‘Friendship is a Two-Way Street’ Australian Foreign Minister tells Israel

‘Friendship is a Two-Way Street’ Australian Foreign Minister tells Israel


Tim King  Salem-News.com


Many with ties to Australia are taking the time to voice support of recent decisions.

(MELBOURNE / SALEM) – Australia’s principled decision to expel an Israeli diplomat has been highly regarded throughout the world, not just for their stand against Israel’s abuse of Australia’s Passport system but especially because of their abuse of a long standing friendship..

The Aussies are shocked and saddened by the news as it breaks all across the country.

Listen to the Foreign Minister’ Stephen Smith’s speech:

Friendship runs both ways, Smith tells Israel (ABC News)

Video: Israeli diplomat expelled over fake passports (The Midday Report)

Audio: Israeli diplomat expelled over doctored passports (The World Today)

The Ministers office has been flooded with emails of support, commending him for his principled stand. The exact number we will never know as they were addressed to the Minister at Parliament House. Stephen.Smith.MP@aph.gov.au

However, we do know through our friends in Australia and the internet action groups for peace in Palestine that there have been hundreds, perhaps thousands who have requested the full speech and have emailed the Minister.

As you are probably aware, this is just the first example that a sovereign country is prepared to make a statement against Israel and its mis-use of friendship. This has been Israel’s behaviour not only in Australia, but also in Britain, Ireland and here in America.

We present below samples of emails sent to the Minister from around the world.

Hello Minister,

Expulsion of Israeli diplomat

Well done and well spoken.

Now, perhaps, you would like to lead the rest of the world’s foreign-affairs politicians, who, for whatever reasons, feel that they cannot, should not or will not condemn the daily abuses of the Israeli government against the Palestinians in Gaza, East Jerusalem and elsewhere, huddled behind the atrocious and inhuman Apartheid Wall.

Someone who has had the decency to stand up against the carrying out of one high-profile murder, by Israel, should not find it too difficult to go the extra distance and condemn those who are condoning similar, albeit less audacious actions on a daily basis against human beings that many of their predecessors have stated that they regard as less than such.

It is a big ball, but it only needs a slight push from the right quarter to get it rolling, because nothing could be more important, at this moment in time, than preventing what is clearly an attempt at genocide or, at the very least, ethnic cleansing, that is being perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians.

Go for it, Minister!

Anthony Lawson
Australian citizen residing in Thailand. A retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad agency creative director and voice over. Use to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but doesn’t find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days.


Dear Mr. Smith:

Your action on behalf of the Australian people in recognizing the defiance of Australian law by the Israeli government through its Mossad agency in its “extrajudicial execution” of a Hamas official in a foreign country deserves our thanks.

That it should have been necessary is warning enough that the current state of Israel cannot be trusted as a friend, especially since this deception appears to reflect a modus operandi of Israeli behavior, not only in Australia but in Ireland, England, and America.

In June of this year, The Plight of the Palestinians: a Long History of Destruction will be issued by Palgrave Macmillan, a collection of articles that unveils the deceit that characterizes Israeli political behavior.  I edited this volume that carries detailed information by writers from around the world, including Australia, that identifies heinous acts of an illegal kind that together constitute genocide in Palestine.

The use of Australian passports to execute an individual, what constitutes internationally a defiance of law in favor of barbarous behavior, represents only one such disregard for the norms of human interaction based on respect, integrity, and compassion. I wish you well, Sir, and thank you for standing up to the forces that swell against those who do.


William A. Cook, Ph.D.

Professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California. Serves as senior editor at MWC News and has written for Counterpunch, the Palestine Chronicle, the Pacific Free Press, the Atlantic Free Press, Information Clearing House, Dissident Voice among others. His books on the mid-east include Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy, The Rape of Palestine, and a fictional work, The Chronicles of Nefaria, to be published soon in Arabic.


Dear Minister Stephen Smith,

Your recent action in support of the rule of law is noted and respected by many here in Lebanon. Increasingly,  courageous persons, as yourself, in the private and public sector are not just noting, but are actively  participating in history’s  rejection of the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and its serial lawlessness that has now spanned more than six decades.

Australia, some of whose citizens are in the forefront of those advocating justice and accountability are well served by your responsible ministerial action.  So are those around the World and here in the Middle East who nearly daily see signs that the Israeli government’s free reign in the West and disrespect for other countries sovereignty and laws is being opposed.

Very best wishes,

Franklin Lamb,

Former Counsel,  House Judiciary Committee, US Congress, Board Member, the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign-Lebanon


Mr. Minister —

Thank you for taking a principled stand on Israel, a stand that the U.S. has not yet taken. We were warned against such “entangled alliances” by our first president, particularly where, as here, there is a “passionate attachment.” With the benefit of history, we can now see how the U.S.-Israel relationship dramatically changed who we are as a nation. Due in substantial part to this “special relationship,” the U.S. has been discredited abroad and weakened within.

