By Ben Lynfield

Israeli war hero accused of suppressing testimony that could reveal what really happened to Gaza activist. Seven years after the American activist Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza, evidence has emerged which appears to implicate Israel’s Gaza commander at the time, in an attempt to obstruct the official investigation into her death.

The alleged intervention of Major-General Doron Almog, then head of Israel’s southern command, is documented in testimony taken by Israeli military police a day after Ms Corrie was killed on March 16, 2003. The hand written affidavit, seen by The Independent, was submitted as evidence during a civil law suit being pursued by the Corrie family against the state of Israel.

Ms Corrie, who was 23 when she died, was critically wounded when a bulldozer buried her with sandy soil near the border between Gaza and Egypt. The American, wearing a fluorescent orange jacket and carrying a megaphone, was among a group of volunteers from the anti-occupation International Solidarity Movement who over a period of three hours on that day had sought to block the demolition by Israel of Palestinian homes.[SEE FULL STORY AT THE INDEPENDENT CLICK HERE]

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  1. Avery on the 10. May, 2010 remarked #

    “hero” ?!?!?! Major-General Doron Almog is a coward. Afraid to “man-up” and tell the truth.

  2. Amin Ezzeddine on the 10. May, 2010 remarked #

    Embarrassment is for people who have morals. If they take the land of others put them in refugee camps and ghettos for 60 years , demolish homes and ration water of non-jewish inhabitants of the land , destroy their crops and olive trees , close their places of worship and use chemical weapons againts them , I do not think they are embarrassed. Criminals are never embarrassed of their acts they just deny them which is exactly what they did for 7 years.

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