Truth and America’s honor were ignominiously sacrificed to provide cover for Israel’s transparent lies and despicable act of perfidy.” --Phillip F. Tourney, President USS LIBERTY Veterans Association, June 8, 2007, Marriott Courtyard, VA.

By Debbie Menon / My Catbird Seat

We have long wondered, and conjectured, the “why” of the USS Liberty incident, as it has become known and referred to; “incident” or “conspiracy” being an easier event to push onto the back burner and forget while it simmers away harmlessly, unlikely to boil over and burn the stew.

It was obvious that the Israelis knew at the time what they were doing, who they were attacking and, long ago, I found from my research, sufficient evidence myself, to prove it to my satisfaction at least.

The Commander of the Torpedo Boat Squadron who led the attack and whose boat fired the torpedo which hit Liberty, Admiral Yomi Barkai, IDF (Navy) Retired, went on to become the Chief of the Israeli Defense Forces Navy, largely because of his excellent service in Motor Torpedo Boats, his program which developed the IDF fast MTB missile weapons systems, and his combat record in attacking USS Liberty.

Phil Tourney, who was on USS Liberty, and is obviously an interested commentator, postulates a very reasonable and credible answer to “why” Liberty was attacked: Phil Tourney’s speech, USS Liberty survivor, at the No More wars for Israel

“Black Flag,” in furtherance of international political intrigues, in which one ship in the US Navy and its crew, were selected and set-up for sacrifice to US/Israeli International intervention objectives and political ambitions. This “black Flag” is not the only creditable one which I have heard of in subsequent years.

Yes, I know… Israel, Israel, Israel… it’s becoming tiresome, turning up Israel under every stone.  But, there they are!  More and more of this stuff, and stuff like this, are appearing everyday.

It is like Grace Halsell says it was, “what we did not know, and were shocked to learn….”  But, finding out and telling about it, are horses of different colors, uphill battles, seldom won, which she describes as part of the problem and amongst those things we “did not know.”

It is interesting that she wrote these years ago, during the Clinton Administration.  And, that she was once a speechwriter for Lyndon Johnson of USS Liberty infamy!

A review of the USS Liberty story explains a lot of how and why we have arrived at the state and conditions in which we currently find America and its governance!  Vis:

The obvious incident is the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, in which out of 200 American sailors and Marines 34 were killed and rest wounded, and rescue attempts by carrier-based aircraft were halted by McNamara & Johnson personally. I’m not sure most Americans would know all the details of this incident. Listen to the chilling accounts of survivors in this video:


You may not know of a book on it, written by an officer who was on the ship when it was attacked. The book is Assault on the Liberty by James Ennes available from Amazon.com, and well worth reading.

Several hours of reconnaissance by Israeli aircraft of a US ship flying US flags and openly displaying its markings on the very distinctive ship color with which US Navy warships are painted, was attacked that immediately knocked out all of its radios (so the Israelis knew what ship they were attacking, and where those radios were located — the one radio that was used to send out a distress call was cobbled together from spare parts and usable pieces of the ones that had been destroyed), then the torpedo attacks, the casualties, AND THEN the US Navy carrier-based aircraft launched to its rescue — which could have saved many of those casualties from happening — were called back twice by McNamara & Johnson.

It is relevant that the crew, when told to keep quiet, did so.  And, they were there and experienced the outrage first hand!

They were sailors, trained to obey, and subject to Military Law, and knew that if they disobeyed those orders that they would be sent to prison and kept there.  And, they would not have been imprisoned for the true reasons given.

It is the same when troops commit war crimes at the command of seniors.  It is the troops who get the blame, and never the seniors.  It was senior command, beginning with the President of the United States, and trickling down from the Secretary of Defense, through the chain of command all the way to the Commander of the Sixth Fleet who betrayed these sailors.

Others, in previous wars, have been Court Martialled and shot for less.

Look up Operation Cyanide, Remembering The USS Liberty – Four Decades Later and the clandestine involvement of US Air Force pilots and bombers in providing aerial photo intelligence, and launching covert air strikes against Egyptian forces during that war, and the possibility discussed in a series of recently released BBC videos on the USS Liberty “incident”, in which the question of whether the entire attack was not a joint US/Israeli black flag operation, set up to look like an Egyptian attack on Liberty, which nearly provoked a retaliatory nuclear strike against Cairo.