This relationship has been an exercise in deceit since a Christian-Zionist president, a Democrat, was induced to extend recognition to an enclave of extremists. He did so over the objections of those best informed on the subject. That includes the Joint Chiefs who cautioned Harry Truman about their “fanatical concepts”  and their plans for “military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East.”

We as a nation were deceived by our own better nature to embrace a relationship that has long been at odds with our national interests. The durability of the relationship does not pass muster as either rational or consistent with our values. Its persistence can be traced to the strength of a lobby that, to date, has escaped registration as a foreign agent. Those known for their skill at waging war “by way of deception” have betrayed the nation that most befriended and defended them.

Even when a Christian-Zionist president, a Republican, led us to war on false intelligence, Americans were unable to identity the common source of our troubles. Groups of Americans are now emerging from many quarters to resist the influence wielded on (and from within) our government by special interests, with this special relationship topping the list. Many supporters of Israel have been deceived to believe that this relationship is in their best interest. The facts confirm otherwise.

With facts and transparency will come accountability, including for ongoing treason while this nation is waging a war based on false pretenses. In order to betray, one must first befriend. In order to defraud, one must first create a relationship of trust. Thank you for clarifying that this relationship is not deserving of the trust extended. With the extension of recognition, this ongoing deception gained a platform from which to operate with perceived legitimacy, an issue that must be revisited.

Jeff Gates, author, attorney, investment banker, educator and consultant to government, corporate and union leaders worldwide.  Served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance.  Widely published in the trade, popular and academic press. My Website: http://www.criminalstate.com My latest book is Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. Previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall Street and The Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century.


Dear Minister,

Greetings, I am not of your country but still in love with it and your people that is why I am writing you.

Sir, on June 8 1967 Israel murdered 34 of my crew mates and wounded 174 others including me. I and my fellow mates have been trying for the past 43 years to get justice. That has not happened. My Government the United States of America, is covering up for Israels’ heinous crimes and continue to do so. No one should be allowed to get by with murder not even Israel. My wish is your great land does not fall under THE PASSIONATE ATTACHMENT towards Israel that my Government has.

It has cost us untold of, trillions of dollars, life and limb, blood, sweat, and tears for falling in to the trap of Israels’ own self interests.

Please Sir, don’t go down that road of no return that is my hope and prayer for your great country.

Most Respectfully,

Phillip F Tourney

Three Time USS Liberty Veterans President

Combat Wounded Veteran



Subject: Thank YOU!

It is with a grateful heart that I thank you for displaying your recent courage. The Israelis have taken arrogance and hubris to a new level and there are those of us that understand how difficult it is to stand up to those who seem to have unlimited power, money and support. The recent outrage of fraudulent passports in what has led to outright murder is just one more instance of this arrogance to the world.  I wish with all my heart that we could produce some courageous members of our Congress with the bravery that you have displayed.  They are sadly in short supply.

Again, those who pay attention to what is happening in our world thank you.


Gail Boyd, Georgia, USA


Dear Mr. Smith,

News of your firm action in expelling an Israeli diplomat with respect to doctored passports has reached us here in Canada, and I am very pleased that at least one country in the Commonwealth has the courage to do the right thing.

Showing courage in the face of what I’m sure was opposition from many directions has given me hope that perhaps Australia will be the country to bring about a positive change in the global community with respect to Israeli crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese people.  I only hope that other nations will follow your example.

Thank you for giving all of us with a social conscience a sense of hope, and I wish you the very best.


Angie Tibbs (Journalist)



Heartiest Appreciation

Minister Smith,

I have followed with great interest your principled stand in expelling an Israeli official as Australia’s protest of the Mossad’s despicable misuse of passport protocols anent the Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination in Dubai, January 2010.

The words attributed to you in the press are as forthright as any I’ve ever seen expressed by a diplomat of any country.  My own country, America, is cowardly silent when Israeli espionage against it, when the Zionist Israeli regime and, by clear association, its settler/colonial thugs (many from Brooklyn, New York City!) illegally occupy and thieve Palestinians’ land, desecrate Palestinian mosques, injure 90-year-old Palestinian women, desecrate the illegally Occupied Palestinian Territories’ ecosphere, steal the Palestinians’ water resources, assassinate any number of Palestinian leaders, flout international law with impunity, and on and on…on my taxpayer dollar.

America has failed miserably to heed, in this 21st Century, the very warnings given to it by Presidents Washington and Jefferson more than 200 years ago:  avoid “entangling alliances” and “passionate embraces” with foreign nations.  We are so “entangled” with Zionist Israel that we are no longer a free, sovereign, adhering-to-America’s-vital-national-interests nation.  As an American patriot (Army veteran, 1963-67, career federal civil servant retired in 1999), I am appalled.

