anything but a criminal gang. I have no respect for it and I’m beginning to wonder what more, God has given it than us, such that we need to follow it’s views on the world and the way things should be. I refuse to follow this government anymore.

  4. Steve Wirth on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    I think the NRA ( I am an endowment member) has become a useless gesture no doubt. However, there is a very big, very real anti-gun agenda in the halls of government. It is hard for me to understand how you can see all the rest so clearly yet not have a clue as to the REAL ANTI-GUN AGENDA of CHARLES SCHUMER/Pelosi/Brady, et al. The only thing these criminals have left to do IS take the guns or invoke martial law.

  5. greg on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    Of course you’re right. Those of us who are awake to all of this have to ask “What now??”.
    What can we possibly do to unscrew this mess before we’re into another global economic collapse, another world war, more ecological disasters, and less money for us and more for the 1%?
    The more people that start waking up, the more strident the Media becomes to demonize us as terrorists, gun nuts, tea baggers, wingnuts, conspiracy nuts, ETC,ETC.
    I don’t see any way out except to find a relatively comfortable place to watch the inevitable collapse/armageddon.
    I remember as a kid watching a tv documentary or news show where some successful revolutionaries in some South American country or other were sitting in chairs on a beach watching as the defeated oligarchs were stood up, one after the other, and shot until they were dead. I couldn’t imagine at that tender age how they could do that.
    Now I completely understand.

  6. DropWith on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    As a citizen, it is a duty to become informed.

    As a start, a suggestion is to go to the website


    and review the hundreds of thousands of pages of information and numerous videos which present evidence regarding many of the issues discussed in this article.

  7. Gordon Duff on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    A couple of notes:

    1. “gun pushers” are defense industry crooks.

    2. The NRA is a total scam. There is no “anti-gun” movement no more than there is a Santa Clause or Osama bin Laden.


  8. Robert Dotson, MD on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    Gordon… Superbly and accurately said! Thanks for your voice of Truth…

  9. John de Nugent on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    Dear brother former Marine:

    I love your courage and the heartfelt, powerful choice of words. You have a gift for impact, like saying (above) that economically NY and London steal the money, politically Washington turns it into power, and militarily the Pentagon sends out the armies and fleets to enforce the slave planet. …I would only lighten up the background color to make your text more visible. It’s quite dark, like the situation….. We former Marines have a great responsiblity (and Alan Sabrosky certainly has grasped this): we have “cred” and thus we must appeal to the public and to today’s active-duty Marines to NOT obey any orders for martial law or assaults on the First and Second Amendments. The USMC must NOT become the Praetorian Guard that enforces the emperor Bokassobama’s dictatorial dream, America’s nightmare. Our oath was not first to the presaident, but to defend the CONSTITUTION — against all enemies, foreign….like Israel…. and dmoestic…like its agents on our soil!

  10. Atheo on the 19. May, 2010 remarked #

    Militarizing the borders is completely unnecessary in preventing illegal immigration.

    Simply applying sanctions on scofflaw employers does the trick. The laws have been on the books all along. It’s just a matter of returning to enforcement.

    Of course the employer class has enjoyed impunity from any type of law enforcement for decades now.

  11. Martin Timothy on the 24. May, 2010 remarked #

    Gordon Duff certainly has his finger on the pulse of America,

    However when he mentions Stalin and Hitler in the context of “the biggest lie machine in world history,” and writes Hitler “based his beliefs on the pseudo science of eugenics,”

    He neglects the volumes of evidence that say in both Russia and Germany, Stalin and Hitler’s political machines were staffed by Jews, the same way Obama’s is in America now,

    And that the Jews were responsible for the terror, the roundups, and the Holodomor in the soviet union since at least 1917, read Sever Plocker Ynet News, as well eugenics is one of the foundations of Zion!

  12. Martin Timothy on the 25. May, 2010 remarked #

    GD says: “The illegals .. killed [the] trade unions.”

    Herein lies a big problem..

    See it this way, the Zionists used their infiltration tactic to get into positions of power within the unions, they recruited toadies into the unions as organizers or endorsed them as shop stewards at respondent sites,

    They then went forth as union sponsored political candidates to perform, like Obama does, as Zionist sock puppets.

    Then with the Zionist puppets in charge the unions were deliberately run into the ground, the familiar cry of “the union sold us out,” echoed across industrial assemblies and work sites, as the bad days of murder and assault returned and slavery reared its ugly head!

    The immigrants are convenient patsies, who were recruited and used as scabs by the Zionists, who with their underlings supported by the Z sponsored press and political lobby, killed the unions!

  13. Brian Curdy on the 22. Jul, 2010 remarked #

    When I think of Marines-I think of people like Major General Smedley D. Butler USMC (Ret.), Sgt-Major Dan Daley USMC (who refused to accept a commission when ordered to accept one), of Ken O’Keefe, and of Gordon Duff who wrote this brilliant wake up call

    Semper Fi from another disabled Marine

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