That might answer the “Why did it all happen in the first place?” question.

Is this yet another cockamamie conspiracy theory? If it is, it is one of the most far out I have come across yet.  And I am one who believes that the first liar doesn’t stand a chance!

The USS Liberty Association has a Homepage at: http://www.gtr5.com/ and www.ussliberty.org/ and  http://www.uss-liberty.com

These men have worked hard and long, and at risk, to gather information on this story. It was they whom we see speaking in the video above.

Several Israeli motivations have been discussed over the years. The British said that at least one Israeli objective was to keep the US from warning off Jordan, which in those days was the only Arab country that had reasonably good relations with the US, and the Israelis clearly wanted to sucker Jordan into the war so they could more easily take the West Bank and East Jerusalem. (The Brits thought the Israelis would have attacked Jordan anyway, but they wanted it the other way around if they could manage it.) The French said it was to impress on all Arab countries that even then, only a decade after their decision to put AIPAC & company into high gear, Israel had the US (or at least its government) so firmly under its influence that it could even attack a US Navy ship and kill Americans, and get away with it. Personally I think both are correct, but the French argument probably cuts closer to the bone.

The significant point Ennes and the Liberty Association makes is that the US Congress has never conducted an official hearing or investigation of the case, the only “investigation” which was conducted so far was the one Ward Bond and the US Judge Advocates Officer referred to as a “cover-up,” conducted under an inadequate deadline and which the evidence did not support the findings, and the originator was not asked to review before its release, and who found missing parts when he eventually got to read it.

It would be extremely important, today, to have a Congressional hearing, publicly, on TV with all the fanfare that we have become so accustomed to watching on American TV.

This incident is not an isolated piece of deception where a few men were sacrificed to “other interests.” A few thousand more American servicemen have just been sacrificed in the Middle East, along with nearly two million foreign civilians and defenders of their homes… not to mention the ongoing slaughter in Palestine.

Note in Ennes’ book his “theory” of why the attack, when he describes the assassination of hundreds of Egyptian prisoners of war!   That was a war crime!  Cut and dried, black and white, in an official war!  They took prisoners out, made them dig their own graves, and shot them in the heads with an Uzi.

These are the people who are dropping bombs and launching missiles into civilian neighbourhoods in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq and threatening to obliterate Iran, if.

In 1947, before the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, His Majesty, the late King Abdullah of Jordan made an honest, truthful and wonderful appeal for understanding, sympathy and support to the American public  The Hashemites - As the Arabs See the Jews Nothing has changed!

I do not see how we can discuss Middle East issues without considering the interests and influence of Israel, nor how we can discuss American politics and US domestic and foreign policy without considering the interests and the influence of AIPAC and other Zionist lobbies and organizations.

The Biden, Emanuel, Clinton, and older Clinton staff connections with Israel and Zionism are all too close for comfort.  That is why I wonder, and question, just who is running America, American politics and American policy.

A “doubter” (or an ADL “defender”) asked the question, “But how could such a small percent of the US population assert such an influence in government and politics?”

I furnish an answer via this URL: http://www.viewzone.com/dualcitizen.html. (Google “Dual  citizenship”) it is a list, and it treats the question of serving two masters (from the “proper” perspective according to Debbie) as well as how it is against US Law, but Israelis are exempted as unique cases. How about that?

It is but one of many answers.  Many of the names were involved in the Clinton administration, and I suspect we shall see many of them arise again in the near future in positions strategic to Israeli interests first.

If the facts are true and accurate, then they are facts. Factual lists of people who actually exist, and who hold important or influential positions in government at policy-making levels. This list doesn’t include US Ambassadors in countries of strategic importance to Israeli interests. Go figure!

Now, tell me again who runs America? And who frames US/Middle East Policies?

Given the ethnic, religious and economic group identities, how do they compare proportionally with their representation in the general public?  I suspect they far exceed the normal distribution of ethnicity in the general public, as they do in the Financial centres and Industry which has precipitated the current economic crisis which is destroying monetary and economic systems throughout the world.