Minister Smith, your, and thus Australia’s, clear and courageous example gives me hope that my own nation may yet see the folly of its ways, set, and hew to an independent, objective, moral and proud foreign policy.

With much respect and in sincerity, I am

Robert H. Stiver

98-434 Hoomailani Street

Pearl City, Hawaii  96782-2334


Dear Excellency:

Australia’s condemnation of Israel for its abuse of a document of a sovereign nation and the specific cloning of Australian citizens’ passports is to be commended not only because of Israel’s illegal actions but also to protect the safety of Australia’s citizens. These citizens, like those in the UK and other countries whose passports were similarly cloned by Israel, must rightly feel worried and seriously concerned to conduct any form of personal travel outside their countries for fear of being held hostage.

Israel has been a rogue state not only in terms of espionage and meddling in other nations’ business, but also in committing crimes against humanity by conducting wars against neighboring states. This arrogance and defiance of international law cannot and should be condoned, and your statement to the Australian Parliament has reinforced that position.


Antoine Raffoul, Co-ordinator – 1948 Lest We Forget – London, UK


I wrote this letter to the gutsy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Australia, one of the few countries that refuses to be jerked around by the insidious Israelis as they try to run riot over justice and humanity, words that have long since lost their meaning in the warlike state of Israel….

Well done, Minister.

Knowing the pressures that you no doubt received from any number of circles in relation to this decision, including some no doubt from within your party, I feel you should know that in the minds of most fair-minded Australians, your decision was the right one and absolutely justified.

I spend most waking hours in reading and contributing to the underground press located in very large proportions on the Internet and know the influences that have caused and are still causing the serious erosion in US foreign policy at the moment which have brought to an end the real efforts at a just solution in the Middle East. These same influences are trying to promote another war similar to Iraq and Afghanistan with Iran, a non-combatant nation with no nuclear weapons and a signatory to the NPT. We trust you and your government will show the same fair-minded approach to this matter as well and not follow blindly the path the US is taking as a subservient puppet to Israel.

In light of all these things your decision renews some hope for people everywhere and particularly the long-suffering peoples in Palestine that at least one country has not bowed to such pressure. That is indeed a cause for appreciation of your efforts.

Finally, millions of people will be very grateful to you for your efforts and we all thank you, sincerely.

Rex Williams

4/25 Foveaux Street

Ainslie  ACT  2602


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  1. One can only imagine all the responses that have been sent to Minister Smith about this matter. I imagine that what is written above is a very small sample of those who felt it necessary to make a comment on this matter.

    Some very important and respected people have made it known that this is an independent and worthy action taken by the Minister on behalf of the Australian people who should not have to tolerate the arrogance of a country who thinks that because it has the thumbscrews on the US, which has resulted in a totally corrupt Congress, that it is able to ride roughshod over another country like Australia.
    Perhaps the US may now gather some fortitude and place their house in order, to try and reclaim a country that belongs to Americans and not Israelis, a group of selfish people who do not have the slightest interest in the welfare of the countries that they attach themselves to like parasites, but see them solely as a base from which they can contribute to their hateful philosophy of Zionism, murder and apartheid while thumbing their nose at the rest of the world, daily.

    Well, many others will see that the world is weary of such acts of self-interest and malice, standard fare for this most disliked country.

    Again Minister, thanks. All those who see some light at the end of the tunnel, be thankful that Australia is obviously not prepared to pass the management and control of its island across to a Zionist foreign state. They must like it the way it is.

  2. It is way past time that Israel be put in her place. She runs around like a rabid dog infecting all she can with malice.

    The vaccine is in our hands to rid this rabid dog of her disease the facts of her actions are the truth.
    There must be consequences for her actions that are swift and permanent. She will stand alone in the world.

    Turning a blind eye to this rabid dog have long come and gone. This is the responsibility of civlization to rid ourselves of this rabid dog before she infects the entire world.

    I have seen this rabid dog kill 34 of my friends and infect 174 others including me on June 8 1967.

    The Government of the United States would not give us the vaccine that’s why this rabid dog still runs free today.

    Remember the USS LIBERTY we are here to warn you of the effect of being bitten by this rabid dog!

  3. With friends like Israhell as I call it, who the needs enemies?? Israhell is a pimple on humanity’s anus.

    Israhell has been fastidiously working to kill every host it has it’s blood sucking, shekel grubbing, organ harvesting hands on, since it’s artificial inception at the behest of Lord Rothschild.

    Like Tourney says, it needs to be GONE. Let’s hope the Palestinians find a good DE-LOUSING chemical that gets rid of these lower than low, virulent, filthy parasites known as ZIONIST JEWS!

  4. I thank the Australian Minister for the courage and honesty he has displayed and I hope other politicians will follow him.

    I give the following link to help many to understand what has been going on behind-the-scenes which we all have let–for one reason or another–due to our own failure as people in various nations.

    We all need to muster enough courage to expose corrupyion, fraud, deception and crime.