I do not consider myself a racist, religious or a sexist bigot, and I certainly object to the Zionist charges that criticism of Zionism, Israeli politics or national policy is racist, anti-Semitic, or religious anti-Jewish bigotry.   I recognize acute distinctions between Israel, Zionism, Jewry, and Semites which AIPAC and some of the other Zionist First and defense organizations recklessly ignore when they levy broad and general ad hominem attacks and charges of bigotry against any critics of Israeli political, national or jingoist policies, activities and meddling in US politics and national affairs.

There is no excuse or reason why any American politician who represents Americans first should campaign in Tel Aviv, and kowtow at conventions of foreign dominated and funded Political Action Committee conventions in the manner we have witnessed on the part of ALL of the recent candidates and, historically, during the Clinton administration as well as the recent campaigns.

I have serious doubts that Israeli interests are consistent with the best interests of America and the American people!  They certainly do not make a solid platform for peace in the East, or anywhere else in the world.

When you look at everything which is happening in the Middle East, and most of the rest of the world, through these lenses, it all seems to make sense.

As Henry Ford said, it may all be a sham, but it sure describes accurately what has happened and is happening.

And, as Gilad Atzmon  says, “when you have all those people thinking alike, you don’t need a conspiracy.”

And Mahatma Gandhi said then, and I reiterate today:

“Journalism has become the art of “intelligent anticipation of events.”  Perhaps we may yet wake up the mainstream corporate media dupes.

Editors Note:  A version of this article was first published on March 19, 2009 as a tribute to the USS Liberty survivors.

Debbie Menon is a freelance writer based in Dubai.  She can be reached at: debbiemenon@gmail.com.  For  more go to her website : My Catbird Seat

Recommended Reading:

The USS Liberty Attack – explained in detail by Ray McGovern


  1. rexw on the 30. Apr, 2010 remarked #

    It was infamy, nothing less. But when sees the trouble that Lyndon Johnson and his staff went to NOT to investigate or prosecute or tell the truth, one wonders where the ultimate blame should be sheeted home for this ‘incident’.
    Back in those days, if I remember correctly there was an element of independent thinking from the media which over the years became less so, culminating in the years of the Bush cabal, when the media became the mouthpiece of the administration who slavishly represented the dictates of the Jewish owners.
    I try to think of any other example when 34 US military personnel would be killed by another country and absolutely nothing is done about it. Somewhere in that hated country, Israel, there may still be a person who knows who gave the order to make this happen. Even today, after over 40 years, if such information became available, the current President would most certainly do nothing about pursuing the matter further either, such is the unbelievable subservience to Jewish pressure. There is no doubt that the culprits are well known to the US government and all Presidents since that date have failed in their duty to bring any finalisation to 34 Americans who were just doing their duty and to 34 families who deserved better. A black mark for all Americans concerned and one more very large nail in the bloody Israeli coffin.

  2. Phillip F Tourney on the 30. Apr, 2010 remarked #

    I want to thank you very much for keeping the USS LIBERTY story alive and well. Israel got by with cold blooded Murder of Americans on the high seas that is a fact.
    The other fact is that LBJ put us out there to be sunk and blame it on some Arab State then Israel takes all the land and oil it wanted in 1967. Our congress has been
    covering up for Israel for 43 years come June it is way over due that justice be done. No one should be allowed to get by with MURDER of any one not even ISRAEL.
    Phillip F Tourney
    Three time President Liberty Veterans
    Author: ‘WHAT I SAW THAT DAY’

  3. S Bax on the 02. May, 2010 remarked #

    It would be interesting to see a movie wherein the carrier planes splashed the water and air attackers. I bet Iraq would have never been invaded. A friend who was on the USS America said the attack was “live” and the crew cheered when the Phantoms were launched. We should all wear black bands on USS Liberty Day.

  4. Robert Cable on the 28. Sep, 2010 remarked #

    Forge the Alamo. Remember the U.S.S. Liberty! More importantly–DO something about it. IMPUNITY ENABLES MORE AND GREATER CRIMES. The last U.S. President who said “The buck stops here” has been gone for 58 years. Thank you, word warrior Ms. Menon, for carrying the torch of truth, the spear of truth!

  5. Ron on the 09. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    Let them get away with outright murder? Yes we did. I have a thought that probably doesn’t occur to a lot of people and it is simply this:
    “When a country crosses that invisible moral line and turns its back on its own, then the forces of the synagogue of Satan will take over”. I think that is going on right now in the nation that I truly love.

  6. D Costa on the 09. Oct, 2010 remarked #

    What Israel did to USS Liberty in 1967 is one of the worst crimes this nation has perpetrated on humanity for which they have not yet paid back–instead Israel has continued to be the beneficiary to billions of dollars in aid from America–which Israel does not deserve.

    Lyndon Johnson and all susequent presidents did nothing about this atrocious crime–and as a result America’s foremost enemy got bolder–9/11 became the result. USS Liberty bombing, 9/11, JFK assasination are the works of the same rogue nation–which we mistakenly refer to as our ally described as the “only democracy” in the Middle East.

    Mossad is now in America spying on America’s non-Jewish citizens, collecting information about them–in preparation to do harm–with the help of FBI and Home Land Security while receiving funding. American taxpayers are made to pay for their destruction. This is bad news. How can the American government ignore this greatest threat: Israel and Israel’s supporters who are involved in these crimes?

    It is time America takes action against Israel for the bombing of USS Liberty for no further proof is necessary in this crime.

    How long America and the world are going to continue to watch this ongoing Israeli crimes on humanity?

    Michael J Volz in one of his comments said: “There will be no solution until people are no longer afraid to call a spade a spade”.

    This is the problem that has allowed Israel to continue its crime on humanity because even many of the people who portray themselves as truthtellers fail to present facts in a clear and precise fashion without mixing the truth with misinformation–when it comes to Zionist Jewish connection and support for Israel’s crime. Jeff Gates, Alan Sabrosky, Philip Giraldi and Ken O’Keef are a few exceptions in this regard.

    Philip Giraldi’s Wake Up! call needs to be heard. “The real problem is theft of land, denial of human rights and killing of innocent people” Ken O’Keef in a recent speech
    said. Alan Sabrosky put it all in few words and said “Israeli Mossad did 9/11?. Jeff Gates’ book “Guilt by Association–How Deception and Self Deceit took America to War” describes it all.

    There are others who waste time writing articles in the effort of debating such issues as the Divinity of Jesus Christ and Virginity of His mother and His Resurrection [to please the Christ haters and win their approval] which cannot be proved or disproved based on factual information that relies on the 5 senses because those are spiritual things based on faith. Spiritually wise Jesus said to Martha “Martha you will see Gods glory if you believe”. Human intellect alone has no ability to perceive spiritual truths. [Faith is the Eye and Ear that enables one to perceive the spiritual truths].

    By engaging in these unnecessary debates such as this and the left and right politics [controlled by the same criminal groups] these writers are stealing precious time from people while preventing them from waking up to the real truth about who the real criminals are and the fate of America not just the fate of occupied Palestine and Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia.

    I wish Americans in increasing numbers respond to the “Wake Up America!” call of Philip Giraldi–before we all become Palestinians–and before “Jews Only” settlements spread in all cities and towns of America just like in Lakewood, NJ–where Section 8 housing is only for Jews–and the homes here are tax payer funded.

    The most frightening thing is that this is one of the counties hijacked by the Jews–where other groups of citizens face discrimination–including blacks–whom Jews “love” based on all the social engineering they have done for the last several decades through diversity initiatives.

    Rev Steve Bingham has an outreach program for homeless people [all ethnic grous]–which the mayor of Lakewood is trying to get rid of–despite all the “Jewish Love” for blacks and other oppressed people in the society.

    Rev Steve Bingham, PO Box 326, Lakewood NJ 08701

    Please call [732]-364-0340 for details.

    Debbie Menon thank you for helping to keep this crime on USS Liberty alive.

  7. Earlaiman on the 13. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    Gloryoski, Zero! Ya mean Daddy Warbucks did all of this?


  8. kaymore on the 13. Jul, 2011 remarked #

    i just clicked on the video.Alas i could not watch because it has been disable due to copy write issue.Im smelling a very big fat rat here.America has been sold long ago to the devil by its own politicians.The people need to go to their “taharir” square like the egyptians to take take back their country from AIPAC,ADL.America has not yet attained indepenence yet.

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